Wednesday 31 December 2014

Rosmah to Fat to Fly Commercial?

Why are so many of you complaining about Najib leaving the government jet for Rosmah? Respect sikit lah! How do you expect our FLOM (Fat Lady of Malaysia) to fit her massive girth into the seats on those commercial flights? Have you not heard of the phrase "too fat too fly?" As a concerned Rakyat I do not want any passenger to complain that our FLOM was taking more than her share of the seats on any flight...nor do I want anyone to refer to our Prime Minister's wife as "that fat hippopotamus in seat 12 C" So relax lah.

I do not want Najib or any airline getting the same kind of letter that a passenger wrote to Jetstar because he was seated beside someone who was "too fat to fly!"...see below for the said letter. 

Anyway there are far more important things for us to getting Najib out of office!

“Dear Jetstar,
Do you like riddles? I do, that’s why I’m starting this letter with one. What weighs more than a Suzuki Swift, less than a Hummer and smells like the decaying anus of a deceased homeless man? No idea? How about, what measures food portions in kilograms and has the personal hygiene of a French prostitute? Still nothing? Right, one more try. What’s fat as fuck, stinks like shit and should be forced to purchase two seats on a Jetstar flight? That’s right, it’s the man I sat next to under on my flight from Perth to Sydney yesterday.
As I boarded the plane, I mentally high-fived myself for paying the additional $25 for an emergency seat. I was imagining all that extra room, when I was suddenly distracted by what appeared to be an infant hippopotamus located halfway down the aisle. As I got closer, I was relieved to see that it wasn’t a dangerous semi-aquatic African mammal, but a morbidly obese human being. However, this relief was short-lived when I realised that my seat was located somewhere underneath him.
Soon after I managed to burrow into my seat, I caught what was to be the first of numerous fetid whiffs of body odour. His scent possessed hints of blue cheese and Mumbai slum, with nuances of sweaty flesh and human faeces sprayed with cologne – Eau No. Considering I was visibly under duress, I found it strange that none of the cabin crew offered me another seat. To be fair, it’s entirely possible that none of them actually saw me. Perhaps this photo will jog their memories.
Pinned to my seat by a fleshy boulder, I started preparing for a 127 Hours-like escape. Thankfully though, the beast moved slightly to his left, which allowed me to stand up, walk to the back of the plane and politely ask the cabin crew to be seated elsewhere. I didn’t catch the names of the three flight attendants, but for the purpose of this letter, I’ll call them: Chatty 1, Chatty 2 and Giggly (I’ve given them all the same surname – Couldnotgiveashit). After my request, Chatty 1 and Chatty 2 continued their conversation, presumably about how shit they are at their jobs, and Giggly, well, she just giggled. I then asked if I could sit in one of the six vacant seats at the back of the aircraft, to whichGiggly responded, “hehehe, they’re for crew only, hehehe“. I think Giggly may be suffering from some form of mental impairment.
I tried to relocate myself without the assistance of the Couldnotgiveashit triplets, but unfortunately everyone with a row to themselves was now lying down. It was then I realised that my fate was sealed. I made my way back to Jabba the Hutt and spent the remainder of the flight smothered in side-boob and cellulite, taking shallow breaths to avoid noxious gas poisoning. Just before landing, I revisited the back of the plane to use the toilet. You could imagine my surprise when I saw both “crew only” rows occupied by non-crew members. I can only assume Giggly let them sit there after she forgot who she was and why she’s flying on a big, shiny metal thing in the sky.
Imagine going out for dinner and a movie, only to have your night ruined by a fat mess who eats half your meal then blocks 50% of the screen. Isn’t that exactly the same as having someone who can’t control their calorie intake occupying half your seat on a flight? Of course it is, so that’s why I’m demanding a full refund of my ticket, including the $25 for an emergency row seat.
I’m also looking to be compensated for the physical pain and mental suffering caused by being enveloped in human blubber for four hours. My lower back is in agony and I had to type this letter one-handed as I’m yet to regain full use of my left side. If I don’t recover completely, I’ll have to say goodbye to my lifelong dream of becoming Air Guitar World Champion. If that occurs, you will pay.
To discuss my generous compensation package, email me at: [Redacted], or tweet me at: @RichWisken
No regards,
Rich Wisken. “

Can it get any worse for Malaysians in 2015?

