Monday 1 November 2010

Mother and son held in $400m drug bust

A mother and son have been arrested after Australia's fifth-largest drug seizure.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) say 168kg of heroin - with a potential street value of more than $400 million - was discovered in Sydney in a shipping container sent from Malaysia.
A 55-year-old Campsie woman and her 28-year-old son have been arrested along with a 33-year-old Hong Kong national.
The mother is due to appear at Sydney's Central Local Court on Monday.
AFP Commander David Stewart said the heroin was found in a container of wooden doors.
"This importation is the fifth largest in Australian history and has saved the community $48.7 million in associated health and social costs," he told reporters.
Once the heroin had been cut, it would be worth upwards of $410 million on the street, he said.
The drug was discovered by Customs and Border Protection Officers who x-rayed 295 doors and found 24 packages of white powder inside the cavities of nine of them.


  1. Amat memalukan rakyat Malaysia... ini lah padah nya bila rasuah bermaharajalela di Malaysia,,,,,,

  2. 1. Curious how the container got passed Malaysian authorities, a country of deathly drug laws but of a laughingly drug enforcement?

    2. Curious how that amount of drug can be produced and assembled in Malaysia as if malaysia is a drug producing country?

    3. Curious where have all those confiscated drug ended up so far? Ever heard Malaysian authorities burned confiscated drug like the Thais? Ever heard Malaysian authorities complained about overloaded confiscated drug kept in any stores so far?

  3. Malaysia is famous for all the wrong things, thats because the whole UMNO led BN GOvt. is corrupted from the Office Peon to the Prime Minister so it is not surprising that Heroin is being hidden in secret hollowed out Door leaves and exported out of Malaysia. Nowadays if one is travelling on a Malaysian Passport the Holder will most likely be subjected to 100% check upon entry to any foriegn country.