Wednesday 30 June 2010

UMNOspeak - with thanks to 'donplaypuks'

Here are some othe UMNOspeak type from my yet to be published ‘donplaypuks® Havoxbridge International Dictionary of Manglish’:

Apanama: An affectionate public reference to Rama Maha Firaun The First.

Acerbic: An affectionate public reference to Rama Maha Firaun The First

Bajet: A Klingon word coined by Rama Maha Firaun the First aka Pak Tak Bajet meaning: a licence for Govt to spend without accounatbility or transparency. Etymology of bajet – ‘baja’ from malay for fertilizer, et – extra-terrestrial, hence ‘bajet’ also referred to commonly as Legalised Govt Horse Manure Fraudulent Spending Shit!

Korpo Tikus Kepten or Corpo Rat Captain: Meaning a croney controlling fraudtrepreneur shareholder and CEO of a monopolistic money laundering pubic listed company fronting for a political party

Pak Tak Bajet: An affectionate public reference to Rama Maha Firaun The First

Rama Maha Firaun The First: An apanama acerbic Octogenarian retired ex-Sith Jedi Master Planner of the Realm who was famous for not budgeting and for regularly and consistently breaking the kitty

Social Contract: A local contract which adheres to the time honoured principle of ‘heads I win, tails you lose and either way you pay all the taxes since you are all immigrants while we are your lords and masters.’

Golden Slumbers:

Paul McCartney with Phil Collins on Drums, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopler on Guitar, Elton John on piano 
and George Martin conducting...mate you cannot get any better then this!


Is it not enough that we have a government that steals from us but this Barisan Nasional government also lie to us. They tell untruths. They do not fulfil what they promise. What new lie will they tell us to take our money, to steal our property, to gain our trust? To acquire more power to satisfy their greed for financial and material wealth? What new crisis will they manufacture – racial, religious or economic – to further their stranglehold on power? What other lies are they telling to cover embarrassing truths?

In the time of the all-powerful Mahathir the Barisan Nasional government did not have to lie as much. They just kept silent. Now they lie everyday. Najib and his cabinet no longer care if we know that they are lying. Now it has become endemic - they are telling us deliberate lies to trick us into believing their lies. Now the people expect the government to lie to them when anything important happens in our country especially when money and power are involved. They lie to us about the tendering out of the construction of the King’s Palace. They lie about legalizing sports betting for Vincent Tan. No it is not incorrect information that they give us, they are all deliberate lies. And it seems that some of them enjoy doing it!

But more worrying we lie to ourself by not admitting that this acts of our government will increase their hold on power and take away from us our personal liberty and any sense of self respect we might still have left.

As part of steadyaku47 public service and relentless efforts to ensure the Rakyat fundamental right to understand the mumbo jumbo spoken by the BN politicians is protected - we have provided here a glossary of  “UMNO speak”...but first have a look see at this Ramsfield doublespeak!


            Glossary of UMNOspeak:

·      National Interest: Taking legislative or any other required affirmative action (like tinkering with the economy) to keep share prices up for the benefit of the UMNO elites and cronies with public listed companies.

·      Anti national: Any person, organization or media that challenges BN ability to retain power in Malaysia.

·      Deregulation: Giving opportunities for UMNO elites and cronies to make profits by reducing or removing regulations – all in the national interest (so they say!)

·      Essential services: Infrastructure and any other department, Ministries or corporations where BN have not worked out how to make a profit from without the public noticing yet e.g. Army, Police – not privatized yet. Hospital, Water, Power – all done deal.

·      Efficient: When BN is insisting that a government control companies become more efficient it means they want the company to be able to contribute more to UMNO’s activities.

·      Humbled: When Najib says he is humbled he is actually brimming with smug pride, but seeking to be perceived as humble in the eyes of the voters.

·      Media bias: Any media that does not support BN’s point of view.

·      Nation Building: Imposing or influencing matters to further allow UMNO/BN to remain in power. E.g. building swimming pools in Army Camps to get the soldiers to vote for UMNO.

