Tuesday 26 July 2011

cakap cakap...DSAI

We are not born liars. Neither are we born to hate another human being. We are what we are today because somewhere in the process of growing up we consciously or subconsciously took to be our own persona the things that are around us. For most of us the person who lied to us first are our beloved parents. From them we learn that lies are done when the circumstance requires it. Sad is it not to think that our parents lied to us first! Now as adults we are faced with having to tell lies and being lied to. How we each justify lying is open to endless arguments but it can be explained by this simple phase “ self serving”. Nobody can deny that the lying they do is for their own ends.

The problems for most of us begins when lying becomes what our leaders choose to do because telling the truth will destroy their credibility in our eyes. For Barisan Nasional politicians this (telling lies) has become the knee jerk reaction to almost anything that if they were to tell the truth would be unpalatable to the Malaysian public. No need to go to far back….that Din guy from the Home Ministry recently said “that there was no political agenda in the deportation of French human rights lawyer William Bourdon….. he was deported due to “visa non-compliance” and for making a speech in Penang”. He knows and we know that he is lying but it has all now become a game…another lie, another day in government. But then that is the way Barisan Nasional do things.
I do not support Barisan Nasiona (as if BN cares!) I want Pakatan Rakyat to win at the 13th General Election. So what do I do when Pakatan Rakyat leaders lies? What should I do when I KNOW they have lied? I really care not if you tell me that Pakatan Rakyat leaders do sometimes have to lie or tell untruths to politically survive. Political survival is just that – surviving! If Pakatan Rakyat is to succeed it must not only survive but must also thrive and be able to stand heads and shoulders above the corrupt and arrogant BN politicians. Tok Guru, Hadi, Karpal, Kit Siang and Guan Eng all stand heads and shoulders over ANY Barisan Nasional leaders. DSAI does not! And this DSAI is the leader of these leaders of Pakatan Rakyat –the first amongst equal!
Why do I say that DSAI lies?
Let me tell you why. You all know about his time in UMNO and you all think you know what he did as DPM of a BN government. I heard stories and I do KNOW of one or two instances when what he did could be construed to be “questionable” but I would not be able to prove it in a court of law because I have nothing incriminating to put forward against DSAI. So like most of you out there I speculate but speculation has never made anyone guilty of any crime unless you have an army strong enough to act on the speculation and you yourself act as judge, jury and executioner. Mahathir tried to do that with DSAI in the Sodomy One case. He failed.
Since his dismissal by Mahathir from his post as DPM there have been stories and speculation a plenty but nothing stuck to DSAI. Not until Saiful. You can choose to believe what you want but as you can see with Mahathir, our judiciary can only do the bidding's of its political masters if the facts support the prosecution case against DSAI. In sodomy two this is  a fa it accompali – a done deal – no if’s no but’s.
So why is so many people in denial? Let me try and put this phenomena of DSAI in perspective. I was at his house when he was released from prison. Since then I have met and talked with him a number of times. I have followed his progress up the ranks of Pakatan Rakyat. Knowing of his past and the flaw in his personal self I waited to see how he would conduct himself as leader of the opposition. Unfortunately at all critical junctures he failed:
The announcement of taking over the government from BN just after the 12th general election.
The loss of Perak and many PKR MP’s,
The Bala press conference and the subsequent debacle of Bala pulling out his first SD.
The comic yet tragic manner in which the PKR party election was conducted.
The Saiful accusations.
And other lapse of judgements by DSAI that has cost PKR and PR  dearly only increased my anxiety of DSAI ability to change into the leader we all (including me) wanted him to be. Some of you are still patient with him. Some of you know that he can never change and yet feel that there is no other leader within PR to take his place. Some say that we need to stay with DSAI because he has been through so much and ought to be given the opportunity to lead PR against BN. We can go through all these for and against arguments till kingdom come – but while you are all entitled to your own thoughts – so am I entitled to mine.
DSAI cannot change. He can project the persona you want him to be if and when it suits him. A pious Muslim, a fiery and mesmerising political orator, a family man and a leader for all seasons. But amongst all these persona there is also deeply rooted within DSAI this tendency to self destruct – no matter what the costs to his family, his supporters, his future and to himself there are urges within him that he himself has no control over. And so his dalliances with Saiful is now out in the public domain. And even today DSAI had denied any wrong doings because that part of him that did what he did to Saiful is well hidden away from everyone’s knowledge – including DSAI himself! At times DSAI does not know what he does. I say this because I know some of the things that  DSAI is capable of doing….and yet it serves no purpose to put these knowledge into the public domain. All that needs to be said of DSAI has been said. The final chapter still has to be written but I think even with his last conscious thought on this earth he will still believe that he was wronged.
God has not given DSAI the ability to understand what is right and what is wrong in some of the things that he has done and so he will protest his innocence regardless - regardless of anything until the judge pronounce sentence and he is once again taken away to serve his time in some jail somewhere in Malaysia.
Then it will be too late for most of you that have believed in his innocence. It will be too late for most of you that have strives to judge DSAI against the standards of the BN politicians. And it will certainly be too late for Pakatan Rakyat to regroup and take the high ground for the 13th general election.
But what do you people care? The blame for DSAI fall will be put squarely on the shoulders of a BN government that harassed and prosecuted him relentlessly. I will be one of those traitors that have turned against DSAI  - one of the many bloggers that have been paid by UMNO to do their dirty work for them. Whatever the truth is what I know will happen is this. There are too many people who now know the truth about DSAI –too many of us that will not keep quiet and allow DSAI to have the opportunity of doing to our country what he has done in UMNO and what he has done within PKR. It is only because we have leaders now within Pakatan Rakyat that will not allow DSAI to wreck his influence within PR that PR is still without the debilitating influence that DSAI could inflict upon PR. Thank God for that!


