Friday 3 April 2009

The getting of wisdom for Khir Toyo...

If this Toyol Tempe guy does not see anything wrong in spending Ringgit 1.7 million for a trip to Disneyland, then what hope is there for UMNO? If my son who is still at Uni tells me that he has blown his tution fees on a Nike runner I will give him a whack across his head….not too hard, but nevertheless a whack (just picturing Khalid giving Toyol a hard whack across his head makes me smile quietly to myself). But then my son will not do so because he can think for himself and do the right thing. If my wife tells me that she has blown the grocery money on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes…I will sit down and try to make her understand that the grocery money is there so that we will not starve, not just for her to do as she like. But then I know my wife has enough grey matter in her head to not do something so irresponsible. When you take your own money from your own pocket to spend, it is your business. When you take money that does not belong to you to spend on yourself then you are a thief. Khir Toyo is a thief. 

Toyol has the guts to stand up and say that spending Ringgit 1.7 mil in Disneyland is part of his duty as Mentri Besar.…hamsap punya orang! This is a classic example of what is wrong with UMNO. Delusions of grandeur, sheer stupidity and the inability to discern right from wrong. The inability to understand that it is his duty to ensure that money belonging to the Rakyat would be spent responsibly. To stand up and say that I did no wrong is not only arrogant but also stupid….and this Toyol guy was head of the Selangor state government at one point of time…no wonder Barisan lost the state to PKR. 

He did say that if he had done anything wrong he will pay the money back…where does he get Ringgit 1.7 mil? From savings while he was MB of Selangor? Here is another lead for the ACA to follow through - even if the UMNO election is over!!! Its one thing to ask us to close one eye to your silap mata but to ask us to close one eye and shut the other to your double dipping of the state money is a bit too much lah !! 

You are a stupid idiot digging yourself deeper into a hole….and you are not that tall…so the hole is already over your head. You have 63 people following you overseas? Well Obama had 200 security staff shadowing him for the G20 meetings in London so I guess as MB of Selangor you do need an entourage of 63. You stupid idiot !!! That is the Rakyat's money that you are spending!! You are indeed a stupid, stupid MB. I guess it’s hard to get any decent perspective in life when you start to confuse public money with your money.

Try this Toyol. Put up your hand and say: “I made a mistake in spending so much money on a trip that brought no benefit to the state. I took advantage of my position to have an extravagant holiday for my family and me at Disneyland. It was not necessary to stay at a 10k a night presidential suite but I wanted to try it just once – and it felt so good that I stayed there for 10 days. I am sorry but I am only human”.

To your credit you were one of the few UMNO guys who stood up front and stood for election in the recent UMNO elections but there again you did so because you really believed that you have done nothing but good for Selangor and UMNO and that you think you deserve to still play a role in National Politics. Woi Toyol Tempe you are a corrupt and thieving MB that has no place in Selangor or National Politics. Dig yourself a hole in the ground and disappear before the public starts spitting on you as more and more of your excesses during your time as MB becomes public knowledge. 

You are dead meat (that’s how the aussies describe some one who has been caught red handed with his hand in the cookie jar taking cookies that does not belong to him…or if you want to be more colorful…you are fucked !!)…you are just waiting to be fried, roasted or boiled before being eaten…with your luck they will forget to put you in the fridge and you will rot in the mid day sun and not even be fit for public consumption. That is the fate you deserve.

You must be one of those little Napoleons that Pak Lah has been talking about. You are indeed little – physically and mentally. But using Napoleon name to describe you is an insults to Napoleon. You and that Mike Tyson would better be known as Labu and Labi….and it does not really matter which one you want to be….or Laurel and Hardy or Abbot and Costello....but even then all these comedian did make us laugh. You are a comedian indeed but you are playing to an audience that does not think kindly of what you have done during your time on stage. 

Run Toyol, run.
Khalid is on the way.
Run Toyol run,
You haven’t got time to stay.
Run toyol run, 
On your marks you better start.
I'll soon and meet a hungry lion
Then a man with your cheating heart.

In Selangor tak lama dahulu,
There is a story I am sure you all tau,
About a fella who is wrong as wrong can be,
Until he met the PKR that brought him tragedy.

Oh Run Toyol run…..

(Sung to Run Samson Run by Neil Sedeka…with apologies to Neil Sedeka).

Ok guys we should not laugh at somebody in trouble. We should not hit somebody wearing contact lenses…we should use a baseball bat instead. He deserves it….Niamah !!!! The ability of those in power to continually put their foot in their own mouth continually amazes me…. And Toyol there is one more thing you should know. You have single handedly stop half the tempe eating population in Selangor from eating anymore of that delicious stuff because when they do so they keep thinking of you …so you are responsible for half of the tempe sellers losing their livelihood. So run toyol run…..