Thursday 31 August 2017

Kamaruddin Mohd Jamal : My very troubled thoughts on Merdeka Day 2017......

In their paths we bow low; and such awe we all show
Their words we echo; their meanings we hardly know
Scrambling to get close to them as close as we can be
Striving to be noticed; chanting false praises endlessly

Their views we champion strongly; defend vigorously
Never to question or dispute as if sacrosanct and holy
No amount of contending truth can ever make us see
Or voice our dissenting views even if we do not agree
Very seldom do we really listen to the things they say
To verify their wisdom or the foolishness they display
Far from it to contradict them or mildly disagree even
Uncaring for the truth adding to this unholy reverence
What they do or say actually do not in the least matter
Because right or wrong we do not really much bother
Who cares if they were genuine or just glib pretenders?
As long as they serve our narrow and selfish interests
This pretence we take on with such consummate flair
A charade we perpetuate for as long as they are there
Not in the least concerned for quality, ability, or integrity
Daily nurturing this myth of their seeming infallibility
A destructively self-defeating game we seem to share
To look after our narrow self-interest; all that we care
Even if our children's children will damn our memory
Yet blinded by this greed-game, who needs to worry?
When will this pantomine end - where Will it take us?
Are some troubling questions we really need to ask
A disempowered society we are clearly fast becoming
A people blissfully impotent and malignantly uncaring
If all these said be true as they very much appear to be
What would in the end become of this beloved country?
Starved of real and meaningful voice of its own society
A self-crippling impotence of this shameless hypocrisy

Kamaruddin Mohd Jamal




I start to feel hungry again when I am writing this post. I can still remember the dim sum that I had last week! Oh god, it was good! I had ever wanted to try dim sum but I could not find a restaurant that I can trust. Glad Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar serve pork free dim sum & Chinese Cuisine food at their Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant located at Level 1.

The restaurant is spacious and for me it's perfect to dine in with your family for some special celebration and occasion. I already had plans to bring my mom for her birthday as she loves Chinese food. I bet she gonna love this.

Now let me just start with what I had! These are some of the dishes I had last week. I might be able to describe much about it as I don't really know the ingredients and traditional history of each menu haha. All I can say is they are really good!

Cheung Fun with Yu Zha Gui (RM12.00) per plate. I got to say I love how soft it is on top and crispy on the bottom. It gets good with the sambal too!

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Bird's Nest (RM20.00) per plate of 3 pcs. Soft outside and love how it is loaded with loads of shrimp inside.

Steamed Caviar Siu Mai (RM16.00) per plate of 3 pcs. The tenderness of the meat and shripm.

Dried Scallop Siu Mai (RM16.00) per plate of 3pcs. Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp, loads of shrimp, I love it!

 Black Truffels Shrimp Dumplings (RM18.00) per plate of 3pcs.

 Preserved Vegetables with Roasted Duck Bun (RM12.00) per plate of 3pcs. It's like a "pau" but smaller and the meat inside has a sweet-savory taste to it.

Green Tea Bun with Salted Egg Yolk Custard Cream (RM12.00) per plate of 3pcs. My husband, me and my son favorite! Its so good! Love the salty sweet custard cream inside this bun!

Crispy Seafood Roll with Cheese (RM15.00) per plate of 3pcs. A must-try dish! Super soft crispy and cheesy! Taste even better with its special sauces.

Signature Pearl Glutinous Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf (RM15.00) per plate of 2pcs. It reminds me of Lemang Berlauk haha. The inside contains salted egg yolk and duck wrap with a soft flavoured rice.

Tobiko Lobster Siu Mui (RM18.00) per plate of 3. Love the tenderness of the lobster meat and topped with the fish egg. Super nice.

Here is the overview menu of the whole dim sum ranges. Available daily during lunchtime, 12pm - 3pm.

Other than that you can also order their ala carte dishes that are also available during lunch hour and dinner time.

Some of the menus are dishes with different types of cooking styles you can choose. All fishes are fresh out of their own tank!

I really recommend this place. I can't want to come here again. All of the menu are pork free and most of them are seafood.

