Tuesday 20 January 2009

A sad old man. Tun your time is over. You should really be in a retirement home by now. Are we an ungrateful lot that has forgotten your contributions to the Nation? No we have not. When all is said and done you and your Family, your Friends have been well rewarded financially for the services you have rendered to the Nation. Some will say too well rewarded, but who are we to say, that is how the cookies crumbles. You have made mistakes and you have to live with the mistakes you made.It pains me to see you know - a pathetic and at times articulate old man being used by others for their own gains. Tun we understand your worry that UMNO and Barisan glory days are gone (there are some among us who are grateful that it is so !!!) that your legacies are being ravaged and left adrift (Proton, Putrajaya etc ) that the crooked bridge project have been cancelled AFTER money has been paid by u know who to u know who...but in spite or should I say despite all this, our affection for you remains. Live what is left of your life without too rancor or hate for those that now control UMNO - it is their time and they will reap what they sow (Pak Lah will leave in March barring any miracles happening). It is far better that you retire with grace and tell yourself "I have done my best"....though there will be some amongst us that will insists that your best was not good enough. Your work is done. 

20th January 2009.

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