Tuesday 27 March 2012

Cakap Cakap.You said I said. An attempt at clarity

Aisehman steadylah. You all whack me left, right and centre! I am NOT surrendering just yet but I am asking you all to take five while I get my bearings realigned. When steadyaku47 gets hammered by 90% of those that have taken the trouble to leave their comment it means that I have done something to upset them! Okay I hear you all loud and clear! No need to call me orang tua, nyanuk, mentah or even worse! How to be mentah when I am already 65! I am past Abang, past Pak Chik even past Saudara. I am already a Tok! If I were a car I can now be legally classified as being ‘vintage’ but being a blogger you can still label me as ‘mentah’….where got road?   

FMZ says that I say what I think is right and you all say what I say is wrong. No need to f#*k around on that. I understand….no, my under is not standing (already 65 mah!)….I am saying that I understand …FAHAM! I am not going on a vendetta. I ain’t got no fight with nobody….not even, as Muhammad Ali the Gretest said -  with the Vietcong. But I don’t mind telling you that UMNO is now within range….but I must be careful…because when your enemy is within range, so are you! 

HH, you are not on the ground, you can imagine but you don't know what it's really like. I saw some guys try to do something to a dilapidated place. PAS was going to hold a ceramah and they didn't have chairs, let alone fans or anything. So we helped,

Agree I am not on the ground and I do not know what it is really like being on the ground. My heart and utmost respect goes out to those of you that walk the talk…and do rather then just say – like those of you that help out PAS and do quietly your work for PR. I am rethinking where I should really be in the lead up to the 13th general election – here or in KL. It is harder to hear your heartbeat this far away…but in KL am I not too close to the maddening crowd? The jury is still out on that.

And heavens forbid…I will not want to do anything to deliberately harm the cause of ABU and of Pakatan Rakyat. 

What do the opposition have? They only have the Internet as a source to propagate awareness to the few who can be reached in the hope they can help reach others who cant or don’t use the net.

And ‘YES’ I am aware that we in the opposition only have the Internet to get our messages across to those who want to know the truth. It has cross my mind that what I write is helping Barisan-UMNO cause – but that is collateral damage. I hope that what I write will help Pakatan Rakyat more in making PR understand the need for change.

If you really want to help the opposition, come back to Malaysia and do the easy part, the walkabouts.

I know it’s your right to write whatever you want..BUT everything have a price. From what I see here is that you are stepping whipping on the Weak,and Strengthening the MIGHTY

Point taken! They have walkabouts over here too…but very tame compare to the walkabouts you are talking about back in ‘Boleh Land’

Lebih menakutkan apabila rakan-rakan sekerja yang 4 tahun lepas mengundi PR kini telah marah dengan PR dan mengatakan akan kembali kepada parti pemerintah sekarang!

Justru, Bro. Hussein, kita mesti teruskan ABU. Bakarlah semangat setiap dari kita sehingga menjadi ABU!

Yes Brother…that is also my fear. That is why I write what I write. PR needs all the help it can get from us! Keep the RAGE against UMNO-Barisan! Keep the fire burning!

It seems that the more you write the more confused you had become.

No brother I am not confused. I write not to ‘syok sendiri’…there are other things you can do to ‘syok sendiri’ as you would probably know from experience. I write because I have something to say and I am grateful that you all do read what I write  - more so when you take the trouble to leave a comment to agree or to argue rationally against what I write. And I read, listen and hear what you all say – thank you! Every time I read what YOU write, I learn something new…even if it is another way of asking someone to go kiss that part of his anatomy where the sun does not shine.
Begitu juga apa yang telah berlaku kepada En Hussein. Anda telah terpengaruh dengan agenda RPK dan anda sendiri sekarang sedang menulis artikel artikel yang mahu kami penyokong pembangkang mulai curiga terhadap perjuangan mereka.
Do not for a moment think that I write to the drum that Petra beats….not even to the one Anwar or Najib beats. I dance to my own tune, in my own time and in my own way. Sometimes like somebody dancing away when they think nobody is watching but most times more like the waltz -  serene and peaceful. I write what I feel inside me and I am at peace with myself.

Hi steadyaku47,
How do you know that my friends and I are not doing as much as we possibly can to convince and to assure the others that Pakatan Rakyat can be a Good New Federal Government if given a chance?

Of course I do not know! Why not write to me about it earlier so that I know? Why wait until I hantam you and then you turn around and whack me? It is good that you got your husband to go to that DSAI’s ceramah. I know that DSAI can sure talk…and I mean that in the nicest possible way! I just wish you would all write to me about what you do for PR and ABU so that we can each know what the other is doing to assist PR. 

And Shuk I agree with you that most of these guys do not understand what agree to disagree means…so we have to tell them without them knowing that I am telling them –if not they will get more upset!

Uncle Hussein, if everybody is not good. Present Government is not good, Opposition is also not good. Who do I vote for..Cows and Chickens? Not trying to be rude, but I think better I vote for opposition because this goverment has been bad, in fact very bad for far too long.

I agree with you but in the process can we try and make PR a little bit better? Maybe if we aim for the stars we might just make it past Gunung Tahan or even Mount Kinabalu….camna can or not? And for the record Cows and Chicken do not stand for election no matter what you were taught in primary school….monkeys and chimpanzees do. But you will only find them in the UMNO led Barisan Nasional. And Beruks you can find in Perkasa. Do not get me started on Donkeys and Rotting Fishes!

Sein, just because you are in the comfort in the land of plenty over there don't think we Malaysian are naive nor fools mate...

I never play anybody for a fool not do I consider you guys na├»ve because what I do not like to be done to me I do not do unto others. That is why engage you all in discussing what I think is right or wrong with PR in the hope that it will set you guys thinking and hopefully go do something about it – even if it is to leave your thoughts on this blog. I said sometime back that I will focus more on the though process rather then on gutter politics. 

we want abu. nomatterwhat. anwar could kill my mother. he is the only one that can bring down umno. i will support him.

This sentiment worries me. If anybody kills my mother I will hunt them down to the ends of the earth…but maybe what anon is saying here is just to emphasize that he supports DSAI no matter what! Again point taken…you may be die hard supporters of DSAI for PM….so do not get too upset when you meet die hard supporters of Najib for PM…what happens then? Should not common sense rule the day?

Is it the malaysian’s fate to be forever be conned and ruled by UMNO whether from the current UMNO or the new UMNO from PKR

Anyway, all this is very conviced that the current UMNO will NOT allowed itself to be defeated...these warlords would rather perform scorch earth policy than to surrender. The other big warlords in PKR better fold up their dream to be the new kings to start their own rounds of robbing and pillaging.

Yes brother that is what we do not want to happen to our country after the elections – who ever wins! Especially the scorched earth policy. UMNO is already quiet good at this but they call it “Being In Government” policy. There are many ways to skin the cat and skinning a country is the same thing. 

