Tuesday 1 May 2012

After Bersih 3 - what comes next?

You and I have read enough, seen enough and are up to our eyeballs about the goings on at the recent Bersih 3. We know what the demonstrators did and we know what the Police did. In these days of total coverage even on what happened when Neil Armstrong was on the moon it goes without saying that what happens on the streets of Kuala Lumpur will somehow find its way onto the public domain.

I am not going to write about this BN government stifling civil rights and letting loose a rampaging PDRM onto the defencless Rakyat because that is par for the course. Nor will I write about how anybody could think that having thousands of agitated and frustrated bersih activist in Dataran Merdeka is NOT  a recipe for riot and mayhem. Putting PDRM and the activist within close proximity of each other would tantamount to asking for exactly what happened at Bersih 3 to happen. Tapi nasi dah jadi bubur…and so let those who have nothing else to do go bicker and debate about what they thought happened at bersih 3. What I want to think about is who would have gained more politically if Bersih 3 became a spectacle that would attract a worldwide audience for the wrong reasons? Anwar or Najib?

The election will probably be in June, September or March next year. Anyway you look at it you know that it is damm near to Armageddon for BN or Pakatan Rakyat. So pray tell me why should you doubt that PDRM have been told by their political masters to be on their best behavior?

At the very least Najib would have told cousin Din at the Rumah Ministry to have a word with the IGP to instruct his officers and Mata Mata to NOT be proactive in their physical maneuvers. Stand your ground but do not initiate anything to provoke the crowd into doing anything untoward. Najib is fully aware that there are cameras everywhere and everything done by anybody n the streets of KL that day will be recorded for posterity. He will not want the world to think that the Police state is alive and well in KL even if it were true!           

What do you think is the opposition thinking? Nothing makes more good copy for the local and global media then to see the spectacle of a Police Force beating their own people. Who will be doing the beating? PDRM! And who does PDRM takes their orders from? That Din guy and Najib.

So pray tell me why would Najib want PDRM to beat his own people when it is so near to election time and with all the global eyes on BN. There are many things I have called Najib, but stupid is not one adjective I have used. So if any of you think that PDRM had orders from Najib to charge the demonstrators – PERISH THAT THOUGHT! There is no way in hell for Najib to put his chances of continuing as Prime Minister after the 13th GE to any danger by instructing the Police to go and hantam those demonstrators!

So why did the police revert to their animalistic behavior?

You can answer this yourself!

For me the Police were provoked –the same provocation that caused that IGP to beat DSAI senseless! The same provocation that Iran is now goading Israel to do – attack Iran to rid Israel of any danger from any guided missiles that could pose a danger to Israel’s sovereignty. And if by goading the Israeli to attack Iran  - and an attack did happen – what about the collateral damages to their own innocent people resulting from that Israeli attacks on Iran? No problems – just collateral damage!

And this is what happened at the Bersih 3 rally. There were elements within Bersih 3 who was more then willing to hijack what should have been a peaceful and quiet rally and make it their platform to accuse the BN government of brutality on its own people – and of course all this will be on the 7’o clock news not only around the world- but also in the public domain. Yes it is hard to get our minds into the evilness that others carry but such is life!

So what have we learned from Bersih 3? If you want to test the resolved of PDRM to stand their grounds when being provoked – you can be assured that despite what Najib DO NOT want them to do –they will do when push comes to shove!

In closing let me say this – like Iran and Israeli – those agent provocateurs whether paid or not, did disservice to many other Malaysian who had come out in numbers to show the BN government that the critical mass that will vote any faction in. MUST be listened to. Now after Bersih3 how many will turn out in any other demonstration because of the danger they will put themselves is – as was evident at Bersih 3.

If Najib is at fault it is that he did not instruct PDRM to not defend themselves even if provoked…but then if he did ask them to defend themselves Najib will still be accused of condoning brutality! Damm if he does, damm if he don’t. So if any of you are wondering what comes next after Bersih 3 we can expect anything but the numbers that turned up recently.


  1. If this is all you said about Bersih 3.0 then you obviously are not fit to write about it. I didn't say you have no right to write whatever you want to exercise your freedom to express, I said you're not fit. First of all, your blog has been very quiet prior to Bersih I guess you must have been on long sick leave and recuperating from your illness, and then on Bersih Day, you popped up playing your Mamas & Papas while Bersih was burning. You were just like Nero did it when Rome is burning!

    What is that for you to say about Bersih if it's just a replica of what that bloody stupid Tunku Aziz had said about Bersih, and why is that to you that you must write about Bersih to sound like what UMNO/BN bloggers and UMNO/BN news media had said about it? Who are you writing for? Is it for UMNO or it is for us? If it's for us, we're not stupid enough to not to know since when a demonstration in Malaysia is not marred by violence and since when in Malaysia this government had not used the supposedly "minimum force" to cause any small and any peaceful gathering that had not caused violence? And since when this government had allowed any peaceful demonstration by the dissident rakyat other than demonstrations by their apple polishers?

