Tuesday 21 December 2010

Anwar Ibrahim...What Else?

Wikileaks. Entrapment. Lee Kuan Yew. Australian and Singapore intelligence Agencies. Office of National Assessments. Pundits predict clear BN win. Jeffrey to quit PKR. Parliamentary panel wants six-month suspension for Anwar……ecetera, ecetera, ecetera…..

All things and everything is being rolled out to give credibility to this Najib/UMNO driven train hurtling towards Anwar. Najib already has Anwar  blind folded, feet shackled, hands tied behind his back and placed at the end of the railway line in front of a 10 ft thick granite wall waiting to be crushed to smithereens.

Like everything that Najib does he is only brave enough to move when he thinks that everything is in place. All the i’s have been dotted and the t’s crossed….so he thinks! He forgets Mahyuddin and Mahathir lurking in the shadows. He forgets that many in UMNO wants him to parade himself in front of everyone but none will tell him that he  has no clothes on. Nobody tells him what would happen after the train hits the wall. The train cannot stop…the train does not have the option of reducing speed by steering itself into an uphill direction as a runaway truck without brakes can… …..but Anwar, if he moves nimbly,  still has time to free himself and walk away. Najib cannot!

For Najib becoming Prime Minister gained him temporary immunity from the Altantuya juggernaut that was bearing down upon him. Taking Anwar out of the 13th GE will extend that immunity, confirm the death sentence on Altantuya’s two proxy “murderers” and set Najib free and make him again Prime Minister of Malaysia and Rosmah as First Lady…so he thinks! 

The 13th General Election will certainly be upon us soon. It is as certain as having Khir Toyo acquitted of corruption charges for lack of evidence, as sure as Liong Sik being allowed to hold on to his massive wealth, and as sure as Ibrahim Ali being used as a mule to carry UMNO come election time. 

Has anything changed with Anwar after Saiful? The manner in which PKR party elections were conducted…maybe. But where in politics does it say that a politician has a duty of care to help his political opponents win? What did Mahathir do to neutralize Musa and Razaleigh? What did Mahathir do to rid UMNO of Abdullah? UMNO brought back a corrupt Isa Samad because they needed a corrupt Isa Samad to win in Bagan Pinang….ecetera ecetera ecetera… what happened during PKR’s recent party election was that it rid itself of a very unpleasant threat – Zaid. For we now know that Zaid was indeed a musuh di bawah selimut. Good riddance. 

The intrigues and back stabbing within MCA has presented the party with a President who was previously sacked in 2009 for damaging the party’s image with his sex scandal. Only in MCA….only in MCA! Samy Velu use of caste and money to advance his case in MIC has given him many merry years as President to take for himself what is rightfully for the Indians. And only in Malaysia can a corrupt ex Minister retire and enjoy his loot from his time in government in peace. I will not go into Sarawak and Sabah…too much time needed for things that are already well documented. In all this, within Barisan Nasional, deception and lies are rewarded with power and wealth. Massive wealth.

So my friends read what you want. Listen to all that is being said. In the quiet of the evening do as I do….sit and think. If you have good friends sit with them in quiet contemplation.Take yourself back to that day when balaclava clad thugs from PDRM went to get Anwar from his house in Damasara. Take yourself back to that time when we see Anwar striding into court with his black eye but still defiant and unbowed.

Take yourself back to the early days of Reformasi when all this started. All this that have led to Barisan Nasional losing their two-thirds majority in Parliament. Renew your sense of outrage at a BN government and a Mahathir that has gone mad hell bent in going after Anwar again because only Anwar constitute a threat to their existence. Get back the anger that you had when you saw PDRM bludging so many defenseless Malaysian with their truncheons and kicking them with their leather boots. And remember the many instances of nepotism, corruption and abuse of power that has become endemic in an UMNO that has failed the Malays.

Then bring yourself back to the present and ask yourself what has changed?

For UMNO and BN my friends nothing has changed. They are still arrogant. Corruption and nepotism is still rife. Like in the days of old Mahathir still rules but this time he pulls the strings from behind the curtains. Najib talks about KPI, about Greater KL, about that Tower, F1….anything and everything that will allow them to have great wealth at the people expense. Our money… their gain!

And Anwar? What of Anwar? Remember sodomy one…well there is now sodomy two! Remember Reformasi…..well we now have Pakatan Rakyat with representatives in the Dewan Negara and the Dewan Rakyat. Remember Permatang Pauh, Selayang, Puchong, Kepong, Kota Melaka……well we now have Kedah, Kelantan, Penang and Selangor. Where we go from here is for us to decide. Not Anwar not Najib.

With the Internet we know in real time what is happening in our country. We know in real time when MACC murders Teoh Beng Hock and PDRM bludgeon Kugan to death. We know in real time what the powers that be did at the GH mortuary to stop Kugan’s family from seeing the state of his mutilated corpse. We know in real time every time PDRM kills another suspect in their custody or gun down suspects that they are chasing in what they routinely tells us is “self-defence”. Imagine four adult Policemen with automatic weapons against two teenagers with a parang! And 14 year old Aminulrasyid Hamzah was shot to death….“seorang yang disyaki penyamun ditembak polis awal pagi di Seksyen 11 Shah Alam….sebilah parang dijumpai di dalam kereta disyaki digunakan sebagai senjata untuk menyamun….suspek kedua berjaya melepaskan diri..”

