Monday 24 January 2011

The Sultans: No more relevant?

Does anyone in politics, whether in the government or in the opposition, have the backbone to say that our country needs the Sultans like we would need a hole in our head? Or is this a side issue only for the Malays to decide? I say “NO.” If the money to upkeep them comes from everybody pockets then everybody has a say! There have been many discussions about the relevance of Ketuanan Melayu in the times that we now live in….…should there not be a corresponding discussions on the relevance of the Sultans…or do I have to start it?

Of course there is political cowardice on this issue because anybody prepared to go there will lose votes most probably from some Malays and Chinese Latuks too – who will vote to keep the Sultans around for a few more years simply because they like bowing and kissing the hands of other human beings to acknowledge that these human beings are superior then them. The questions I would like to ask them are this: How are they a better human being then us?

Can somebody tell me why we should keep these “almost rich”, idle and unelected individuals in their Palaces and riding around in Rolls Royce’s that we pay for? As I see it they have the same value as a Paris Hilton. They give the media good copy by their sexual high jinks and “entertain” us by the bad behaviour of the Sultans and their families. At least with Paris Hilton she is good to look at….what redeeming features have these Sultans have?   

They are a sorry excuse as symbols of Malay supremacy no longer play a role in conflict resolution or conflict prevention. Hell for most of the time they are the reasons for the conflicts.

I can see few hands being raised in disagreement with me! I am being told that the Sultan of Perak had a role in taking back Perak from the DAP (good for the Malays!)

The Sultan of Selangor, when he is not too busy making money or socializing with u-know-who does his bit to keep PKR on their toes in Selangor.Good for UMNO.

There was a game of musical chairs in the state of Kelantan recently which saw a son disposing off his father “for the good of the state” – no mention of the good it did to him by appointing himself Sultan – always it is for the people and the State.  

The Pahang Sultan is great at public relations for himself but is really a pain the arse – for the state and federal government. If he not asking for more timber concessions and other business goodies he is off sowing his wild oats wherever he can. A Timber concessions here and a daughter there….very busy Sultan.

And something did just occur to me. These Sultans are not gender friendly. How come there are no Female Sultans? What would they call female Sultans anyway? Sultanee?

What are the duties and importance of our traditional rulers or royals?

If we are to trace back the lineage of these “Royals” the truth will out them to be really no more then pirates or a happy accident of history and questionable British decisions in their Nation Building exercise.  There really is no “Royal” lines. They are as “Royal” as me, Yap Ah Loy or for that matter that Mamak from Kerala.

If truth were told they did not gain prominence and wealth through conquest of other men or state. Their air of superiority and self-importance was gifted to them by the British and by the self-serving needs of UMNO. In return for being Sultan they have given up territories, cede their powers to the British, the Japanese and to UMNO just so that they could continue to live a decadent live financed by the Nations coffers.

Name me one Sultan that cares for the welfare of their subjects? I do not count riding in motorcycles convoy to visit their subjects, descending from the skies in a helicopter and throwing them a few bags of rice and groceries after floods and attending “meet and greet” get together in their state as showing concern for the welfare of their subjects.

If anything every time they move anywhere causes problems and further hardship for their subjects. Police escorts are required to move them in a convoy, their subjects are pushed aside to allow them clear access to wherever important that they are going to – money, people and time are wasted to make these Sultans think that they are what they are: SULTANS!   

And all others, including me, are call commoners? Why, these sultans are born into this earth “ROYALS?” Or was there a definitive period in their life when they became “ROYALS?” When? When their ancestors stopped being pirates and settled down? Or when they cede Singapore to the British?

I stand to be challenged, corrected or refuted by anyone who disagrees with me – but really this Sultan issue need to be debated and the people allowed to decide the relevance of the Sultans in the times that we live in now.


Joke Lagi....but seriously he is right!

written by me_in, January 24, 2011 13:47:55

My father is Sultan .
I have cousins whose father are also Sultan
Fortunately we are not Royalties.
We are all anak Sultan who came to Malaya 100 years ago from India
Rawther Sultan, Hamid Sultan, Syed Sultan, Dawood Sultan
To hell with the other type of Sultans


  1. I salute you for your bold article. Tak takot akta hasutan ke?

  2. Tuan, Please respect the sultans. They are Allah's representatives in Bolehland.

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  4. 3 of my great grand fathers were the first three Sultan of Selangor until we were replaced by a 60yr old commoner who was an opium addict name abdul samad bin radin zainal abidin @ raja abdullah in 1857, the year Freemason established its district grand lodge of eastern archipelago, where its members were the resident general them self...

