Sunday 7 November 2010

I will need to take a rest from writing for a while. Circumstances requires me to do so. Call it a time for reflection, a time to reenergize or simply a time for rest....but it will be time away from steadyaku47 until I am ready to write again - mentally and physically ready to do so again. 

So for now I take my leave......with the hope of meeting shortly again. 

Sunday 7th November 2010 


  1. Take a break, have a kit kat!

    So says the choc advertisement!

    See you soon! :D

  2. I think you look tired. Take a break, rest, spend time with family members, etc....Aiyee..(too long winded)....just relax and breathe! Take good care, see u back soon:o)

  3. Take a break and have a good rest, sir.

    Best wishes to you and your family

  4. Sir,

    You have earned a well-deserved rest.

    Pastikan saudara kembali dengan lebih ketabahan dan semangat untuk terus berjuang.

  5. take care & rest well, we'll keep you in our prayers & hope to be connected again when you're well & ready

  6. hope to see you again in blogosphere. have a nice rest, physically and mentally

  7. No..No...please don't take your rest yet, you must keep going tho slower.

    How about "WHEN I'M 64" by Paul McCartney????:-)

  8. Dear HH,

    You deserve the rest. Godbless and godspeed and we look forward to your writings when you are well rested and revitalized.

  9. Please take your well deserved rest, but remember to come back fast; the people need you to enlighten them about the political happenings.

  10. No, no Sir; you must not rest! Show us more of what lies deep inside yourself and everything there is inside. So that when you are ready to rest, you just fade away (like Douglas MacArthur), . . .

  11. Pak HH,

    I know you love blogging, that's why you stopped once not long ago and made a comeback and now you stopped again. Frank talk bro, blogging is like F1 you shouldn't stop while you still have the passion. If you stop and then make a comeback, you'll be like Michael Schumacher.

  12. Pakcik - can understand why you need to rest.
    Situation in malaysia is from bad to worse.
    BN seems like getting back the support and
    Pakatan especially PKR is hopeless.
    Ordinary rakyat really feel bad
    and no eye see already.

  13. Look forward to your return, bro - and I wish you a very rewarding and relaxing break!

  14. Green green grass of home. Bro, it's time to go. Time to push up the flowers and wait for Mahathir. 2020 maybe. Gonna be a long wait though, but what the heck, Samy is tagging along.