Hussein, DSAI is struggling, if you really want to know. He is, do you notice the physical changes on his face, his head, his hair. The machinery is not oiled well.
Do you not think I know? Do you not think I care? That is why I say that DSAI should be King Maker and not King himself because when he is King Maker then there is no target for Barisan-UMNO to attack with their gutter politics. With DSAI in front PR have been on a stop go stop go progress on the way to the 13th general election….there must be a better way to travel towards Putrajaya. Not in a Rolls Royce all the time but a Lexus would be nice.

At least in you blog all comments are written by your readers who like you and share their thoughts and feelings with you.

When all is said and done I think we are all the better for reading what each of us have written… I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every comment sent to me…..including those that have been unable to express themselves in any other manner other then using those expletives deleted colourful phrases. To each his own.    

This afternoon I discussed with my son Zack how I should write a reply to those comments on “Without Fear or Favour” after having suitably calmed myself down for the last two days. Should I be confrontational or should I accept the fact that you guys are upset by what I wrote and see if we can find common ground to go ahead with our life? Going ahead with our life means I, me and myself  will continue writing without fear or favour and you all continue to hantam me when you think I deserve same.

I decided that common sense was the better side of valour and I will not call any of you guys ‘moronic idiots’  - however much you deserve it! And of course some of you deserve it more that the others but hey, that is my opinion!

Instead I will say this: “Okay guys, point taken!”. This maybe MY blog and MY writing but it is nothing if you guys do not read and comment on what I write. So I write and you read!

For now at least we all agree on one thing. The need for CHANGE. Until my next posting…

Buah Cempedak di luar pagar
Ambil galah tolong jolokan.
Saya Budak baru belajar
Kalau salah tolong tujukan….Peace!


  1. Hi En Hussein,

    Asam kandis mari dihiris,
    Manis sekali rasa isinya,
    Dilihat manis dipandang manis,
    Lebih manis hati budinya En Hussein...

    You're a good man En Hussein..You have no arrogance and thats a sign of Greatness!

    Yes, you're right one thing we agree on is CHANGE!
    and No deviation...
    WE focus and march forward to oust BN-UMNO!!! HIDUP RAKYAT!

  2. l love to read your articles. Everyday l look forward to your contributions. Please keep it coming or it would be very dull for me.

  3. I thought I was dead right you were abandoning us Pak. Yes I was upset not because you've been with us for 3 years but because after 3 years I realised I don't know you anymore. I don't know if you are the one Hussein I know and I don't know for now Pak, for now if you're that Hussein. I'll have to wait for tomorrow and days after tomorrow to see if Hussein is back home again.

  4. "And now comes along some lancheow bins (penis face) announcing lately that ABU means the negation of Malay political power!" - Zorro Unmasked

    Hussein, even Zorro, a friend of yours and RPK have called on the Bullshit of RPK! This guy Zorro has GALLS, he calls a spade a spade no matter friend or foe!

    I know that you say you're not writing riding on RPK's agenda BUT the past few article smells of it. Somehow..those articles is just not YOU!

    You and RPK is so berbeza like langit and bumi! Reading most of your article in your blog gives me an impression of a peace loving, balanced gentleman.. Not like the arrogant, racist, thick skull, holier than thou, obnoxious, pariah RPK?...puit!!! Please dont follow like that SHIT HEAD!

    He doesnt walk his talk pusing pusing all the time.. Bercakap macam Orang pandai..orang lain semuanya salah.. He should go and have a very good look at himself...All Dirt Only!

    Please be yourself..dont be like that Pariah!

  5. mca BOSS tak berani pegi,
    kulinya terpaksa makan cilli padi;
    bodohkah atau otak tak bersendiri !?
    kesian keluaganya mamyak sakit hati !!

    40 tahum langsung tak peduli,
    baru mau sikalang kerana akan UNDI,
    cilaka memang cilaka @#$%^&*,
    mca & batang nasi tak akan diundi-ed !!

  6. BN worked for a while because it was based on herd mentality. I remember in the sixties and seventies when my mum and aunties attended umno gatherings - it was just like a big, big club where nobody opposed the chief but nobody minded anyway. That kind of organization would still work if the chiefs don't start getting greedy and arrogant but they did. Pakatan rakyat on the other hand does not work that way, therefore it looks more chaotic. There's a lot more disagreement, infighting is there for all to see but I see it as a work in progress, a democracy evolving

  7. Sein,

    UMNO-BN has on its side, federal government machinery, a hugh war-chest plus the national treasury, main-stream media etc etc. On top of that the EC is being used by them for gerrymandering and electoral fraud.

    PR is facing an uphill task but we who believe in ABU will work hard to give it a fighting chance. Those who have followed your blog, looked upon you as an ABU guy. We get our daily fixes by reading blogs like yours.

    So when you start to wobble and spin; it was a big disappointment to many of us. RPK has shown his true colours and we have ditched him. We would not hesitate to do likewise to you. If you declared yourself as an ABU advocate, please support all the way. If not, kindly remove the ABU logo from your blog because it is misleading. We do not want another RPK Trojan slimeball among us.

    Support all the way and don't try to plant seeds of doubt in your readers. Once ABU objective has been achieved with UMNO-BN brought down, then you can hentam the PR federal government by being the check and balance. I would gladly join you.

    But before that, please do not wash dirty laundry in public. This fight is a close call, whether you want to believe it or not. In public, support ABU and PR faithfully as a good man will stand by his wife, warts and all. Comprende mate ?

    Tulisan Sein memang dinanti,
    Tepat, jitu bila menghentam,
    Perjuangan ABU, kejayaan dinanti,
    Jika Sein belot, kami hentam.

  8. Hi En Hussein,
    We cannot wait for everything to be perfect first before we make the change. We have to make the change at this GE13 as Malaysia cannot continue to go on with the Govt. or my children will have no future here.

    Therefore we have to take Anwar warts and all and hope for the best I believe they will definitely be good during their 1st term in office but off course after 2, 3 terms then they may become another UMNO, that we do not know.

    The first thing is to show the people that life goes on without UMNO and once people see that, they will not be hestitate to change any future govt. if that govt. does not perform.


  9. Wow...the comments here are almost unbelievable !

    Tell me whether this is hypocrisy -one the one hand, these people here assured SteadyAku that this is his blog after all, he has the perfect right to write whatever he wants...then in the same breath, they issue warnings that they would hantam the blogger teruk teruk if he dares to write stuff that did not please their ears !

    Does the quality of supporters reflect the quality of their leaders ? Kalau macam tu, what's the difference between UMNO and PKR ?

    One even said that criticism can be directed against the opposition coalition ONLY after it has become the ruling government.

