Tuesday 21 December 2010

I received a comment from Sang Kancil Guru critical of what I write about Anwar in my piece "ANWAR IBRAHIM what else...." He started with "Disagree with your assessment that Zaid is a musuh. Rather, that Anwar, like a typical UMNO politician that he is, seeks to destroy any potential threats and enemies he has, and only keeps with him those who are absolutely loyal to him".

This Sang Kancil Guru ended with  "I dare you to publish this comment if you are for free speech. Or are you also a hypocrite like Anwar too? I would not be surprised". 

Here is the story Guru. If you are brave enough to identify yourself  - then I will publish your comment in full. Your full name and email would do. Camna?



  1. Sir,

    Biasalah orang macam tu. Lempar batu sembunyi tangan.

    Your asking him to post his identity is indeed fair. Let's ee if he has the guts.

  2. SA47, That is the way to do it. Plain n simple.

  3. What have become of UMNO/BN ministers is that they all have turned their physique into that of big fat pigs every time when they bloat in their silk batiks or droop in their long-bottom suits. Really, they are what BN stands for - BABI NEGARA (literally National Pigs), they feed on people's money through squander and plunder to grow fat without guilt and fear of worldly reprisal let alone god's reprisal. Nothing they are afraid of more than losing the power that has made them the all POWERFUL PIGS on this earth. They had not even been least comfortable with a little power outage once that they recouped it back with the bloody May 13 to reinstall their absolute power. They had never been easy with PAS but PAS alone was never a match to their powerful snorts. But Anwar Ibrahim, without him, PKR to UMNO is just a scrambled egg. With Anwar at the helm of Pakatan Rakyat, he is that leader of the PIG HUNTERS! As long as there is Anwar to lead the pack, DAP will like it because DAP eats pigs but doesn’t have the hunting skills and PAS will love it because PAS hates pigs but doesn’t have the hunting weapons. Anwar is truly a godsend as said Nik Aziz, there will never be another godsend to punish UMNO in near future and it will take a very long time for DAP and PAS to nurture a natural born hunter like Anwar. The pigs must kill Anwar at all costs and along with all his kin to guarantee a safe passage to their reign of power for many of their generations.

    I, the people of the power, must write it properly for the next election, so that my words must be spelt precisely and be read accurately and executed affirmatively on Anwar, that the correct punctuation mark of the least separation indicated between parts of my sentence will read as KILL HIM NOT, LET HIM LIVE.

  4. Pak Hussin! yang mengaku guru tu adalah guru songsang.
    We have said it, with or without Anwar we the people must change the government...period!

  5. Why make excuses and demands on a simple concept of free speech? There is no need to make excuses if you indeed practice what you preach, for why the need to demand for an identity when one can easily make up a fake identity and satisfy your demand, whether it be produced in the form of a Syed Mohamed, a Lee Suet Ming or a Rajagopalan Balasingham.

    I see you do not make the same demands of your other anonymous posters, as long as they sing to your tune and the tunes of Anwar Ibrahim. As long as they make comments that can continue to perpetuate your self-imported sense of a syiok sendiri attitude.

    Why so fearful to publish comments truthful and critical of your godson Anwar? Since he is God's Gift, as I am sure you are apt to believe, then let my criticisms and free comments stand and be published to all, and let others make their own judgments and decisions about the true character and credibility of Anwar Ibrahim.

    Instead, it is excuses and silly demands that you make, but should it surprise me when you indulge in the similar bad habits as that of your godson Anwar? Given proof that he and Azmin together had cheated in the PKR elections, and yet still Anwar wants to pathetically make excuses by demanding for so-called "proof" when he himself had facilitated the cheating and abuse in PKR?

    As the old saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together. But at least I now know that when I peruse Malaysia Today, I can at least skip your rantings because you are not a man of credibility nor of your word. Spare me your veneer of self-righteousness, when what lies beneath are just your depths of UMNO-style hypocrisy.

    Sang Kancil Guru