  1. I hear you and I belief everything that you have written here bro, including this one; you said..

    “I will be one of those traitors that have turned against DSAI - one of the many bloggers that have been paid by UMNO to do their dirty work for them”.

    I am sorry that statement of yours certainly does not put you in a good light. You are self destructing yourself.

  2. Nothing that you just said proves your point, Hussein. All I get is circumstantial hearsay that would help people doubt DSAI , which I believe is your very objective, because , if you did have proof, you would have spilled it just as that Datuk Eskay would have had Jakim/ Jais or whoever raid while the so called DSAI was having sex , put him in handcuffs, parade him on national TV again and again, as uMNO oftern does. In any case, you said yup were in DSAI house when he was released from prison.? Even after being an umno crony, failed to get projects, you still had faith in DSAI. Now after 3 years of this sodomy2, you suddenly found out the truth or is that you suddenly came across some slush funds , as most umno bloggers do. There is ample proof that saiful met not just najib, but his wife, etc before the said affair, and then after that musa Hassan, rodzwan, the very guys who were doing the
    sodomy 1 case. Obviously it was all planned. There was also a RPK statement quoting a Datuk and Thamrin Gaphar walking into this slimy umno lawyer Muhammed Shafei ( also a favorite of macc) office in the presence of police SB , stating that they saw the names of DSAI, Saiful,
    And other charactes on a white board and this was months bed ore the said affair. Try something else Hussein, make yourself more incredible if you want. After all, umno coffers are very deep indeed that they can afford to throw whatever it takes to nail DSAI through who ever it can be. You are but one of those slimy buggers, like this Muhammed Shaei guy. Take it from us, we will make sure DSAI is PM, and. You together with mahathir, najib, and all their cohorts will live to see the day when this is for real.

  3. I for one wholeheartedly is in agreement with you,anybody who is associated with umno be it anwar or any others for that matter is non reversible from the culture of everything rotten .Umno is rotten and so does all who is with them,period.

  4. Kaya la kau husin. once a bastard always a bastard

  5. sein,i will believe in your stories if:1.dsai had screwed your ass when u were with him at mckk then.2.u had fucked your wife be4 u were married.3.u sweared u never took kickbacks when u were an umno member then.otherwise yr place is in NERAKA JAHANAM!

  6. The biggest liar and traitor is actually YOU mate....

  7. You have been bought lah.

    Only an ass or an arsehole will believe the Saiful allegation.

    If Anwar had been screwing Saiful, they ie Musa Hasan, Gani Patil, Rodwan and Najib would have got better evidences than the one presented in court. Well Eskay managed to show to the whole world, Anwar screwing a porn actress. Don't you think Rodwan can't come out with a better sex video when Anwar was bonking Saiful.