    Aiya...these people's concept of 'democracy' sebiji macam democracy Umno lah. Enough said !

  10. "Aiya...these people's concept of 'democracy' sebiji macam democracy Umno lah. Enough said !" - Anon 2:39

    Hi Friends..The Troll is back! Remember this troll ?
    This troll is the same one From Husseins Article: Without Fear Or Favour.

    He/She/It is is the same Anon as
    Sunday-7:27, 9:05, 9:50, 11:17, 12:19, 4:11, 4:16
    Monday 12:19, 4:11, 5:39, 9:40,
    Tuesday 1:49
    Wednesday 12.42

    This RPK or RPK agent dahlah bengap, push his way membabi buta. He is So ill mannered and this troll is so damn angry because he's unable to make Hussein become his clone.... so he SPEWs incoherently while Foaming from the mouth..striking everybody like a wounded King KOng the APE just because his foolish ideology is not accepted!

    You obviously dont understand how to interact amicably with others. Dont you? Where do you come from? Some low lying slump area in the hutan? Kesian sama lu...tsk..tsk..tsk...

    Perhap even in real life also kaki gadoh and have no friends...maybe even family also want to run away from you tthats why you're so tied up and so angry... I pity you...

  11. "....then in the same breath, they issue warnings that they would hantam the blogger teruk teruk if he dares to write stuff that did not please their ears ! " - Anon 2:39

    Dear Anonymous 2:39, Please read Husseins article carefully. This is what he said,

    "......Going ahead with our life means I, me and myself  will continue writing without fear or favour and you all continue to hantam me when you think I deserve same. " - Hussein

    Now, why are you hopping MAD about readers making comment here? Hussein is such a sport, he doesnt mind sparring with his readers. Unlike RPK who cannot tahan if readers make comment about him. Are you him or his tali barut? You're so like him! Like Two Peas In A Pod.

    Dont be too harsh on others my friend, because it reflects badly on you. You are only hurting yourself.... An Unhappy Person Is An Angry Person......Cheers!

  12. Yawwwwwwnnnn!! Your blog is becoming a real bore HH. You said that it is not a syiok sendiri blog, I think it is. You know that you will get a lot of comments only when and I say again only when you whack Anwar and/or PKR. So every now and then you do just that tapi same story every time. Dah naik muak dahhh.
    I now get my highs on ABU by reading the likes of Sakmongkol and Donplaypuk, not this old joker anymore

  13. "Now, why are you hopping MAD about readers making comments here?" - said Amazed-88

    Aiya Mr Amazed, me hopping mad ? Hopping mad because readers of SteadyAku made comments here ? Hahaha.

    Come on, Amazing-88, surely you can do better than coming out with that senseless accusation, haha. But then, in the previous post, you DID accuse me of being some other Anon ( who i think signed off with ASR ), without a shred of evidence, remember ? So it is hardly amazing that you should again put your foot in your mouth again, haha.

    It is YOU who should read CAREFULLY what i wrote, okay ? I wrote that there are commentators here who have the gall to warn the blogger to 'behave' and not write stuff that are displeasing to them and their 'cause'. And yet in the same breath, they admitted that the blogger has every right to pen whatever he wants as this is, after all, his blog.

    So which part of the above that you don't understand ? Where was the 'hopping MAD about readers making comments here' come from ?

    Hey, this ain't my blog la....why should i be MAD about readers wanting to make comments here ? Commenting ON some of the comments made here is wrong ? So debating is wrong ? Pointing what what's wrong is wrong ?

    So mr Amazed-88, please next time don't put foot in mouth again, eh ? Twice is more than enough, haha.

    Cheers to you too

    (PS : And that Anon 3:21 AM - hahaha - what can one say after reading his wild,raving rant ? He is even more AMAZING than you, Mr Amazed-88. Quite amusing that he could conclude that i could be RPK himself, or if not, then i am his agent, bwahahaha. And he goes on about my failure to make Hussein my clone ? Uhh ? What's that 'clone' stuff all about ? And i was SO angry 'cos my 'foolish ideology' is not accepted ? What IDEOLOGY la ? LOL.

    I think i have to pity Anwar and PKR for having such raving supporters, heheheh ).

  14. Woit Anon 7:28, ko ni giler tahap cipan.. Apakebenda ko cam babi tersasar..kah..kah..kah.... Bengong siot...wakaka...ka....

  15. M dear friend Anon 7:28....
    Reading your comment, Anyone with an ounce of human brain know that you're hopping mad. When a person is hopping mad he or she becomes emotional and cannot see the woods from the tree.... oh yes, the foot is also not only in the mouth BUT way..way SOUTH...

    Lighten up mate, dont be too hard on yourself...Why so unhappy? Perpetual discontentment and unhappiness can morph a human into one helluva angry monster...

    Have a good day my friend... Cheers!

  16. Anon 7:28... AUTA...Foulmouth UNTA!!!

  17. Spoilsport la lu Anon 7:28. I bet you you got no friends one arr... Team spirit zero... KeRa SumBang one meh.....

  18. Hoi lu Anon 7.28! Lu tak dak kawan mali sini cari gaduh..PUIT! Lu cakap ta lak point la apek...olang cakap lain lu cakap lain... Gila la lu...Tanjung Lambutan mali LOL...

  19. Stay united, always keep our eyes on the prize (regime change through non-violent, democratic means).

    We can sort out our differences through give-and-take and compromise later.

    ABU !

    Phua Kai Lit

  20. Stay united, always keep our eyes on the prize (regime change through non-violent, democratic means).

    We can sort out our differences through give-and-take and compromise later.

    ABU !

    Phua Kai Lit

  21. Anon March 28, 2012 7:28:00 AM GMT+10:30

    Aiyah... I hentam Sein like a friendly hentam. Doesn't leave any bruises at all.

    Anon... do you know what loyalty means? Sein proudly wears the ABU badge; yet sometimes he 'nyanyuk' and repeats unfounded allegations against ABU and PR. With the present UMNO-BN controlled police and MACC; even a whiff of evidence will land PR leaders behind bars pronto.

    So we do feel disappointed when an ABU advocate repeats these allegations. If we want to read such wild unfounded allegations, there are enough of those in pro UMNO-BN blogs and even in the MSM.

    Loyalty is akin when you wear a wedding band on your finger; you don't go f**king around anymore.

    So Anon 7.28, please go back to your handler and get your daily ration. When you are at the bottom of the UMNO-BN food chain as a lowly cybertrooper, you are only good for scraps.