·      New and improved: When the government introduces a new or improved public transport system, a new and improved toll system or any new rural development scheme to replace existing one it means it is smaller, but more expensive (to benefit BN cronies) and or course less useful

·      Now is not the time... During any BN-caused catastrophe, calls for accountable government are dismissed with "now is not the time to play the blame game, there will be plenty of time later. As in the tragedy in Perak when three school children died crossing a bridge.

·      Playing Politics: When BN starts accusing PR of playing politics with an issue that means they are losing the debate.

·      Playing the Race Card: Used by UMNO to dismiss any concern of Malays by accusing non-Malays of being manipulative and having a sneaky, strategic agenda to take over the country through the DAP.

·      Privatization: The transfer of public sector services to UMNO elites and their cronies with a money-back guarantee if the privatization fails.
·      Subsidy:  The people should thank their luck stars for this ‘welfare’ handout the government is giving them to get votes.

·      Trickle-down: This is the oft repeated theory put forward by the UMNO warlords and their cronies that the wealth accumulated by them will benefit members of the lower economic class – i.e. it will dribble down.

·      Unbiased: BN insistence that they will unbiased in any situation means that there will definitely be a lack of truth, honesty in their final judgment of the situation. No way will the truth be uncovered. As in Lingam, Kugan, Teog Beng Hock, Altantuya etc etc

·      Classified (OSA): Information that should really be in the public domain but need to be kept secret from outsiders because they do not want the public to know how much money their cronies are making.

Astrud Gilberto The Girl From Ipanema

Astrud Gilberto - Quiet Nights

This is Music!

Eydie Gorme Blame it on the Bossa Nova

Rais in February 2009...still relevant today!

Musuh di dalam selimut?

"It is Umno that should be nervous about its future if its members continue to act oblivious to the problems and challenges it faces".

"Umno's ethics book surprisingly doesn't allow campaigning
Of course, most contenders have ignored this prohibition".

"Umno has a queer way of gauging popularity or acceptance during actual voting. Judging by the last race, money or favor is still an element of persuasion".

"The quota system is actually a tool for corrupt practices because in order to get 21, 39 or 59 divisional nominations for the V-P, deputy presidency and the presidency respectively, one is tempted to buy support".

"Class F and businessmen of stature looks at the party's election as some sort of a business venture. So they invest".

The above quotes are taken from an interview Rais gave to NST in 2008 – it speaks volume of the state UMNO now finds itself. To ponder the survival of UMNO under present circumstances defies logic.

Cakap cakap...why not start a revolution now?

Why don’t we just drop all pretence of having a 13th General Election in one or two years time and just overthrow the corrupt Barisan Nasional government now? Who says it is treason to overthrow a corrupt government? Who says we need to go through the electoral process when that electoral process is already flawed. Who says the country will suffer irrevocable harm and loss if we do not adhere to the laws of the land when the country is already in the hands of corrupt and selfish leaders who are intent upon destroying all that is still good in our country?

There are a number of ways we can do this and we should consider the pros and cons of doing so:

First we should consider starting a revolution. The conditions are right for a revolution. There is oppression of the masses by the various Barisan Nasional government machineries – especially PDRM because of their incessant demands for bribes. The people are ready for a new system of government and we want to overthrow the current UMNO ruling class and it’s cohorts in the Barisan Nasional. It will need for the people – call them the  masses if you want to – to move in a popular uprising against the present Barisan Nasional government orchestrated by a few plotters – preferably Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and Zaid from PR. Of course it will be unorganised and difficult to control – and the people can be unpredictable but what have we got to lose? The country is going to be bankrupt soon so let us go for broke!

We can consider starting a civil war–between those who support the Barisan Nasional and those that don’t. Between the States that support BN and those that don’t. Between the Army and the Police. But we might lose if BN cheats by getting the Army and the PDRM on their side. Or we can just cut to the chase. Get the Army to come on to our side and we cannot lose with the whole army behind us! But who is going to put the bell around the cat? Who is going to try and get the army to do our bidding first? Of course if the army is loyal to the government then we are screwed! We definitely cannot try this with PDRM. We know whom they are loyal to! Nudge nudge, wink wink,,,say no more!!  