    You had been bought mannnn. To kill a politician, do it politically. Don't fight the dirty battle in court which can be stage managed. After all..most malay judges has Umno blood in their veins.

  8. Dear En Hussien, Knowing a man that was doesn't mean the individual is incapable of change. Having met him up close a few times, I am also no fan of DSAI but am willing to give him the benefit of doubt and I embrace the changes he professes to hope of the country.

    The vision he now personifies is what matters and that is larger than any Anwar Ibrahim. It is that vision that the right thinking malaysian supports. Whether he makes for the correct next PM still needs to be seen. And after what the Rakyat has gone through and experience the recent empowerment (motivated in no small quantity by AI himself) the check and balance measures will be more transparent should the opposition be able to make it to govern the country.

  9. If UMNO wins again I hope you remember the 5 children and their mother here in Malaysia having to drink tap water to relieve their hunger and the other poor Malaysians who dont have the chance to change their lives because of you. I hope you remember too Kugan's family, Beng Hock's family and Sarbani's family whose loved one is not only dead but will have no closure as long as those people are in power. Is there a song `REMEMBER'?

  10. You want to spoil someone's reputation or bring a down a political enemy -if you can't outright kill him which fortunately we Malaysians are not fond of doing thank god. Just start a sex rumor. Throw in sodomy if the guy is religious type. Just see how easy people will believe you and the rumor will take on a life of its own. Some gossip came from MCKK a long time ago(you know how immature school kids are )This is what happened to DSAI and Dr M went with it.Fortunately he had Malaysian police on his side to help frame DSAI.Even now you still hear people say "you my so and so was at MCKK and they say its true you know"
    Human nature is such people are always willing to believe the worst of people they are jealous of whether true or not. You don't believe me try it yourself-Say something bad about a person everybody in the office is jealous of. See how easy they believe it without evidence.
    I don't believe DSAI did any of those sodomy stuff he is accused of.

  11. Children lies because parents lie to them first? Where did you get this bit of "truth"? Children naturally lie to save themselves from punishment and it is only later that they learn laying is not acceptable. Your bit about Sodomy 2, you have just accused DSAI without presenting any credible proof and I am not defending for his or PR sake but seeking after truth. Lay out the proofs and we will believe you, not before

  12. Wow! For a while there i thought u r coming out with something new about AI. After finishing the story, i realized how pathetic your reasoning are. U r just another blogger bought...whoever paid u should demand their money back.

  13. Very pitiful. Such flimsy essay is not going to divert attention from all the ills and pains affecting UMNO.

    UMNO can at best pay RM500.00 for this. A token for your effort, no more.

  14. uncle husin,kalau dsai main jubor dah lama dia mati sebab ramai org baca doa untok dia,jadi Allah tahu dia tak buat perkara terkutok tu uncle! uncle sakit jiwa ke?

  15. The question is: why now? Is it because there's a very big possibilty that DSAI will become PM, compared to several years back. When he's the underdog, his `friends' rally around him. Is there an element of envy here among his `friends'?

  16. Took you a long, rambling essay just to say you believe DSAI and Saiful bonked each other. In that case, why hasn't Saiful been charged for sticking his butt out so many times? Hussein, I am seriously worried about you now. All you've achieved is to smear your own reputation - both as a blogger and as a human being.

  17. huss go hang yourself lah

  18. I don't know whether DSAI screwed somebody's wife, or Saiful. Or, whoever. If the government has proof beyond the shadow of a doubt, show us. Instead of this stupid dog-and-pony show they call a court case.

    I can also nod knowingly with some Umno politicos whether DSAI had his fingers in the cookie jar when he was minister. But I don't have the proof. Some people in government probably have proof, but their fingers are just as tainted, and there is honor among thieves.

    I don't know if some the BN MPs wanted to jumped the aisle or now. But, having the MPs squirreled to Taiwan on an agricultural trip tells me Anwar was right, no?

    Umno, and now, you, wanted to demonize Anwar. I can understand Umno's stand, but I cannot understand those who stuck with DSAI with him all these years, and now become turncoats.

    Why? Is is because he could not give you lot contracts in Selangor, Perak, and Penang?

