Monday 2 April 2012

After ABU what is next for PR?

I think the time has come for us to look at where Pakatan Rakyat is heading. But before anyone starts plunging their knives into my back for being a turncoat or even worse, a traitor to the cause of ABU, I want to state categorically and without any reservations whatsoever that I am for CHANGE! But I am not for NEGATIVITY!

It is time we stop asking people to CHANGE for the sake of changing. ANYTHING BUT ABU is a fantastic and all encompassing slogan that succinctly tells us what we all want. But it has become the excuse that too many people are using to not vote UMNO and Barisan Nasional. The focus seems to shift to UMNO and BN and why we should not vote UMNO and BN – the corruption, the plundering and pillaging of our nations coffers, the arrogance, the abuse of executive powers by those holding high public office – all valid reasons for not allowing them to hold government any longer. In emphasizing these failings by UMNO and BN the focus shifts away from Pakatan Rakyat. Away from whether Pakatan Rakyat is ready for government. Away from whether the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat are ready to lead this nation of ours. Away from what we are letting ourself in for when we have a Pakatan Rakyat government in Putrajaya.

I am sure this is not a deliberate ploy by Pakatan Rakyat to prevent us from scrutinizing their readiness to be in government but nevertheless it is negative politics. Why not Pakatan Rakyat now tells us why we should vote them into government? I am sure it is just not because the price of petrol and essentials food items will be fair. Nor should it only be because they have promised us open, accountable and responsible government. I want to know how they intend to achieve these promises. I want to know who amongst the Pakatan Rakyat leaders will be Ministers? Who will be Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister? What will be the criteria for these appointments? We want only the best to be in government. We want Pakatan Rakyat to now give us good reasons to choose ANYTHING BUT UMNO! Why we should choose PKR, DAP and PAS instead of UMNO. We all want ABU, we all want change. Now Pakatan Rakyat must tell us that they are the one we want to be in government instead of UMNO and BN because…………………………….(please Pakatan Rakyat, please fill in the blanks!)

All of us have been very vocal in saying ABU, ABU and ABU over and over again. Can Pakatan Rakyat please now step on to the podium and tell us all why they are the one we want! Pakatan Rakyat must now tell us that all is well within the coalition. They must tell us that PKR, PAS and DAP are ready for battle at the 13th general election and if the GODS are kind to them, Pakatan Rakyat will win government.

But today I hear too much about the problems within PR that threatens this coalition. Too much talk about PKR being the problem child within PR. Too much talk about whether Kit Siang and Hadi will accept DSAI as the designated leader and probable Prime Minister of our nation should PR win the 13th general elections. Too much questions being asked about so many things happening within PR. Why is Zaid Ibrahim contesting against PAS in Kota Baru when he has said that he is within PR. Why can’t PAS and Zaid work things out? Why is there so much negative things being said on the Internet about the problems within PR states and with PR politicians by OUR people?  Too much loose talk about racial politics even as the potential candidates starts jockeying for position as the selection process for candidates to represent the parties within PR starts. We want PR to walk the talk NOW.

No more mindless slogan shouting of ABU! ABU! ABU! Now we want you tell us why we should vote for Pakatan Rakyat. I do not want to choose PR by default – i.e. because there is nobody else to choose if we want ABU. The same reason everybody seems to be giving for having DSAI as leader of PR and PM designate – by default – because there is no better else better. It may be that there is no body else better – but surely we do not want that! We want to choose PR and DSAI because they are the best possible choices for our people and for our country! Is that not the right thing to do?  

We want PR to be in government because they deserve to be in government. We want DSAI to be leader of the opposition and PM designate because he deserves to be so. So please PR …can you fill in the blanks NOW?     


  1. free water,free highway,free education,cheaper petrol,cheaper electricity,no casino,no corruuption,

  2. Why we should vote Pakatan Rakyat? It is not a difficult decision to make unless we are still confused, which is what UMNO/BN is doing i.e. to confuse us with their daily propaganda through mainstream media and their paid bloggers.

    1) For the forthcoming GE13, if we do not Vote PR, it means BN will continue to be in power. You said it correctly why we should not vote UMNO/BN – the corruption, the plundering and pillaging of our nations coffers, the arrogance, the abuse of executive powers by those holding high public office. Unless we are still confused.

    2) On the other hand, PR has been governing states under their control much better than BN states as reported by the Auditor General. And this is not mere claims by PR politicians. Unless we are still confused.