    Now if you are talking about doubting Bersih 3.0 being violence, dirty and hijacked by the opposition, if you think Bersih 3.0 broke the laws, then you have failed to see if you have lost the focus and are in agreement with the government that did it first in breaking the laws by all attempts to cheat in the coming GE13 that had been the very reason why we have had Bersih 3.0.

    Had Bersih not demanded in all peaceful ways with the government to heed their call for fair and clean election. What else can the rakyat do to make this government listen to their call and the government simply didn't care and the government had made it clear that even if Bersih's voice is demonstrated in massive numbers, this government is going to proceed with their winning the GE by cheating!

    Bersih 3.0 was not just a demonstration Pak, it's the people uprising and if you're not with the people, it's because you're not one of us!

  2. I don't agree with you that the police were provoked. From extensive readings and viewing of videos, somehow section of the "barbed" wires were removed encouraging the barrier to be breached. And also, just before the breach, the police inexplicably started to move back seemingly to encourage the protesters to move forward.

  3. IF & only IF i were pm = very3 angry
    : after giving out MONEY3 , yet those ungrateful (80% bumis somemore)
    ARE against bn = AKU ! din, do something, kasih cukup3 !!

  4. You are out of line here. I was at the Bar Council Office, in the middle of the bridge, for about 5 mins prior to the unleashing of the water cannon and gas. There were probably about 150 - 200 protesters there facing the FRU. There were no chanting of Bersih and definitely no taunting or provocations directed at the FRU. One ring of the bell, no prior warning to dispersed was issued, the water cannon was unleashed followed by the gas. Having perused reports of events at other part of the city, it dawn on me that the attack at the Bar Council seemed to be a coordinated one, time to started more or less the same time with the other attacks at other part of the city.
    If you have friends or relatives working in the Police force, you would know that outstation cops have been ordered to the city to mingle with the protesters, posing as protesters.
    Read Malaysia-Finance blogspot for views of the eminent observers. Disruptions during rally are more often than not, the works of such agents.
    I am surprised for a man of your age and exposure, you seem to pretty naive.

  5. Care to write about the GlobalBersih protest in your capital city Adelaide?
    Don't tell me you were not there because you were afraid the Australian police might start acting like PDRM!

  6. Steadyaku, you've gone NUTS! You're not steady but bengkok and goyang! My family and I attended the Bersih rally and my cousin got wack and kicked by the bastard police! For what? We were not taunting the police nor provocating them!
    In the mayhem were were just running around trying to avoid the gas and the gangster policeman.. Mata pedih, rasa nak muntah kena gas and you nicely say its our fault! Where's your brains? Gone SOUTH?

    You can say all you can, though all of us got back home tired but we felt happy that at least in our small capacity we were in solidarity with like minded citizens who want fair and free elections for this beloved country of ours. We want to make a difference....

    Will we do it again? family and I shall go again if another Bersih is needed.. No amount of gas or water canon or bullying by the bloody crooks BN-UMNO will frighten us!

    We definately do not need Malaysians like you Hussein or your good friend Petra Botak or that twerp Tunku Aziz the slime ball dirt!


  7. Dear Bro Hussein (becos you're 2 years older), From what you've just written you're totally out of touch.

    In a big crowd out there, different people have different agenda but to say the PDRM was provoked shows just how little you know about the real situation. We were in the midst of all the action & chaos and when we called it a day at 5.15pm, the police continued to shoot tear gas at a small & scattered crowd (along Petaling Street walking away from them and towards the Central Market LRT to go home). What provocation are you talking about???

    I expected a matured man like you to be more responsible than this.

  8. After Bersih 3.0, civil war is looming. The military and police vs the opposition.

  9. Idiotic Old Man, according to you the Bersih fellas provoke PDRM so why were the bastard Police beating up journalists..even women journalist were not spared!

    What rubbish are you analyzing? Nyanyuk punya orang Tua!

  10. Its not The military and police vs the opposition


    The military and police vs the UPRISING CITIZENS

    Enough of oppresion, enough of plundering, enough of CHEATS, LIARS, THIEFS, FRAUDSTERS.....

    THE RAKYAT have had enough of BN-UMNO!!!!

  11. Where is oppression? Where is plunder? The military and the police never oppress the opposition. The military and the police never plunder the opposition's money, jewellery and car. The military and police actually protect them.

    From time to time the opposition always try to create chaos in the country. But the military and the police never fail to calm things down.

    The military and the police have to be respected because their fight is to prevent Malaysia from falling into the hands of the terrorists.