  19. Pakcik, years ago when you started to blog, me (and I think many here in m'sia) were enjoying your writings cakap2 so much as you brought much stories from a person who is standing from the outside of m'sia but with many stories to tell about m'sia.

    who can forget your 'you are one, plus me we are two' tagline. as more readers clicked on your blog to read then you asked for donation to buy a new pc, (if not mistaken, respond agak x bagus sangat) later then you merajuk and say will stop writing (sori ya kalau agak salah....dah lama kut). there are many well-wishers here in m'sia who cheer you on and encouraged you to continue writing after your own self-imposed 'break'.

    but the pak hussein that we see now writing is very anti dsai, very melagak as quote "i nak say iMac but takut kena hantam by you all" then just shut the fxxk up' no need to comment on it.

    then you are very concern about hits/clicks on your blog or a blogger, he/she should be happy to blog not for the monetary rewards but for the satisfaction of sharing what you have.

    if one were to read your blog from the beginning till this posting, you can't blame them as it shows you have gone over to the dark side..lord shit, oops sorry it should be sith

    anyway, i wish you well and live up to the age of 100 as wished upon by you and can't be bothered by what you write anymore, a$$hoLe!

  20. Looks like Hussein's manifesto 2083.....utter rubbish

  21. Sucidal hussien?.....he's another Anders Breivick?

  22. Amboi, you punya spin kira lain pada penulis lain. you punya cara nak convince tu agak ok juga pada mulanya. tapi bila di baca hingga tamat nampak sangat matlamat yang you nak capai.

    Bak kata komen diatas. Jika pihak pendakwa ada bukti kukuh kemukakanlah kepada mahkamah. Minta pendakwa berhujah dengan bijak. Jangan pilih hakim yang memihak dan membuat keputusan yang meragukan. Jangan jadi hakim gula hack yg dipindahkan dari melaka untuk mengadili kes DSAI sodomi 1. Hakim junior pulak tu.

    Rakyat tidak memihak membuta tuli. Masih ada otak yang berakal untuk menilai progress yang berlaku dalam mahkamah.

    oh ya, saya pun ada bergambar dgn DSAI (dan pemimpin2 lain juga) dan beliau juga sedang tertawa sakan. Dia tak kenal saya pun. Jadi gambar yang you susah payah paparkan itu tidak membawa apa-apa makna.

    drp: rakyat

  23. I too was skeptical when I first heard of anwar's trysts in Sg. Buloh prison from one the convicts who was working in the prison clinic together with anwar then. It was too outrageous to believe, committing sodomy in prison while serving time for sodomy. Not until I met the victim himself...the story he related corroborated the details told by the ex-con. The modus operandi was the same in all the cases i.e. palm-reading and caressing of the hand, the need to convince the victims that great leaders have great sex-drive, etc.. Most of the victims were simply awed by him. It was very much as in Saiful's case rape by person of authority.

  24. Lu memang setady la pak cik!! Wa tabik sama lu..

    Tapi was rasa, kalau lu memang betul pasal DSAI, lu pegi bawa lu punya evidence tu ke polis la. Buat report. Lu mau cerita dalam blog jer wat pe? Wa pun ada cerita kotor pasal lu, yang wa boleh tulis kat sini, tapi wa tak berapa jahat macam lu, tau!

  25. Don't talk rubbish, sudah tak ada fulus ke?

  26. The end of Hussien is near. Shoud send him to Utoya island, Norway last weekend

  27. sein,kalau nak fulus kerja lah,jangan cari fulus dgn fitnah org,nanti mampus kena bakar

  28. 1. ANYONE in Anwar's shoes - can one imagine? ANwar survived today to me is a miracle. Anwar could have gone many years ago. I am sure you agree with me.
    You probably lawan tetap lawan if you R in his shoes. It's about your own dignity and Anwar has no choice you agree i am sure.
    Anwar just continue his life as the way it goes. Isee that he don't have much choice. Lawan tetap lawan

  29. Bro Steady bonked DSAI thats it

  30. I am still waitong for the evidences that you promised to bring out. But till now you are just going around the bush. You are just destructing your reputation la Pak Hussein. Gosh!