More info & Location as below :
Oriental Chinese Cuisine Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar
Level 1, No. 1 Jalan Pantai Jaya, Tower 3
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Available Daily : 12pm – 3pm (Lunch Time Only)
Contact : 03-2298 1888
Website :  /

Sarawak Report : Najib Is Claiming US Visit Means DOJ Will Let Him Off......

31 August 2017

Since Najib has engineered a visit to the United States he must be innocent of the charges relating to 1MDB, or so says Minister Salleh Keruak, who specialises in bonkers logic on behalf of his boss.
Expect plenty more of Najib’s cheerleaders to latch on to the same theme over coming days. It is why the visit is so important to Najib.
There has been another more sinister development, which many are speculating might be related, namely the mysterious shooting incident in the compound of the house of the former AG (the man who drew up charges against Najib) wounding his personal driver yesterday.
There has long been a deluge of deliberate disinformation and a distinct whiff of deliberate intimidation around the investigation into this massive scandal, which points directly to the top in Malaysia – to ‘Malaysian Official One’, who controlled 1MDB and received much of the stolen money straight into his personal KL bank account.
After all, there can be no mistaking that Najib is ‘MO1′ as described in the court filings by the US Department of Justice.
So, why has the Trump administration agreed to sanction Najib’s request to visit on the eve of his planned election bid in October/November, just as the DOJ has confirmed that it continuing its criminal investigations into this the largest recorded kleptocracy case ever undertaken?  Is this not especially so given the DOJ specifically expressed concern earlier this month about the intimidation of potential key witnesses: like, for example, Malaysia’s former AG?

Who Advised Trump?

We have already been shown how the visit will be used, which is no surprise. So, whose bright idea was it?
There is a possibility that Najib’s heavily funded lobbying delivered on its promises and that the right people were paid to suggest the cheery invitation.  After all, Obama played golf with Najib after his own trusted fundraiser netted half a million ringgit from 1MDB. There is also a possibility that the President’s family companies might have interests to be stroked in Najib’s neck of the woods, Malaysians know all about those sorts of maneouvres.
However, there are also geopolitical issues which the US are doubtless interested in raising with strategically placed Malaysia: just a week ago a US warship suffered a collision in the tight sea lanes of the Malaysian section of the South China Sea, which will have drawn the President’s attention to the right place on the map at least.
Malaysia has become more of a negative for the US under Najib. The State Department and Pentagon will be aware that the PM has started cosying up politically to China, whilst stamping on democracy at home.  He has also been allowing all manner of Chinese military incursions into ASEAN waters and opening Malaysia up to China’s infrastructure expansionism and investment.
This has all been linked to 1MDB, of course, since Najib needs Chinese cash to get him out of the economic hole it has driven Malaysia into.  Having created all these problems and destabilised ASEAN in this way, the Prime Minister reckons he can now bring his problems to Trump and ask to be let off the 1MDB investigation.  In return he presumably promises he will swing back to working with America.
There may be US advisors who say why not? Who cares if Malaysians have to put up with a crooked monster, whom we are propping up for our own short-term strategic interests? We did it with Suharto, Marcos, Noriega and plenty of other nasty dictators, whilst preaching freedom and democracy for ourselves back home. Such voices should be reminded that all those alliances back-fired (given these fellows’ unpopularity) and 1MDB has been linked to direct money-laundering violations in the United States.
Malaysia is facing an imminent election where most people have already demonstrated they would like to vote for someone else, who is without Najib’s baggage and who is also friendly to the United States, namely Anwar Ibrahim (although someone will have to stand in for the opposition leader, since the ciminally implicated Najib has shoved him in jail on spurious charges of being gay).
So, whilst it may be tempting to prop up Najib, others will rightly argue that it would be a moral and strategic error. Najib is a lame duck and will taint anyone who backs him.
He might even ask the US to throw that $3.5 billion plus whopping interest payments he owes into the bargain.  After all, by agreeing to pay back IPIC, he has admitted 1MDB does owe it and will have to find all that money.  Presently, Najib has written the payments into a crooked inflated contract cooked up between the wanted criminal Jho Low and the Chinese construction company CCCC to build the East Coast Railway – the US will want that stopped.
But, morality apart, why should America let Najib off the hook, let alone pay off those debts?  What leverage would that bring?  The best Najib ought to hope for is that the US don’t mention MO1 by name until after the election, so that people like Salleh Keruak can carry on lying and pretending that it doesn’t refer to him.