What about asking Singapore or Thailand for help to liberate us from the slimy and greedy grasp of the BN Government? Of course they would have to use their military to do so – with help from us of course. We might have to be a part of Singapore or Thailand…have to figure out if the people will go for this kind of thing….being a province of Thailand sounds okay but Singapore ada susah sikit lah! But if you consider might is right then BN must capitulate – our Army can hantam them or not? The Submarines are not ready yet! And Mindef might want to know if there is any money to be made if they support us – ada susah sikit lah!

Coup dEtat: I know that Anwar can do this. He still has people in UMNO who are “sleepers’ (a secret agent or similar operative left long inactive)  within UMNO and are there are waiting for the word from Anwar to move. They could take control of the PM’s office in Putrajaya while another group could lock up whatever remanants of UMNO still in PWTC and confine them to the two top floors of the PWTC without food but with water lah...must be a bit fair lah. Just stop the lifts form going there and barricade the stairs. You need less then 100 people to do this and it is very effective. Or get them while they are having their Majlis Tertinggi meeting and check mate! Just shoot one or two of the Majlis Tertinggi  warlords in the foot and the rest will surrender. Very swift and decisive. PM and Cabinet resigns – declare UMNO illegal (we can find a reason somewhere!) and bang we are in power. No need for the people to get involved and minimal effect on the rest of the country and its people. We must make sure that we crush UMNO completely lest they start to get the same ideas a few months down the road.

Of course we can try and oragnize a hartal. Decide on a date and a time. On that day at that precise hour every Malaysian walk away from his/her job and simply stop work. We do not return to work until the BN government resigns. But we do not know how long they can hold out for and these BN people can get to be very stubborn. 

So there you have it people. We will let RPK decides because his Malaysia Today is read by more people then my steadyaku47. He can hold a poll or simply let us know what he wants done and we go! And I know Petra will have a whale of a time managing the whole thing. Camna Pete?

Meantime I suggest you read this book: "How to Overthrow the Government"  by Arianna Huffington.

Which can be bought on Amzon. The paperback version costs $13, 95 USD. Unfortunately there is no  translation into Bahasa. Can anybody help here? Merdeka!

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Beatles: Sgt Pepper

To those Beatles aficionados - this is the recording of the legendary Sgt Pepper. This is just Part 3 which shows how the first song Sgt Pepper was done – amazing!  but the link to all the eight parts are here – just click on video and it will take you there. This part 3 gives you an idea of what is in store – a fantastic insight into how the Beatles did their work with George Martin.

Hey Jude: John. George. Ringo and Paul.

DBKL....when their Minister is doing it...why not?

Dato' Terlampau.

Anybody knows the outcome of this? Happened sometime back but an interesting outburst typical of our VIPS (or not?).

Gillard won't play religion card

ABCJune 29, 2010, 12:40 pm

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she has no intention of pretending to believe in God to attract religiously-inclined voters.
    Former prime minister Kevin Rudd was a regular at Canberra church services and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is known as a devout Catholic.
    In contrast, Ms Gillard says that while she greatly respects other people's religious views, she does not believe in God.
    Ms Gillard has been quizzed on personal topics including her attitude to religion and her relationship with her partner during interviews this morning.
    She says does not go through religious rituals for the sake of appearance.
    "I am not going to pretend a faith I don't feel," she said.
    "I am what I am and people will judge that.
    "For people of faith, I think the greatest compliment I could pay to them is to respect their genuinely held beliefs and not to engage in some pretence about mine."
    "I grew up in the Christian church, a Christian background. I won prizes for catechism, for being able to remember Bible verses. I am steeped in that tradition, but I've made decisions in my adult life about my own views.
    "I'm worried about the national interest. About doing the right thing by Australians. And I'll allow people to form their own views about whatever is going to drive their views.
    "What I can say to Australians broadly of course is I believe you can be a person of strong principle and values from a variety of perspectives."
    Meanwhile Ms Gillard has rejected claims that she is soft on Israel.
    Former ambassador to Israel Ross Burns made the accusation in a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Fairfax press reported.
    Ms Gillard's partner Tim Mathieson works for prominent pro-Israel lobbyist Albert Dadon's real estate company Urbertas Group.
    "I've seen that letter to the newspapers, that's not right," Ms Gillard said today.
    "I've made up my own views about Israel and made them known publicly well before there was any suggestion that my partner would work in a property group associated with Mr Dadon."