    3) PR has been explaining how they intend to achieve their promise that the price of petrol and essential food items will be fair. Among others they will do it by through wise spending, reallocation of funds according to priorities and eradicating corruption. This they have done in states under their control. Unless we are still confused.

    4) Open, accountable and responsible government are being practiced in states under PR control and attested by the Auditor General. Unless we are still confused.

    5) Who will be Prime Minister? I thought PR leadership council has agreed on this, that Anwar Ibrahim will be Prime Minister. Unless we are still confused.

    6) Do we need to jump the gun as to who will be DPM and Ministers should PR wins? We are not even sure if their potential DPM and Ministerial candidates will win in the election. Our election system is different from US presidential election. In US the Presidential candidate can name his cabinet line-up as only he is elected. He can chose anybody to be in his cabinet and so he can name his line-up before election. Unless we are still confused.

    7) Why is Zaid Ibrahim contesting against PAS in Kota Baru when he has said that he is within PR? Only Zaid and God know. And why should PAS trust Zaid when he could not work in the opposition Jamaah after PAS had thrown in full support for him during the Hulu Selangor by-election. What's so special about Zaid? Does he still have credibility after so many flip-flops and can't even manage his own Parti KITA? Unless we are still confused.

    8) Yes there are problems within PR states and PR politicians but what is the magnitude of those problems? I say its manageable and do not affect the rakyat's well-being. Mainstream media is capitalising on this to plant the seed of confusion among us. The problems within UMNO/BN are much worse and are affecting the country. Unless we are still confused.

    If we were to wait for PR or any other alternatives to be 100% perfect, BN will continue to rule forever and ever.

    God, please help eradicate whatever confusions still left among us Malaysians.

  3. If we want to know what PR intends to do once in government, read the Buku Jingga.

    Most Malaysians are allergic to words; many are not even bother to read the simple and concise Buku Jingga. What more if PR comes up with a more detailed and elaborate plan of action. The electorate only wants to know what is at the end of the rainbow and not how to get there. It is only the educated and interested few that insist to know more.

    Besides, with the massive propaganda machine of UMNO-BN; an elaborate plan of action will be fodder for spins and manipulations to spook the minds of ordinary Malaysians.

    A case in point is the call for the naming of an opposition shadow cabinet. In previous GEs, even UMNO-BN came up with the so-called naming of the opposition future cabinet to frighten the easily spooked minds of the electorate. I can imagine the UMNO-BN propaganda machine having a field day spinning and lambasting an opposition shadow cabinet; using racial and religious sentiments as well as the all-time favourite; sexual tall-tales to stoke fears and doubts.

    Besides, even if PR managed to take over Putrajaya, we would not know now, how each component party is going to fare and thus be 'represented' in terms of numbers and posts in the cabinet. It is all moot. It is easier if it is a single party and not a coalition contesting; to name a shadow cabinet. Even UMNO-BN does not named its post 13GE cabinet. It is the prerogative of the PM. Personally I believe it is sufficient to know who is going to be the PM if PR comes to power. Even that the UMNO-BN throws in the kitchen sink to try and demonize Anwar as being unsuitable material for PM.

    Sein, don't expect change to be smooth sailing. Definitely there will be some trial and error and many hiccups when a new 'untested' coalition comes into power. Personally, I am willing to endure the pain of change; rather than be continuously screwed by the present hegemonic regime of UMNO-BN.

  4. We surely have to vote for somebody.......its either the opposition or the BN-UMNO you mean to say we continue voting for this despicable Government?

    Just like any new partnership..there will be problems. Same with PR. They are going through faces of transition..we should give them a chance.

    Power struggles are everywhere, not to say BN-UMNO doesnt have it...Just look at them..look at their blatant abuse of power. Mafia like arogance and using their might on anybody who dare challenge them, even physical abuse to stay in power .

    While we argue and ponder and wait for angels to form the opposition in Malaysia and lead our nation to greater the meantime we sit around building castles in the air and allow all the looting, the abuses.etc etc..etc....Is that it?

    If we wait for that perfect man, that perfect party, that perfect coalition of opposition....I bet you there wont be anything left... only ruins... by the time we wait for angels turn politicians to save us......

  5. En Hussein, What happened to our comments?

  6. "I want to know who amongst the Pakatan Rakyat leaders will be Ministers? Who will be Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister?"

    PAS has its own list. DAP pun ada its own list. PKR already has its own list as far back as 4 years ago.

    The ONLY appointment they generally agreed on is the PMship. As for the rest of the appointments....the least said the better, as this could very well bring about the disintegration of PR !

