Wednesday 22 December 2010

FMZam said...

What have become of UMNO/BN ministers is that they all have turned their physique into that of big fat pigs every time when they bloat in their silk batiks or droop in their long-bottom suits. Really, they are what BN stands for - BABI NEGARA (literally National Pigs), they feed on people's money through squander and plunder to grow fat without guilt and fear of worldly reprisal let alone god's reprisal. Nothing they are afraid of more than losing the power that has made them the all POWERFUL PIGS on this earth. They had not even been least comfortable with a little power outage once that they recouped it back with the bloody May 13 to reinstall their absolute power. They had never been easy with PAS but PAS alone was never a match to their powerful snorts. But Anwar Ibrahim, without him, PKR to UMNO is just a scrambled egg. With Anwar at the helm of Pakatan Rakyat, he is that leader of the PIG HUNTERS! As long as there is Anwar to lead the pack, DAP will like it because DAP eats pigs but doesn’t have the hunting skills and PAS will love it because PAS hates pigs but doesn’t have the hunting weapons. Anwar is truly a godsend as said Nik Aziz, there will never be another godsend to punish UMNO in near future and it will take a very long time for DAP and PAS to nurture a natural born hunter like Anwar. The pigs must kill Anwar at all costs and along with all his kin to guarantee a safe passage to their reign of power for many of their generations.

I, the people of the power, must write it properly for the next election, so that my words must be spelt precisely and be read accurately and executed affirmatively on Anwar, that the correct punctuation mark of the least separation indicated between parts of my sentence will read as KILL HIM NOT, LET HIM LIVE.

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