  22. We all know who bashes Anwar/PKR better than Hussein? We can read some other blogs and they are more ruthless than Hussein is mild. So if Hussein cannot write it best, Hussein better stop being the echoer of RPK in bashing Anwar/PKR. TAG is right, Hussein should counter attack RPK like Zorro, Donplaypuks and Sakmongkol did. They dare to teach RPK a lesson. But Hussein will never go against RPK for RPK has posted Hussein's post in his blog not only recently but as far as I can remember, Hussein's post had been appearing in RPK's almost every now and then since the beginning of steadyaku47. Hussein has been superimposing RPK and RPK has been promoting Hussein. I don't expect steadyaku47 is franchising RPK recipe because I still have a little faith in Hussein that he is not a frog blogger as RPK.

  23. Yes, insults seem to go with the territory but it doesn't have to be. You stomach the rude comments well, HH. Hats off to you for taking it in your stride!

    What I find telling when reading various blogs is:
    1) the command of English (or lack there of) in which Malaysians attempt to communicate
    2) the inability to process and comprehend the gist or "meat" of the articles at first read.
    3) accountability and ownership of comments

    We are all the products of the great Malaysian education system. You can judge from the comments what vintage the writers hail from. You can identify those who hail from the TAR era, the Anwar (as MoE) era and the Mahathir era.

    I am not criticising the many Anons who comment. In fact I laud you for making the effort to speak up. I am criticising the system that failed to make you more competent and confident in languages and in thought.
    I am criticising the system that spoon fed you, lulling you into umno "yes" rakyat.
    I am also criticising the system that has taught our young to forget how to show civility and respect to their elders.
    That is why I want ABU. Our young minds are deteriorating under this regime and we have to stop it.

    We are becoming emotionally charged and edgy over every new article HH and RPK turn out as we close in on the GE.

    Stop and take a deep breath before proceeding.....
    Read the articles twice, three times. There is no shame in not understanding the articles or tangent taken by the writers. If you are still unclear of the meaning/message in the article, read and learn to analyse the comments of seasoned commentators first. Commentators speak up to dissect or illustrate or elaborate or provide additional facts so that the article is understood by a wider audience. This is part of learning to think and write critically. Everyone goes through this stages of learning.

    Ownership and accountability of our comments. Beware of the internet! Whatever said in haste is recorded for life and cannot be erased (unlike immigration records).

    Let us make the effort not to be like umno soldiers in thought and behaviour and action.

  24. Sir,

    Apadah jadi ni?

    Kena faham Sun Zhu Art of War dulu.

    Get rid of ABU first and let PR helms Putrajaya.

    After that baru jadi watch dog yang bagus.

    Mana ada parti yang sempurna 100%? So, let us not lose focus on the objectives.

    Asyik kutuk PR sekarang, mana boleh jadi?

  25. Malachindian, dont patronize us! English is not our mother tongue and your english is not that great either.... So please dont kid yourself!!!

    Even most people with English as their mother tongue cant write well..

    You're a presumptuous TWERP!

  26. Woit ko Malachindian....Poorah....ko ni hipokrat... ABU kepala bapak ko! Ko ni RPK punya baruah...
    Ko tak payah nak ajar kita.
    Orang macam ko ni jenis menaguk di air keruh je...

  27. Nobody wants you as a teacher Malachindian!... Shameless fella self appointing Yourself. You are no ABU, your ABU is RPK's Shit!

    GO FUCK OFF!!!

  28. LOL.

    Stupid mixed race guy - totally bitter and angry that he is not a full Chinese.

    No balls to confront his parent's perversion but comes here to 'try' and harass others.


    ASR ( Anti Self Racism .... now you KNOW WHAT IT MEANS )

  29. Untuk perhatian pembaca blog Steadyaku47. Malachindian ini merupakan salah seorang dari tali barut dan baruah RPK.
    Apa agenda mereka?
    Agenda mereka ialah untuk melemahkan Pakatan Rakyat dengan memburukburukkan Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Ini merupakan satu dakyah supaya orangramai tidak mahu mengundi Pakatan Rakyat kerana PKR.

    Namun kita mesti ingat, secara tradisinya PAS dilihat sebagai parti Islam dan DAP pula dilihat sebagai parti Cina. Tidak semua rakyat Malaysia bijak dalam berpolitik seperti anda pembaca blog ini. Jadi, dalam perikatan PR, PKR adalah penting untuk rakyat yang masih takut dengan bayangan racism. Memang ada kelemahan dalam PKR, begitu juga dalam mana mana parti politik yang lain namun untuk menyahkan BN-UMNO, PKR masih relevan.

    Tujuan RPK dan kuncu kuncunya seperti Malachindian ialah untuk memastikan rakyat menjadi celaru, terutamanya penyokong Parti Pembangkang. Maka apabila asyik diasaknya dan diburuk burukan PKR, akan lemahlah Pakatan Rakyat dan sekaligus memberi kemenangan kepada BN-UMNO!

    Saya banyak mengikuti komen Malachindian dalam blog blog Pembangkang, saya lihat seperti disini juga dia cuba mempengaruhi kita penyokong Parti Pembangkang supaya TERMAKAN jarum halus yang cuba ditusuk agar kita hilang keyakinan dengan perjuangan parti pembangkang. Mulut cakap ABU tetapi yang sebenarnya mahu tumbangkan PR! Mahu beri kemenagan kepada BN-UMNO...

    BN-UMNO mengupah orang macam RPK dan kuncu kuncunya untuk cuba pengaruhi kita kerana pada pendapat mereka lebih mudah untuk pengaruhi penyokong parti pembangkang melalui Orang orang yang dianggap pro opposition.

    Cuba anda perhatikan komen komen Malachindian, anda pasti tahu apa yang sedang saya perkatakan. Kuncu RPK ini takut Hussein sudah mulai nampak tembelang RPK. Beberapa artikel Hussein telah mula memuntahkan agenda RPK...RPK dan kuncu kuncunya takut akan hilang pengaruh mereka keatas Hussein.

    Haris Ibrahim, Zorro dan beberapa lagi sahabat RPK sudah mulai sedar akan agenda RPK...

    Kita jangan beri peluang kepada penghianat penghianat ABU ini untuk melemahkan Parti Pembangkang jika kita mahu menamatkan kuasa ReJim BN-UMNO!

  30. Ini Tasmanian Hantu, RPK cuba tulis bahasa! Itu pun bunyi bunyi tin beer kosong menyanyi!

  31. HH,

    In any organization or political party, there are some good ones and some bad ones. In UMNO, there are no good ones at all, period. But in Pakatan, there are some good ones. So instead of demonizing the whole Pakatan, why don't you give encouragement to the good ones so that they can continue to strengthen their resolve to even be better. And perhaps, these good ones will be able to rub their "goodness" on the not so good ones in Pakatan.

    We have had 50+ years of BN and we are still in the wilderness compared with the rest of the world. Some even suggested that we have regressed and looking at recent events, it is not surprising to think that we have indeed gone backwards by a good 30 years.

