Monday 24 May 2010

Izzy and Sofia Sara....Salam to all.

It has been six months almost to the day when I last worked on this blog and the most significant happening in that time was my being a grandfather again! So now with Isabel my first grand daughter I also have Sofia Sara - born one month premature but now doing a-OK.

and the light of my life  Isabel is now this big:

All things considered life is good and with great humility and respect I say hello to my friends and those that have been kind enough to read what I write and ask that we renew our ties and see where it takes us from here. Salam.


  1. Saudara,

    Great to see you back in cyberspace and making waves too!

    I always knew you would be back :-)...once a blogger, always a blogger...especially one like you who has so much to share with us!

    May the Almighty continue to bless you with more cucu-cucu :-). Awesome pics of your grandkids!

    Take care!


  2. masterwordsmith...tqs for your kind words. Now if only i had the ability to layout a website like yours...if only...if only!


  3. Hi Izzy and welcome to Sofia Sara!

    HH, I can't wait to be a grandmother! Maybe then we can trade stories. For now, just have to listen to you only lah! LOL