Can it get any worse?

I am not just talking about the devastating floods that has affected over 160,000 of our people  - a flood that is turning out to be one of the worst in our living memory but thankfully the worst seems to be over.

Nor am I talking about the lives lost and the countless loved ones that has been touched by another air tragedy that Air Asia is now dealing with...and Air Asia is dealing with the tragedy in a way we deem responsible with Tony Fernadez fronting up and taking responsibility for what has happened and putting the welfare of those who have lost their loves ones first above all else! And the President of Indonesia doing the same in Indonesia - emphasizing that the recovery of bodies will be Indonesia's first priority! No cover ups, no hedging and certainly no disrespect shown to the families of those who have lost their love ones as a result of the tragedy.   

These are but just two tragic events at the tail end of a year that has had Malaysians dreading what 2015 will bring into their lives.  

Common sense tells any sensible Malaysian that as the price of petrol continues to fall what will also fall is Petronas ability to provide that financial crutch to the irresponsible financial behavior of this Umno led Barsian Nasional government in managing the affairs of Malaysia. You can argue that government debt can always be paid off and government debts can be carried on effectively in perpetuity but government debt accumulation will invariably become a debt for future generations. Is it not the responsibility of the present generation to leave the world a better place for the generation that will come after them?      

We are drowning in a tidal wave of corruption. 

Yes there is corruption in America, corruption in UK and corruption in Australia. There is corruption everywhere you care to look but here in Australia corruption does not affect the men and women in the streets and it seldom, if ever, affect the very poor and the most disadvantaged. Corruption exists in Australia amongst individuals who are far removed from the millions of Australians who can go about with their daily lives knowing that the business of government and those who are in government will do their work as they are duty bound to do - honestly, fairly and without fear or favor. 

What of Malaysia?

In Malaysia everyone - you and me included - are considered fair game to be ripped of for anything they can get out of our hard earned ringgits by politicians and those who are in position of authority! You can be sending your children to school, you may be the hawker trying to earn a living selling your wares on the streets, you can be a businessman trying to earn a dollar or two to feed your family....any one any where are invariably the target of these corrupt politicians and government servants who now arrogantly insists that corruption is an entitlement of office they will impose upon us all. 

The state of our nation is not something the faint hearted should begin to consider. Those who are in charge of it think that they have "forever"  to make it right ! This pathetic Barisan Nasional government that has governed our nation for over half a century tell us that what they do is still a "work in progress" that needs more time in government to make right what they have done wrong!

Really? More time?

Another term in government? Another year, another month, another week......another f#@king day of government under Najib Tun Razak? 

Surely that is a day too much? What do these BN idiots take us Malaysian for? Idiots like them? 

But to their credit these Umno guys are not sitting down on their fat flabby bottoms waiting for us to give them "more time!"

Umno leaders are already demographically engineering our racial composition by bringing in "malays/muslims" from neighboring countries to bolster their voting banks by designating these pendatangs as "malays"! An undertaking of epic proportions numbering in the millions oblivious to the adverse social and racial ramifications that such an undertaking would impose upon a fragile multi racial population such as ours. Today anyone can be a Malay if you will vote Umno and damm what it is doing to the fabric of society that is already fraying at its edges as it tries to adjust to an assault on its core values by a massive numbers of people with little education and much less ability to become the Malaysians we are now. These demographic engineering has brought upon us all changes we are ill equipped to adjust to what more accept.   

Religion too has been roped into Umno's desperate search for alliances to prop up their crumbling political legacies much malign and increasingly being destroyed by bumbling and clueless leaders ill equipped in intellect and by character to be leaders of their own party...what more of Malaysia. Islam is the weapon of choice used by these politicians to "manage" the Malays into submitting to their political agendas and also to marginalize and isolate the non-Malays into objects of derision's and hate by the Malays!       

So I ask again...can it get any worst than this?

Indeed it can. What about another year with Najib as Prime Minister? Another year with that fat bitch as our Fat Lady of Malaysia? 