  31. before this i call u atok sebagai tanda hormat, but now i call u hussein sudah sebab anak saya umur 8 tahun pun bole nampak kebenaran dari you.

    i saw ibrahim katak cium tangan dsai di klia semasa balik dari munich(i was at the arrival hall).so setakat you berada di rumah dsai say tak hairan la.

    bawa bertaubat la hussein

  32. QUOTE:" I will be one of those traitors that have turned against DSAI - one of the many bloggers that have been paid by UMNO to do their dirty work for them".

    Remember - Anwar probably planned to be SHOT recently July 9 2011. But he still survive! ... You Take the UMNO money and go a head make your day. You need the money to survive.

  33. This is part of what you wrote on August 7, 2010 in a post about Anwar.

    "So to go back to the first question as to whether I think Anwar is fit to be Prime Minister of this country…well if you want our country to be governed the way UMNO has been governing it in the past…..NO…..Anwar will not meet your expectations. But if we want a decent, responsible and accountable Government then I think we should give him a try. He and his Pakatan Rakyat comrades in arms would together be able to do much better then the Barisan Nasional goons

    What has happened between then and now? Why are you so against DSAI now? And what has happened to your "you are one, with me we are two " or something to that effect?

  34. This Blogger Hussein stinks and he surely have wasted God's time praying 5 times daily only to fitnah another insan. You stink and not even the hungry Sarawak's crocodile want your stinking body.

  35. We been a subordinate from the needs of the ruling government over human rights values. Everything are less value with the government here in malaysia, Money values are always should rule over human life values. We are all influenced in very similar ways as we pass key ‘altitudes’ on route to the summit.

  36. .And in this days that you just don't what is the truth anymore, everyone form their own opinion of this guy I mean DSAI
    It's seems now that many stupid melayus are posting their opinion on your blog mate.This shows how naive they could be and how split they are which I know you couldn't care less Sein
    Umno is beyond the point of no return and only GOD knows where this country is heading to.

  37. I know Hussein is lying, not about Anwar, but about him being a turncoat blogger paid by UMNO. I am very certain he's lying about that for reason best known to himself, he must have a reason for making you all angry like crazy. Hussein can be a traitor to Anwar and that's NOTHING because there's so many of us who don't love Anwar in Pakatan plus all those of you who support Anwar not because you love Anwar but because you hate UMNO.

    Hussein can never be a traitor to Pakatan because his wife, his daughter (Terina), his son-in-law and even his two grandchilren have known and lived all their life with a sworn anti-government fighter to learn the reason why Hussein, a husband, a father, a father-in-law and a grandfather had been living in exile!

    I don't believe Hussein had sold his soul to UMNO for Hussein's soul is not solely himself but his soul is the soul of his entire family that everyone of them is proud of having Hussein as their idol fighter.

    Hussein has not disgraced himself by turning against Anwar, he only made some enemies in the open and that's NOTHING compared to enemies living under Pakatan's blanket. But Hussein would never disgrace his family by exchanging their trust with the money of UMNO.

    Didn't I said the more Hussein writes about the Negative Anwar made more people love Anwar more! What's definite, it makes us all hate UMNO ever more and we are going to vote UMNO out! But first, we must vote UMNO out, we must vote Pakatan in, and then we all can vote for or against Anwar.

  38. Tuan Hussein, there must be something that we'd missed or failed to understand here. I know how much hatred you have for UMNO and GOM but you are a person who will never sell his soul for living. i know that the principles you behold will never let you down just because some people with money bought you over.

    Not that we'd gone berserk over your recent unfavorable articles about DSAI but why can't you just for all the valuable time you have to share with us, use it wisely writing your usual articulate materials for us to ponder upon?

    Anwar bashing for the reason best known to you would not help much for now because that's a different set of issue that does not have a major impact on our everyday life.

    You can help us more by writing constructive articles and use your wisdom to educate us further.

  39. DSAI sexual predilection are not my concern and only become my concern if he shows interest in my butthole which is not available. Point I wish to make is we need a two party elections and if it takes DSAI to do it let it be. His predilections are the concern of his amour and not us.
    Another thing when PKR wins , DSAI will not accept the mantle of Premiership of the nations. Caught you on that one didn`t I , "NOT ACCEPT" meaning wilfully = it has been planed before hand.

