Friday 1 April 2011

What Najib did not do.

I have taken time off my blog since the end of January – two months ago. During this period I have made it my business to distance myself from all things Malaysian especially politics, except for what I read in the media here.

A few days back I got back on line and to my regret it seems that the sleaze of Malaysian politics is alive and well! Nothing has change except for the ingenuity and utter contemptuous manner by which these UMNO politicians still go about their daily business of digging themselves deeper and deeper into the filth of shit that they are already in and desperately hoping that as they are sinking themselves into this abyss, they will take Anwar Ibrahim with them!

These UMNO Politicians are all Muslims. You have to be a Muslim to be an UMNO member so there is no room for argument here! And more shameful to me, there are all Malays! These Malays who are Muslims who are UMNO politicians are led by Najib Tun Razak, a Muslim leader! A Muslim leader who allows sleaze and sexual innuendos to be used by UMNO party members to bring down another Muslim.  So what kind of leader will do this?

The kind of Muslim leader that has never indulged in any extra marital affairs or sex outside marriage? No not Najib!

The kind of Muslim leader that is not corrupt and takes nothing that does not belong to him?
 No, not Najib!

Or maybe he is that kind of Muslim leader whose wife understand and respect her obligations as a wife? No, not Najib!

Is this a Muslim leader who does not generate mutual hate amongst other Muslims holding fast to the truth at all time? No, not Najib!

NO! This Muslim leader of UMNO allows sleaze and the use of ANY MEANS to be used against another Muslim when that Muslim becomes a threat to the political survival of UMNO!

And you have this Rahim Thamby Chik guy (who still have his Tan Sri title after raping an underage Malay school girl!) as one of those idiots involved in this Carcosa Sex tape conspiracy! This Rahim Thamby Chik guy should have long ago been neuter and declared a persona non grata in UMNO and within the Malay race! And even if he has been circumcised – circumcised him again! He brings shame to the Malay race….no let me get that right…he brings shame to the human race! And to think that he is able to be Chairman of any Government Agency is simply a gross misuse of political executive power by Najib! 

And while we are at it…what does it take for a Tan Sri or a TUN to have his title taken back? Rape of an underage Malay schoolgirl? Not bloody likely! Conviction for corruption? Not bloody likely! Theft of billions from the national coffers? Certainly not bloody likely! At least that Sultan of Johor did take back a Datukship from one of his subjects for reasons best known to him…but who cares that he does so? Not me! Not Chuah Jui Ming!   

So what now? Are the Rakyats again to be treated as fools? Just as Rosmah tried to pass herself off as a sweet young teen when she is already pass half a century old? We all know what Najib has done while he was in Mindef! Billions of OUR money wasted on defence expenditure that benefited not the Nation but himself and his cronies. The results of these will be measured not by our inability to withstand attacks from external threats but in the death of our defense personals due to the purchase of unsuitable equipments and the lack of proper maintenance of our defence equipments….and the final chapter of this horror is still to be written…and will continue to be written long after he is no longer Prime Minister. 

But I put it to you that Najib will be judged by history more for the things that he did not do then for the things that he did!

In MINDEF he did not chose to eradicate corruption. As Deputy Prime Minister he did not chose to remain loyal to  Pak Lah. As Prime Minister he did not chose to eradicate money politics but instead embrace with the practice ease of a veteran UMNO politician. As Prime Minister he did not chose to discard tainted UMNO politicians from the executive aspect of government. As Prime Minister he did not choses to do many things that could have given our country and our people hope for a decent future. And as we can see now, he has chosen again NOT to do anything against the use of sleaze and sexual innuendos in Malaysian politics.

We have eyes, we can see. We can think! We have memories and we will not forget! We will not forget what Najib did not do when he was our Prime Minister. Come the 13th General Election we know what we must do!


  1. Welcome back mate.
    We need your firepower now that Sarawak election is on. We need your verbal grenades now that Datuk T's walking like royalty. We need your AK47 straight shooting against BN mongrels like EC, MACC, PDRM snarling at the poor rakyat. But best of all, we need you back as a friend.


  2. welcome back big bro,,, kemana menghilang???

  3. Glad that you are well. Great to hear from you again. Have a good one buddy!

  4. Bro

    It's confirmed we have a den of rapists, thieves and looters running this country who then talk about high moral standards!

    Anyway, do check out my latest blog "Yes Pm, You'd Be Shocked Who Reads The MSM nad Blogs" at :

    What else can we do, but laugh!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  5. Good to hear from you again!
    With all guns blazing!

  6. Pak Oncu and friends,

    Have gone ada balek oomph! Boleh tulis dengan "feeling"! MERDEKA!

  7. welcome back pak cik..good to hear from u again...cheers

  8. Bro,
    Always enjoy reading your straight-forward hard-hitting comments.Always on target too.Keep it coming brother!!