Dear God please do not test us further..... 



Monday 29 December 2014

OutSyed The Box

steadyaku47 comment: I do not know who this "OutSyed The Box" guy is but he writes things that people should read - so once again I am posting his article in my blog. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Najib took commercial flight home, Wifey took official jet to Indy, Najib pleads with Ministers to get back to work

  • Najib Razak has ordered all holidaying ministers to return immediately to deal with the worst floods to hit in the country in decades, as the number of evacuees rises in nine states.
  • so that they could work to assist in the flood rescue and relief operations,"
  • - See more at:
I find it strange that the Boss has to instruct the machais back to work. Do they need to be told? Five states have been under water for a week now. Surely every Ministry has a role to play - perhap even Foreign Affairs.

One person commented why I am picking on Najib so much. I am NOT picking on Najib. I am picking on the Prime Minister who happens to be Najib Razak. Bungling Najib.

So far this Blog OutSyed The Box has racked up  15.376 million pageviews (Terima kasih banyak-banyak), 10.2 million visitors - (thank you again),  4131 posts (thats mine) and the last published post was on Dec 29, 2014.  Plus I have 642 followers (thank you again).

I believe this Blog is read by a lot of people who want  to see good things happening in the country and for our people.  

Please be aware that the gomen does react directly to the Blogs. Because the mainstream media CANNOT write the same things that the Blogs can post. The mainstrem media is propaganda. The Blogs bring up real issues.

You may not agree with the language or the style but I talk real issues. Dont waste time.

The PMO also reads my blog diligently but I doubt they have the best interests of the country at heart. They are just bungkusing their nasi lemak.  They waste time and money to neutralise my comments by hiring semi educated, non English speaking bangang fellows to say nasty things about me. Thats not how it works. 

Here is your problem PMO guys - "you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear". Pi cari kat idiom bahasa inggeris apa maksudnya ok.  This applies to you and your boss. This is the problem. 

The PM has been screwing up since the day he took office. They screw up everyday. Here is another screw up picture :

These are emergency supplies for the flood victims - from Ministry of Agriculture.

Some dunggu has wasted money to print the PM's picture and then hired extra labour to stick the PM's picture on each bag of rice or flour here. 

Can you see the other bags? That is the Ministry of Agriculture. They are pasting the PM's picture over the Ministry of Agriculture logo. Kerja bodoh betul.  

The guy who sent me this said this "pasting the PM's picture" wasted plenty of time. The relief supplies could not be sent out until they had finished sticking the PM's face on all the bags. This is the same as the 'I love PM' crap that went up during the elections.     

Now here is something interesting. The PM did not fly directly from Hawaii to Kelantan. Folks say the PM returned on a commercial flight from Hawaii to Kuala Lumpur. Malaysiakini has reported almost similar (read below).

What ???

Yup. The official jet  took Rosmah and her gang to Indianapolis. Last reports say the official jet was still there in Indianapolis.

So the First Lady of Malaysia did not bother coming home to meet the flood victims. But  she has an office in the PMO  called  'Office of the First Lady'??

Najib returned home to KL first on a commercial flight. Tukar baju, tukar flight and flew back from KL to Kota Bharu.  Everyone thought that Najib had flown directly from Hawaii to Kota Bharu.  I thought the same.  Rupanya we have been had.

Here is that Malaysiakini report :   I have truncated it.

PM puts flood victims before family
4:00PM Dec 28, 2014
  • His family (Rosmah) was sad to see him leave Hawaii  (Rosmah still in US)
  • Najib decided to put his vacation aside 
  • my family was sad that I had to leave them  (Rosmah still on holiday)
  • Najib came under fire playing golf in Hawaii as flood worsened.
  • Najib had cut short his holiday and returned to the country yesterday.
However he appears to have taken a different plane from the government jet that had ferried him to Hawaii.That carrier went the opposite direction to Los Angeles before ending up in Indianapolis, Indiana, where it has remained till now, according to data on flight tracking website Flightradar24.
  • Upon his arrival, Najib's first stop was in Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Read carefully folks :

However he appears to have taken a different plane from the government jet that had ferried him to Hawaii.That carrier went the opposite direction to Los Angeles before ending up in Indianapolis, Indiana, where it has remained till now, according to data on flight tracking website Flightradar24.

