Saturday 31 January 2009

Cakap Cakap

I have just seen a very disturbing video on YouTube "Kugan Death Body at Serdang Hospital". I am not familiar with the facts but from what I gather this is another case of death while under Police custody..accidental or otherwise. From what I see, beyond parties or individuals making capital out of a tragic situation, I see an Indian Family grieving in a manner as only the Indians can (no disrespect meant here), for a loved one that is gone. If our country leaders do not grieve for this Family then we must. We should also take cognizance of the fact that his wounded and bloodied body is the result of our apathy and continued tolerance of a PDRM that considers itself a law upon itself.
 The use of force within PDRM is now "standard procedure". Suspects are subject to brutal beatings and serious assaults following their arrest or detention. Kugan Ananthan is collateral damage - only 22 and an Indian (that's two strikes against him) who was arrested for investigation into car thefts and armed robbery and so deserves to be bludgeon to death. Standard procedure.

Whatever his family lawyer N. Surendren have said in his lawyer's lingo that Kugan was never brought to court to be charged, was never convicted and did not have a criminal record is just's talk. If we are able to label PDRM action as Police brutality then by the same token let us at least admit that Kugan was no Boy Scout but that was no reason for PDRM to bludgeon him to death.

Nothing Racial about the situation? I submit that this is a situation where Malay Mata Mata (it's more polite then to call them Babi!!) bludgeon an Indian kid to death because they can and thought they could get away with it. These are probably the same Malay Mata Mata who go to Friday Prayers, Pray five times a day, observe Ramadan religiously and partake in the taking of bribes daily and seriously.   

Now standard procedure number two kicks in. PM will insists that there will be no cover-up. Najib will enthusiastically endorsed this (what else can he do ??). This is the same Najib whose UTK bodyguard is now on trial for the murder of  Altantuya who Najib insists "Saya tidak sama sekali mengenali atau berjumpa dengan wanita mongola berkenaan". ...quite similar to that Clinton guy insisting "I did not have sexual relations with woman". Will Najib be outed? Yes he will...time will reveal everything. It is a babbler and speaks even when  not asked. If he does become PM then he will buy time...enough time for him and his cohorts to burn and plunder our Nation...but even he understands that he must plunder first and then burn...and he will be long gone when our country burns.

The AG? Well he is in a damm if he does, damm if he does not situation. He goes after the Police he opens a can of worms and if he does not he will be the whipping boy of the Opposition and the Rakyat. If we make our voices loud enough the Politicians will see him as a liability and out he goes. Ag's are a dime a dozen. So have pity on that poor guy while he waits for his political masters to decide what to do.



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  2. Steest stumbled on your blog from within The English Cottage (Pat)..this is going to make me sound stupid but honest to goodness I have only started to master this blogging thing a couple of weeks ago after much goading from one of my classmates Zveloyak - a blogger himself. Right now I am like a kid in a candy store with $10 in my happy at being able to do this and yet unable to get a sense of direction as to where I should be for now I wander where my mind takes me.... C u.


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