    We already KNOW AA really REALLY wants to be Deputy PM and eventually be PM....over the dead body of Karpal S and over many dead bodies of others too especially in PAS and DAP.

    PKR also want to 'pau' the Home Ministry and Finance Ministry...and Defence, and Education. May be Religion too.

    BN has no problem with such issue....what UMNO wants, UMNO gets. It's that simple. The rest just wants a cut of the goodies on the gravy train. As good 'gundiks', MCA and MIC will just nod their heads whatever dished out by the MASTER.

    If ever PR gets to Putrajaya, their fight (among themselves) will really begin then. And it will get even more interesting as when 70% of the Umno kataks will hop over to effect, making PKR the UMNO Baru Baru. So what say DAP and PAS in that scenario ? Still in control mode eh ? Nanti kena checked mate la....

    So AA might realise his dream after all, PROVIDED they can win this GE13.

  7. Why don't you ask questions that are relevent to the present govt that has been in power for 54 years. Why didn't you propose to the people to ask BN the same questions you are posing at pakatan. Whats your agenda. The ministers in the BN cabinet. Are they all credible people, able minded, creative? Aren't all the cabinet menisters being dictated by the prime minister since Dr.M. Fo the last 54 years you never asked any questions, rather you and your family and friends gladly gave away votes to the timbaktu regime. Now, when the people have some hope for the better, you and your type of goons who behave as though you guys are the saviour of Malaysia. Go tell that gto your RPK too. Stop belittling the pakatan. We have seen them operating in Selangor and Penang and in fact all the five pakatan held states, I would bet myt last single dollar on them then on BN.

  8. Are you moderating comments or deleting? Its > 24 hrs still no sign of any comments?

  9. If ever PR gets to Putrajaya, their fight (among themselves) will really begin then. And it will get even more interesting as when 70% of the Umno kataks will hop over to effect, making PKR the UMNO Baru Baru. So what say DAP and PAS in that scenario ? Still in control mode eh ? Nanti kena checked mate la.... Anon 2:50

    These are all assumptions....Its like someone who needs to come out of the house saying..procastinating at the entrance saying Should I walk? What if it rains? What If I get bitten by dogs? Perhaps I should take a Cab..Oh oh...that is dangerous, what if I get raped by the cab driver? What if I get robbed by the cabbie? Oh very well, I'll drive...hey wait a second? That too is not safe, what if I had a head on collision with a sleepy truck driver or an intoxicated alcoholic?...All the end we are paralyzed and made fearful of we are made to believe that its best to just stick with it and do nothing!

    To me Whats is for sure is the many abuses of the present BN-UMNO regime.....I'll give the benefit of doubt to the opposition and vote for them...No buruk sangka until they have come into power, than its fair for us to judge... Just like what Minkmink said, We have to cast our vote, its either BN-UMNO or the opposition....My VOTE is definately for the opposition...

    ABU! ABU! ABU!

  10. Sir,

    What exactly is your problem regarding PR?

    Take one step at a time, i.e. get rid of UMNO/BN first from Putrajaya. Put them in the opposition bench.

    There will be a lot of infighting if PR wins, but we will overcome that problem when the time comes. Give them 5 years, what is so difficult about that?

    It seems like at times, you are worried PR will be worse than UMNO/BN.

    Belum cuba belum tahu.

    Please reset the software in your head and start charging forward again. You have been of tremendous help in the ABU cause and please don't waver again until UMNO is out of Putrajaya.

  11. Hello Hamid ka, atau Hussin Kepala Bana ka? Are you still a Malaysian? If yes dare to come back and vote, and if not don't shot from far. Just shut up U bloody idiot.

  12. The focus seems to shift to UMNO and BN and why we should not vote UMNO and BN...- Hussein

    You are talking in terms of the internet. It is the only way, the only avenue the opposition supporters have to educate the people about the rot thats happening to the nation.

    Perhaps because you dont live in Malaysia, you're unaware how the Rakyat is being bombarded by the main media..newspaper, TV, radio.the internet....everywhere...the focus is all about PR...all about the exagerations and the lies and the accusations about the opposition!

    So we Malaysians living in Malaysia dont need to focus on PR...its been done by the BN regime already!

    What we need to do, with the limited and scant ability we have is to try our very best to reach out to the rakyat and educate them about why we should not vote for Barisan-UMNO regime.

    Those who profess to want change including you Mr Hussein, should help reach out to more Malaysians and make them understand the deteriorating state of our country due to poor governance....UNLESS of course its just lip service....