North Korea?

Najib may try to further bargain by offering support over North Korea, in return for a slow-down of the DOJ investigations. Might the Pentagon like that?  However, Najib’s record so far has been to nurture one of the closest relationships that North Korea has had with any country in recent years with special trading ties and immigration agreements.  North Korean slave labour has even been used by BN crony companies, under deals to take their prisoners, all thanks to Malaysia’s special ties with that odious regime.
Even less impressive, when the brother of the ‘Supreme Leader’ was murdered in broad daylight by his operatives in KL International airport, Najib (after a bit of outrage for the media) let the orchestrators slip quietly out through the Embassy and back home, in accordance with China and North Korea’s wishes.

Moderate Islam?

Najib has also teamed up with another set of players, which Americans and particularly Trump neither like nor trust, namely radical Islamists within his own country.
This is in direct contravention of his attempt to build an image as a ‘global moderate’.  For example, Najib has poured money into PAS Islamic Party managed madrassas in recent years, regarded as a breeding ground for division and intolerance.
The main purpose of this and his other gestures supporting Hudud law has been the rupturing of the opposition alliance.  However, it shows the price that Najib was willing to pay to claw on to his hold on power. His influence has split up the once far more balanced PAS party, driving all the moderates and secular elements out.  Now he is just one step away from a formal alliance with the remaining rump of clerical extremists, who preach in favour of Sharia law and an Islamic State throughout the network of mosques and madrassas that Najib has started funding in return for these hardliners’ tactical support.
The truth is that the genuine and long-term interests of the United States actually coincide with those of most ordinary Malaysians. Like them, America would be better off with Najib gone and a democratically-elected, clean and reformist government in charge over in KL.
If the Trump administration plays other games and moves to prop up Najib (who is also promoted by a number of vested British business interests) the majority of Malaysians will not thank them. That step would also deliver a major and very public blow to America’s moral authority in the world as a champion of the rule of law – all in return for little genuine gain when it comes to Najib Razak.


For Sirul Azhar Umar ...over a decade after a deed that will forever live in infamy...the long awaited opportunity for him to put into words his conviction that what he did to Altantuya on that October night of 2006 was not of his own volition, may soon come. Not in a matter of days or even weeks, for even in Australia the wheels of justice may at times be slowed by foul or fair means.....slowed but it will certainly not be stopped....for not even politicians or prime ministers, can halt natural justice to anybody in Australia....not even to an unlawful non-citizen in Australia...and for Sirul the process of having his say in an independent open court will come later rather than sooner...but come it will within the next twelve months. 

We now know that his application for a Protection Visa has been refused.

Within the stipulated period, his Lawyers will submit an application for a review of that decision by the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol (DIBP) to NOT grant him the Protection Visa. This appeal with be heard by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) in a matter of weeks. 

Migration & Refugee

We review decisions made by officers of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to refuse or cancel visas.  We can also review decisions relating to approval and cancellation of sponsorship and nomination.
Decisions which could be reviewed in the former Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal are now reviewed in our Migration & Refugee Division.

The AAT will hear Sirul's appeal against that decision by DIBP to not grant him the protection visa. It is my opinion that being part of the Government, this Tribunal will, in all probability, uphold the decision made by DIPB to not grant Sirul a Protection Visa.  

If that happens, there is still one other option left for Sirul to get to work, stay and play in Australia rather then be locked up in detention for the term of his natural life should he still insists on staying in Australia. 

He can appeal to the High Court to grant him that Protection Visa.