    UMNO as how my grand father refer it to as PEWARIS PENJAJAH.

    the current reign of sultan since abdul samad were mere symbol left over by the British exactly 100yrs later 1957 giving us merdeka.

    We have lost the war, (meaning every thing was taken away from the family of Daeng Chelak) way back in1887.. Whats left for us are roads, named after the first three sultan, and our views on this article would be.........

    SO SO SO TRUE.....

    From the family of Daeng Chelak we support.....

  5. I will support sesiapa yg adil.But going back to your article, I wud have to say that U really have guts.

    Indeed it need to be debated wisely, for "Raja adil Raja disembah, Raja tak adil Raja di sanggah"

  6. spot on!
    the blind leading the blind.
    kalau nak crita... panjang critanya! if wanna talk on human values, no one is born higher than the other. all are treated equally by up there. the billions spend maintaining can be use for the needy.

  7. Hi Daeng Chelak...maybe we might have something in forefather is this guy: PETA PECHAWAL, RAJA BESAR BUGIS DI SNAGHIE (SANJI) - any connections there? salam.

  8. Most people agree with you and you have the guts to start the ball rolling.

  9. Films:

    Born Rich:




  10. Ini dah jejak kaseh bro.. hehe

    Well my grand father is Raja Muda Mahmud ibni Sultan Muhammad(3rd sultan selangor). He was demoted to penghulu Kg Baru when abdul samad the opium addict took to the throne.

    Kg Baru (new village) was our GAZA strip when we were being colonised by the British then.Not to forget the CIVIL WAR that was going on...Perang Ampang, Perang Rawang and so on.....conveniently not taught in school.

    Reason for the civil war pulak??? Sape lah nak sanjung penageh opium sebagai ketua ugama pulak kan???? Ini kan nasa kini we hear ulamak talking about supporting Hamas becos konon nye Yasser Arafat, the Fattah group, dulu tak pernah sembahyang.. pergh what an IRONY...haha

  11. I suppose Umno bloggers and Perkasa's king frog would be coming at you with their keris?
    Anyway, nice article though.

  12. Sultans are product branding exercise of UMNO. They were given absolute power by UMNO which can be succeeded only by UMNO. They need sultans to keep ruling. Personally, i do not see sultans to have divine power to change the human race for betterment. Life goes on, with or without.

  13. SULTANS and UMNO are both not relevant now and forever. They all are the descendant of pirates...

  14. u spoke most of what i think of the royals. they are good for nothing lazybums. royals are no longer relevant nowdays. what did they do? they didn't involve in malaysia's administration like the prime minister. the agong only sign papers that were handed to him. and whenever required, they show favoritism towards u-know-who instead of giving a wise judgment. they simply lost touch with reality and therefore, unfit to rule.

    i did not mean to disrespect the sultans, but they have to accept reality and work their ass off like everyone else. we are not in medieval age where royalties were representatives of god of some shit like that. i dont know when or how the royalty system will be abolished in malaysia, but the move will have my full support.

  15. Please excuse me, I am not able to chew and digest what you have written.

    To comment on this posting I have to refer and read the “Tuhfat Al Nafis” which is the Arabic for The Precious Gift which chronicles the Bugis-Malay history over a period of almost two centuries.

    The Bugis political influence in the Malay states centered around the five Bugis Royal Prince of Daeng Menambun, Daeng Chelak, Daeng Merewah, Daeng Perani, and Daeng Kumasi.

    The five royal brothers left their native land in Sulawesi with the blessing from their father Daeng Rilaga, who was the Bugis Sultan in Luwuk in Southern Sulawesi. Daeng Rilaga’s father Upu Lamdusalat was the first Bugis King to convert to Islam.

    Daeng Chelak’s son Raja Lumu became the first Sultan of Selangor. (The great RPK is a descendant from this line).

    Raja Lumu’s elder brother, Raja Haji Fisabilillah, who put Raja Lumu to the throne after a civil riot in Selangor, was killed in Teluk Ketapang, Melaka fighting the Dutch.

    Raja Haji Fisabilillah’s grandson Raja Ali Haji is the father of “Kesusasteraan Melayu”. Both Raja Haji Fisabillah and Raja Ali Haji received a posthumous award of Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia in 2004.

    Had the Dutch not conquered and removed the Sultans from power, they will still be ruling the Johor-Pahang-Riau-Lingga Empire. This empire had a very close and powerful relationship (by blood and marriage) on Selangor, Perak, Melaka and Terengganu.