    So HH, give Pakatan a break once in a while. Pakatan is not perfect nor ideal and they never will be but when we have 50+ years of crap and bullshit thrown at us by the so-called BN leaders, a little fresh air is better than nothing.

  32. How Fast We Forget...... - RPK

    This tongue twister shitmouth is goarding PR again! Ya I must say :

    How fast we forget who RPK was before he pretends to champion for opposition against BN-UMNO.
    When he was in Terengganu, living as a so called Ali Baba businessman, how did he get business? Why..of course just like any other UMNO goons ! He was very much involved with THE MALAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MALAYSIA... Yes, thus slime ball cari makan through the normal UMNOPUTRA method of cronyism.....

    Of couse, finally he had a fall out with them..just like how he is wherever he susahlah nak cari makan pun go down the drain and he had to live off his poor wife. Despicable bastard!

  33. RPK did not discover Anwar was bad just today, likewise Hussein too had known the bad Anwar since time immemorial. But why now RPK started to hound Anwar? It's not how fast we forget, it's how fast he forget he was faster than any coward to backstab a friend.

  34. Salam,

    Dengan apa yang telah berlaku didalam negara ini yang mana pemimpin parti yang memerintah dipenuhi perasuah tegar, penyelewangan dan salahguna kuasa maka eloklah disingkirkan mereka dari terus berkuasa.

    Menyokong Anwar tidak bererti menyokong membabibuta. Setakat ini only Anwar yang tahu apa nak buat jika berkuasa kelak. Tentunya selepas itu akan ada pelapis untuk meneruskan agenda pemerintahan yang benar-benar lebih Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah.

  35. Salam tuan,

    Setiap insan itu akan ada keburukan dan kelemahan masing-masing di masa lampau. Itu cerita lama. Proses hidup yang dilalui Anwar amat dahsyat yang tidak pernah dilalui oleh mana-mana manusia selain Mendela. Dihina, dipukul, difitnah seisi keluarga. Saya percaya Anwar belajar banyak perkara dalam hidupnya. Berikan beliau peluang untuk memperbetulkan keadaan negara yang hampir musnah. Berikan peluang.. jika gagal, maka rakyat tahu apa nak buat..selepas itu.

  36. Hi En Hussein,
    My apologise to you if you think I had whacked you. In fact your article didn't seem like you had hamtum me/us at all.I thought it was interesting and uou were just expressing your thoughts.What my friends and I usually does is firstly, we would print out interesting articles/news from the internet and with the permission of the coffee shop proprietors we would pass the printed articles to their customers. Secondly, we would take photos of dirty clogged drains, dirty environment, dangerous pot holes etc etc etc still unattended to for years.Then after showing these photos to other casual friends, neighbours and whoever we meet on the street, we would assure them that all these will be corrected once Pakatan Rakyat forms the next new young Federal Government or at least the new State Government(N.S.) for that matter. We the Rakyat will make sure that we will be heard this time.Besides that, when we chat with people we also show them Opposition newpapers so that they will be aware of the work of Opposition Aduns and MP. Perhaps to some people those are simple problems which I had just mentioned above, but actually those simple problems are the problems voters always remembers and grumbles about just before they cast their votes. Ok just to name a few..My apologise once again En Hussein :-)

  37. "Let us make the effort not to be like umno soldiers in thought and behaviour and action.
    ABU!" - by Malchindian

    Jangan harap la....these PR soldiers here are the exact twin of the Umno soldiers.

    When they get a whiff that Malchindian's version of ABU is not the exact version of their ABU, albeit Pro Opposition, this is simply not good enough for them! It MUST be their kind of ABU....absolutely no criticism, no matter how valid, of their idol leader and his chosen blue-eyed lieutenants. Like the 3 Monkeys, they want all pro opposition supporters to not see, hear or speak evil of their chosen leaders.

    So just like how they hantam-ed SteadyAku with derogatory terms of orang tua, nyanuk, mentah etc....true to form, they descended like rampaging locusts to 'devour' Malchindian with abandoned viciousness, with one even lashing out that Malchindian is a 'stupid mixed race guy'...a product of 'his parent's perversion'.

    So, jangan harap la these fanatical bunch will accept your sound advice, Malchindian.

  38. Hi En Hussein,
    I am sorry ...spelling error..It should be " hantam " and not
    " hamtum "

    Yawwnnn 2.13 am wonder:-)

    Good night

  39. For 50 odd years we have seen what BN has done to our beloved country and the verdict is that we do not like where this country is heading towards under the stewardship of these people. We now want to vote in a new government and let them rule for 5 years. If we do not like what we see the rakyat will have another chance to change it in GE14.

  40. Hey, its not that we opposition supporters are blind or moronic BUT > 50years of BN-UMNO is enough more than enough. Time to chop this gangrene off.

    Malachindian's form of Abu or Anon 4:30 is actually RPK's ABU... This is not ABU, the true spirit of ABU is sorely missing but what these people have is lip service ABU!

    Their "looking for needle in haystack" bashing of the opposition stinks BECAUSE now is not the right time especially when elections is near and BN-UMNO with its mighty election machinery is perfuming every misdeed and whitewashing it and pulping the opposition. So how could these so called Lip service ABU people say they're doing the opposition a favour?

    You help BN-UMNO wack the opposition at this most inappropriate time and you expect us to believe your fight for ABU to be genuine?

  41. That PAS ceramah I wrote about, where we helped to paint to spruce up the place was a success.It was the first PAS ceramah I attended too and it was an eye opener. Although there were many quotes from the Quran and Hadis, it didnt become a religious sermon. It was people oriented,it was logical, it was pertinent to the issues confronting us now.At first,people trickled in, shyly,but the number soon swelled and since there were no chairs, they stood, they sat on the grass, and on the mats some of them brought.

  42. Hussein, I understand you but you too must understand that Fruit drops from the tree when it is ready. Staying too long, or moving too early, misses the mark. The mark is the appropriateness that causes the fruit to fall when it's ready... The process has its own timing, and it creates changes in our life when those changes need to happen.

    For now its time to dispose off BarisaN-UMNO regime!!!
    ABU! ABU! ABU!

  43. For a fairly substantial number of the urbanites who had been voting opposition ever since, the tsunami of 2008 is quite the defining moment to them.

    They are even willing to embrace PAS although a theocracy state is totally anathematic to them. Just for the sake of having a winning chance to bring down the corrupt-to-the-core UMNO/BN, they put their trust in PAS' coalition partners to ensure that PAS will not later swing to the extreme right.

    However, even as early as 4 years back, certain 'developments' in PKR (especially) have given rise to great unease. Their suspicion that all is not well with and within PKR has unfortunately increased with time and culminated with the coming GE and PKR's defacto leader's fallout with many of his one-time allies and even the influencial blogger RPK.