    Next time we shouldn't be surprised if the military and the police use battle tanks and bombs to stop a demonstration because it it what the opposition want.

    Try take over Putrajaya anyone?

  12. What the FU***k? Cant read ar? Whoever said the police and military plundering?

    Real gila lah this fella!

  13. Bersih bullshit - illegal


  14. HH, for the record, it was a very successful sit-in. The other opposition leaders came to support Bersih, waved at supporters, spoke briefly when interviewed and stood quietly behind Ambiga and her team. But no, not AI!
    He worked the crowd and the agent provocateurs among them were just bidding their time. After a long hot day of crowd controlling these police were spoiling for a fight. The various video footage online show that the razor wire was deliberately removed. Definitely premeditated.
    What's the next step? Continue to push forEC d*ckheads 1 and 2 to roll. The reforms have to take effect or else Bersih 4 will take to the streets.
    Amnesty Int'l is breathing down the MYgov's neck to investigate police brutality. There already are conflicting statements between Hisaputing and the IGP on police SOP. Ideally, Hisaputing should step down too but let's see if Jibby the flipflop shows him the door.
    The bar council is finally working to counter police thuggery. I say finally because they have been observing with their hands firmly behind their back. Now that Amnesty Int'l is here, they have found their voice! About time!
    And yes, AA is in the swim with bumno blogger great whites for company.

  15. Hussein, 250,000 concerned citizens are bad people goading the poor policemen trying to protect the citizenry? You better go back cleaning swimming pool Hussein.

    Gomer Pyle

  16. so what 250.

    they don't represent everyone.

    bersih bullshitters


  17. I was among the thousands who walked to Dataran Merdeka on 28.4.12. We walked back and forth, in and out of alleyways, round and round the buildings - I came to a point whereby if somebody had not breached the barrier, I would! Pardon the analogy but its the most apt - it was like making love without reaching a climax. When the barrier was breached, there was mayhem but at least we reached our destination. Yes, we were a peaceful lot but we were hoping in our heart our hearts that we would reach the Dataran. Why shouldnt we? We were not going to rob a bank for goodness sake

  18. A simple question tho, "Will the police act otherwise if they're not provoked (whatever the word means)?" Nah.... isn't that their SOP? Ada demo yang TIDAK berakhir dengan tear gas, water cannon kah????????

  19. sein,kalau tulis mcm org dah gila,pergi mampus lag kau sein!

  20. Hussein,
    After reading your writings I really felt like a fool. What are you actually writing? A thesis open to ... you opine yourself or a riddle ... you guess yourself? There is no firm conclusion, you are neither here nor there. I think you really lost touch of the real situation here in Malaysia. You are a far-away guy but want to write things far-away from sight. If you don't have enough sources of information, for goodness sake please don't come up with blurry writings. It's sickening to read, you know?
    I was at the scene of Bersih 3.0 and witnessed most damned things happened that day. Those happenings would really make your blood to boil if you were there, Hussein. I am considered a senior citizen who did nothing provocative yet I was not spared on that day. The provocation was from the PDRM, not from the protesters. Please Hussein, please do not write anymore on Bersih 3.0 if you are not sure of the actual happenings. Please do not make me feel like a fool.
    Thanks ... jamos56

  21. Come Bersih 4.0, you should come back to join the crowd and to experience the real situation and see for yourself what actually to happen then ...

  22. More clear evidence of shocking brutality and carnage!
    8 latest Bersih 3.0 footage uploaded here:

    A word of warning: some of the images can be brutal.

  23. " shocking brutality and carnage! "


    All staged by the Israeli taught PKR

  24. I dah bagi tau you Sein,pack your bags and come home dear

  25. I somehow agree with my dear Sein.The staging shows Malay hooliganism at its best. The malay youngsters are good at that. Wait.........they haven't seen yet the mic youngsters go on rampage

  26. Who provoke who now? Bersih have simple request which ALL fair and responsible government would be open to do - CLEAN ELECTORAL ROLL and FAIR ELECTION. However BN Government constantly treat the Malaysian citizen like LEMBU. It seem BN government constantly, LEMBU DI CONDO-KAN, RAKYAT DI LEMBU-KAN.

  27. Never never blame the participants. I was there to witness the whole Bersih 3.0. Malaysians were really, just lost for words how to describe, yes....wonderful lots. If you have been reading the MSM papers or listening to TV1/2/3 your heads will forever be screwed one way. Rakyat of Malaysia came out in such happy atmosphere only to be destroyed by the stupid Tear Gas and Water Canon. A real shame on those who attack the Rakyat.

  28. SA47,

    There are moles within BN cooperating with PR to take down Gov by force.

    The APs were let in with knowledge of parts of the leadership of both sides.

    All Jew Backed