Wednesday 4 April 2012

Cakap cakap….At 3.19 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Nothing is sacred. Nothing is kosher. No limits. The Internet is borderless. The Internet is fearless. It could be faceless and nameless too. It takes anonymity for granted. And behind this façade you are at liberty to say whatever you want, to who ever you want at anytime you want. The high and mighty can no longer hide behind their power and their money. Anything can be hurled against their person without any regard for truth or authenticity. It is a brave person who today stands for public office for they are putting themselves into the public domain - where for any perceived indiscretion they will be called to account and for any moral or ethical failings they will be savaged. All this done at arms length by the legion of bloggers, foes, self interest and self appointed guardians of our society whose avowed intentions it is to keep those political bastards honest….so they say!   

For some of you that makes your comment under the guise of anon on what we write you then become one of those faceless digit within this digital world able to have your say without revealing your self to us. We who publish under our own right tell ourselves publish and be damm…….and we certainly will be damm by those that take umbrage of what we write. 

As a blogger of about four years standing I self publish my thoughts and my take on issues that moves me. Mostly in politics and the antics of those that profess to practice one of the most ancient of all arts. Some mischievously allude that politics as done in Malaysia is a close cousins of the other most ancient of profession in the world. In both, money is the currency that moves the participants to do what they do. In politics politicians sell their soul for power to make money. In the other ancient profession, they too sell themselves for money. What separate the two professions are its participants. In Politics the male dominates….in the other females …but I digress too much.

In what I write I seek to engage you in rational debate on the things that matters to us. Politics is one.

Today a battle rages over those that support BN and those that do not. And those that do not are factionalised into those that want DSAI as PM and those that do not. A third force has surfaced but until now it still lacks the ability to play any spoiler role between BN or PR. It exist in the imagination of many who hopes against hope that this third faction will make a difference – and that is how it will remain for now – just a hope bereft of coherence in what it seeks to be or do in the balances of power in Malaysian politics. 

The reason anyone do or do not support DSAI as PM no longer seems to matter. Each DSAI supporter is no longer taking any calls from anybody that might seek to change their stand. Their commitment to DSAI’s aspiration to oust UMNO from government is total to the point that they brook no dissent or debate.

When you think of how DSAI is able to still command such passionate support despite all that has been hurled at him you cannot but give him your respect – even if it is grudgingly given. He survives against all odds. He has taken more than his fair share of abuse and vitriol from his unworthy political opponent – UMNO.  Nothing seems to be able to bring him down or keep him down despite all indications that points to his coming political demise. But DSAI insists that his coming political demise has been greatly exaggerated. Sodomy two was proof of his charmed existence – so who could fault him for thinking that it is so? 

Now my question to you all is this. If DSAI opponent is unworthy then is DSAI worthy of our unqualified support? Before you go ballistic at my gall in questioning DSAI worthiness, just consider this. There are many unbelievers out there. You need to win them over…hell you even need to win me over to your cause! So how do we start?     

Civilized debate, respect for each other’s arguments and a willingness to listen and hear what each other say could be the place to start.

Do any of you care to disagree with me if I say that PKR is now facing it’s darkest hours? Rather then being ready to face UMNO in the coming 13th general election PKR is fighting for its very survival? And yet the refrain is that it always is darkest before the dawn!

PKR has to contend with attacks from without and it also has problems within itself – problems of loyalties and commitment from its own members that has manifest itself through defections of its elected representatives to benefit the BN coalition. The long knives are drawn as PKR begins its selection process for candidates to represent them in the 13th general election. Acutely mindful of the many defections of its elected representatives DSAI and his team will not want the same thing to repeat itself. PKR can withstand attacks from without but betrayal from within will not be tolerated. PKR can try to select the right candidates but no party is immune from defections. Not UMNO, not MCA not MIC – and certainly not PKR! How many of UMNO’s past president have elected to denounce their UMNO membership? To date Dato Onn, Tunku and Mahathir and counting.

What worries DSAI are the sleeper within those PKR candidates vying for selection. These are those who seek to stand as candidates under PKR’s banner but are in reality sleepers/Trojan horses who are just waiting to be activated by their BN political masters to create havoc and damage PKR’s political balance by defecting after they have taken their place amongst PKR MP’s elect. These are the people most held in contempt by any political organization and PKR is no exception.

