Monday 2 April 2012

Sorry...but it had to be done!

Today I made the decision to moderate all comments on my blog until further notice. I think I have done that once before over two years ago when I was affected by the venom of the comments made on some of the postings I did. I was then still thin skin and felt any barbs thrown my way very keenly. Not anymore! Sticks and stones may break my bones ……but not those comments.

The sad part is that we have all sorts in this world. When I say all sorts I mean the human kind – most of whom are not respectful enough of the right of others to not be bothered with harsh language and unnecessary rudeness that they deliberately use to put their point of views across – but then these are the few whose parents have not manage to instil in them the need to have good manners and decorum in the things they do –and presenting their point of views in a polite and respectful ways to others is one of them!

And these people spoil it for others. These people are rude, selfish and bring shame to their own parents and to themselves in the manner they treat others. The pitiful part is that they themselves are not aware that they are doing it. Even when we tell them so they will tell us that it is none of our business to tell them what they must do. What concerns me is to not offend others who stop by to read what I write. So I would rather lose these uncouth and ill-mannered self publish commentators of what I write then offend the others who still wish to read what I write without the cursing and the swearing of these commentators.

When some of you began to mention it in your comment on this blog – I thought it was time to put a stop to it all. And I have as of today.

I welcome any comments for and against what I write but we do not want rudeness and crudeness in the manner anyone chooses to put their point of view across.

And so as today – no more! Amen. 


  1. Pakcik, if I may have the honor of calling you that.
    Ever considered that some of these guys posting comments are BN cybertroopers?
    I know they're paid pretty well, using OUR TAX MONEY, to create problems.
    They've been trawling all the normal blogs like yours, MT etc.

  2. Due time, SteadyAku ! Bannish these irresponsible blighters. Let not their foul crudeness see the light of day.

    This blog belongs to you and no one else and the power is in your own hand to clean up the obscene and rude comments that now cluttered up your comment section.

  3. They've been trawling all the normal blogs like yours, MT etc. - Tiger

    MT? mana ada...RPK blog got to pay lah before you can coment. Some more, if you comment what he doesnt like it wont see the light of day..If he is in the mood to pick a fight, he will publish your comment and use foul, nasty language at you lah!