Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Anak Tun Razak.

We have to accept that this Najib guy is just not to bright. Put yourself in his place. He has a wife that has got him by the balls and has a rope around his neck and his nose because she knows exactly what he has been up to from the time he was Mentri Besar of Pahang . When she tells him to jump – he ask her “How high?” He is going from day to day sweating buckets just wondering when the Altantuya situation will break and put him forever out of his misery – and until it does – he will do whatever he can to ignore it until he becomes PM – then he can effectively use all the arsenal at his disposal to blast the case to smithereens once and for all. He also has Perak going out of control and coming back to haunt him – when it should have been his crowning moment to be able to bring a State back into the Barisan fold. As I have said earlier, this guy is just not too bright. He though that getting Mahathir and Pak Lah together again on stage would strengthen his leadership claims over UMNO – but at what costs? Mahathir’s syarat for his return to UMNO means that Najib must comply with what the Old Man wants – nothing short of a getting UMNO back to its old days of glory – and Mahathir wants a role to play in that revival. Then there is his Deputy Mahyuddin – if Mahyuddin takes his cue from Najib himself when Najib was Deputy to Pak Lah, then there is much for Najib to worry about too. I think what we will have is a situation where Najib and Mahyuddin will be equal in the power structure within UMNO - and Mahathir will play the devils advocate to both but for his own gain. 

Najib has been trading on his late Father’s legacy from the time he became MB of Pahang at the age of 29. From the National Service to the very corrupt MINDEF his involvement has always resulted in failed projects and massive overruns on dubious contracts awarded to unscrupulous Bumiputras linked directly to him. He has been consistent in being unwilling or unable to make decisions when faced with choices of opposing factions in UMNO. He was Pak Lah’s choice as Deputy because of divine intervention. Pak Lah prayed for guidance and Najib’s name came up all three times. Here God has compounded his first mistake of not making Najib very bright with another one in seconding his name to Pak Lah as the number two.

Now he is a heart beat away from being Prime Minister. Put yourself in his shoe and ask yourself what would you do first? He will always be a hen pecked husband unable to rein in his Lothario instincts. He is unable to be his own person so he has to have Mahathir in his corner. He knows he has to put his personal affairs in order before anything else. The affairs of our country is very far from his mind right now. He is now in "survival mode" and yet he knows not what to do.

Oh Najib, O Najib…what have you got yourself into now? If Perak does not kick you in the behind, Altantuya will. When Razak Baginda requires more contracts to keep him quite how do you accommodate Rosmah’s cronies ? When CIMB begins to go under how do your rescue the Bank without being accused of nepotism. Who are you going to give the billion ringgit Batu Cantonment project to? Your brother the architect who has already submitted one proposal or will it be another fast tracked, national interest negotiated tender – to be ultimately awarded to a contractor who has links to you or your brother? Of course being Minister of Finance puts you in a different league all together in as far as being able to dish out contracts to your sahabats are concerned – but with the Internet and the economy of the world in recession, if I were you, I would be very very careful and be very very afraid of what is to come in the months ahead. Your wish of becoming PM is about to happen but you might just have wished for your own downfall because now you are out in the open, all by yourself and the buck stops at your doorstep. 

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