    The Internet is our domain. A curse for the Politicians.

    Barisan Nasional does not own the Internet. Nor does UMNO. The importance of access and control of information has not changed from the 15th century when Gutenberg invented the printing press. From then until recently power was concentrated in the hands of the few that had ownership and control of the media.

    "That which had been the exclusive private property of powerful elites became the public social capital of populations". Rheingold.
    Now power is in the hands of the people who have access to information through the net – where information is available to more people in more places. So now we hold that power. Today the poor, the dispossessed and the disadvantaged can have their voices heard just as long as they have access to the PC and more empowering is that the dissemination of this information is no longer one-way.

    The laws and control that our government imposed on us in the dissemination of information they consider a threat to their security is no longer relevant or effective. Every group of like-minded people in Malaysia can now ‘talk’ to each other via the web sites, e-mail and discussion groups. And as disillusionment with Barsian Nasional mounts the utilization of the Internet to give voice to this disillusionments increases. It is in the sophistication of the method to harness the Internet that we now await with trepidation. With trepidation because of the possibility of using the Internet for the vested interest of the Barisan Nasional rather then for greater good of the people of Malaysia is very real. And so we should not be surprised if the same people that had control of the media now seek to actively control the independence Internet - as they are already in the process of attempting.

    Today every desktop is a printing press, a broadcasting station and a place of assembly. The Internet is for everyone. Access to the Internet is no longer exclusive to any economic, racial or religious groups. This uncensored accessible press is available to all of us. For now it would seems that the Internet has a mind of its own – free from any attempts to control it.
     And so we come to the new reality. There is no dissemination of information limited by the racial divide, by the religious divide and we hope eventually by the urban and rural divide. And where is UMNO? Today 29th of June 2010 there are busy tinkering with the following:
    •         MACC – Tinkering with the judicial process in the Rosli Dahlan case.
    •  ·      Doing a U-turn over the football-betting license awarded to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd.
    •  ·      Najib still doing the Cha Cha over the Altantuya murder and the RM$500 commission paid to Razak Baginda.

     And we already know the facts of the above issues as we know the back of our hand. Intimately and in great detail through the information available to us on the Internet! And yet BN continues to deny! Deny! Deny! We have BN leaders standing in front of us dutifully mouthing, “ We have done no wrong. There is nothing wrong. Everything is due process”.

    PR is also guilty of this  - so please refrain from pointing fingers at BN politicians.

    But yet there is hope for us.
    • Will we see any other UMNO leader unsheathe the Kris in any UMNO General Assembly? Not bloody likely.
    • Will there be another death in custody for MACC? Not if they can help it! The fall out is simply not worth it!
    • Will Najib ever offer RM$5 Million to any voters to vote BN? Not bloody likely if the cameras are on – but in the dark corridors of power possible!

    But more troubling to these Politicians are the possibilities. At any time the people who hold their secrets can go to this new media and they might just wake up one morning to a Politician nightmare:
    • Sexual entanglements with a mistress or pay by the hour lady of the night – a natural progression of any politicians who considers himself the Alpha Male within his domain ( and there are plenty of them in UMNO....hell in the Cabinet too!) – all there in lurid details with photos of tryst in Five Star Hotel or some up market condominiums or in foreign land while OGS (on Government Service). All on the Internet for us to peruse over a Nasi Lemak breakfast!
    • Even a raba raba episode, which might be less sordid but nevertheless, required a detour to Washington for an aspiring Cabinet hopeful.
    • The casual air brushed image of the pompous First lady being blown into a major topic for discussions amongst an already cynical population on the Internet!

    And they cannot undo what they have done. They can try and keep it quiet with financial inducements and what have you – but the nature of man is never to be satisfied with what he already has. He wants more. How much more? Would murder most foul be the solution? And if murder were done what would be the repercussions?

    These politicians are now trapped in a world of their own making. It would need a Lim Guan Eng or  Nurul to effect change – if the political will exists within them. Let us hope that when their time comes to rule the fire still burns brightly within them for change. For now I write what I think I should. And so should you all. 

