Wednesday 31 December 2014

Can it get any worse for Malaysians in 2015?

Can it get any worse?

I am not just talking about the devastating floods that has affected over 160,000 of our people  - a flood that is turning out to be one of the worst in our living memory but thankfully the worst seems to be over.

Nor am I talking about the lives lost and the countless loved ones that has been touched by another air tragedy that Air Asia is now dealing with...and Air Asia is dealing with the tragedy in a way we deem responsible with Tony Fernadez fronting up and taking responsibility for what has happened and putting the welfare of those who have lost their loves ones first above all else! And the President of Indonesia doing the same in Indonesia - emphasizing that the recovery of bodies will be Indonesia's first priority! No cover ups, no hedging and certainly no disrespect shown to the families of those who have lost their love ones as a result of the tragedy.   

These are but just two tragic events at the tail end of a year that has had Malaysians dreading what 2015 will bring into their lives.  

Common sense tells any sensible Malaysian that as the price of petrol continues to fall what will also fall is Petronas ability to provide that financial crutch to the irresponsible financial behavior of this Umno led Barsian Nasional government in managing the affairs of Malaysia. You can argue that government debt can always be paid off and government debts can be carried on effectively in perpetuity but government debt accumulation will invariably become a debt for future generations. Is it not the responsibility of the present generation to leave the world a better place for the generation that will come after them?      

We are drowning in a tidal wave of corruption. 

Yes there is corruption in America, corruption in UK and corruption in Australia. There is corruption everywhere you care to look but here in Australia corruption does not affect the men and women in the streets and it seldom, if ever, affect the very poor and the most disadvantaged. Corruption exists in Australia amongst individuals who are far removed from the millions of Australians who can go about with their daily lives knowing that the business of government and those who are in government will do their work as they are duty bound to do - honestly, fairly and without fear or favor. 

What of Malaysia?

In Malaysia everyone - you and me included - are considered fair game to be ripped of for anything they can get out of our hard earned ringgits by politicians and those who are in position of authority! You can be sending your children to school, you may be the hawker trying to earn a living selling your wares on the streets, you can be a businessman trying to earn a dollar or two to feed your family....any one any where are invariably the target of these corrupt politicians and government servants who now arrogantly insists that corruption is an entitlement of office they will impose upon us all. 

The state of our nation is not something the faint hearted should begin to consider. Those who are in charge of it think that they have "forever"  to make it right ! This pathetic Barisan Nasional government that has governed our nation for over half a century tell us that what they do is still a "work in progress" that needs more time in government to make right what they have done wrong!

Really? More time?

Another term in government? Another year, another month, another week......another f#@king day of government under Najib Tun Razak? 

Surely that is a day too much? What do these BN idiots take us Malaysian for? Idiots like them? 

But to their credit these Umno guys are not sitting down on their fat flabby bottoms waiting for us to give them "more time!"

Umno leaders are already demographically engineering our racial composition by bringing in "malays/muslims" from neighboring countries to bolster their voting banks by designating these pendatangs as "malays"! An undertaking of epic proportions numbering in the millions oblivious to the adverse social and racial ramifications that such an undertaking would impose upon a fragile multi racial population such as ours. Today anyone can be a Malay if you will vote Umno and damm what it is doing to the fabric of society that is already fraying at its edges as it tries to adjust to an assault on its core values by a massive numbers of people with little education and much less ability to become the Malaysians we are now. These demographic engineering has brought upon us all changes we are ill equipped to adjust to what more accept.   

Religion too has been roped into Umno's desperate search for alliances to prop up their crumbling political legacies much malign and increasingly being destroyed by bumbling and clueless leaders ill equipped in intellect and by character to be leaders of their own party...what more of Malaysia. Islam is the weapon of choice used by these politicians to "manage" the Malays into submitting to their political agendas and also to marginalize and isolate the non-Malays into objects of derision's and hate by the Malays!       

So I ask again...can it get any worst than this?

Indeed it can. What about another year with Najib as Prime Minister? Another year with that fat bitch as our Fat Lady of Malaysia? 

Dear God please do not test us further..... 



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