Role of the High Court 

Court Room 2The High Court is the highest court in the Australian judicial system. It was established in 1901 by Section 71 of the Constitution. The functions of the High Court are to interpret and apply the law of Australia; to decide cases of special federal significance including challenges to the constitutional validity of laws and to hear appeals, by special leave, from Federal, State and Territory courts.
The seat of the High Court is in Canberra, where it is located in its own building within the Parliamentary Triangle. The High Court building houses three courtrooms, Justices' chambers, and the Court's main registry, library, and corporate services facilities. In addition, there are offices of the High Court Registry in Sydney and Melbourne, staffed by officers of the High Court. In Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth, registry functions are performed on behalf of the High Court by officers of the Federal Court of Australia, and in Hobart they are performed by officers of the Supreme Court of Tasmania.     

Should the High Court concurs with the decision of the DIBP and the AAT...then tiada maaf bagi Sirul! No more appeals. Either he stays in detention if he wants to stay in Australia or go back to Malaysia to be hanged. 

So what are the ramification of the above process for Najib Razak, Razak Baginda, Unit Tindakan Khas, PDRM and the Government of Malaysia? 

Simply said...if Sirul wants to work, stay and play in Australia he must tell the truth as to why he murdered Altantuya. If you believe that on that fateful October night in 2006, for lack of anything better to do....Sirul went with his immediate superior - Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri - to blow up a Mongolian Lady with C4 explosives....then you must have not been present last Saturday when God was giving out brains in Putrajaya. At the Australian High Court Sirul must have the conviction and the strength to stand up in open court to tell the Judges what he did and why he did it....and in so doing try to convince the court that what he did was not criminal in nature but a political crime committed in the belief that what he was  doing was for King and Country - and then, and only then, will Sirul be granted a Protection Visa.  Anything less will mean that he will spend his time in Australia in detention. 

Sirul understands this. 

His lawyers in Sydney are seasoned in immigration matters and well respected in Australia for that very reason... and thereby hangs a tale. Why, or who, decided on Sirul's behalf to appoint those Australian lawyers? Who have been paying these lawyers until now? And now that the process of having Sirul tell the truth to gain his freedom in Australia have already started (after two long years of detention!).....can interested and relevant parties in Malaysia keen to keep Sirul silent and isolated in the Villawood detention centre, do anything about it? 

What Malaysia and parties in Malaysia can and cannot do is very clear. They can commute the death sentence and have Sirul extradicted back to Malaysia.  They cannot  extradite Sirul for as long as he is to be hanged until dead should the Australian government sent him back to Malaysia. And the other thing Malaysian cannot do....and Malaysians include the Prime Minister, Razak Baginda and the UTK and to interfere in the Judicial process and Independence of the Judiciary in Australia.

For two years Sirul has been held in detention. He has now been told that he has been denied a Protection Visa. This is what they would all an "Administration process".....a process under the "management" of politicians. The appeal to the AAT is the first step of taking it out of the Administrative Process and into an independent judiciary process that will, at the very least, give Sirul his day in open court to convince you, me and everyone else, including the Judges, that what he did was a political crime and thus he is deserving of being given protection in Australia.  

Of course what he has to say and what he will say in open court, are for now, the stuff of conjectures and speculations. Only Sirul knows for sure....but this we all know. His aged mother and daughter still resides in Malaysia. If you are in Sirul's position in Australia and you have an aged mother and daughter still in Malaysia...what would you be inclined to do?      
Would you say anything that could and would upset some very rich and very powerful people in Malaysia to the point that they may do something about making Sirul not talk? What that would be is for you to ponder. And....what would Sirul do if enough dedak is put in front of him to keep quiet?

These are the "druthers" that Sirul Azhar Umar are confronted with. Before any of you want to pass judgement on him for what he did to Altantuya understand this : State sponsored murders and terrorism are a common occurrence in ANY country for reasons best known to the powers that be. There are people who murder for money. Some for revenge. For love. ......and then there are those who will do what their government tell them to do because that is the job they have been trained to do. And having done that job does it not stand to reason that at the very least, that person should NOT have expected to spend over a decade being punished for a job he was asked to do by his "government?"

Enough said. 




Give Najib enough rope....