    This is our fight...send this on to everyone you know...please!


    The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.-Bertrand Russell

    The Trickeries and Antics of MACC

    9 Votes

    June 28, 2010

    THE TRICKERIES AND ANTICS OF MACC: What I saw today 28 June 2010 in  the Jalan Duta Courts

    by Din Merican

    “The judicial process which is a part of democratic process, therefore, is the struggle of the small man against the overpowering influence of the big, politically as well as financially.” : Justice D.M. Dharmadhikari, Supreme Court of India

    After writing my piece yesterday about the change of Judge in the Trial of Rosli Dahlan, I was determined to be present in court this morning to observe the proceedings.  Before that, I decided to check out how this recent development would prejudice Rosli.
    Reproduced below is what a fellow blogger and respected counsel, Art Harun said:
    First of all, I do not why they are changing the Judge. This is definitely odd. The practice is, when a trial is at an advanced stage, and when countless hours have been spent on a trial, a Judge will not be changed. Even if he is transferred away, he would be asked to continue to preside over the case.
    This is because he is the best person to judge the testimony, either to its admissibility or most importantly, to the weight to be given to a piece of testimony (we call it “probative value of the evidence”).
    This is because the Judge would have seen and observed the witness and his body language, his temperament, he refusal or willingness to answer a question and if he answers, his demeanor while answering. All these will be in his head. He decides whether to believe a witness and if he believes, how much he would believe that witness based on all those things.Nobody else can do that but him. Because he was there.
    If Rozillah (the new judge) takes over, she would have to start de novo (meaning, all over again). Otherwise she would be handicapped because she did not have the opportunity to observe Kevin Morais and the rest of the bumbling clowns who the prosecution is calling “witnesses”.
    If she did not start de novo, she would have to rely on the notes taken by the former Judge. That is not good because she would not know the demeanour of the witnesses who were giving evidence. She would not see the sweat that ran down Kevin’s face, nor the awkward smile of whoever who was giving evidence.
    So, to borrow the lawyer’s phrase, prima facie, Rosli will suffer a prejudice. The previous judge would know and remember all of Kevin’s lies described in my previous article – “The Liar Kevin Morais Buried In His Lies”, when he delivers his verdict. The new judge would not.
    I can now understand why DPP Dzulqarnain and DPP Suffian disrupted the smooth running of the trial on the previous occasions by raising countless objections. I can now understand why DPP Dzulqanain sought to abort the other days reserved for the trial by giving the excuse that he needed to go on holiday to Australia with his whole family, whereas these were dates which he had previously agreed to. I can now understand that these were just tactical maneuvers and delaying tactics to get Judge Abu Bakar Katar to be transferred out.
    MACC is scared of the Truth
    The MACC must be truly fearful that their seven witnesses including the star witnesses, DPP Kevin Morais and Investigation Officer (IO) Saiful Ezral, have been stripped naked in court as being either inconsistent or outright lying. Either that memory is removed from Judge Abu Bakar Kattar’s mind or better still, transfer the Judge and get a new judge who has no such memory! That, in a nutshell was what all these maneuverings were about throughout the trial.
    My conclusion was spot on. Rosli’s counsel, Dato’ K Kumaraendran, informed the new Judge, Puan Rozillah Salleh, that the Defence had written to the Chief Registrar seeking that Judge Abu Bakar Kattar be called back to conclude this case. That Judge Abu Bakar Kattar himself had informed counsels present on the last hearing date that there was no need for the Defence to write in as he, the Judge, would do so. Dato Kumaraendran also informed Judge Rozillah that the Prosecution had stated that the present witness IO Saiful Exral is the last witness. If Judge Abu Bakar Kattar can return for 6 other cases, why can’t he for this case?
    The Customary Antics of DPP Dzulqarnain
    To my amazement, DPP Dzulqarnain jumped up to insist that the new Judge, Puan Rozillah Salleh, should take over to conduct the case and conclude it. DPP Zulqarnain cited various provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code and case laws to support his contention. To Dato’ Kumaraendran’s amazement, DPP Zulqarnain then said that circumstances have changed and the Prosecution will now produce two more witnesses to justify why Puan Rozillah can still hear the case. It became so obvious that DPP Dzulqarnain was fighting tooth and nail not to allow Judge Abu Bakar Kattar to come back. It was so obvious that the MACC did not want Judge Abu Bakar Kattar!

