Thursday 27 May 2010

UMNO gets honorable mention in Aussie Bank bribery probe

Bank bribery probe widens to Europe and Asia
May 26, 2010
CORRUPTION investigations have begun in Britain, Indonesia and Malaysia into alleged bribery by the Reserve Bank of Australia's currency printing subsidiaries, as calls grow for the federal government to hold a public inquiry.
Details of the investigations come after the RBA yesterday released a statement saying it ''condemns corrupt behaviour'' and took recent revelations about its subsidiaries' alleged willingness to pay bribes and supply prostitutes to foreign officials ''very seriously''.
Federal backbencher Kelvin Thomson has become the first Labor MP to break the government's year-long silence over the affair, saying a public inquiry may be necessary to remove a ''stain on Australia's reputation''.
Australian Federal Police commissioner Tony Negus told a Senate committee yesterday that he had 20 investigators in several countries working on the probe into alleged corruption by Securency International, a firm half-owned by the RBA, which exports polymer banknotes.
Securency and its sister company, Note Printing Australia, are under scrutiny for paying more than $US50 million to middlemen in corruption-prone countries after they were awarded note printing and supply contracts by foreign central banks.
Mr Negus said Britain's Serious Fraud Office was involved in the Securency investigation as some of the company's top executives and well-paid middlemen were based in London.
He revealed the Australian Crime Commission had been involved in the case and admitted the AFP ''could have done more'' to act on an initial complaint from a Securency employee in 2008.
The AFP probe did not begin until a year later after The Age exposed concerns about Securency's dealings in Africa and Asia.
Mr Negus was reluctant to answer many questions.
The Age can also confirm anti-corruption authorities in Indonesia and Malaysia are examining deals involving middlemen hired by the RBA firms to win contracts in both countries.
Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission has for at least two years been investigating deals involving Jakarta businessman Radius Christanto - who the RBA firms hired to help win contracts - and the country's central bank, Bank Indonesia, and state-owned currency printer, Perum Peruri.
''We know the core of the case now and preliminary findings show an element of corruption and bribery,'' Indonesian corruption commission spokesman Johan Budi said.
It was reported this week that Securency and NPA agreed to pay Mr Christanto a $US3.65 million commission after he helped win a 1999 contract to print 100,000-rupiah banknotes for Bank Indonesia.
Correspondence from Mr Christanto in 1999 suggests two other men believed to be Indonesian central bank officials were to receive $US1.3 million in bribes from Securency and NPA.
Malaysia's Anti-Corruption Commission is helping the AFP trace what happened to the $4 million Securency paid its Malaysia agent Abdul Kayum Syed Ahmad after winning a 2004 currency printing contract.
AFP agents are to go to Malaysia to work with anti-corruption investigators. Mr Kayum is believed to be closely linked to Malaysia's ruling UMNO political party and government figures.
Mr Thomson yesterday said: ''The AWB oil-for-food scandal put a stain on Australia's international reputation by suggesting Australia was prepared to pay bribes and kickbacks to advance our international business interests. The Securency scandal has regrettably reinforced this impression.
''There needs to be action - either by the AFP or from a public inquiry - to make it clear to the world that we do not regard the payment of bribes, kickbacks or commissions as an acceptable way to promote our exports,'' he said.
Greens leader Bob Brown and independent senator Nick Xenophon have also called for a public inquiry.

Russian MPs gets majority...without help of postal votes!!!

