Wednesday 26 May 2010

The continuing saga of Rosmah...

     Saudara the response I had to that “Vanity thy name is Rosmah” posting must reflect the prevailing under current of emotions that exists amongst us for the wife of our Prime Minister – Rosmah!

     How times have changed. I remember the euphoria that we all felt when we won the Thomas Cup from the Indonesians in 1992. We were leading 2-1 against Indonesia. Cheah Soon Kit and Soo Beng Kiang were playing… were at the edge of our seats cheering on our heros….and every time we won a point we whooped in joy… and as we did our eyes went to Siti Hasmah. Every time she clapped, we clapped more. Every time she cheered, we cheered louder…and every time she leapt out of her seat we jumped higher. Together with her we made our badminton heros (Rashid Sidek, Razif Sidek, Foo Kok Keong, Cheah Soon Kit, Soo Beng Kiang and Kwan Yoke Meng) take the cup from the Indonesians. When it was over and we had the Thomas Cup again in our possession after 25 years we knew what role she had played in our victory…that we could not have done it without her. That was Siti Hasmah our mother – there to guide us when we needed it, encouraged us when we falter and always never intrusive into our life  - just a presence around which Malaysian were comfortable with. I can never forget her joy when she lifted the cup aloft for all to see after our victory. It was a time when all Malaysian came together as one. ..nothing else matter.

     And then came Endon. Delicate looking but we all know her to be resolute and firm in what she wanted. She wanted Abang Lah to do well. She wanted to do good for our country…and with determination she went ahead with her work on Batik and Songket. Her quite presence whenever she was required ensured that what she started would succed. Yes she was fastidious with her dressing and about her appearance – but she only wanted to look good as she has always was. …no talk about her being First Lady, no talk about her being Mrs air brushed images…she was happy enough being Kak Endon….and then she became ill…and left us too soon.
     And then came Jean. A decent wife to Pak Lah…and doing what she had to do as wife of our premier…nothing more, nothing less.
      But even then we were already hearing about  Rosmah BEFORE Najib became PM. Woe betide those that even then cross her path even as she was the DPM’s wife. She did not let it be forgotten that she was the “First Lady in Waiting”….and when the waiting was over she did not disappoint us in the way she carried herself…and so we come to today.
     And so it did not surprise me that so many took the trouble to comment on what I wrote in “Vanity thy name is Rosmah”..what surprised me was the venom in what was written. This is not just a dislike of someone, it was more then that. I am told that after menopause a woman gets set in her ways. Her libido is much reduced. Her tolerance of things that irritates her is minimal. If she has been not a nice person before menopause after menopause she becomes intolerable. If this is so then our sympathies are with Najib. But menopause or not, Rosmah must understand that in her role as the wife of our Prime Minister we expect better. There are others that have come before her. It would do her good if she looks towards the past for guidance. We do not like the Rosmah that we now know!

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  1. hahahhahaa....ur hope and prayers reminds me of "pungguk rindukan bulan"