For those of you who familiar with what I write, you would know that I have written much about Tun Dr Mahathir....and for the most part of it, uncomplimentary. I have written much about Anwar Ibrahim too.... for any blogger worth his salt, will have cause to write much about Anwar Ibrahim....and again, most of it uncomplimentary.  And there have been many other Malaysian politicians that I have also written about. The late great Lion of Jelutong, Karpal Singh, aruah Tok Guru Nik Aziz....Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang...and once in a while, Ku Li, Musa Hitam and a smattering of opposition politicians...and for the most part, not all the time complimentary but more of comments passed, at that moment in time. Politicians are used to seeing their name in print and for the most part it is a "sticks and stones may break my bones, talk will not bother me" kind of a thing. 

But politicians....any politicians on any side of the divide - whether in government of out of government, whether those waiting in line for the next job opening, or about to be kicked out of their present job for what ever reasons....all of them will ultimately face have to face their MAKER once their time on this earth is finally over....but for now they will first have to face and me .....the people who are responsible (rightly or wrongly) of putting them into office. Though it must be said that there are ways and means to delay, dismiss or at times even avoid for some period of time the necessity of putting yourself up for inspection for the things you have done in public office. But avoiding, delaying or even dismissing the scrutiny and judgement of the very voters that put you into public office is really not the done thing for those who first came into public office the "democratic" way...however "guided" that way may be. 

Bottom line....the purveyor of "political correctness" is you and me!

We decide what is right and what is wrong with our politicians. We judge if what they do is for King country and ourselves or for themselves their families and friends. And work betide the politicians who forgets this. 

For sure we, the people, can be lied to by what these politicians spout in parliament.... helped enthusiastically at times by the main stream media and the various government apparatus coerced by various means - financial and physical - to assist these politicians in their deceptions. At times we are kept in the dark (so they think)  about the lying scheming and duplicitous manner by which they try to hold on to political power by "ingenious" ways and means that would make even King Solomon shake his head in wonder and amazement at the ability of these politicians to find their way through all the checks and balances that are supposed to be in place to prevent the very antics that politicians do, to not only stay in power, but also to line their very deep pockets with the ability to stay in power in the manner the rich and famous are likely to do. All this history have shown to be true.... for those who are politically powerful find it impossible to ignore that most salacious of ALLAH's gift : Greed and Avarice. 

Greed and Avarice you can now be found in abundance among those who are within the ranks and file of Barisan Nasional - specifically in that dominant component of that "barisan" commonly known as Umno...and within Umno...none are able to fly so high in the stratosphere of Greed and Avarice as Najib and Rosmah....aka the president of Barisan Nasional and his erstwhile wife, the flying Hippo aka anak si Mansor. 

But political power, money, greed and avarice of the politically powerful can only do so much for anybody. For Rosmah, all the Kings horses and all the King's men cannot make her what she is not.

Why Rosmah Mansor Deserves The Title Of 'Second Most Beautiful First Lady In Asia'

Not her Hermes Bags, not her diamonds and pearls, not even photoshop can make us forget that she is an overweight, dumpy bitch/witch who waddles not walk and has a face that only a hen pecked husband has to love! 

As for amount of Personal Assistants, not even that bunch of Monkeys populating his Cabinet and those dedak hungry sycophants who flits around him like flies and maggots do over any rotting filth... none of them can ever make him anything else other than a hen pecked husband who is doing government ala Idi Amin.

For Rosmah Mansor and Najib Razak...and please note who comes first in this equation.....while they are in reality First Lady and Prime Minister of Malaysia, we long suffering Malaysians are all waiting for PRU14 to make some changes to the equation. No... No.... to put Najib Razak first and Rosmah Mansor second....but to kick both of them out of Seri Perdana and then start the process of making them accountable and responsible for what they have done in the name of government from the time Najib Razak first came into politics at the very early age of twenty three!

While waitng for PRU14 what do Malaysian do? 