We know in real time what PI Bala said Najib did with Altantuya. We know in real time the massive rorts in Mindef. There is no escaping the truth. No escaping if you have done wrong. No forgiveness for lies told. Tiada Maaf bagi mu… You can run but eventually you cannot hide…that goes for every Politician in the country!

Yes we have the Internet but Najib and BN has everything else. Media, Newspaper, Television and a limitless amount of resources – both financial and technical, to put their lies and concocted stories to us. That is what they are trying to do now. Everyday in their Papers, their Television and through every imaginable way they can – their purpose is to kill off Anwar. Najib thinks that when Anwar is gone he will kill Pakatan Rakyat.. Kill Pakatan Rakyat  and he will kill the hopes of the people for a decent future for ourselves and our children. We cannot allow him to do this.

Remind yourself that our fight is to rid us of UMNO/BN. This UMNO within our country that kills the very thing that gives life and sustenance to it. UMNO/BN is a parasite that lives off us all. Our struggle to take back our own country from the clutches of a corrupt BN…these parasites! Our fight is against everyone and anyone that stands in our way of doing this.

How skillfully Najib/UMNO/BN has used the resources at their beck and call in their attempt to isolate Anwar. Think my friend…

·      Sodomy against Murder?
·      Saiful against Altantuya?
·      Saiful against RM$500 million of the people’s money given to Razak Baginda?
·      Saiful against PKFZ.
·      Saiful against Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan and Aminurashid?
·      Saiful against RM$70 million paid to APCO?
·      Saiful against a Political Police Force call PDRM?

Ecetera! Ecetera! Ecetera!

That is all they have on Anwar. Saiful….and that too still to be proven in court. But see how well they craft their battle? Money and power misused, allows Najib to do this in the present political climate under the Barisan Nasional.

As I have said before…we cannot allow this to happen! It insults our intelligence. It will gives free license to UMNO to continue to plunder and pillage our country’s wealth…or what is left of it… UMNO that has consistently and without fail unashamedly use race, religion and money to further their vested interest.

And so my friends go read what is written. Go  listen what is being said….but always hold on to your right to make your own decisions in the quiet of your thoughts. Remember….You are one…With me we are two. Together we can make a difference. Together we will have Pakatan Rakyat become the Government come the 13th GE. God willing….God willing.....

Hostage to Power - Malaysia


  1. Hi Big Bro,,, welcome back !!!!!!! lama gua menunggu kepulangan Big Bro,,,, !!!!! hehheheeh !!!

  2. We read you loud and clear. With you and me we are two. The next one will be three.

    Pak Tua

  3. But, there is always a but, WHY especially the rural folks still support wholehearted support these corrupt people? They are almost completely ignorance of those issues which you postulate; city flocks being internet savvy do agree with you.

    So who are going to explain and convince these rural folks to OPEN their EYES to the real truth? PAS, PKR?? How many of these PK Politicians are willing to go down to the kampong to meet these Malaysians? Their VOTES are crucial to the overall Result of who sit at Putrajaya.

  4. What did Rosmah feeds Najib for lunch and dinner? Anybody knows.

    Rosmah seems to have Najib by his balls.

  5. welcome back!! good to feel your high spirit, and your writing rings true!!

    we are more than 4, we are most of malaysia!!

  6. Pak much to write and so little time....

    Justicenequality..I am sure that PR are doing what they can re the rural population. I should have given more attention to my Bahasa classes and learn to write in Bahasa ...but at 63 years of age time is not on my side.

    As for Rosmah having Najib by his balls...I have said this many times before...when you have a man by his balls, his heart and mind will follow!

  7. Welcome back! Well said. And as Sdr Anwar says, why would any man walk into a situation where he knows is an entrapment?

  8. Are we very liberal in that sense? Homosexuality is not allowed in Islam. Islam is the official religion of this country. It will be an embarrassment to all Muslims. Personally, I would like to think that he did not do it. The onus is on him to prove that "Pokok tidak akan bergoyang kalau tidak ada angin, kecuali ada MONYET yang menggoyangkannya."

  9. Zul you get Najib to front up in court on Altantuya, Mahathir to front up in court for using Petronas money to bail out his son etc etc...camna?

  10. A powerful write-up by a fine writer.
    Hopefully, this will positively influence those who have time and time again threatened to withhold their votes for PKR/PR.

  11. Pak Husin,

    Corruption, murder and homosexuality are a taboo not only in Islam but also to other religion.

    "Mengumpat dan membuka keaiban orang" is also not allowed in Islam. So we should not be discussing this issue.

    If all of them did it, it is best for all of them to repent before the sun starts rising from the west.

    God knoweth best what is the truth.

    We have a few others who are capable to lead. To me Nizar has all the qualities and Guan is a close second.