There are those within PKR inner circle that have been asked by DSAI to pledge a personal commitment that they will remain faithful to DSAI no matter what. The Sec Gen of PKR is one of them. Not that DSAI does not trust him – but to DSAI that promise from the Sec Gen that he will remain loyal to DSAI (not PKR!) is comforting in an organization where its leaders sees enemies everywhere they turn, even within their own party –and this paranoia can only be exorcised by being able to count on personal loyalty rather then loyalty to party! 

In this atmosphere no wonder there is an inevitable air of doom and gloom within PKR’s members.      

But it has not always been like this within PKR. The highs must surely transcend the lows? For PKR’s sake we hope that it would. One common denominator exists. DSAI was leader in PKR’s glory days. DSAI is still leader in the present lows. What happens in between is a tale waiting to be told in its entirety. But for now it has to wait.

What DSAI must to do now is to lead from the front. By default, achievement and ability only DSAI can lead PKR for now. All pretenders to the throne and those who would, could or should be KING must remain at bay. May I respectfully ask DSAI to first make his peace with those who have been with him from the very beginning? Those that have for various reasons, rightly or wrongly choose to desert PKR and mount dawn raids, afternoon raids, night raids…any kind of raids to weaken PKR with the objective of removing DSAI as leader of PKR.

If anybody can make peace with his enemies it will be DSAI. And it will be a peace easily made because the enemy that is once a friend, is known to you. How many of you have made your peace with your own siblings and friends after a falling out? Was not the bond greater now then before? And so it will be for DSAI and those with whom he has had a falling out. Get these people once again on side and then we go to battle against UMNO! 

Yes we know that UMNO have pull out all the stops in their attempts to rid themselves of DSAI. For DSAI there will inevitably be other Carcosa like moments, other Nallas and Umis who will be recycled on a need basis to rehash old tales with a new twist to make it interesting to all of us and they will certainly be other tales of power abused and power used for personal gains in Selangor.

Some true, some not so true, some outright lies. DSAI must deal with them head on – sitting quietly in the hope that it will all go away is not an option. We are not stupid. We can read, listen and hear what is being put onto the public domain and what is being said all around us. Most of you are too fond of reminding me – NOTHING THAT PR HAVE DONE COME CLOSE TO THE AUDACIOUS PLUNDERING AND PILLAGING DONE BY UMNO! Agreed  – but do we not want zero abuse by our PR politicians? As I have said before – you aim for Everest and you may at least reach Gunung Tahan or Mt Kinabalu. So when these expose is put into the public domain do not just dismiss it as being UMNO inspired gutter politics. There just may be some truth in it – and if there is we must question those involved and seek credible answers.

There is also the question of Nurrul and her place within PKR. Her time to lead PKR is yet to come. For one, her Father is still there to lead PKR. Nurrul loves her Father dearly and I cannot see her standing up to her Father if he decides that he still wants to be leader of PKR. And her father wants to be leader of PKR for the moment. And the moment is now, next week maybe even longer and so she must wait. But I know as any father knows – you want the best for your children. We must believe that her father wants the same thing for her too – to believe otherwise tantamount to us saying that DSAI paternal instincts is questionable. I doubt that to be the case – not after what Nurrul has done for him before his incarceration, during his incarceration and after his incarceration. He owes her but there is also the Azmin factor to be dealt with first! And so Nurrul waits. 

Now comes the unpleasant part. When should DSAI retire gracefully from politics? That is for him to decide. If you ask me – I will say that the clock is ticking! He has done whatever is humanely possible to take PR to where it is now.

PR is ready to do battle with UMNO on an almost level playing field at this 13th general election. I say this because whatever advantage UMNO may have – money, deep pockets and a large army – DSAI has made irrelevant because of what PR is now – a credible alternative to UMNO. So the people now have a choice. And that is all that the people ask…..a credible alternative to the corrupt and arrogance ways of UMNO and BN!

The time has come for change and nothing will stand in its way – nothing but DSAI himself! And nobody knows this better the DSAI himself. So let us leave our future in his hands….at least for now. As Regan said – trust but verify. Let us hope that DSAI will do right by us.

We will have to trust Anwar with our future. We may even have to trust him with our children’s future and our country’s future. Let us hope he will have the Wisdom of Solomon, the patience and greatness of Mandela to forge a new future for our nation and the determination of Thatcher to make our nation and our people, great again.
P.S. This is not a paid advertisement for DSAI or PKR. It is just me writing at 3.07 am on a Wednesday morning. A time when one tends to wax lyrical over how one would hope for things to be. Also a time when one allows one’s imagination to meander over possibilities and abilities of what could possibly be.  If only people would do as we say and not do things their way. We live in hope – always in hope for if there is no hope life would not hold much promise of good things to come. But alas…what we want is not always what we get….
Now I must to sleep.


