Thursday 2 April 2009

Its TIME !!

There will come a time in our life when we know that we can no longer sit and do nothing when we see our country crying for our help. There will come a time in our life when the excesses of those who call themselves our leaders can no longer be tolerated and be allowed to continue because to do so would destroy not only the life that we now know but more important the future of our children. There will come a time in our life when being Malay, Chinese, Indians will no longer be acceptable because we need to be one to succeed against the tyranny of the powerful who are hell bent in promoting their own personal agenda of greed and deceit. 


We must overcome all the forces that will be thrown our way and prepare ourselves for a struggle that will require a commitment from all of us that transcends the divide and rule barriers put in place over the year since independence by our Political Masters so that they could rule us with ease. No more Racial divide, no more Religious divide, no more “them against us” scenarios….we are one, united and unwavering in our determination to have a brand new day for our country. A brand new day where we will demand accountability and responsibility from those that will seek to lead us. A brand new day where we will demand that those whose duty it is to protect us all will do so with enough respect and regard for our rights without the need of bribes or to do the bidding's of those with vested interest. We will demand that the Judiciary, the Civil Service, the Police and Government departments all do their duty without fear or favor. 

Enough of being treated as second class citizens in our own country while the self proclaimed elites pillage and plunder the richness of our country to their hearts contents. Billions upon billions of Ringgits thrown away on failed national projects, failed investments, commissions, vain mega projects, trips overseas, privatization …the list is endless. No more! No more! No more ! Those that have profited from the plundering of our National richness must now be pursued and be made accountable for their misdeeds. Contracts that are not for the benefit of the Rakyat must be revoked. Economic “Corridors” that have been opening like Starbucks all over the country must be evaluated again responsibly and realistically given the current global economic situation.

The National Service, Mara, ITM, the various Universities, The Banks, the issuance of Taxi Permits, Petronas, Proton…everything that is in existence in our country that has been allowed to bleed our country dry must be looked at again in the context of their usefulness to all Malaysians. Of what use are the Sultans in the greater schemes of things? Out with them !! ANY corrupted Government Servants, any corrupted Politicians any failed contractors of government projects – anybody that has been remiss in carrying out projects paid for by Public Money must be relentlessly pursued and be held accountable for their misdeeds. Ministers will live within their means and declare their assets when they come into office and when they leave office. No more close one eye and shut the other. 

These are but just a few of the things that had troubled us and taken us to this point of our history. We do not want Najib as our Prime Minister. We do not want a corrupt UMNO - or for that matter, a corrupt PKR to tell us what they want to do – WE TELL THEM WHAT TO DO !!. 

Yes they can invoke the ISA on us. Yes they can set the Police on us. Yes they can tell the Judiciary what to do and what not to do. They can do all the things that those with power and money can and will do to cling to power – but in doing so they have also proclaimed their own death sentence. 

Do they know how angry we are ? Do they know what people do when their back is against the wall? Do they know the contempt and disgust we have for them? Do not think that just because they are many among us that are quite and law abiding it means that we are showing respect to you and will allow you to walk all over us. Be afraid. Be very afraid. We serve notice to you running dogs of UMNO that we the people, will start the process of keeping you bastards honest… maybe you can run but you cannot hide. 

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