Saturday 27 December 2014

Against Stupidity (aka Najib Razak) even God is Helpless


Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Sri
Mohammad Najib Abdul Razak
Najib Razak 2008-08-21.jpg
6th Prime Minister of Malaysia

President Barack Obama plays golf with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, right, Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2014, at Marine Corps Base Hawaii's Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course in Kaneohe, Hawaii during the Obama family vacation.

While over 100 thousand Malaysians in Pahang, Trengganu, Kelantan, Perak and Perlis are feeling the wrath of the monsoon our idiot of a prime minister is playing golf with Obama! He does not have the guts to tell his bangang of a wife that the decent thing for a prime minister to NOT do is to go for a holiday when a hundred thousand of his own Rakyat are in danger of losing their homes, their lives and those that they love - not to mention all their worldly possessions and means of earning a living!

Why are leave cancelled for members of the Armed forces, the police and the essential services when their services are required by the nation? Why do we as human beings go out of our way to help those who are in need? We do so because It is in the nature of humans to care for each other. All our prime minister, Mahathir included, have been mindful of their duty as leaders to be with the people in times of crisis and need. Every prime minister except this infantile Najib!

Like Nero fiddling away while Rome burned, this idiot of a prime minister goes to Hawaii for a holiday and plays golf with Obama. And Rosmah....what does she do in Hawaii? Damm if I care? Damm if i am bothered! Damm damm damm!

The pity of it all is that this bloody idiot of a prime minister does not seem to understand that the welfare of his people comes before him going for a holiday and him bowing to his wife's wishes. Prime Ministers do not take a break even at the very best of times...what more at its worst!   

It is all too familiar.

Last year these two idiots were chasing the sun as the new year dawned. At times they have made stopovers for shopping forays while using the government VIP jet on official duties at our expense. There have been trips overseas that somehow managed to conveniently morphed into an engagement party for their daughter - an engagement that have still to result in a marriage! Huh! And to think that were upset with Pak Lah because he went to Perth and officiated at a restaurant opening!

What about cabinet approving the use of the government jet for FLOM -  Fat Lady of Malaysia - for her "official" visit to Dubai? Just par for the course for this bumbling queen control prime minister of ours! 

All these excesses pale into comparison when Najib insists that taking a holiday in Hawaii takes precedence over the hardship of over 100,000 rakyat in Malaysia! I remember the late Tun Razak trudging under the blazing sun with his walking stick going into the rural areas to see for himself the condition of those most disadvantaged in the country he is leader of. Najib makes a mockery of what empathy his late father had for the welfare of Malaysians!   

Now he is on his way back because "I feel for the people"....yes he does start to feel for the people only after the people started dying!

Najib said he was deeply concerned by the floods, and felt for the people who had lost their homes, and the families who had lost loved ones."While I have been away, I have been in constant contact with the National Security Council and the National Disaster Management and Relief Committee, who have assured me that they are doing everything they can to help those who have been affected.
"But I want to see the situation for myself and be with the people," said Najib, according to the statement from the Prime Minister's Office today.

I hope that this crisis will not interfere with Rosmah's plans. For all I care she should go on with her holidays in Hawaii or in any bloody part of the world that she chooses. Hell I don't bloody care of she never comes back to Malaysia!  

There are many despicable people in this world. We Malaysian have the bane of having two of them as the self appointed alpha male and female of our world. Dear God...what have we done to deserve such a fate? 

May 2015 be the start of the year when Umno begins in earnest the year of ridding themselves of a president who have brought Umno down into an abyss that they may never fully recover in time to ready themselves for next general election. 

Surely Najib Razak is the president of Umno that Pakatan Rakyat had to have in order to give them the final push into government in the next general election!

Let the New Year begin!       

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