    It is quite misleading to assume that RPK with his influencial writing is leading the pack and that these disaffected are marching to his drum beat.

    As can be gleaned from RPK's writing lately, he HAD been keeping mum on some of the PKR's (and some of PAS') darkest secrets and it is only NOW that when there's a falling out that all the skeletons come tumbling out.

    But to those on the ground who had been all this while genuinely wanting a credible government to lead the country away from its seemingly destructive path to ruin lead by Umno and its cohorts, it is most disconcerting to find criticism levelled at them for NOT following 'the true spirit of ABU'.

    When a leader who is supposed to be the embodiment of REFORMASI, who lives, eats and breathes Democracy, Transparency, Accountablility, Equal 'demonstrated' so VOCALLY by that leader himself on all the ceramahs and every interviews here and internationally, it behoves upon him to walk the talk. But disappointedly, time and time again he fails to walk the talk. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

    So in the spirit of true ABU, the rakyat must speak up, must point out, so that we don't make the very same mistake we made with BN/Umno....when we let them grow into the monster it is now we cannot control. And please don't come back with that drivel about 'better a smaller evil than a bigger evil' etc etc...this is nonsensical and not in the least helpful.

    So let's not be like the 3 Monkies...hear,see and speak no evil. It would be to our detriment if we still continue to act this way - 50 years acting this way is more than enough.

    PR should strengthen their own coalition and put up good and credible leaders. This GE13 should hopefully see them denying BN the two thirds majority and thereafter, after the GE, they should clean house THOROUGHLY. This country is too precious to just allow the GE be just an opportunity for those who lusts after power, extreme wealth and exacting personal vendattas to achieve their own personal goals.


    WHY NOW? Why does the BASTARD SOB RPK and his hyena dogs, decide to go for the oppositions jugular when election is so close?

    Stop pretending you hipocrate Anon 6:16!

    THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO CAUSE FACTION AMONG THE OPPOSITION SUPPORTERS...nor is it the time to drive away the fencesitters.

    What you and your two timing bastard leader RPK is trying to do is to break apart the solidarity of Opposition supporters... We know your agenda.


  45. "So let's not be like the 3 Monkies...hear,see and speak no evil. It would be to our detriment if we still continue to act this way - 50 years acting this way is more than enough."-Anon 6:16

    Oi Anon 6:16, Are your drunk or stoned? Its precisely why we want to get rid of BN-UMNO regimr..We've had enough of their plunderings, nepotism, cronyism.. > 50 years of them is enough!

    What has PR got to do with your statement "50 years acting this way is more than enough"?

    Have PR ever formed the Government?
    How do you know they wont form good government if they win?
    Are you God/Tuhan/The Creator?
    Can you see the future?

    You are just vommiting RPKs words and it smells of VENDETTA laced with the pretensions of ABU!

    Tell RPK to stop conning US with his SPIN...useless BUM

  46. btw.

    POLICE where the F are you ?

    Robbers, Aggressive beggars - Maluri, Pandan Indah, Cempaka, the road between PI and lembah maju.

    They are lying in wait to ambush people, must we maim one of these Fkrs before you arrest them ?

  47. Boring lah engkau ni Anon 6:16...... balik balik cerita sama..cerita sama cerita sama...
    Betul betul punya Sandiwara Semasa engkau dengan tuan guru engkau si BANGSAT RPK!

  48. Woit sengal Anon 6:16! Apakejadah ko merapu rapu meroyan ni? Ko dapat apa jilat pelir si RPK..Ah? mampus lah ko!!! Puit!!!

  49. Hu..Hu..Hu... Where does this Clown anonymous 6:16 comes from... Planet of the Apes?
    Send in the clowns!
    Ye..RPKs clowns are trolling all over the pro opposition blogs....Watch out for them!

  50. "So let's not be like the 3 monkeys...."-Anon 6:16

    Anon 6:16, You are the monkey..APING the slimeball RPK!... Go Ape the JAMBAN perhaps!

  51. Heheheh....see the response from these Anwar/PKR hardcore ! Absolutely no difference from the spews pouring out from the other side of the divide except for the appropriate name/s change.

    Well, you hardcores are not my target audience preference is for the sane, the rational, the non-fanatical, the non-hypocritical, and those who genuinely believes in upright and clean leaders who speaks and act out what he/she preaches.

    Thankfully, there are still such people around in good ole Malaysia....the so-called fence sitters whom these 30% fanatical hardcores from BOTH sides think are 'easy meat' for them to manipulate. Jangan harap la....heheheh.

  52. Stop driveling here..Malchindian/Anon 6:16/Anon 8:51
    We dont need RPKs watchdog here.

    Hey Cahooting morons!.....go sell your spins and atrocius lies to unsuspecting fools... Your preferance is not for the sane or rational but for the spineless, brainless idiots.....
    We know what RPK and his lieutenants like you are trying to do! You're a bunch of vindictive goons!

  53. "Well, you hardcores are not my target audience la" - Anon 8:51

    Finally you show your true colors eh..coming here and trying to influence us thinking that we're stupid enough to eat out of your hands....blinking fool arent you? Take your agenda the monkeys in the zoo. One more thing..since you're at it, Why not bring along your boss RPK and put him in the Orang Utan enclosure. Make sure he's in never know he might attack innocent bystanders....He's a rabid orang hutan...

  54. Sein, see what you have done. You've put people at loggerheads. Is this what you want? It is surely what RPK wants but I believe your conscience is stronger than his.

  55. Heheheh.....these blind mice accuse others of being blind, these fools accuse others of being idiots, these are the dregs represented by one of their kind who said that said even if Anwar were to kill his mother, it's perfectly OK !

    Huh, it's OK for his leader to kill his own mother as long as his leader achieve the goal he and his kind wanted. And one even said that even if Anwar or his cohorts were to steal, they steal LESS than UMNO and so by stealing less, there would at least be some left for the Rakyat.

    SteadyAku wasted his breath by exhorting them to aim for the sky or the stars....such that even if they can't reach that high a bar, at least, because they aim high, they could reach gunung tahan etc.

    Looks like these ilks aim for the navel and end up grovelly at the feet of their Pied low is their standard.

  56. Anon 10:31, You're the one who's BLIND AS A BAT! Speak for yourself, you Oxymoron. You're RPKs henchman..grovelling at his arse, kissing his shit..licking his boots..beholden by his speech and taking in his spit when he starts foaming at the mouth...Heheheh

  57. You Anon 10:31..You say we aim for the naval..You better ah..You aim straight for RPKs flaccid Lanchow! FAGGOT!

  58. Gosh how ridiculous can this clown Anon 10:31 be. We dont want to aim for the sky where politics are concerned.....Only LUNATICS do that.