    Judge Rozillah then ruled that the next hearing date will be on September 6-8, 2010. If the Chief Registrar allows Judge Abu Bakar Katar to come back, then a new set of dates will be given. I saw wide grin on the faces of the two MACC DPPs, as if they had won a major battle.
    I approached Rosli and saw the sombre look on his face, which he quickly changed to a forced smile when his lovely daughter and youngest son came to hug their father. The smile on Rosli’s face could not hide the concern and frustration in his eyes. The frustration surfaced when Rosli momentarily gave in to a lapse when he said “ This is one of the ironies of life. This case is about Ramli not me. Yet I was arrested and handcuffed until I bled, locked up overnight. I charged first even before Ramli. Ramli has been acquitted and I am still facing this!”

    As we walked down the steps of the court house, Rosli muttered faintly “Déjà vu-  6-8th September is just two-three days before Hari Raya Aidilfitri. They really want to remind me what happened in 2007”.
    From 2007 to 2010: Case still unsettled

    I then realized that it was in Ramadan 2007 that Rosli was arrested, brutalized and produced in court to be publicly humiliated just one day before Hari Raya! Even at my age, I could take this heart tugging scene no more. I walked away from Rosli’s family initially feeling very sad with what I had just seen and heard. But then I told myself that I must do something about this.
    Wake-Up Fellow Malaysians: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
    I must let other caring Malaysians know about this: about MACC’s trickeries; about shifting goal posts; about the injustices in our system; about the victimisation of an innocent man.
    Malaysian Bar Council and Chief Justice: Recall Abu Bakar Kattar
    I call on the Bar Council – defend your brother at law, call back that Judge. I call on the Chief Justice – this is your chance to show independence; justice delayed is justice denied.
    Finally, if it is any comfort to Rosli, I would like to tell him what I am told about Judge Rozillah. Let me just reproduce what Art Harun said:
    “I think I know Rozilah. She was one of the Deputy Registrars of the Court of Appeal before. She is a decent lady. Hardworking too. And she was very very helpful to everyone. She would go out of her way to help lawyers and she did that always with a smile.If we are talking about the same Rozillah, I must say that I quite admire her really.”
    Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. So don’t be sad, Rosli. Perhaps, there is a hikmah in all this. No trickery of the MACC can outdo God’s will- “Man proposes but God disposes”.

    Monday 28 June 2010

    Delights of the World Cup: Synchronized referee warm-ups

    Like a boy band preparing for the lip-syncing exhibition of their lives, the referee crew for Friday's match between Spain and Chile prepared in unison.

    Led by Mexican official Marco "Chiquidracula" Rodriguez, they maintained near perfect harmony as they went through their focused routine of kicks, claps and arm flailing, probably while humming The Karate Kid soundtrack. 

    Cakap cakap...FU Money!

    At the bottom line there really is not much that anybody can do to Tan Sri Khalid without his approval because Khalid have got what they call FUCK U MONEY (FUM!) . You and I most probably do not have it. Ibrahim Ali does not have it. Azmin does not have it  - well not as much as he would have liked - and many of those align for or against Khalid have not got it. FUM! gives you a great deal of leeway to do as you please. Ok let us be more academic and try and quantify this in a more scholarly manner:

    ·      Any amount of money allowing infinite perpetuation of wealth necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle without needing employment or assistance from anyone.
    ·      A very large amount of money, which would enable an individual to do pretty much whatever the fuck he or she wants. Fuck you money is not a fixed amount, but is just much more then anyone could realistically put to good use.
    ·      Enough money to be able to say fuck you to anybody on the planet (which includes Selangor!) 

    The last definition would be the most relevant to what is going on in Selangor now. With FUM! It is easier to not be corrupt, to always do the right thing, to consider national interest at all times and to toe party lines if you so desire.
     So rest assure that whatever is happening in Selangor now has his OK. When he is done with Politics and with PR he will leave. For now Tan Sri just humor those PR guys and quote “party interest” or better still “in the interest of the people” for the things that you do and what they expect you to do. MERDEKA! 