Video exposes truant Russian MPs

AFPMay 27, 2010, 1:36 am
MOSCOW (AFP) - Russia's oft-ridiculed parliament was hit by a new scandal Wednesday after deputies were caught on video running from seat to seat pressing voting buttons for fellow MPs who did not bother to turn up.
The episode is the latest embarrassment for the Russian lower house of parliament, the State Duma, which often acts as little more than a rubber-stamp and rarely blocks initiatives from the Kremlin.
When a new law on drink-driving was debated in the lower house of the Russian parliament, the State Duma, it was passed on its first reading by more than 440 deputies, even though only 88 members were present.
The reason was simple. Deputies ran from empty seat to empty seat, pressing the electronic voting buttons for a majority of colleagues who were absent.
The bill that they were voting on was proposed by President Dmitry Medvedev.
The voting antics, which took place May 19, were first revealed in a news item filmed by Russian television channel Ren TV, which has been viewed more than 180,000 times on YouTube.
"One physically strong deputy has time to press nine buttons during the voting," Ren TV reported.
Deputies have around 20 seconds to vote, allowing the machinations, Russia's Komsomolskaya Pravda reported Wednesday.
"Of course, we suspected that our people's deputies do not sit around in the State Duma all day long, but come on, 88 out of 450 is too much," Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote.
Deputy speaker at the Duma, Oleg Morozov, is shown joking as the voting result comes up on the screen: 449 out of 450 deputies have passed the bill. "Someone must have stepped out," he quipped.
Ruling party United Russia reacted furiously to the video, with top party official Sergei Neverov threatening that deputies who skip sessions risked losing the party's nomination.
"We need to clamp down on the disgrace that often happens in the house when a number of the deputies are absent," Neverov said, the ITAR-TASS news agency reported.
"The Duma needs to get rid of the truant deputies."
Sergei Mironov, the speaker of the parliament's upper house, the Federation Council, also slammed the practice on Wednesday in comments to journalists.
"You can't call this situation anything but a disgrace, when a few deputies run around the room pressing buttons for absent colleagues," said Mironov, the leader of opposition party A Just Russia, cited by the Interfax news agency.
The Duma deputies include popular singers and former sports figures, including Olympic gymnast Alina Kabayeva.
In a sign of its nominal role, speaker Boris Gryzlov of the United Russia Party, famously said in 2003 that the Duma was "not the place for political battles."
In April, Medvedev criticised deputies for their poor attendance record.
"I am amazed myself by the picture in the parliament when only 10 to 15 percent of the members are present," Medvedev said.
"Unfortunately in Russia's State Duma, this practice is common. In the Duma's fifth term, it has been used and is being used all the time" said Alexei Mukhin, director of the Centre for Political Information.
"The leadership of the State Duma is very concerned about the absence of deputies, and this creates the illusion that the deputies are present and are voting."
Under Duma rules, absent deputies can pass their voting rights on to colleagues, but the uncontrolled button-pressing is "of course a breach of procedure," Mukhin said.
At least half the deputies are supposed to be present to make a vote valid.
So far the news has been reported more as an amusing novelty item than a serious breach of rules in the Duma, which is dominated by United Russia deputies.
"It's a question of time, but the absence of a scandal is a sign that United Russia actively uses this practice," Mukhin said.

Sgt Schultz...I will Report it to your superior!!

Prostitution -a source of income for PDRM?

                        INTEGRITI AMALAN KITA ?????? HUH?

15 foreign masseuses held at reflexology centre
JOHOR BARU: Fifteen foreign female masseuses were detained in a raid at a traditional reflexology centre in Jalan Pingai, Taman Pelangi here last week. Of the 15 women, eight of them were believed to be victims of a human trafficking syndicate.

The eight, seven Cambodians and an Indonesian, between the ages of 18 and 20, were believed to have been brought into the country legally under the pretext of securing jobs in factories.
The raid was conducted by a team from the Federal Police Anti-Vice, Gaming and Secret Societies (D7) division following a tip-off.
     Let me tell this as it is – as it should be told rather then the above media headlines which seems to tell us that PDRM is on top of everything. In this matter what they are on top off is open to conjecture. I want to say here categorically that 90% of these “reflexology centre” in this country are fronts for prostitution. Full stop!
     Let us take Jalan Bukit Bintang. The massage centers, SPA, reflexology centers on that street and on the side street running off Jalan Bukit Bintang are centers for prostitution. The Massage Center at the Federal Hotel – a center for prostitution that not only has the vice squad officers on a monthly retainer but also entertains them on a need basis – not their needs but PDRM needs. This massage center is confident enough to have Malay girls on their premises without fear of being raided by PDRM or the religious authorities.
     You can see the cars carrying these ladies of the evenings to and fro along these streets delivering them to the various hotels and massage parlors for them to do their “business” and their business is prostitution!  Chinese from China, Cambodians, Thai, Burmese’s, Indons, Russians – for a price they can all be got in Jalan Bukit Bintang.
     Stake out the back of Federal Hotel – the road between the Hotel and the Bowling alley – and you see the activities of these pimps with their females. Gone are the days when only Protons were exclusively used (a fact that Mahathir would have approved – the use of Proton I mean!) – but no longer because Proton cars die too soon though you do see them sometimes – but there is no denying the existence of these pimps and their charges – and where are the Police? Where are the Federal Police Anti-Vice and D7 officers?
     I am accusing them of complicity  - if not all of them then the majority of them. Of complicity in ensuring that not only do the trade in these females flourish but it also stays beyond the reach of the law and religious authorities. Are you telling me that PDRM is not aware of these activities? That the IPK Selangor situated in the heart of things – in front of the Pudu Jail -  is totally ignorant of this lucrative business in Bukit Bintang?
     I tell you that they are in cahoots with the heavenly kings that control this trade. I tell you that the senior officers are receiving monthly retainers to turn a blind eye for amounts of Ringgits that would tempt many of us to want to join PDRM in droves. I tell you that this rot snakes itself from the lowest ranked constable to whoever is needed to ensure that the trade continues to thrive.