    It was the British, Portuguese and the Dutch who came and conquered and plundered the Malay empire with gunships and cannons. It was the Sultans and their subjects who fought them with the keris, swords, parangs, blood, sweat and tears.

    It was the west who brought/enticed the royalties and their sons and siblings to their countries and corrupted them with money, women and wine. This is exactly what is still happening now here and also to the Middle Eastern royalties and aristocrats.

    It was also the west who exiled the Malay “ulamaks” in South Africa (Cape Town) during their era.

    Had not Raja Ali Haji and his father Raja Ahmad bin Raja Haji Fisabillah chronicled the Bugis-Malay History in the Tuhfat Al Nafis we would not know that the Sultans had ruled the Johor-Pahang-Riau-Lingga Empire which is perhaps as big as Australia if not bigger.

    The graves of the past Sultans are well kept and maintained in Riau (Tanjung Pinang), Pulau Penyengat and Lingga. You can google if you want to see them.

    To-date no historians, orientalist and scholars have challenged that the “Thufat Al Nafis” is incorrect or irrelevant.

  16. Point taken Zul - but do refer to Daeng Chelak comments.He tells us who the present Sultan of Selangor is descended from.And if you were to look at Johor - again the British put in their Sultan who ceded Singapore to the East India Company....I might stand to be corrected on these facts...can anybody confirm?

  17. Hi Pak Hussein,

    Your article reminds me of what happened to the aristocracy in Rajastan, India. All their Maharajas and royal families today only live in name and some in poverty. It is unfortunate but the real reason for India to do it was because the governement have to pay so much to sustain their lifestyle. The last family of the Maharaja was removed of all their titles and privileges a few years back (I need to search the net for the exact year)by the Indian Parliament and officially ends the Maharaja eras in India. So today what is left from their legacies are the various beautiful architecture of their forts and palaces. Some of the palaces were turned into hotels.

  18. Dear Zul

    let me put it this way ....

    I myself can easily name my fore fathers to way back to the 15 century with ease. (Ahlul Bait la kata kan)

    Can the current sultan of selangor (RPK link)name me his fore father after abdul samad which only is in the 19 century????? 1859 to be exact....


  19. In every religion on earth , it is clearly stated that all human beings are same, no difference in creed or colour.

    This is by far the best thought and article i have ever read for the year 2011, and the year is only so far 24 days old...may there be more forthright and sincere articles.

    Meanwhile, sir i salute you for such a brave stand in your thoughts!!!



  20. I agree 100%. The sultans are just there to warm the seats and waste our hard-earned money. we don't even know how much the goons are taking from us. Buckingham palace has all the details for their expenditure whereas ours are hidden from public knowledge. in fact, i always cursed them when i was shooed aside for their convoy to pass through. hope they able to see my fat middle finger while they sips champagne in their rolls royce. oh actually it's not theirs, it belongs to you and me!

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  22. My wish for someone to start the ball rolling for comments with regards to RAJA in Malaysia have been finally fulfilled.Its been long overdue for every right thinking Malaysian to debate this issue openly and rationally.I just wish to give you one big reason why Malaysian love their RAJA more than their GOD.Its all because of their obbsession with awards and title and the only organisation that can give them this Title is this bunch of monkeys(allow me to use this words because this is my only chance to use it)From the leaders to the ordinary Joe in the streets everybody seem to be crazy and obbsessed with all this Latuk and Tan Sri in this Bolehland because with that title in front of their name they will be accorded special treatment or service or whatever that you want to call it whenever they want to do any transaction or wherever they go for their business.Its all because of the mentallity I guess,our society have yet to grow out of their mindset that we are all divided by grade or class or whatever,if you were born a NIK or WAN for example they will say that you are from the Royal roots and the rest like you and me were a commoner and for the Muslims, they put this RAJA above GOD,i should say by looking at how they SEMBAH them,so untill the society at large snap out of this mindset,you and me will have a long way to go before we can get this bunch of monkeys out of our system.Thank you so much anyway for starting this debates on the issue.

  23. Dear Daeng Chelak,

    From my reading: You, RPK, the current Sultan of Selangor are all from Daeng Chelak bloodline. It is just unfortunate that you did not became the Sultan. If you are now you would be against (@#%$&?*#)Hussien Hamid.

    You are also related to Johor Royal family because Sultanah Aminah the wife of Sultan Ismail (from the Temenggong bloodline) was from your Daeng Chelak bloodline.

  24. White man rule Malaya for a time before they were ask to leave. Now we are coming full circle. Have you all notice how pale the sultans are becoming? All these white woman they marry. Soon we will come full circle and the white man will rule us from the throne again

  25. Can't agree more, keep up the tempo.
    The People's Republic of Malaysia is coming!
    I think they and the ruling politicians have scoundered enough for them to survive in some land faraway from us!!

  26. The Holy Quran states that Allah SWT only made kings from prophets David and his son Solomon. Of course, David (or Daud) and Solomon (or Suleiman) were not Arabs. Certainly never a Malay! They were from BANI ISRAEL. That is why even the Jews refer to them as King David and King Solomon.

    The only king that will be returned to us is the only prophet that Allah SWT raised to Himself. He too is from Bani Israel.

  27. Agreed. But what can we do about it?

  28. Dear Zul...

    You are avoiding the issue of relevance here..hehehehe

    who again did you say abdul samad bin was???????? its only 1857 ..melayu mudah lupa...

  29. And something did just occur to me. These Sultans are not gender friendly. How come there are no Female Sultans? What would they call female Sultans anyway? Sultanee?

    Sultanah perhaps ???

  30. Ok lah are right and I am wrong...second mistake i have made in my life! The first one was being born!

  31. Dear Daeng Chelak,

    This will be final comment on this issue.

    Your great great great grandfather who was the third Sultan of Selangor died without appointing a heir to the throne. There was a two year gap before Abdul Samad was appointed the Sultan, whose father was a royalty but unfortunately his mother was a commoner.

    The dispute was that according to the Malay customs both the Sultan's to be mother and father must be from the royal family.

    That's what the record says. I may be wrong.

    By the way Sultan Ismail was from the Johor Royalty (not Selangor) which is connected to you because Sultanah Aminah the wife of Sultan Ismail is from the Daeng Chelak bloodline, which is your bloodline.

    Have a good day, brothers.

  32. In india the royalties colluded with the British to rule over Indians because these royalties were corrupted by money, drinks, drugs and women. The British still made independent india to pay royalties to these sultans and maharajas. But when Indira Gandhi was the prime minister, she made laws to stop such free payments to these royalties who never contributed to the independence fight waged by common citizens of india. Same story in Malaysia. Only thing is that we r still paying a price to these corrupt and arrogant royalties!

  33. Well written sir. Many here agree with you but dare not say for fear of sedition.
    If there is a referendum then you will know the truth.
    Some of these fellows f.. around (there is one guy now with a school girl I am told) and drink like fish. And they are head of religion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Like that one man who brought about change in Tunisia, I hope you will be the one man to bring about change in Malaysia and that too without having to commit suicide.
    You are my brother!!

  35. A Malay, Muslim with guts to tell the truth about this 'sensitive' issue? Cool!

  36. Respect, you got balls of steel. We maintain 9 royal families, all of them are there simply because of their genes. Malaysia is so feudal.

  37. Totally agree. It is about time someone with guts and intergrity stood up to speak the truth. They are nothing better than parasites

  38. Dare to be free! The Malays will have to be free before everyone can be free!

  39. Dear Zul

    let me have the final say as it involves my fore the third sultan selangor is only '3' THREE GENERATIONS AWAY from me...

    Abdul Samad bin Radin Zainal Abidin not a raja my friend. No relation to Daeng Chelak fore fathers.....In order to install samad they had to give an alias name to his father mr radin zainal abidin as@Raja Abdullah.(the time when america has already gain its independence plus the central bank was already in full gear. just to give a point as to how much history we know of our asal usul.)

    In malaysia bolehland you can even get the title Tunku from the court, like our frend tengku adnan from ofcoz UMNO la.

    the colonial masters wanted a quick job for the signing of the federated malay state and pangkor treaties in 1859. and my guess is he was under the influence of opium when he signed those documents...

    the two year gap was when raja muda raja mahmud who was seven years old then, be dethrone against our great grand mother Tengku Ampuan Basik, his mother wishes. (Now laid to rest in Lukut, then no Negeri Sembilan yet.) because by then kuala selangor was bombarded like how Iraq and Afghanistan is going thru, but by the British.

    while we the desendent of daeng chelak were push inland to a NEW VILLAGE (kg baru)skim just like for the chinese created by the British.

    Im just feeling in the gap..

  40. Sir, really admire your guts. Heard this question many times from even the Malays here.

    So you have not intention to return to Malaysia? Perkosa will be waiting for you.

  41. Uncle Hussien,

    Spot on! How many of them that we have here in Malaysia again?!! What exactly their roles in making our lifes and our children's lifes better??

    Its a known fact that each and every family of the raja's or sultan's are given priority when it come to a HUGE business opportunities!

    How many of the send their kids to our local schools?? No matter how dumb their younger ones are, they'll be sent off to some fancy boarding school in the UK or Oz! With whose moneY??

    My Dad once said to me, " Orang Melayu kalau tak dak Raja, tak dak Sultan, habis la kita!", my reply " Ada pun, kita dok lagu tu la jugak!, semua depa perabih!!"

    Sadly, no one would take the matter further, unlike the Nepalese, who ended their monarchy just by the power of the "commoners"...

    One day...

  42. 1 of the Kelantan prince who sent his sports car to the mechanic workshop,the mechanic took his car for a ride, wrecked in an accident and few weeks later he got a new sports car again.

    Ordinary people are struggling to put food on the table and he got a brand new sports car worth 7 figures without lifting a finger.

    Give me one good reason why I should shout Daulat Tuanku?

  43. We have to recognize that our nation was created by the Sultans about two centuries ago. The appointments of the Sultans were mainly based on blood ancestry as well as religion.

    The Sultans had put in place the foundations of a dynastic state and had administered the state without a central government. They fulfilled their duty to rule in accordance with the religious teachings.

    The Sultans had sovereignty over the dynastic state and had the right to stand above the interest of his subjects.

    The above has changed since we achieved political hegemony. Under a constitutional monarchy system the Sultans no longer enjoys absolute power.

    The Parliament has limited the power of the Sultans and the rights of the Rakyat are protected by law and tradition.

    The Sultans also do not have any divine rights under the constitution.

    The real power lies with the Parliament or the ruling government if we want to do away with the Sultans and the Constitutional Monarch.

    This is a super duper hyper sensitive issue. I do not think BN or PR government will do it.

    Who will do it then? The Melayu? The Chinese? The Indians? The East Malaysians? Tun Mahatihir? Steadyaku47? Daeng Chelak?

    Not me. Yes I am a coward.

  44. Tok nok rajo, kito pakak gi demo di jale rhayo la!

    Kito triok rhama rhama, 'TOK SAY RHAJO, TOK NOK RHAJO'

    Bia Bgheheng Ali jadi kepalo.
    Beghani ko dio ? nate bodo tu!

  45. About 2-3 years ago I was on economy class on a MAS flight to London. The flight was slightly delayed and no reason were announced.

    Once the flight took off I had a conversation with my next passenger who turn out to be one of several minders for the wife of Sultan of Pahang. I learn that the group of minders and wife of Sultan of Pahang and her child/ren were going back to UK for education. They will be staying in UK for several months until the term break to return back to Malaysia.

    You have given a hint about one of the Sultan's daughter - a result of a rape allegation in the 80s that was "resolved" suddenly in the 20s - no doubt million of dollars were involved.

    I have always wonder how the simple kampong Malay folks could have been so blind to the Sultan's behavior and greed (if only truth can prevail!).

    Sadly the only way those in power and the Royalty can retain their power is to suppress the "intelligence" of their supporters - ie. quality education. Wonder why all the elite in Malaysia send their children oversea or in private education.

    Excuse me for being anonymous - hope you understand.

  46. ni agah? ni ada yang nok nelang - kata mu bahang rambang...but we are with u !

  47. Pak Hussein,
    As for me, if the Royalty has his subjects / rakyat in the heart, then he is my dear Sultan in every sense. I would sacrifice my life to protect my dear Sultan. But if otherwise, then it is Setan in disguise.

  48. HAH! You da man! The REAL man. The ROYAL man. The Man Who Would Be King Must First Be True. For only then can he not only speak truly, but he will indeed be the very embodiment of TRUTHFULNESS. I ask you: can anyone say the same about any of the present crop of Rulers and Leaders so-called?

  49. The sultans and royalties are powerful symbols and these are often used to control and manipulate the masses. Whoever controls these symbols control the masses and umno knew this.

    When there is a disconnect between reality and the symbols we get "the sultans : no more relevant" uprising. The day may not be too far off.

  50. Sir,

    Mereka dah tak relevan lamadah. Cuma, kita tak dapat buat apa-apa?

    And we have NINE of them together with their extended families.

    Totally agree with you 100% apa you tulis dalam artikel ini. Syabas.

  51. Who would you rather have? A power hungry and deceitful president politician or a powerless Sultan? It's not a difficult choice!

    The Romanians abolished their monarchy and got Ceausescu; The Russians killed their monarch and got Stalin; The Germans got rid of theirs too and ended up with the worst of them all – Hitler.

    We would miss the Sultan only when our President the elected King-in-Parliament seeks to destroy fundamental values and promote their own political ideals.

    We will want the Sultan back only when we found that our President and the First Family are being treated like royalty and are more expensive to maintain.

    Go on fellow Malaysians… get rid of the Sultans, Constitutional Monarchs, whatever….

  52. Wow, Steady. Great article. Spot on. I've always wondered what the Sultans do on a day-to-day basis for the country for us to spend so much money on the royal instittion. Does anybody know?

  53. This guy is legend. He speaks of the truth. All our earning should either me used for
    (a) Upbringing of our family AND
    (b) Upbringing of our nation through
    the tax paid to the country.

    But subsidizing the lifes of sultan,raja muda,tengku etc is pure bullshit cause these people are talking people's money but not giving back anything in return. Life is not supposed to be such a bed of roses. Hard earned money cannot be thrown away just like that

  54. dearest Abg Hussien,I first saw you in Kuala Lipis sometime in 1967,my late father was working under your late father as head of Special Branch,Mohd Noor Abdullah n my mom is Royalty ,a Tengku Zaidah Ahmad.I grew up with the Sadist Late Sultan of Johore,Sultan Mahmud Iskandar,I know too well about them boastful lot.My vote will be to get rid of them all,Once and for All,I know of practically every ruling Sultan now perhaps except the YamTuan of Negeri Sembilan,the rest,we can ship them up shit creek without a paddle n just leave them there to drown.All the Sultan's of old were very much the people's choice,the difference now is like Heaven n Earth,they were men of a few words,n they honour them,now it's a dog eat dog world of all our ruling Sultan's.If they want to charge me,then the worms will really come out this time,Families that are supposed to rule are sidelined conviently due to politiking,Mahathir has alot to answer too,U name me a Sultan n I will open their skeleton"s closet for you,every Friday prayers,when it comes to the doa for their well being,I shudder to lift my palms coz I know what they have and currently doing commiting sin and corruption like there's no tomorrow,bonking other people's wife and girlfriends,come for me n charge me and i will secretly release the worms on which our great Malaysian people can feast on,Tunisia is not that far away,Allah SWT is at the end of his patient,it will come so fast that they and the political leaders won't know what hit them,then our country will rejoice and leave peacefully ever after

  55. if that's the case then why have people fighting for the consent?They know...the Sultan will be the ACE.....I dare anybody to say it's not

  56. Go for it! Get rid of the Sultans. Ensure BN wins the GE13 and make Najib Razak our 1st President.

  57. Lok1 - can you get in touch with me and let us talk about the old days? My e mail


  58. 'Anonymous said...
    Like that one man who brought about change in Tunisia, I hope you will be the one man to bring about change in Malaysia and that too without having to commit suicide.
    You are my brother!!
    Monday, January 24, 2011 4:16:00 PM GMT+10:30'

    All the balls of all the Malay men is Malaysia is smaller compared to a Palestinian boy who faces one of the mightiest army in the world. Yet you want to compare with Mohamed Bouazizi??? Don't make me laugh!

  59. Bullseye! Agree with u. Pak Hussein, looks like you will not be coming back to/visiting Malaysia anytime soon.. hahaha :)

    Wonder how many police reports will be made against you by funny/never heard before NGOs(seem to come out of the woodworks..)

  60. With regards to the postings on the ancestry of the sultans written by two commentators here, with due respect to them, the issue here is really about whether the sultans are relevant anymore. They may have the most glorified ancestry and background, but that does not necessarily make them relevant.

  61. Anon says
    For the 2 blokes that's writing about their ancestry,what relevant is there,we are talking about whether the sultans are relevant.
    Well Anon,Lok1 says,if the rightfull ancestry were not sideline by first the British n recently by our politicos,then perhaps we might have a different set of Rulers now,and insha allah they will be more scared of the Hereafter,guys chosen to fullfill a seat that isn't theirs in the first place cant understand the Daulat that comes with it.they are in for the money/power only.Trust me coz the Throne of Kelantan really belongs to my late Grandfather,Tengku Ahmad Panglima Raja,it's documented and the Salsilah is hanging in the Kelantan Royal Muzium,the rightfull owner of the Throne,He crown 3 Sultans,and if any Kelantanese dare deny it,prove to me otherwise,now to the gist of the matter,I as a young man then always ask my grandfather,why did you refuse the Throne twice,well he says," Lokman,mu tak tahu berapo berak Tak ku kena tanggung kala jadi Sultan,kala rakyat Tak ku tak semayang Jumaat,dosa semua tak ku tanggung tau,berak mu tahu",well he pass away many years ago but that is something I will always remember of him,if no interferance from British/Politics,then perhaps the quality of our Sultans would be much better,more religious and more Allah fearing,rather then the bunch we have now,funny most of them now likes kelantanese food,coz that's all they want BUDU,Burit n Duit,what about power you say?,well Umno can't give them that,that's too much.