Many very hard to put food on the table for our family and provide a roof over their heads. Then there is the car instalments to be paid for and the other bits and pieces of life that must be attended to if life is to be bearable.....but tell me...what do you people do while doing the things that we all do every day of our life? Over breakfast, meals or even a teh tarik and shooting the breeze with our loved ones and our friends?    

I do not know about you guys...but for me when I am among a group of Malaysians...we invariably talk about Najib and Rosmah! Not that is not true....we do not talk about Najib and Rosmah....we laugh at them.

How not to laugh when Rosmah tries to pass this image of her as being her?

And remember her in that "Star War" get up that will make even Darth Vader blush?

Then there was that idiotic dance they both did when meeting up with the Chinese President:

What about Najib? 

Najib tries to be Presidential but he fails miserably on all counts. 

Take away the money that he has somehow found mysteriously in his personal bank account and what we have is a clown...a very dedak rich, AG cleared and IGP arse licking protected prime minister for sure...but essentially a clown! 

And this is my favourite image of Najib Razak : 

Essentially Najib Razak and Riosmah Mansor have now become objects of ridicule and laughter for Malaysians. 

Nothing gives us all a good laugh when we meet with friends and acquaintances as sharing with each other the latest antics of these two. I still cannot forget that laugh a friend of mine in Melbourne gave me when I asked him to tell me if he could tell who was waving at the crowd from the inside of a heavily tinted Perdana...and even though it was just the wrist and finger that was showing.....he knew straight away that it was the Fling Hippo....we both had a good laugh!

And that should worry Najib and Rosmah! 

When any public figure becomes the object of laughter and ridicule it only means that the public think that they have become a joke. Think Idi Amin. Bush, Trump. Mugabe. Jacob Zuma. Silvio Berlusconi. Kim Jong-un. Emperor Bokassa. And Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor have joined the "elites" of these group of stupid, idiotic and greedy world leaders!

What is hard to take is that joke is upon us all...we Malaysians and Malaysia are the one suffering because we have allowed these two to be the top of the food chain in our country.  

You can shake you head in exasperation as you see Anwar once again in the dock, once again being convicted of Sodomy and once again incarcerated in Sugar Buloh...but you never laugh at Anwar Ibrahim. Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang have never been object of laughter and ridicule and certainly never Tun Dr Mahathir and his wife....but think Najib and Rosmah and what we have is that the number of stupid people in existence have been increased by two from the time these two got together as husband and wife!  And really the first thing they should have not be allowed to do is breed...can you imagine little clones of them running around with power and money in the Malaysia that is to come?  

So pause for a moment and think hard...very hard ...and ask yourself what you can do to stop this sick joke of having these two living in Seri Perdana at our expense!  

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Sarawak Report It's Called Censorship and Salleh Mulls Totalitarian Tactics Too

29 August 2017

The Communications and Multimedia Ministry is considering a proposal to require eligible online news portals to register with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).
Minister Salleh Said Keruak said the idea was to make news portals in the country more responsible and enable the MCMC to determine the volume of visitors to such portals.
The matter was in the final stage of discussion before being presented to the Attorney-General’s Chambers by the end of this year, he said to reporters after presenting the prizes for the Merdeka 2017 Instagram (Photo and Video) Competition and launching the album of the Patriots band in Kuala Lumpur.
Special Affairs Department (Jasa) director-general Mohd Puad Zarkashi was also present at the event.
“Registration will be based on certain criteria which will determine whether the news portals are eligible for registration or otherwise. Upon registration, all the news portals will be subject to the laws of the Communications and Multimedia Act, and this will facilitate control and monitoring by MCMC,” said Salleh.
He said that besides the registration of the print media, the registration of online media was also the practice in other countries, including Singapore.
Source: It's Called Censorship and Salleh Mulls Totalitarian Tactics Too, Malaysiakini


What a surprise, Minister Salleh Keruak, who achieved promotion as Najib’s most enthusiastic cheerleader, promoting all manner of gross untruths throughout the scandal over 1MDB, wants to censor those who have been by and large disseminating truth.
Salleh wants to be able to decide who gets to host a website and what they get to put on it.
Not only does he want this access to censorship, he also wants to achieve a totalitarian control by monitoring who reads what on these sites as well.
Since Salleh is not the greatest brain and since he has been shown to be a repeat promoter of self-serving lies on behalf of a criminal conspiracy to steal billions from the public, this is a deeply worrying power he ought not have. Even were he to be a sensible and honest person, such weapons should never be available to fall into the hands of villains.
He justifies it by saying that other notoriously oppressive states use these weapons already.
Is Salleh hoping to rush in these controls, so that he can silence the online media before the election?  You bet he is!

Read the story on Sarawalk Report

Forget PKR, What About Turmoil In PAS?

29 August 2017

The turmoil in PKR has worsened with the sacking of Kelantan Youth chief Mohd Hafidz Rizal Amran via WhatsApp today.
Hafidz received the message from the party’s Youth chief, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, this morning.
“I received a WhatsApp message from Nik Nazmi at 9.08am, stating that I’ve been sacked with immediate effect from the post of Kelantan Youth chief. I will issue a statement soon,” he wrote on Facebook.
The matter was confirmed by Nik Nazmi with The Malaysian Insight.
Source: Forget PKR, What About Turmoil In PAS?, The Malaysian Insight


If there is confusion in PKR about whether it’s worth trying to maintain good working relations with its former ally (following PAS’s unilateral severing of ties between the parties back in May) what about the rank and file members of PAS?
It was the President Hadi and the Syura Council who triggered the split, in the latest of a long line of decisions designed to break down PAS’s working relationships with its former politcal allies and apparently move the party towards cooperation with UMNO instead.
The change of direction has already split PAS in two, forcing the moderate and secular leaders out to form Amanah, which has devastatingly taken half of PAS’s votes in subsequent by-elections.  Most leaders would be appalled by such damage, but Hadi has carried on bulldozing alliances, which were painstakingly built over many years.
Indeed, PAS rank and file and PAS voters must sigh with ever greater anxiety each time the leadership makes further needless enemies out of their former friends, driving the party further into a hardline rump of extremists with their Islamic State agenda. The debates in PKR must rate nothing compared to those questions within PAS.
So, Hadi should start looking over his own shoulder and counting how many people actually remain behind him as he throws away yet more past friends and apparenly places all his bets on his new “mature cooperation” with Najib’s scandal soaked UMNO/BN alliance.

Read the story on Sarawalk Report

Ungrateful Voters - Zahid Had Better Get Used To It!

29 August 2017

The lack of gratitude for those who brought about development and foreign direct investment (FDI) is the reason behind several states falling into the hands of others, said Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.
“There were states which we once developed or emerged as developed states, which fell into other’s hands because there is no gratefulness,” he said when officiating a rural development convention in Kuala Lumpur this evening.
“When we urbanised these rural areas, when we transformed these areas, it was costly…(but) the people who benefitted from the development were not thankful to those who made the effort,” he added.
Source: Ungrateful Voters - Zahid Had Better Get Used To It!, Malaysiakini


A certain type of politician is always eager to blame others for their failures, but rarely does one who is seeking re-election blame voters.
It is a rule of democratic politics that voters have to be right, since after all they are the boss and the job is in their gift.
BN politicians are awfully keen of course on turning all this on its head and acting like the grand givers towards the humble voters, whom they expect to show grovelling gratitude and burn sacrifices of thanks for their munificence.
However, people know that it was not Zahid who brought development, either through his own money or his own toil.  Whilst Zahid has enjoyed the perks and power of office, the entire world around has been developing too and much of it far faster than  Malaysia (see South Korea/Japan, both far poorer countries in terms of resources).
Were it not for the selfish policies and corruption of Zahid’s party the average Malaysian taxpayer, who has funded all his ‘development policies’ and a lot more besides, would be immesurably better off.
That is why many of the more informed areas in Malaysia have indeed started voting Zahid’s party out.  They owe BN no duty whatsoever. Like any boss they have seen that Zahid and his friends are poor and ineffective employees, who have also been stealing around the house and so they have fired them.
To be accused of being ungrateful is hardly going to attract voters back into hiring them again.