    Yul Bolsan my fellow malaysians

  40. very convincing mate. Almost had me there but... ;)

    And oh btw, ur a prick.

  41. fmzam,u must be a bodoh former army guys.when u vote for pkr,it means u vote for dsai,understand that u bahlol.when u vote for bn means u vote for umno,mca,mic,ppp etc etc.INI HUSIN SAMA BODOH MCM U.I WILL ONLY BELIEVE DSAI HENTAM JUBOR WHEN U ( HUSIN)CONFESS YR JUBOR WAS HENTAM BY HIM(DSAI)!

  42. Pak Hussein,

    What you just wrote is seen through and through as a pack of lies. You tried to use your MCKK connection with Anwar but you failed miserably.

    Perhaps, BN's corrupt money has gone into someone's pocket. Sudah lah. However, as a Muslim to menfitnahkan another Muslim will ensure he will see his desmise in the way Allah deems fit lah.

  43. Chinese Gem:
    Bi ke yi luan fang,
    Hua bu neng luan jiang

    Farts can be fired indiscriminately,
    Words must not be simply uttered

    Sorry old mate, but I think you fcuked up big time lately.

  44. ....and i thought u were different! U are a whole lot of crap Hussein. So tell me, how much were u paid? Is it enough? Is it worth it? Sorry Hussein, u lt all my respects!


  45. Actually what is the point of you using a pseudonym when everybody knows who you are. It's like stating you are a Pakatan supporter but everyone knows that you are being paid by UMNO.

  46. Anon the same stuppiiiid,

    And you must be that bloody bodoh ex army officer that licks Najib's balls all these times that you always get angry with us because we HANTAM your JUBUR that's why U R so mad at me, you MORONNNN!

  47. Despite negative comments directed at you, i trust everyone is entitled to their own view. I do not blame you for your cynic views on DSAI nor do i blame u if u want to condemn any of the political parties (both BN & PKR)because we should not be delusion by a leader charismatic display or a party to the point we turn a blind eye on any wrongdoings. I am of the same hat does not support the corrupted ruling government (BN) and has always been a strong advocate for justice. There isn't a doubt PKR better represent the Rakyat by creating a less corrupted government with the Rakyat's welfare as its top priority. I strongly believe Malaysia needs a change in its administration for a better tomorrow. But there is no perfect party or government that has no spots on them. Both BN & PKR has to be criticized for their corrupted ways and view the party or the leaders with much rationality. Having said all that, I have doubts over DSAI on whether he can deliver his promises to the Rakyat. Till today i find it hard to refute most (not all)accusation against him. No, i do not have proof, but each one of us should make careful judgement over the accusations. At this momment, DSAI is the only acceptable leader that sticks the PR together. If there are other options to head the PR, i would be the first to show support.

  48. Tn Hussein,

    Sebagai manusia walaupun digelar pemimpin DSAI ada kelemahannya. strategi di rancang ada yg berjaya ada yg tidak bergantung kepada faktor semasa.
    Jika isu yg melibatkan wang dan maruahdiri atau jatidiri yang menjadi pilihan sudah tentu umno akan berjaya . Kerana apa? Kerana wang adalah pilihan utama. Cakaplah bergegar2 wang tetap menjadi pilihan utama dan bukan soal pegang pada janji, maruahdiri atau jatidiri terutama yang melibatkan pemimpin umnobn. Sebagai orang lama dlm politik umno, takkan you tak sedar berapa banyak wang yang disogok untuk pemimpin PR berpaling tadah! Takkan you tak sedar yg bertanding itu mencari peluang utk mendapat wang segera. Takkan you tak tahu ada pemimpin trojan horse umno dalam PR? Takkan you tak sedar ugutan demi ugutan yg di asak terhadap pemimpin PKR untuk berpaling tadah!

    Anwar telah di uji kepimpinannya. Anwar di hina, difitnah, dipenjarakan, di tumbuk sehinga cedera. Jgn lupa, beliau pemimpin nombor dua negara. Tolong bagi tahu saya berapa kerat pemimpin negara ini atau pemimpin didunia yang menerima malapetaka sedemikian?