    "Among politicians the esteem of religion is profitable; the Principles of it are troublesome” 
    Benjamin Whichcote.

    How long did it take for Australia to get a new Prime Minister? I went to sleep close to midnight on Wednesday and woke up Thursday morning with a new Prime Minister. It took Mahathir eighteen months. Pak Lah almost a year. But that is Australia. Now I want to talk about Malaysia.

    The threat of the ISA, the Special Branch or any organ of the Barsian Nasional government or of Najib’s, is of no concern to me. They cannot use the IRS to audit my income tax returns to intimidate me. Use any academic, cultural or sports organization to impose sanctions on my family or me. There is no licence that I need to apply for that they could prevent me from having nor can they take away any license that I might have. I do not need to take my car to Puspakom for any inspection that they can fail me on. I do not need to go to Immigration to apply for any passport to travel anywhere in Malaysia or anywhere in this world. There is nobody close enough to me in Malaysia that they can use to persuade me to behave myself. They have already close what Bank Accounts I have in Malaysia. In other words I can tell them to go take a flying leap into the swamp and there is nothing they can do to me. And it gives me great pleasure to know that I can do that! They being the Barisan Nasional government!

    I am sure they cannot understand why I spend time telling them to go jump into a swamp. Try the Police murder of Kugan. Try Najib’s complicity in the murder of Altantuya. I want to express my abhorrence for a government where people are prepared to be beaten, jailed and even die – do almost anything to try and ensure the political demise of the government that Najib leads. At the very least I can write about it.

    Hold on to your baju melayu and songkok. Make sure that your cheongsam and samfoo are well fitted and tight around you. And draw your sari closer to you. For the Ibans make sure that your longhouses are secure against the coming monsoon. O Bhai wear your turban with pride and stand together with us. To the others who are with us call upon your Gods to be with you - if you have them. We are all going on a wild ride if UMNO have their way! And methinks they will if cooler heads do not prevail because we are not talking about race and religion!

    The partition of India and Pakistan, the conflict between the Bosnian Muslims and the Serbs in Yugoslavia and the resulting partition of the country into Bosnia and Serbia all happened within our lifetime. It happened because religion created the notion that one identity was superior to the other.
    Race and religion lives in our hearts – not in our minds. When race and religion is used as a tool for politics then the potential for misuse is great. And more worrying – the potential for people to spiral out of control because their hearts, their emotions are being manipulated is too great a risk for any multi ethnic community such as ours. And this is what the BN government is now embarking tentatively into. This is what a bankrupt UMNO had now decided what it must do to keep power.

    Use race and religion to ensure their continuing survival as the government in our country. UMNO now dares to claim itself as “ALLAH” official party and shamelessly use religion to further its cause? But even as we tell ourself that politicians will use anything, ALLAH included to win elections and maintain power, we must have a moment of clarity and pause. A moment of clarity to understand where this “ALLAH is on our side” rhetoric’s will take UMNO and will take us.

    Already we hear of UMNO executive secretary Abdul Razak Yusuf saying that the ulama are expected to "refresh" the party and "enhance" the confidence of the Malays in Umno as the party headed for the 13th general election.

    And then another report claims that 100 "highly qualified" ulama will be joining Umno via the party's Dataran Merdeka Umno branch.

    Let us err on the side of caution. Religious fanaticism once released is a tide that nobody can curtail. We are talking about planned and cold-blooded murder, organized religious gangs going on rampages and riots - killing women and children – the systematic slaughter of those who are “not with us”. Have we not learned enough from the May 13th Riots? The May 13th racial riots will pale in comparison with what can happen when religion and race becomes the reason for people to start killing each other.

    We do not want to go there. So we ask of UMNO, those that are still in UMNO who have the interest of all our people at heart. We ask that you tell those War Lords, your Gung-ho elites, your win at all costs die hards – that we cannot go there. We cannot use religion or race to win election. Because, as I have said earlier on, Race and Religion is in our hearts not our minds. We can manage our minds with reason and rationality. We cannot do that with out hearts – so in the name of ALLAH do not go there. 
                                                                   Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر).