Wednesday, 30 March 2016


If you are a Malay what more do you want?
Bukan kah nama negara kamu MALAY sia?
Nama Parti memerentah United MALAY National Organisation.
Prime Minister - MALAY.
Minister di dalam cabinet - predominantly MALAYS.
Yang di Pertuan Agong - MALAY.
Sultan MALAY.
Governor - MALAY
Tentera, Polis, Civil Serice - semua di ketuai dan ramai kaki  tangan mereka MALAY
All that matters are in the hands of, control by and dominated numerically by MALAYS. 
The religion that MALAYS practise, ISLAM, is dominant in all aspect.
What more do the Malays want?

If you are a non-Malay what more do you want?
You are allowed to reside in a MALAY country.
A MALAY is prime minister but nothing prevents a non-MALAY from becoming PM.
There are non-MALAYS in the cabinet.
There are non-MALAYS in the Army, the Police and in the Civil Service. 
Non-MALAYS can do business, have their own schools and practise their own religion.
What more do you want?

The problems only starts when you are a MALAYSIAN! 
I want my country to be called MALAYSIA not MALAYsia.
I do not want a MALAY political party to dominate - I want a MALAYSIAN party to govern.
I want a MALAYSIAN Prime Minister.
I want MALAYSIAN Ministers in the cabinet.
I want the King and Heads of State to be MALAYSIAN.
I want the Tentera, the Police and the Civil Service to be Malaysian in thoughts and deeds.
I want freedom to worship whomsoever MALAYSIANS choose to worship.
I want all that matters in MALAYSIA to be in the hands of MALAYSIAN!

What more do I want?

I want what has been decreed in the MALAYSIAN Constitution : That we are all MALAYSIANS, to be the guiding light by which any MALAYSIAN government governs:

Article 8 by clause (1) provides that all persons are equal before the law and entitled to its equal protection.
Clause 2 states: “Except as expressly authorised by this Constitution, there shall be no discrimination against citizens on the ground only of religion, race, descent, gender or place of birth in any law or in the appointment to any office or employment under a public authority or in the administration of any law relating to the acquisition, holding or disposition of property or the establishing or carrying on of any trade, business, profession, vocation or employment.”
The exceptions expressly allowed under the Constitution includes the affirmative actions taken to protect the special position for the Malays of Peninsular Malaysia and the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak (collectively, Bumiputras) under Article 153.

I want that the "exceptions" allowed under the Constitution that includes "affirmative actions taken to protect the special position of the MALAYS or Peninsular Malaysia and the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak(collectively, Bumiputras) under Article 153" to be applied exclusively for the benefit of these special position of the Bumiputras and not for the political gains of any individual, any race or any political entity!  

That is all that I, as a MALAYSIAN, want. Nothing more. Nothing less! So help me GOD!  

And if you are a MALAYSIAN then the NEGARAKU should make you yearn for the MALAYSIA that we once were before the corrupt and arrogant polictics of the "come-lately" Umno leaders have burdend our land, our people and our future with. 

I am one, with you we are two...who else will join us to make MALAYSIA MALAYSIAN once more?

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