     As Sgt Schultz of Hogan Heroes said”
“Shoud it ever happen again I will report you to your superior officer and then to his superior officer and even to his superior officer. I will report it all the way up until it comes back to me and if I ever report it to myself…you are going to be in trouble!”
(Please refer to the above Sgt Schultz clip for more info!)

So all bases have to be covered and it starts with complicity at the highest level in PDRM.
     Where should PDRM start if they want to clean up Bukit Bintang from these activities? Pick any of these establishments. Any one of them and do a stake out in the open. Just place a police patrol car out front or at the back entrance.  Take photos of anyone visiting. That will stop all the customers from frequenting these places. When the customers stops coming – the business closes. The girls have no jobs and they will have to go back to Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia – wherever they came from. No worries about them not being able to leave just because they have overstayed. A system already exists between them and Immigration to allow them to leave anytime they want once they have paid what the immigration officers wants to allow them to leave our country without any hassle….see how accommodating immigration can be when there is something in it for them on a personal level!
     So Mr. IGP – are you denying that you and your officer turn a blind eye to these activities? The public who frequent Bukit Bintang can see what is happening. The Public does not have to stake out any establishment. They do not have to spend hours investigating what is going on  - it is there in front of their eyes! Is PDRM idea of passive containment for mutual gain?
     I am not even going to write about Jalan Chow Kit ! If you cannot manage Bukit Bintang then let us just pretend that the drugs dealing and the flesh trade in Chow Kit does not exists. Let us just pretend that all is good in that part of town. But do not think that we do so because we are heeding your demand that we leave PDRM in peace to do their job.
     Why IGP are you telling us to let a sleeping tiger alone? That PDRM is the sleeping tiger? Huh! You stand up and talk your head off about us doing what PDRM wants us to do. You go on and on about PDRM being maligned and bad mouth by the public. Mr IGP Tan Sri Sir you choose to not see what your officers are doing. We cannot because we are at the receiving end of it all. We bear the brunt of your PDRM thugs pushing their weight around in order to line up their pockets. Your constable on the beat have to work hard for their share of our money because after all their officers are getting monthly pay-off of up to $20K to $30K a month in Bukit Bintang alone. And these are not figures I pick out of the air. Go to IPK Selangor and see for yourself what car your officer drives, what car their wives drives – and just for the fun of it – search the pockets of each and everyone in that IPK building and see what you get! 
    So much corruption. So much abuse of power. So much complicity in c   rimes with the criminal elements of Kuala Lumpur. And so many of your officers involved. …and you wonder why we look upon PDRM with contempt and disgust? 

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Smoking is Bad for You!

Video of smoking toddler shocks world

Yahoo!7May 26, 2010, 6:02 pm
    Video of two-year-old Indonesian boy Ardi Rizal puffing casually on a cigarette is shocking the world.
    The toddler's father, Mohammad, gave Ardi his first cigarette at just 18 months of age, The Sun reports.
    Mohammad, who raises his family in the South Sumatran fishing village of Musi Banyuasin, admits Ardi is addicted to smoking, but has no problem with his son's habit.
    "I'm not worried about his health, he looks healthy," Mohammad told the Sriwijaya Post.
    Smoking 40 cigarettes each day, Ardi screams and says he feels sick and dizzy if he's not allowed to smoke.
    "He cries and throws tantrums when we don't let him smoke. He's addicted," Rizal said.
    The video has raised concerns about Indonesia's growing problem with child smokers. According to the Central Statistics Agency, 25 per cent of the nation's three to 15-year-olds have smoked at least once.

    The continuing saga of Rosmah...

         Saudara the response I had to that “Vanity thy name is Rosmah” posting must reflect the prevailing under current of emotions that exists amongst us for the wife of our Prime Minister – Rosmah!

         How times have changed. I remember the euphoria that we all felt when we won the Thomas Cup from the Indonesians in 1992. We were leading 2-1 against Indonesia. Cheah Soon Kit and Soo Beng Kiang were playing… were at the edge of our seats cheering on our heros….and every time we won a point we whooped in joy… and as we did our eyes went to Siti Hasmah. Every time she clapped, we clapped more. Every time she cheered, we cheered louder…and every time she leapt out of her seat we jumped higher. Together with her we made our badminton heros (Rashid Sidek, Razif Sidek, Foo Kok Keong, Cheah Soon Kit, Soo Beng Kiang and Kwan Yoke Meng) take the cup from the Indonesians. When it was over and we had the Thomas Cup again in our possession after 25 years we knew what role she had played in our victory…that we could not have done it without her. That was Siti Hasmah our mother – there to guide us when we needed it, encouraged us when we falter and always never intrusive into our life  - just a presence around which Malaysian were comfortable with. I can never forget her joy when she lifted the cup aloft for all to see after our victory. It was a time when all Malaysian came together as one. ..nothing else matter.

         And then came Endon. Delicate looking but we all know her to be resolute and firm in what she wanted. She wanted Abang Lah to do well. She wanted to do good for our country…and with determination she went ahead with her work on Batik and Songket. Her quite presence whenever she was required ensured that what she started would succed. Yes she was fastidious with her dressing and about her appearance – but she only wanted to look good as she has always was. …no talk about her being First Lady, no talk about her being Mrs air brushed images…she was happy enough being Kak Endon….and then she became ill…and left us too soon.
         And then came Jean. A decent wife to Pak Lah…and doing what she had to do as wife of our premier…nothing more, nothing less.
          But even then we were already hearing about  Rosmah BEFORE Najib became PM. Woe betide those that even then cross her path even as she was the DPM’s wife. She did not let it be forgotten that she was the “First Lady in Waiting”….and when the waiting was over she did not disappoint us in the way she carried herself…and so we come to today.
         And so it did not surprise me that so many took the trouble to comment on what I wrote in “Vanity thy name is Rosmah”..what surprised me was the venom in what was written. This is not just a dislike of someone, it was more then that. I am told that after menopause a woman gets set in her ways. Her libido is much reduced. Her tolerance of things that irritates her is minimal. If she has been not a nice person before menopause after menopause she becomes intolerable. If this is so then our sympathies are with Najib. But menopause or not, Rosmah must understand that in her role as the wife of our Prime Minister we expect better. There are others that have come before her. It would do her good if she looks towards the past for guidance. We do not like the Rosmah that we now know!

    Tuesday 25 May 2010

    Beach Boys - Don't worry Baby

    Don't worry babay - Ronnie Spector

    Don't worry baby....Lorrie Morgan

    The time has come to talk of many things...Of Altantuya, Najib and Razak Baginda

    Altantuya Shaariibauu went missing on the 19th of  October 2006 – it was a Thursday I think. And as her story unfold we became privy to the world of Razak Baginda - jet setting here and there, Ferraris, mistresses and trips to Paris, London, Hong Kong and that Ringgit 4.7 billion submarine deal he brokered for Mindef. We are told that to ensure that our national security is not compromised, major defense purchases are done via close tenders or direct negotiations with principals…and yet here we see the purchase of these major defense requirement made through Razak Baginda done with reckless abandon combining sex, fun, and Ferraris!

    With RM$500 Million in his coffers Razak Baginda decided that what Altantuya wanted, she would not get! We are now familiar with what happened outside Razak Baginda’s house and Altantuya’s subsequent disappearance …forever. Is killing of people who make a nuisance of themselves standard operating procedure for UTK operatives? And then blowing them to bits with C4 – the explosive of choice favored by the Military….“ have a high enough velocity of detonation and density for metal cutting work.” Very effective!