So this is what has been really going on. I believe the Malaysian taxpayer has provided the Prime Minister an official jet (more than one) so  that the PM can attend to important matters of State, including returning home as quickly as he can to oversee relief efforts during natural disasters.  (OK lah if the PM wants to use it for his holiday - I dont mind.)

But it looks like the PM left  the official jet for his wife's personal use to continue her holiday in Indianapolis.  Then the PM spent even more taxpayers money to take a commercial flight back home to Malaysia. Pasal apa bayar duit dua kali?

Since when does the PM's wife have the right to use the official jet for her private holiday - without the PM?

If she has an  "Office of the First Lady of Malaysia" in the PMO with a full budget and staffing then why not the First Lady also cancel her holiday and return home to be with the flood victims? 

If the PM is going to use commercial flights then why the need for official jets? 

And where is the sense of urgency? The official jet would have flown the PM directly from Hawaii to the flooded area in Kelantan.  A commercial flight will not be as urgent. 

The greater urgency was using the official jet to send the wifey to Indianapolis.   

Now  here is that picture that appeared on the PM's own TwitterPage yesterday (?


 I dont know about you guys but to me this picture gives the impression that the PM is busy conferring with his "flood disaster" advisers in his official jet somewhere high over the Pacific Ocean while he was racing back from Hawaii to  Kota Baru.   Such a concerned Prime Minister. What a guy.

Honestly that was the impression that I got.  But that was not the case.  

What plane and what flight was this? Was this the PM's flight from KL to Kota Bharu? Because he was wearing this shirt in Kelantan.  

If so who are those two Chinese guys? They are definitely, 100% definitely NOT  flood disaster planning officials. Who are those two Chinese guys and what are they talking about with the PM ?  If they are not talking about the floods what are they talking about? Projects, contracts, money? 

More importantly how did these two guys get on board another official jet with the Prime Minister? Did they buy tickets? Or did they pay any money?

Lastly what was the purpose and the intention of the PM putting this picture on his own Twitter Page? 

Saturday 27 December 2014

Against Stupidity (aka Najib Razak) even God is Helpless


Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Sri
Mohammad Najib Abdul Razak
Najib Razak 2008-08-21.jpg
6th Prime Minister of Malaysia

President Barack Obama plays golf with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, right, Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2014, at Marine Corps Base Hawaii's Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course in Kaneohe, Hawaii during the Obama family vacation.

While over 100 thousand Malaysians in Pahang, Trengganu, Kelantan, Perak and Perlis are feeling the wrath of the monsoon our idiot of a prime minister is playing golf with Obama! He does not have the guts to tell his bangang of a wife that the decent thing for a prime minister to NOT do is to go for a holiday when a hundred thousand of his own Rakyat are in danger of losing their homes, their lives and those that they love - not to mention all their worldly possessions and means of earning a living!

Why are leave cancelled for members of the Armed forces, the police and the essential services when their services are required by the nation? Why do we as human beings go out of our way to help those who are in need? We do so because It is in the nature of humans to care for each other. All our prime minister, Mahathir included, have been mindful of their duty as leaders to be with the people in times of crisis and need. Every prime minister except this infantile Najib!

Like Nero fiddling away while Rome burned, this idiot of a prime minister goes to Hawaii for a holiday and plays golf with Obama. And Rosmah....what does she do in Hawaii? Damm if I care? Damm if i am bothered! Damm damm damm!

The pity of it all is that this bloody idiot of a prime minister does not seem to understand that the welfare of his people comes before him going for a holiday and him bowing to his wife's wishes. Prime Ministers do not take a break even at the very best of times...what more at its worst!   

It is all too familiar.

Last year these two idiots were chasing the sun as the new year dawned. At times they have made stopovers for shopping forays while using the government VIP jet on official duties at our expense. There have been trips overseas that somehow managed to conveniently morphed into an engagement party for their daughter - an engagement that have still to result in a marriage! Huh! And to think that were upset with Pak Lah because he went to Perth and officiated at a restaurant opening!

What about cabinet approving the use of the government jet for FLOM -  Fat Lady of Malaysia - for her "official" visit to Dubai? Just par for the course for this bumbling queen control prime minister of ours! 

All these excesses pale into comparison when Najib insists that taking a holiday in Hawaii takes precedence over the hardship of over 100,000 rakyat in Malaysia! I remember the late Tun Razak trudging under the blazing sun with his walking stick going into the rural areas to see for himself the condition of those most disadvantaged in the country he is leader of. Najib makes a mockery of what empathy his late father had for the welfare of Malaysians!   

Now he is on his way back because "I feel for the people"....yes he does start to feel for the people only after the people started dying!

Najib said he was deeply concerned by the floods, and felt for the people who had lost their homes, and the families who had lost loved ones."While I have been away, I have been in constant contact with the National Security Council and the National Disaster Management and Relief Committee, who have assured me that they are doing everything they can to help those who have been affected.
"But I want to see the situation for myself and be with the people," said Najib, according to the statement from the Prime Minister's Office today.

I hope that this crisis will not interfere with Rosmah's plans. For all I care she should go on with her holidays in Hawaii or in any bloody part of the world that she chooses. Hell I don't bloody care of she never comes back to Malaysia!  

There are many despicable people in this world. We Malaysian have the bane of having two of them as the self appointed alpha male and female of our world. Dear God...what have we done to deserve such a fate? 

May 2015 be the start of the year when Umno begins in earnest the year of ridding themselves of a president who have brought Umno down into an abyss that they may never fully recover in time to ready themselves for next general election. 

Surely Najib Razak is the president of Umno that Pakatan Rakyat had to have in order to give them the final push into government in the next general election!

Let the New Year begin!       

Thursday 4 December 2014

Goodbye Philip Hughes.

May God protect us and Malaysia from mischief makers like Musa Hassan‎ and may no future IGP of PDRM damage PDRM the way this man has done. Amen.

Statement by Tan Sri Robert Phang on the Settlement with Tan Sri Musa Hassan

Malaysians will remember that I sued former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan after he made false statements against me in 2012 alleging that I was involved in some contracts with PDRM. Musa Hassan knew his allegations were false and yet he made it with the intention to smear my name and PDRM which was then under the leadership of IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar.
Malaysians will also remember‎ that Musa Hassan is the most scandalous IGP who was upset when his contract was not renewed and thereafter he attacked the government including then Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein. It was at that time that he also attacked me and also made false allegations against Dato Ramli Yusuff whom he had fixed up leading to Dato Ramli being eliminated from the PDRM. When Dato Ramli Yusuff sued him, Musa Hassan settled by apologising and paying cost of RM10,000.
On Monday 1st December 2015, my suit came on for trial. I accepted Musa Hassan’s proposal to settle because he agreed to apologise in open court and pay my nominal solicitor’s cost of RM10,000. I did that in deference to the Court which had mediated for us to settle. I agreed since his public apology in open court would not waste court’s time and because I sued Musa not for money but to seek the truth.
However, I read reports that Musa Hassan stated that his settlement was to protect PDRM. How can that be? How can a man who caused so much damage to PDRM; who attacked his successor IGP; who fixed up a Director of CCID with false charges; who caused 6 rank and file officers to also be charged; who was called by a Judge in a trial as an unreliable witness and to be discredited (which is a euphemism for a liar); who was named in the affidavit of a criminal, say that the settlement was to protect PDRM.
The fact that Musa Hassan apologised to Dato Ramli Yusuff and also to me in open court after being sued for making false allegations against us show that this man is, as called by the Judge in the Sabah case, a liar. This is a shameless man‎ who would do anything just  to save his skin. This is a man without honor. I say this openly and I stand by my word.
I say Musa Hassan is a liar so that future courts and all Malaysians can see that this man is without remorse. He is, as said, by his former ADC, ASP Azizul, in a Statutory Declaration‎, a Pengkhianat. I say he seek settlement because he knows I will expose him as a liar in court.
May God protect us and Malaysia from mischief makers like Musa Hassan‎ and may no future IGP of PDRM damage PDRM the way this man has done. Amen.

Tan Sri Robert Phang
Social Care Foundation