  12. Dump BN out in GE13. Vote for Pakatan.

  13. Hi, comrade,
    Welcome back to cyberspace. I, and I am sure many others, miss you. We need you to help enlighten the rakyat on the goings on in our country. God bless you.

  14. Saudar Zulkarnain... be very careful as what you wrote.
    Please take care of yourself as it is clearly stated in the Quran that forbid us from memfitnah- especially in the case of saudara Anwar. Perintah ALLAH!

  15. Saudara Zulkarnain-pokok tetap akan bergoyang dengan kehendak ALLAH tanpa angin dan tanpa monyet. Tak percaya ke!

  16. Sir,

    I checked your blog everyday and I am so please to be able to read your writings again.

    Welcome back. There is a lot of work to do. Slowly but surely,the battle will be won and Najib & company will have his day in court.

  17. Suci dalam Debu...and all our makes me feel guilty sometimes when I stop writing - maaf...tapi kadang kadang otak jam lah....maaf....

  18. Steadyaku as I have always said your writing is so compelling reading.
    Fight on for PKR so BN see its doomsday come !

    Keep up your excellent writing. Hope I can meet up in person sometime. You are one of my journalistic heroes !

  19. Bila sistem negara ini ialah negara yang diperintah oleh kerajaan yang diperintah oleh BN yang diperintah oleh UMNO yang diperintah oleh Najib yang diperintah oleh Rosmah, maka tanggungjawab kita semua ialah memulangkan negara ini kepada rakyat.

  20. HAH! Dear brother and friend, when your brain isn't jammed it shines brilliantly like a beacon in the darkest night, illuminating the political situation and banishing the shadows of the Undead who use Umno as their vehicle for gluttonous bloodsucking. You are among the few who can think through all the smokescreens and refocus our vision so we can see the dangers that lurk. When the Wicked Queen's evil spells spread confusion and fear throughout the land, your white wizard wand of well-chosen words dispels the horrifying shrieks of Najib's Nazguls (the nine corrupt kings in Lord of the Rings who turned into Ringwraiths through their own greed). I salute your noble mind and brave heart, beloved warrior of truth and justice!

  21. Salam Pak Hussedin,
    Welcome back. When I voted the 2008 election, told all my voting children to vote as I vote ie PAS/DAP/PKR.
    We need to influnce those thatwe can so that come the PRU 13, BN is history. I pray that this will happen when I am still alive. At least I can answer to the All Mighty, that I have done my bit to rid of a ZALIM regime, though not by sword,but through th epencil.

    Salam and do take care of yourself.

  22. All those who subscribe to the idea of a Msia free from BN, must start informing their kampung folks/friends of the existing injustice and corruption perpetuated by BN govt in order to ensure they vote PR to save the country. Don't miss GE13.

  23. UMNO/BN is bad. Period. But being a closet gay and preaching from the Islamic platform is worst.

  24. You can add me, and many of my friends to the votes too! There you have it >2 or 3!

  25. Sir,

    Otak jam seketika biasa tu, kena recover untuk mendapat ilham baru.

    Janagan hati jam sudahlah. Takde obat tu.

    Kita semua doakan steadyaku47 senantiasa sihat-sihat di samping keluarga tersayang.

  26. Zulkarnain,

    If you're one of those kind who envies Hussein but despise him for his profound writing, please remember we are many of that kind who admire Hussien for his distant thunder and appreciate his inspiration for a fighting spirit. If you want to wait for god to send the right person to discuss on this issue, I don't think you will ever know which right person is that right person until you die. But unlike you, we all know one when we see one! So please keep your sermon to yourself or rather use Anthony Mus as your nick.

  27. Pak Hamid,

    Good to have you back, keep the FIRE burning.

  28. And with me we are three and even more judging from comments to your article.

    But I have to totally agreed with justicenequality, UMNO/BN won on the basis of rural supports, not urban support. UNMO/BN are deeply entrenched in the grassroots.

    All we have for support are those who are internet-savvy reading blogsphere and surfing cyber-space for similar-minded opinions who finds UMNO/BN excesses obscene.

    But the real test are at the rural / grassroot level. And I am afraid UMNO/BN will still form the government after the next GE as they continue to derive support from the kampung folks.

    How I wish all of us could change that. For a start I will tell my old folks who still live in a small kampung not to vote BN.

  29. Dear steadyaku dan rakan-rakan hear!
    Just posted up 2 latest posts of yours up my blog. PR is facing new impediment -- MCLM, throwing spanners into the wheel for CHANGE.

    Let's go spraed the word, esp the kampong and villages -- PR is the ONLY HOPE, we must take over Putrajaya cometh GE13, or Malaysia goes the way of a failed state like Zimbabwe! BestR, YL, DEsi

  30. Good to have you back Abg HH..

  31. Saya orang melayu kampung and computer savvy!!! Anwar is not the alternative for us .he has been tested and proven .he is equal to ,if not worst than the existing gang of plunderers. and the plunderers are not just politicians.. the senior civil servants are as bad. ksu, kp and down the line to other ranks . please find somebody else. never never anwar..please please.