    I suggest why dont Anon 10:31, Malachindian, and all RPKs puppet, headed by RPK the Rasputin himself....aim for the sky and go build the Sky Kingdom like Ayah Pin.. They can all end up having orgies with each other!!!

  59. pak hussein, jenguk-jenguk la ke sini...

  60. Heheheh.....stew in your own juices, guys ! hehe.

    I know, i know....v naughty of me for teasing, but who could resist a wee bit of taunting when you guys are SO predictable.....

    You know what - should you guys be victorious and your Great One do finally occupy the throne in Putrajaya, you guys will retain not only all the Acta2 like the Printing Press Act, the Official Secret Act...this Act and that Act, but will ensure there will be a WWW Act as well such that the likes of those who disagree with you will be banned from voicing their opinions online, right ? Hehehe.

    The Good vs the Evil ? Konon nya.

  61. RPK bastard! Its you again? This time as Anon 12:25..... Go stew your own juices if you've got any left! Tua Kutuk Tak Sedar Diri.... You're a GONER!

  62. Mana si RPK got stew left...All dried up maa... All shriveled up like his Brains..BRAIN DEAD!

  63. Aiyah! Why so bodoh one Ah? - RPK

    Aiya RPK, you're a drunkard! You smoke like the chimney of yesterday.. Your fat face is a face of A Pimp! People who no you from the past knows of the immoral life you live.. Your womanising, your drinking..your vices are a plenty... You're nothing but a foul mouth DRUNK!!!

  64. Anon 12:43...."RPK bastard! It's you again ?"

    Coming round again with that drivel ? Haha.

    Nevermind about whether i am so and so, according to your logical deduction of 1+1 = 5, at the very least debate or comment on the CONTENTS rather than just howling away using foul and abusive language resorting to name calling.

    But then, this is the nature of the beast.....if not, how to qualify as the fanatical 30% PR hardcore, the exact twin of the Umno fanatical hardcore at the other end ?

    Carry on guys...heheheh. Flood the comment section with your howlings and your 'colorful' bashing. Happy commenting.

  65. Uncle Hussein, thank you for replying to me. I dont want to vote for cows or chicken or monkeys or Orang Utans... I want to vote for PR.

    I like reading Uncle Zorro's blog, he is true opposition supporter.
    He says - VOTE FOR THE BEST? PAKATAN FOR SURE! ABU! - March 29, 2012 10:03 AM

    I believe him and shall vote for PR! My family including Ah Gong and Ah Ma...will also vote for PR.

    Take care Uncle Hussein.

  66. The blogger has consistently said that Anwar could have been kingmaker, fast-tracked Nurul , led the opposition to putrajaya and then become senior advisor to the new cabinet ending his days victoriously.
    But he hasn't taken that road. And to a large degree, his supporters have not allowed him that option. It's king or nothing for them. While he is in the forefront, he will be a target for umno to take shots at whether it be sex, finance or political scandals. Pity the man la. You anwar loyalists are stressing him out and making him haggard, looking 10 yrs older.
    These umno cousins in PKR can only think one way, the umno way. There is young talent in PKR but greatly overshadowed by their seniors i.e. these umno cousins.
    You notice something different about MB Khalid these days? All that whacking from RPK and brother RIK, inside and outside, has actually improved him. Sikit demi sikit lama2 jadi bukit. Even the civil servants are starting to work with him, not against him. Selangor royal house has "picked" their man. Faham tak, AA?Some people can see the big picture now.
    So how about the umno cousins in PKR? The minute kena whack over shady sand deals and missing council money, semua lompat and send it their own cybertroopers. Ini dipanggil knee-jerk reaction. Tak jauh beza Umno reaction kan?

  67. ......send it their own cybertroopers- mozzigard

    Mozzigard, Speak for yourself....perhaps you're one of them from the other side of the fence..of course!

  68. on ! The young talents in PKR - still uncorrupted - should be the ones to be groomed and given a chance - but mana ada chance la, have less chance than a snowball in hell, when the Anwar's blue-eyed boy and his coterie have completely booked all the front seats and intend to rule for the next 50 years.

    Actually these Umno cousins are the UMNO taikos before the BIG falling out in 1998...they were in the 'game' decades ago with their own set of cronies and their own hidden stash of billions safely stored away overseas.

    What choice these Umno cousins have other than cooperate with PAS and DAP to make their way back, singing the REFORMASI song.When thieves fight, the losing thief will have to form a new opposing team for the comeback.

    In the very beginning, huge sympathy and support were given to these 'cousins' but these sentiments were worn thin when their UNNO colours started to show.

    Kesian DAP dan PAS. They too have no choice. But to achieve their dream of kicking out BN, they should first attend to the 'sick man' in their midst - PKR. For GE 13, to maintain the status quo of denying BN the two thirds is nothing short of miraculous.

  69. can make comments but your comments must be truthful! RPK seldom drinks....maybe a glass of beer or a glass of wine. Burt he does not do drinks the way I do! He is no drunkard. He can do without alcohol.You can criticize the man for what you perceived him to be but do not malign him with untruths.

  70. Heheh...good one Zorro ! All your fans here love your steadfast-ness in your consistent call for ABU as they see it; and praise you to no end for it which undoubtedly you deserve.

    But the respect rises a notch higher when you admonish those hooligans here for their famed extremism. But be warned....heheh...all these will slide down like water off the backs of ducks, no effect at all on them, so hell bent are they to demonise those who disagree with them.

  71. All this rantings against RPK is because they loved him (once upon a time). Those who have never been betrayed will not know how awful it feels to be let down by someone you love and respect. Since I have never cared for RPK, it doesnt matter to me what he does or doesnt do these days, but for those who admired and listened to his every word find it a bitter pill to swallow that he can turn and twist (like every other human being I guess)

  72. Anon 10:15, You're gloating for what? 
    Zorro is just comparing RPKs drinking to himself. Its a matter of semantics. How much of alcohol intake is considered much or excessive by an individual depends on the persons culture, race and religion. 

    I must say the rubbish RPK is writing and the way he responds to the comment of readers in his blog is definitely like a drunkard oxymoron! (his favourite word).

    In fact Anon 10:15, you are also another hooligan!

  73. "If you are not with me, you are against me."

    Betrayal ? What about those who trusted Anwar completely ? And when he spurned them after their usefulness is over, isn't that also betrayal ?

  74. I agree with you Anon 12:15. I too can understand how they feel because I happen to one of those pained by what RPK is doing.

    During the free Anwar campaign.. my friends and I helped out by donating whatever we could afford. We went for rallies..Was inflicted by tear gas, running around, chased by FRU like criminals...We guys just couldnt tolerate the atrocities, the misuse of power by the Barisan-UMNO bastards anymore.
    It wasnt that we're besotted with Anwar but what happened to him was an eye opener and opened the Pandoras box. Suddenly we could see how corrupt this Barisan government is, the misuse of the judiciary was being used at Mahathirs disposal etc....