  1. Uncle,

    No matter what, come 13GE UMNO-BN will win. Why?? Simply because Malaysians in general are still unable to see past race.

  2. Pak HH,

    Of many moderated blogs, yours is the slowest, that's because you're not used to having a regime for efficient blog moderation system. But then how many moderated blogs have that efficient system? Even SakmongkolAK47 with a team of moderators is trotting rather than galloping. I pity you to have to do the moderation all by your own self alone. It's a daunting task Pak and suddenly it has become a task for you that was never before, that you were so carefree before. Suddenly now you have to think what to write and and the same time you have to sort out each and every post that is coming into your bag. Messy isn't it?

    I don't think you really want to do moderation Pak, I think all you want is a pest control system. Why not control those pest by deleting instead of moderating? Anak Sungai Derhaka Blog demonstrates how more effective to do deleting than moderating, whereby the pest was let in and then blog owner in no time will pick and DELETE the pest and make it completely DISAPPEARED. Even Sakmongkol did it that way too as a second line defence in addition to his moderating system.

    Malay proverb "Marahkan nyamuk kelambu dibakar", so please burn the mosquito Pak, not the mosquito net. Afterall it's your blog Pak, if it's damn slow, we all will CABUT. No hard feeling with me Pak!

  3. "If DSAI opponent is unworthy then is DSAI worthy of our unqualified support?" -Sein

    Nobody is asking anybody to give unqualified support to anyone (including Anwar). Sein... I know you are old and a Malay but heck, we are not living in Hang Tuah's feudal era. There is no supreme leader and support is with reservation in a democracy.

    "..there is an inevitable air of doom and gloom within PKR’s members."
    "PR is now – a credible alternative to UMNO." -Sein

    Ok, I can understand. At 3.19am, your mind is drowsy and you start to contradict yourself.

    "If anybody can make peace with his enemies it will be DSAI." -Sein

    How to make friends out of enemies intend to destroy you? Do you mean Zulkifli, Zahrain, Choo Keong, Gobalakrishnan, Umi Hafilda, Nalla and of course your idol RPK? Do they now talk about cowgate, electoral reforms etc etc. ? Yet you want Anwar to reach out to those whose profession and preoccupation now is to run him and PKR down? Even if Anwar wants to, he does not have a hugh war-chest to buy back the loyalty of Brutus! RPK is booking his flight back to Malaysia after the 13GE even if BN retains power. He has already made his deal.

    Sein, If tomorrow Anwar is to declare that he has reached an agreement with UMNO-BN; you think I will continue to support him? I am not naive and I believe many others are not too. Unlike PKR's ex-friends including RPK who are still obsessed with Anwar and PKR, we are not. Yes, we are obsessed but we are obsessed with putting Malaysia on the right track again.

    Even if UMNO-BN can really transformed (instead of just paying lip-service) and reformed, I would gladly give my vote to it. So Sein, stop being like RPK by not being obsessed with Anwar and PKR.

    Let us concentrate on how to bring back the rule of law, good governance and equality to this nation of ours. The future is in the hands of Malaysians and politicians and political parties are just vehicles to reach our shared goals.

  4. Good writing, we need to look at the bigger picture and there are no perfect beings not even close. For the moment he can get the job done. Been following your articles for a while and am of the opinion you should run for MP, you have been there and would be a good influence on the others. TQ VSS

  5. No he won't.

    BN = PR = UMNO = PKR blah blah blah.

    WE need a wholesale revolution - kick out ALL the political classes then we have hope.

    End of

    Vote SPOIL, put a big FU on the ballot


  6. Politics is supposed to be the 2nd oldest profession... It bears a very close resemblance to the 1st. - Ronald Reagan

  7. Anon of 12:18 PM said....."No matter what, come 13GE UMNO-BN will win".

    Sabah and Sarawak have at least 25% of the total seats, quite out of proportion with its less than 5 million population compared to the 20 million population in Peninsula.

    And it is not by coincidence why this is so....why it has become the 'fixed deposit' for UMNO.