  9. At least that Sultan of Johor did take back a Datukship from one of his subjects for reasons best known to him…but who cares that he does so? Not me! Not Chuah Ji Meng.

    Perhaps that sentence should be amended to "from one person" i/o subject as the person may not want to consider himself as one.

    I wouldnt.

  10. Dear Malaysians, please log into:

  11. wondering ke mana mu menghilang?
    suddenly tembak macam machinegun...
    love reading ur write-ups. always pakai peluru hidup! straight to the point.

  12. TQ for your machine gun !

    Welcome back on April-1st Day !

    Who else are qualified to be potong 2 kali !??? wat about dat macc mamak
    who watched sex videos at 1.20am after torturing the late Mr.TBH ?? How about the macc deputy (now promoted as cif) who din report to polis because TBH din die in his office !!??

  13. Salam Bro, It's been sometime now we hear from you, I 'm really glad that you're back. Truth is I really missed your writings.

  14. His hands are tied... by the 197 UMNO warlords... same as Badawi... and who is stirring these warlords?

  15. Bro., is it APRIL Fool ?

    Now that you are back with a bang!
    keep on.

  16. We need more like you to spread this ugly side of the UMNO leaders to the people - election is coming up and the rakyat are taken to be fools by the ruling BN/UMNO government by sweet empty words of 1Malaysia, benefits of this and that to temples, schools etc.

    We have to depend on folks like you to post more in English, in Bahasa Melayu and translations into Mandarin and Tamil to reach the rakyat.

    Praying for you all.

  17. Good to know that you are well and kicking again,we need you more now than ever before,not just for politic but your say in anything with regards to the bloody royal house.I pray for your health and wellbeing.

  18. We have eyes, we can see. We can think! We have memories and we will not forget! We will not forget what Najib did not do when he was our Prime Minister. Come the 13th General Election we know what we must do!
    Spot on, Sir! Its always a pleasure to have you back.

  19. sWelcome back from me too. I always enjoy reading your postings.

    Guess such things are only possible in Bolehland!

    Take care mate.

  20. Hits on the head... what you said. But the sad thing is that only enlightened Malays (through education, socializing and having to compete outside of Malaysia) feel the way you do. The rest (unfortunately forming the 90% of the Malay population) continues to be hoodwinked by the UMNOputras and misled by the politicized Muslim clerics. Do they care what happens to Malaysia... they will only rejoice more if the other races are "chased" out of Malaysia! The slogan should be 1Melayu... Where do I stand as a Chinese, born in Malaysia, victim of education discrimination in 70s and non receiver of any goodies, including grants that are freely given to Bumiputras, including pendatangs from Indonesia? Why is then the corrupted Tan Sirs and Tuns continue to receive government largess while an honest hardworking guy like me have to pay for their lavish lifestyles and other peoples' grants?

  21. Rahim's chairmanship of Risda is beyond Najib's control. Rahim and Rosmah? Their relationship go back a long way?

    No sane government would appoint a suspected rapist and a person who had accumulated RM40 mill whilst in office through corruption to head a government aency.

  22. Najib should be revered for things he will do. Once that's done he can bungkus.

    Got a good idea of what that'll be?

    With not many left to do it for him,
    he'll probably do himself in! ;)

  23. Welcome back, bro. Now I have some solid material to read! :)

  24. it is much easily said from way down under, as u know we are ruled by ISA and our voice is denied. Else, we end up like TBH.
    i m 101% to your views and hope that yr efforts could help Malaysia survive this virus.
    the very backbone of the country "Judiciary" needs to be overhauled to make the first move to killing this virus aka "UMNO/BN"

  25. Pak Hussein, I believe the reason Najib did not do is because his left ball is in the hands of former Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, and former Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar has his right ball. The rest of his body parts are in the hands of his shadowy cronies. He may be in power, but at the same time powerless.

  26. Welcome back brother Hussein. Good read. Keep going. We need your write-ups badly.

  27. deputy ( now cif ) : " macc din report to polis because TBH din die in our office ...bukan our duty! " @#$%^&* !

    No wonder lah TBH has to be thrown out loh !!

  28. Welcome back! Missed your blogs.

  29. Welcome welcome welcome.....AND welsaid, everything welsaid. Wake up folks for the election, take an eraser along. If complain scared will get missing on way home, just erase will do.

  30. The PM and all are in the same boat and Nasri guy is talking cock.

  31. Hussein is back for the erection ma
    or is that a thing of the past mate

  32. Sir,

    Mu ni guane lamo dok tulih. Selamak sokmo 47!

  33. You are all what you;ve written Sein. Cermin lah muka lu sendiri. It's easy to write when you've been thro' it all eh Sein Not taking that someone hypocrit as you mate

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