    Berbalik kpd isu; Isu yang kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia inginkan adalah supaya pemimpin berlaku adil terhadap rakyatnya. Biar kita rasa selamat di negara sendiri. Jika Anwar sebagai TPM boleh dihina sedemikian rupa apa harapan rakyat jelata utk mendapat keadilan dari Mahkamah di negara ini. Jika Anwar benar2 bersalah adili beliau dgn seadil-adilnya. Beri excess dan ruang seadilnya utk beliau utk mempertahankan diri. Jgn jadikan semua hujah tidak relevant oleh hakim. Dalam waktu yang sama jika pemimpin umno di dakwa maka pemimpin tertinggi umno itu juga merelakan dirinya untuk ke mahkamah untuk diadili dan bukan melarikan diri.

    Dlm kes sodomi 1 mahkamah tertinngi negara telah memutuskan bahawa Anwar tidak bersalah namun trajiknya Anwar telah pun merengkok 6 tahun dalam penjara menjalani hukuman seperti orang yg sudah bersalah. Tapi orang yang didakwa membunuh masih bebas bermaharajalela memerintah negara. Bukankah ini menjadi priority tuan demi keadilan untuk semua?

    Drp; ahli umno yg tidak lagi mengundi umno

  49. after reading thru all the 48 comments ......I felt quite relieve cos WE HAVE ONLY 48 IDIOTS, BRAIN FRIED,IMMORAL AND DIE HARD ANWAR ..who cannot control his dick..SUPPORTERS.......
    FYI EVEN IF PAKATAN WILL COME TO POWER chance!!!!!....corruption and all other conceived misdeeds by BN will be commited by the pakatan leaders on a scale 10x worse.....cos these pakatan leaders are no leaders at all ..they knows only how to talk and oppose ALL POLICIES be it good or bad for the rakyats....SO IT IS BETTER TO RELY ON BN WHO HAS ACCUMULATED A 50 YEARS EXPERIENCE TO PUT MALAYSIA TODAY WITH ALL THE DEVELOPMENTS...KLCC,KLIA,ALL HIGHWAYS,GOOD FOOD ON YOUR TABLE,0 POVERTY(fuck all unbelievers...tell me since when did you hear of a Malaysian stave to death!!!!)etc,etc,etc.

  50. WONGFEI, next time when you eat bubur and kangkong, just remember BN and cronies eating sharkfin everyday and yam seng everynite. Or maybe you r one of those cronies? You never know susah, so to u, what they are doing is okay. There's nothing wrong with kelantan. Federal govt dont give them their money, dont want to develop schools and so on which are all under federal. If Kelantanses are like Tunisians, they wd have rebelled by now. But they want to think of peace and try to get what belongs to them in legal ways. Next time when you want to put down other people think first whether these people deserve your condemnation or not.

  51. Wong Fei,

    After reading yr comments, you must be a person whose brain is in yr arsehole. typical MCA bastard...who allows his soul and body being servile to the corrupt Umno.

  52. Dear anonymous,
    next time when you eat bubur and kangkong, just remember BN has nothing to do with your misfortune....maybe you should work harder cos BN has open up so much opportunity for you or at worse blame your father for not working hard enough to ensure you a better future....
    There's nothing wrong with kelantan????? Federal govt allocate same amount of money to them as to other states, but they are using the money for all the wrong purposes so who is to blame??? monies used to develop taliban style religious schools and so on which are all not under federal juristristions. If Kelantanses are like Tunisians, they would still be backward.... I never condemn the Kelantanese except to say that the should try the BARISAN ways then maybe all their youth could stay back and kelantan would not be living in primitive times.....

  53. Dear LMa

    so sorry to disappoint cos my brain is a the tip of my cockhead just like your divine leader ,ANWAR ibrahim.....
    FYI my comments has nothing to do with UMNO or MCA cos if PKR has a dickhead for leader then it is assume that ALL his followers will ultimately becomes........small dickheads....hahaha

  54. If other people think like Wngfei, I will give up. But luckily there are not many like him. How do u know I dont work hard? Simply want to accuse. Hope you choke on your next meal

  55. dear anonimous..
    Glad to tell you that MAJORITY of Malaysian thinks like WONGFEI......
    if you have work hard then you belongs to my camp....content and satisfied complain....
    BTW I only eats bubur with birdnest so cannot choke on my next meal.....