    Some ABU proponents vowed that it is perfectly kosher to make use of devils to fight the Devil.

    Based on this sort of thinking, isn't it perfectly ok to use the devils in the East, get ahold of their 56 seats, putting them into the PR's fold, thus making a fast track to Putrajaya this GE`13 ?

    How is this possible ? Give the post of Prime Minister to them, besides returning all the oil revenue we in Peninsula have stolen from them for decades.

    This one stroke will in effect take care of all the gerrymandering, the phantom votes and what not manipulations of the EC on behalf of UMNO.

    The big question is : are the ex UMNOs in PKR even willing to consider this 'little sacrifice' ? Is Anwar, or for that matter his Azmin Ali and the likes in the PKR top echelon willing to stuff their craze for power and untold wealth for the ultimate liberation of the Rakyat ? REFORMASI is it ?

  8. AK47,
    Rattling and rapid firing at the target, yet you're missing Sarawak seriously. Taib Mahmud will be a King maker and that is for sure. If Najib push him to the limit after Sarawak BN happen to lose quite a number of seat that endanger BN/UMNO position, he is there to be the counted at.

    He is making a good calculated move at any position just to keep his skin safe and fine.

    He had been heard previously in private that he will make sure that those who want him to resign earlier, will be seen first to go earlier than him.

    Presently, no body in their right mind will be able to tell, what will happen after the GE13 and that is for sure. A good guess for all of. Anyway Politic is the art of Possible, right.

  9. Have to agree with anon 12.18....Malaysian are just to racist to see beyond race......and to add insult to injury Malaysian also are corrupt to the core,not to mention how big a hypocrite they all with all the trade mention,it will not be hard for the corrupt BN regime to manipulate them will still be BN in the 13th GE albeit with less majority but nevertheless I certainly hope to be proven wrong......

  10. HH, and if I may quote you.."DSAI must deal with them head on – sitting quietly in the hope that it will all go away is not an option."

    But what about Sabah? I don't know what to make of STAR and their jolly (bee chiew) tea parties where the frogging phenomena is happening in the PKR camps.
    What is DSAI planning to do about it?
    Lots of interesting developments....just no forthcoming answers/actions.

  11. We have Anuar to lead us for a change.andwe need this change now than ever. UMNO & N will try to destory as much as possible. But the change is a MUST.

  12. You see what some sees but dare not say it loud.

    You say it behind lyricals of political chatter and it somtimes confuses the masses.

    Just say it loud and clear as what it should be or must be for PKR to win if it is going to be lead by AI.

    Anwar can lead PKR to victory if he turns around and announces before the elections that the mantle of PM will be either his wife or Azmin to hold and lead theron. He can remain an advisor to PR and will suit everyone who still doubt his morality or political ambitions.

    BN would then find itself caught in a muddle with none to shoot at since all the guns and bullets have already been trained on AI and would be next to impossible in time and resources to gather back the herd to reindoctrinate them to fixed it at another target.

    Funny isn't it? It has always been like this. The greatest saviour always have to do the last sacrifice to ensure the final lap of victory.

    But I guess thats what real heroes do if there are no personal ambitions other than for others.

    Crystal Ball.

  13. Mr Hussein, I doubt your writing reflect your true feelings. It smells of RPKs devious method of trying to "con" and "toying" with readers sentiment. You are playing the same game as RPK...

    How convenient!...RPK's latest post is about wacking BN and yours is kononnya to soothe the opposition supporters! Thats why this article of yours have been picked by him for MT.

    Please stop this hypocrisy and cut the crap! When a blogger writes from his heart and is sincere in his will be reflected in his writing... NOT like a flip flop, inconsistent blogger..... Its telling!

  14. bos.

    remember the time you constantly bashed AI? not just bashing, but with some you called 'facts' as well. what was the motive during that time?

  15. Hussein,

    I for one who is not vengeful will not make up with my enemies if I'm constantly being pushed, slapped, punched and kicked. Do you think Anwar will? And will you, Hussein? We, human beings are compulsive in nature.

    To support PR is not solely about Anwar at all. Anwar is not the main subject or an objective in pursuing ABU. ABU is all about for a fair and just govt which most of the rakyat expect it to be racial colour-free, clean, caring and overall with efficient and transparent governance. These are the qualities of a govt every common man on the street is aspiring to have, not individuals and personalities. Anything of these expectations not materialised
    by the new govt will again give rise to another rejection.

    ... jamos56

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