  62. The article is harsh and righfully so in many cases, but if corrective measures and strictures are adhered to, you will find that the rulers do have a place of relevance after all.

    Commentaries On Atteuation of Malaysia's Royal Institutions and the Malay Race (December 2010)

    @daeng_chelak - You said :" In malaysia bolehland you can even get the title Tunku from the court, like our frend tengku adnan . . . " I think you need to apply for this for a start as you truly deserve this title ebing a true descendent. Mmm what does one need to do to go about getting this title outside of the UMNO method? Could be something very useful for certain purposes . . . But more urgently in YOUR CASE (if you are a staunch Muslim please disregard my comment from hereon . . . ) @daeng chelakyou could in fact take up the Nusantaran Animist cause for the Malays as you are in fact the true Sultan of Selangor! I think the current Sultan of Selangor will not disprove facts as you present and concede to perhaps a heriditary Tunku with heriditary Tun title perhaps? I detest the colonials too, but try to engage the Sultan as I suggest. Your right of primogeniture and sense of justice of the current Sultan make a fine and landmark creating case. Please pursue this with the Ruler's Collective! I believe @Antares would be a great penner of the new text of Nusantaran Animism, grant title to someone of noticeable spiritual excellence who deserves it - Tun Antares!

    @Raden - Entirely with you on that. They should not engage in commerce of any sort out of deferrence to the commoners and to prevent conflict of interest.

    @Anonymous who said " The real power lies with the Parliament or the ruling government if we want to do away with the Sultans and the Constitutional Monarch. " - The rulers provide checks and balances and a Cultural and Moral core, and should also only be necessary stipends to make the Malay race look good. But being Malays, they should [erhaps focus on Nusantaran Animism instead of the Arabic Islamic faith.

    @Anonymous said - I have always wonder how the simple kampong Malay folks could have been so blind to the Sultan's behavior and greed (if only truth can prevail!). - Truth is good and they should behave otherwise every bad action will permanently weaken the reason for their being.

    @Sengat Singh and Anonymous said - The sultans and royalties are powerful symbols and these are often used to control and manipulate the masses. Whoever controls these symbols control the masses and umno knew this. - I don't think the Sultans are that foolish to allow themselves to be used, though of late some indications of the rulers' involvement in the temporal sphere have been quite inappropriate.

    @Danial Haziq - Good line of thought. Nice to see a supporter, but you do know of their excesses don't you?

    @Believer@magebane@ProDemo@Ariff - They did in the past, now they enjoy their station, though the handout issue must be addressed or set at a very low rate to set a 100% pristine example. They should not have ANY arbitrary payouts from Federal or State tax monies. However, the people could still set up a private fund and they could set up some businesses within their Royal Townships, but not be any more expansionary than that.

    cont. below . . .

  63. . . . cont. from above . . .

    @Lok1 - You said "U name me a Sultan n I will open their skeleton"s closet for you,every Friday prayers,when it comes to the doa for their well being,I shudder to lift my palms coz I know what they have and currently doing commiting sin and corruption like there's no tomorrow,bonking other people's wife and girlfriends,come for me n charge me and i will secretly release the worms on which our great Malaysian people can feast on . . . " I feared as much that decadence and moral weakness has affected them but perhaps your harsh words, especially if true will remind them that their role is not of termporal citizens but of semi-divinity. You deserve a title and a personal advisor's post for this reminder unlike the bodekists who continue fueling the destruction of the rulers.

    @Zilkarnain - RPK does not really count as he is half white. A 100% genetic Malay is needed, even if by the 2nd or 3rd or any new wife. Genetic conquest must not be permitted. The “Tuhfat Al Nafis” which is the Arabic for The Precious Gift which chronicles the Bugis-Malay history over a period of almost two centuries has no true relevance to Nusantaran Animism but is a relevant living document that must be amended by the ruler's collective as the Constitution must be amended when no longer relevant. The rulers will always be relevant but the line they tread is extremely thin when considered with democratic ideals. A living treasure but not one that consumes the people in anyway must rulers be. Am with @Hussein abdul Hamid on this on the necessity to amend to relevance especially with regards to the effects of foreign invasions and Freemasons.

