Tuesday 5 May 2015

Quickies: Now who is a Barua?

Azmin Ali recently asks if this Khalid aka Inspector General of Police (IGP) aka Police Inspector General (PIG) is a barua of Umno?

Aisehman YB, Selangor already has an Umno Barua in the person of Hasan Ali. Berapa banyak Barau Umno does Selangor want? Selangor may be the richest state in Malaysia but one Umno Barau cukup lah. Let the other state have their own Umno Barua too. 

This Hasan seems to know what a Barau is and has no problem putting his hands up to confirm that he has been Umno's Barua for quiet some time but does Azmin really know what a Barua is?

I am shocked...shocked that the Menteri Besar of Selangor does not even know the meaning of Barua! Barua in English means a pimp - a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking a percentage of their earnings in return.
This Khalid guy is not a pimp. He may behave like a Barua and look like a Barua but looking like a pimp does not make him a pimp! Though of course that does not mean he will not take a percentage of the prostitute's earning if offered!  

 Khalid's job is to arrest Pimps not be one.

Though like the Pimp the mobile phone seems to be as important to Khalid as it is to the Pimp. The Pimp uses his mobile to direct his "business associates" to his clients. This Khalid just makes a nuisance of himself tweeting here and tweeting the "Old MacDonald had a Farm" nursery rhyme :

A tweet here and a tweet tweet, there tweet, everywhere tweet tweet!

And now for some more laughs...concentrate on the T Shirt on the right!

  And now let's dance!

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