    Azilah and Sirul were arrested for the murder of Altantuya by the Police. Now here comes a query from me. These two UTK officers must have acted not on the orders of their police superiors but from individual or individuals important enough to make them go kill. PDRM were kept outside the loop and were unaware of what has happened. Who was that someone?

    We the public became aware of the bigger picture as the case evolve. Unit Tindakan Khas. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.Aide-de-Camp to Najib Razak, Razak Baginda involvement ….and then later on we hear about the sms send by Najib to Razak Baginda. I watched with fascination the confidence Razak had in facing the charges he was accused of. In the end he was freed…as he knew all along that he would! The two UTK operatives did mumble something about being the “black sheep to be sacrificed…I have no reason to cause hurt, what's more to take the life of the victim in such a cruel manner.... I appeal to the court, which has the powers to determine if I live or die, not to sentence me so as to fulfill others' plans for me.”…But to no avail.      
                            Sentenced to death…
    Attorney-General decision not to appeal Abdul Razak acquittal! ....and before you can say “enjit enjit semut siapa sakit naik atas”……he is off to London to enjoy the fruits of his labor!

    And then predictably we had RPK wading into the vortex of this whole mess… “Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell’”…the whole Bala circus, with Anwar taking his cue to go in and whack Najib….Najib’s denial “ Saya tidak pernah sama sekali mengenali atau berjumpa dengan wanita mongolia yang berkenaan yang di sebut dalam akuan bersumpah itu. Pembohongan yang amat dashat. Rekaan semata mata, berniat jahat, berunsul fitnah dan bertujuan untuk mencemar image saya” and then Rosmah’s statement "if you are innocent what is there for you to address all this? I am not a politician; I am not running for any post. I am just a wife of a politician”….So all is settled?  After all did not Najib and Rosmah  deny involvement in the murder of Altantuya in front of the media? Do you doubt their words? Heck he is the Prime Minister and she (as she claims to be) is the First Lady (with a capital F and a Capital L). Two words I would like to say about that. First letter of the first word starts with an F.

    Najib and Rosmah have not subjected themselves through the judicial process in order to clear their involvement in Altatntuya's murder. Mr Prime Minister Sir neither the passage of time nor your denials will make the people of this country forget that there is still no closure on the Altantuya’s murder case. Four years after her murder and over a year after the two UTK operatives were convicted of her murder there are still question that still need to be answered by you.

    One: Why pay Razak Baginda RM$500 million for services rendered in the purchase of the French Submarines. For all we know the might be a plausible explanation – but let us hear it first and then we will decide.

    Two: You have to explain how two UTK officers assigned to your office were involved in the murder of Altatntuya. Why would they murder someone they do not know.

    Three: Why the sms to Razak Baginda  “ I am seeing IGP at 11am today...matter will be solved…be cool”

    You have seen it fit to subject Anwar Ibrahim to a trial for sodomy when all you have is the word of Saiful against that of Anwar. There are the only two people involve – Anwar and Saiful. Nobody else is hurt, deprived of their life nor have our nation been deprived of RM$500 million or have the security of our nation compromised.

    With Altantuya we have a young women whose life has been taken from her. Our national security has been compromised by the reckless manner Razak Baginda had conducted the purchase of the submarines, our nation already deprived of RM$500 million, two officers of the UTK under sentence of death, and the families and children of Altantuya whose lives have been forever altered by her murder. So anyway you look at it Sir the Anwar Sodomy two case is a non event when compared to the Altantuya’s murder. Sodomy, murder? Murder, sodomy? It is a no brainier! It is people like you Sir that gives politics a bad name. 


    Monday 24 May 2010

    PDRM is an equal opportunity sort of an organization....