    We are putting in whatever effort we can at the grassroot level, helping out at PRs ceramah as volunteers.. trying our very best to help PR oust Barisan-UMNO regime...AND what RPK is doing feels like a stab in the chest for us....

    We are just normal wage earner, we dont have the luxury of being a blogger who have the time to sit...drink...dreaming whatever idealism one can dream of.... All we can do is whatever time we can get off from our daily responsibilites we try to help make the malaysian dream come true! of course we bocome angry with bloggers like RPK.

    We see it as backstabbing and unravelling the efforts of thousands of Malaysians!

  75. " The young talents in PKR - still uncorrupted - should be the ones to be groomed and given a chance - but mana ada chance la, have less chance than a snowball in hell, when the Anwar's blue-eyed boy and his coterie have completely booked all the front seats and intend to rule for the next 50 years. "

    True - the part about wankmaster and his cronies = yes.

    Especially that stupid daughter of his - she will be nothing but a puppet control by his wankness himself


  76. ASR,

    Nothing for you is right. Anwar tak boleh, Nurul Izzah tak boleh, the other PR leaders tak boleh. So who do you think is right? Muhydin? KJ? Chua Soi Lek? Khir Toyo? Mokhzani? Yen Yen? Ibrahim Ali?

  77. Especially that stupid daughter of his - she will be nothing but a puppet control by his wankness himself - ASR(Anon 6:44)

    ASR(Anon 6:44), You have shown...your true colours!.... Finally, all your bickering here, all your drivel about PKR, your disrespectful name calling to other commenters here...

    It all boils down to envy, vindictiveness and self serving interest. Who is your handler? Getting enough scraps?

  78. Am Anon said :

    "Zorro is just comparing RPKs drinking to himself. Its a matter of semantics. How much of alcohol intake is considered much or excessive by an individual depends on the persons culture, race and religion.

    I must say the rubbish RPK is writing and the way he responds to the comment of readers in his blog is definitely like a drunkard oxymoron! (his favourite word).

    In fact Anon 10:15, you are also another hooligan!"

    Aiya...why all the beating about the bush la. Be straightforward like Zorro.... he had indicated he KNOWS rpk personally and he knows just how much rpk drinks. And he knows rpk is NOT a drunkard and zorro should know better the defination of 'DRUNKARD' !

    So cut out that crap about Semantics, Race, Religion and Culture.....and all the holier-than-thou crap. Acting as though YOU personally have known rpk and mix around with him eh ?

    The message given out is to always stick to the truth, nothing but the truth whether one criticizes or praises someone or something.

    Enough oredy la....go to the next posting and write something about the atrocious behaviours and characters of the New Malays, heheheh.

  79. Woit Anon 8:00, Apakejadah ko ni Bangsat! Ko ni dahlah sengal, bengap plak. Ko nak hisap pelir si RPK tu ko isap sorang je...ko jgn nak meroyan..merogeh..mengongkang kat sini. Ko pi tunggang ngan RPK... Haramjadah punya mamat bangsat!

  80. Now now, Anon 11:48 PM

    Keep your cool la....ko ni, sebiji macam Umno cybertrooper, heheheh. They too are very fond of mangamuk-ing, just lashing je, but substance tu kosong....why not counter on the content instead of name calling eh?

    Tak hairan la....sama je ngan Umno tu. Dah la tu....learn some manners and keep cool ya. Kalau tidak, buat malu je for your gang2 tu.

  81. Anon 1:20, You are the ill mannered one. Jangan baling bath sembunyi tangan la. You are the UMNO Cybertrooper. You flame this blog and cause anger to other readers.
    Jangan BERPURA PURA ya.....

  82. Hoi Anon 1:20

    Siapa baling batu sembunyi tangan ni ?

    Isn't it your gang that flame stuff like this - "ko ni Bangsat! Ko ni dahlah sengal, bengap plak. Ko nak hisap pelir si RPK tu"...and if you care to scroll back, see more of the same kind...semua tadak substance but plenty of foul-language name calling, and even run down this blog owner by labelling him 'orang tua, nyanyuk, mental..' etc.

    Kebanyakan umno cybertrooper pun same same la. 2X5 je.

    If ONLY both sides of such intolerant mindless fanatics get to be 'cancelled' out with each other, peace will descend upon this country and let the rest of us to live in peace.

    Haha, one can only dream la.

    Bye bye

  83. All politicians are shit

    ASR !

  84. What a sorry state this blog have become. Owner obviously doesnt care where its heading. Hijacked by "a flamer" is most obvious. Good readers and commenters would surely leave.

    Speaks volume about the owner too... Sorry ssein, is this the way your life is? Allowing it to be taken over by RPK and his henchman? You're weak...obviously weak... You cant even take control of your blog! Dont even know how to moderate it. What a trashy place its become!

  85. Pak Sein, Please live up to your staedyaku47 title. I was a regular at your articles and had a lot of praise for you. Whenever we sat down to discuss, your writings were always one of the main topics of discussion.
    Suddenly all these have changed. We have sat back late hours talking and talking and discussing. Sadly, we reached a stage to say that we got to abandon you and classified you as 'lost case'.All these started when you were seen as being an RPK stooge. To our assessment,you were writing based on RPK the spinner's columns. Since RPK has been seen as a 'gone case', no matter which way you look at it,RPK is a sinner and those in his shoes are either there or heading there. But in your case, we guess you still have a certain percentage of loyalty to pakatan but were swayed by RPK the spinner. If RPK can make a sworn affidavit claiming that Rosmah was at the scene of murder and in some of his other articles relate the affidavit to his other writings. Then a day came when he made a U turn and took everybody for a huge surprise by claiming that he didn't say so but his affidavit was based on his source's information. In any case, RPK has lost his integrity. He is SEEN TO BE DOING DAMAGE to not only pakatan but now is attacking DSAI. why?? Whats his hidden ajenda. Is UMNO paying for his overstay in London.
    We all hope that you would not allow this RPK fellow to mislead you. We only have pakatan to look for so please don't destroy our ONLY HOPE.

  86. What a bunch of joker losers these bangsarians are.

    Just a few swear words and they tuck tail and cry mommy !

    Look how weak they are, a few straight talking lines - they have no reply, then they say I am hijacking.

    If the comments can be ' hijacked ' like this, it reconfirms how Fg pathetic you all are.

    And these are the sorts that are PKR wannabes that want to rule us ??

    They will be stomped on the most unscrupulous and weak of our society and then this shithole will be become a giant sewer.

    You think talking (fantasising) like Gwailoh is going to solve your problems ? LOL yeah right, like I said no balls to 1st face the truth then do something about it