    @Anonymous who said - " With regards to the postings on the ancestry of the sultans written by two commentators here, with due respect to them, the issue here is really about whether the sultans are relevant anymore. They may have the most glorified ancestry and background, but that does not necessarily make them relevant. " - They will always be relevant, especially as a weapon against genetic (purity of Malay race lies with the rulers, may they keep the Malay lines pure - no offense to RPK but it has to be like this or the Malay racial purity will dilute to nothing . . .) cultural (except for a few easily revered decisions, no serious effects so far) or spiritual colonialism (they lost the spiritual batttle being coverted to Islam but could take up the Nusantaran Animist faith and cause at any time if they wish), but should ensure seperation of powers and give full equality to all minorities by ending APARTHEID.

    @Malaysia First - A simple sponsored lifestyle from revived palaces not too expensive, could be granted to all extant Maharajas simply to ensure cultural integrity and to prevent the Indian continent from falling to neo-colonialism, but as culturally salutary symbols and figureheads the Maharajas' presence is incalculable and a treasure aaiting to be revived.

    @rainstorm - Matriarchies are not unknown in Malay culture and should be retained as well, but since the identifying gene stems from the male line, and that most races realise this fact, there are no Sultanas.

    This article was a treasure trove of information with a living treasure Daeang Chelak! Take up on my suggestion if not out of historical interest then to perhaps provide a revival of truly Malay spiritual traditions, though not in a competitive or inflamatory manner of course. Best of luck and keep up posted on your dealings with the Sultan of Selangor!

    P.S. Daeng Chelak, mention to HRH to end APARTHEID too . . .

  64. I am a non-Malay in Malaysia, I have once thought about this Sultan issue but I was thought that every single Malay will reject my view. I am stunted today to realize that, some of the Malay also feel the same way like I did.

    I agree with you, steadyaku47 on this article. I haven read yours other articles so I can't be sure that I will support all of your stance but for this article, I agree with you.

    I believe you are living in Australia, if that is true then it gives you some security because I bet anyone in the country will very soon get treated like a criminal by some radicals. Perhaps, it requires the voice of Malaysian outside Malaysia to point out the inconvenient truth in Malaysia.

    I have to be anonymous, pardon for that, I am in Malaysia. Why would I have this kind of fear? Well, because I am in Malaysia.

  65. So many KINGS, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Prince & Princes have come and gone forever...!

    They are born,live,eat,sleep and finally DIE too!

    In between living and dying, whatever goodness and badness done has its rewards.

    The day will eventually dawn that all in this world will also all DIE, so we shall see what happens when they die and than get up again...that will be fun to watch..

  66. I used to have a friend, he was from Sarawak...guess what his name is Benison Agong !

  67. Bravo Pak Hussein.
    No one in Malaysia has courage like you do!! Salute!

    I used to question the relevance of Sultans in our country and my father would often retort me by saying, "That is for the Malays to decide. Not us".....If a Malaysian
    born on Malaysian soil can't decide, then who can ? The older
    generation still have this "pendatang" mentality stuck in
    their heads...Sigh

    Seriously speaking, what good does
    the Sultan do, aside from the customary upacara adat istidat,
    so called upholders of Islamic
    faith and being the occasional
    UMNO pawn ?

    Which brings to mind the roles of
    Yang Dipertua Negeris, Datuk Bandars and all the useless figurehead jobs created for UMNO
    cronies.....No difference from
    the decadent Sultans methinks

  68. .. This is an extract from a royalty Facebook, 4 days ago; who is not working but just living on royalty..:

    .. "Last 3weeks in Hakuba skiing resort on the weekend, last 2weeks in Tokyo on the weekend, last 1week ago in Manila, this weekend in Bandung. guess where will I be next weekend?! ;)"

  69. Abang!
    Since I am a little younger than you, Abang should be alright no?

    The sentiments expressed herein are very well founded.

    I am of the belief that our land is going through an evolution{within ourselves} and this is being reflected & manifested externally , including the "Sultan" issue/s!

    For certain, the web / netcitizens are the fundamental agents of this evolution. We are communicating without fear or favour!!

    In this vein, SAK47, I was somewhat perturbed by your postings recently, where you seem to angry at something.

    Blogging especially is your personal right and I have always enjoyed reading your postings.

    If however, recently something or someone has stirred your cockles, take heart, Abang, and stay cool!