    PDRM is an Equal Opportunity sort of an organization…

    Wednesday, 05 May 2010 admin-s
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    What is a 14 year old Malay boy doing driving a car without a license after midnight? But for whatever reason that he was driving on Persiaran Kayangan without a license, let me tell you that you do not shoot dead a 14-year-old boy, or for that matter anybody, for driving without a license.
    By Steadyaku47
    But let us not blame PDRM for killing a Malay boy - for by the killing of this 14 year old Malay Boy, PDRM can now say that they are an equal opportunity killer. They hantam that Indian Kugan to death, pushed that Chinese Teoh Beng Hock to his death and now shot an unarmed Malay school boy dead.
    For now the other minority racial groupings will have to wait their turn until PDRM comes across a Portuguese, a Sabahan, a Burmese or maybe a Mat Salleh doing what they have to do to get shot by PDRM – whatever that will be! 
    My immediate response to the news about this latest killing is simply this. This is modus operandi for PDRM. In as long as we have a Prime Minister with a government that condones these senseless killing by PDRM – then the killings will continue. In as long as we have an IGP that will NOT take responsibility for those under his command – then the killings will continue. And in as long as we have a Home Minister that is more interested in the formation of another Special Panel to “investigate” this murder rather then to resolve this PDRM rampaging – then our country will continue to be regarded as a pariah by other civilized societies.
    But what does it matter to the IGP, the Home Minister of the Prime Minister if we are the pariahs of other civilized societies? Why should they concern themselves with the grief of this Malay boy’s mother? Or the rumblings of our people who are increasingly having their fill of the murderous antics of our Police Force? No, they do not care a damn for all this. If Najib can ignore Altantuya, how can he take PDRM to task for the murder of a 14 year old Malay boy, or the murderous bashing of Kugan and the audacity of MACC to “neutralize” Teoh Beng Hock so effectively? It would be a matter of the pot calling the kettle black … or should I say UMNO claiming that they are more corrupt than MCA or Samy Velu (not MIC but Samy Velu … please note!).
    These killings will continue in as long as PDRM know that they can get away with it. Corruption will continue in as long as UMNO and Barisan politicians know that they will get away with it. Decency for them is driving a luxury car brought from the proceeds of corruption. Decency for them is staying in power at all costs – and be assured that it does “cost” a lot.
    Decency as we know it is dead. Scum will continue to be rewarded with Datukships for their “services” to UMNO. Is it not ironic that the Sultans have been much maligned for awarding Datukships to those who have been of “financial” assistance to them but UMNO award Datukship to scums who have been “of service” to the Nation – as Razak Baginda has been amply rewarded for “services rendered” to who knows whom. Methinks it is the head honcho himself! 
    And so my friends we go helter skelter towards another day in hell. Expect more bashing, more torture, more murders from PDRM. Expect more audacious behavior by these UMNO thugs who strut around the political platform without much thought of what is to come after their fall. And fall they will come the next election. For now I will wait. For they will surely hang themselves with the rope that we are now giving them.
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    written by Taikohtai, May 05, 2010 16:27:50
    Guess a lot of the rakyat still have mentalities to match their masters as the law of the hutan rimba reigns supreme in Malaysia as witnessed in the recent by-election in HS.
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    written by malsia1206, May 05, 2010 15:44:27
    Let me put it bluntly. If PDRM do this to my boy, I would not sit and wait for them to convene the Special Panel to investigate. Since they shoot first and ask questions later,I think you all know what I mean.
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    written by kashyn, May 05, 2010 15:08:42
    Whatever you think the government should do for the people, then just believe.
    Because they won't know what you are thinking until you say what you are trying to do.
    People are to be SURE in the government, not doubt in them.
    The police did break the law, but don't forget the boy also break the law.
    The public should think positively towards this issue and believe that the government are trying their best to solve this problem.smilies/tongue.gif
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    written by prelude3372, May 05, 2010 14:27:18
    At times when you realy sit and think...just wondering. What is the qualification of this PDRM, MACC and the enforcement officer from the local council?

    Phd? Master? Degree? SPM??

    Sorry not trying to be seen as be an arogant with eductaion level. But just think for a while, we been given a very high level of respect (doesn't matter if its only due to fear of the guns rather than real respect) to this people but what is their level? 
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    written by Bullchick, May 05, 2010 14:19:37
    The Home Minister says that the rakyat should not be always criticizing the police but should show them respect! Let me tell you that respect in any form has to be EARNED and frankly from the performance of the police to date, they have not earned any! In fact, if the police are able to apprehend criminals and bring them to justice, they should not gloat about it and expect the rakyat to shower them with praises. They will be just doing their jobs, either well done or poorly done, which the rakyat is paying them to do! When they perform poorly in their duties, they should expect the rakyat to reprimand them and not react by saying that they will call the force from the streets. Statements to that effect by none other than the top dog himself is therefore totally unacceptable by the rakyat. Similarly, the statement by the Home Minister that people must respect the police is pure nonsense! RESPECT cannot be DEMANDED but must be EARNED!!!!
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    written by Aduh, May 05, 2010 14:13:38
    In Malaysia a killer need not end up with conviction. That has been ingrained into the police head and condoned by beEND law makers turned breakers.

    A static target at shooting range is not challenging enough. It does no help much to test and sharpen one's shooting skill. So they go for moving live targets in the form of human beings.
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    written by cheekhiaw, May 05, 2010 12:51:18
    The PDRM is just living like their tuans - in lawlwessness.

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    written by popuri, May 05, 2010 12:37:52
    All right boys, now bring out the big guns and let's go shoot some mat rempits while they're out for their midnight romp.
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    written by ganbing, May 05, 2010 12:32:07
    This is the result of the sleepy head Bodohwi not forming the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints nad Malpractices Commission) as recommended by the RCI. His reason was that the IGP and police were against the IPCMC. But of course! Nobody wants an independent panel to overlook them. They would rather have "police investigate police". The IPCMC has to be forced on the police. Since when can an IGP overrule the PM?

    As long as there is no IPCMC these killings will continue. Bad publicity doesn't faze the police. They are shameless. If bad publicity has an effect on them, Kugan would have been the last one.
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    written by arazak, May 05, 2010 12:31:45
    Bro Hussein,

    When I was growing up in a tiny kampong, the elders used to spook children that if they did not return home before Maghrib, the Hantu Kopek will catch them and hid them under its "kopek" before bringing them behind the "reban ayam" and feed the kidnapped child with worms.

    Fast forward now, curfew hours for our young 'uns are not maghrib (sunset) any more, but before mid-night. Times have change. So now, I have been spooking my children, nieces and nephews that if they do not return by midnight. The police are going to catch them, beat them up and worst, shoot them at the back of the head. I do not know whether I have really spooked them with this new version of the "hantu kopek" aka the PDRM?

    Nevertheless, the police have no right to shoot our young children wondering late at night, even if they are without a valid driving licence. This PDRM, is worse than "Hantu Kopek"

    Note: "Hantu Kopek" , a ghost with big breasts (no, no. . ., I know what you are thinking! Hantu Kopek is not like Dolly Parton or Pamela Anderson, although I wish they are!)

    By the way Bro Hussein, it is good to have you back!
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    written by ibabonma, May 05, 2010 11:46:59
    Drugs pun tak boleh selesai.
    Mat rempit pun tak boleh selesai.
    Illegals pun tak boleh selesai.
    Judi haram pun tak boleh selesai.

    Apa boleh selsai?

    I think Malaysia will be a better place to live without our policemen! Rest them all and force them do desk duties for one year. Allow the arm forces to handle enforcement and see the result.
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    written by Beezee_Beezee, May 05, 2010 10:47:17
    Apa pun kesudahann nya Pencapaian DiUtamakan. Ini adalah pencapaian yg cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang bagi Kerajaan BN [UMNO] Ptui........
    Peruntukan berbillion bellion dari kerajaan UMNO kepada komponent party BN adalah bagi menutup mulut kesemua mereka-mereka yg berkepentingan. Bukan RAKYAT yg didahulukan.
    Semoga Rakyat Malaysia akan membuka mata dan hatiperut mereka untuk tidak lagi menyokong BN diPRU-13 yg akan datang. Insyallah Rakyat akan memilih kerajaan yg bukan BN dan komponent nya.
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    written by my oumrie, May 05, 2010 10:42:25
    They say history books are always written by winners, but you've proved them wrong, even though your article is too short to be called a book! Steadyaku47, you must be psychic, cos you've read the thoughts of the majority of Malaysians. HIDUP RAKYAT! HIDUP KEADILAN! smilies/smiley.gif
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    written by NSTPravda, May 05, 2010 10:40:39
    In as long as we have a Prime Minister with a government that condones these senseless killing by PDRM – then the killings will continue. Soooo? Pengganas Di Rasuah Makan is just fulfilling their NEP/NEM quota of killings. Hasn't our beloved PM encouraged (tacitly at least) the use of C4 on mongolians? Now all he has to do is to swear on the Qu'ran again that he doesn't know what's going on. Al-UMNOdollarlah! Semua-nya OK! smilies/tongue.gif
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