    Its the 12th hour now...definately not the time for you or RPK and the likes of yourselves to try and confuse the rakyat by focusing, doing microscopic studies on PR, highlighting ever specks of dust..either visible or invisible...making mountain of molehills...all in the name of wanting to make PR better...konon! Helping keep Barisan-UMNO in power for another 50 years is more like it!

    Please Stop Being The Great Pretender..

  13. Hussein,

    Why make things so complicated and confused? Very simple .... After the change of govt and if the ruling govt did not buck up in its term to improve the overall welfare of the people and country, just screw the govt off and change it again. Just like in business, consumers will keep getting better and better values for their money spent if there are competitions among the trademen. Yes Hussein, I don't really agree with your moderation of blog comments. I opine that - If you can't stand the heat, do not work in the kitchen. Simple as that. I really hope you would be like TULANG BESI not the self-thought smart ass, RPK.

    Sincerely ... jamos56

  14. Pak HH,

    Next to ABU is Putrajaya, a place where so close is so far away and where less is more!

  15. malaysians now have a choice - PR or bn?/ previously its only bn> so malaysians please choose wisely for the future of our nation n her children

  16. Well said Akhtar.PR is now at the frontlines facing the enemy, ready for battle and we have this joker questioning whether we have the right commanders, the right battle strategies and whether our weapons are effective enough to suppress the enemy.
    ABU's should be likened to be the militias and the volunteers to fight alongside the regular army (the PR politicians and solid party members). Therefore ABU's mission should be to draw more people to join the PR rank by undermining UMNO/BN and telling them what will happen to the country if UMNO/BN is not overthrown.
    If steadaku47 still insist to behave like a musoh dalam
    selimut, like I said before move on guys to real ABU blogs!

  17. One commentator Ivy said..."All the end we are paralyzed and made fearful of we are made to believe that its best to just stick with it and do nothing!"

    This is NOT the assumption. Instead, THE real assumption made by you guys is that if we raised relevant issues regarding the great unease with one of the Opposition Coalition's component, namely the 'sick man' PKR, YOUR assumption is that we are all going to vote in BN/UMNO. Very presumptious indeed.

    There are many types of ABU proponennts among the voters....and NOT all will remain silent to the shenanigans perpetuated by those very same UMNO-types who are now occupying the highest level of echelon in PKR.

    Time and again, many of these type of ABU proponents will declare 'better the smaller evil than the bigger evil' and that DAP and PAS will be there to 'control' PKR. So let's ask - what if PR does become the ruling party and it is not inconceivable at all to see, in that event, a great katak festival...UMNO frogs by the hundreds hopping merrily to PKR rather than to DAP or PAS. In that scenario, whither the oft-proclaimed 'DAP and PAS will be there to provide the needed control'?

    Can the UMNO man truly change ? Whether these umno-types (in UMNO Party or PKR Party) - can these UMNO men truly change ? Several events in PKR in the recent past tell us....NO, they can't change ! And this situation is made worse if we close BOTH eyes to their UMNO behaviour. And it is the height of hypocrisy for them to shout for reform - transparency, accountability, equal rights, democracy, blah blah blah. Puke inducing.

    Many of you also speak of using the only available 'tool' we have now....make use of Anwar...he's the sharpest tool we have now....if no horse is available, even a donkey pun jadi lah....

    But bear in mind the political wolves in sheep's clothings. This donkey which you so fondly THOUGHT you are making use of; and which you thought will lead you to Putrajaya, will NOT allow you to dislodge him that easily. Once he had achieved his goal, this donkey will put in all the screws of powers so quickly it'll make your head spin and you will be left shouting helplessly as you are now with the current UMNNO. In effect, this donkey will turn into a tiger to eat you up.

    You might think you are making use of 'others'...but the 'others' are also making use of you too. The only difference is that if the aces are all in the 'others' hands, then you are merely exchanging one monster for another monster.

    So what's the next best step ? Ensure UMNO do not get two thirds majority in the next GE, and thereafter, CLEAN house thoroughly before GE14.

    Let's NOT practise hypocrisy...54 years of such practice by UMNO/BN is more than enough. So let's stop being the 3 Monkeys....see, hear and speak no evils of PR. By doing this, we are only encouraging the UMNO guys in PKR to continue with their atrocious and michiavellian ways.

    ABU, ABU, ABU ( the TRUE type of ABU )

  18. SA47,

    No you are not a turncoat or anything like that. We have an absolute right to Q those who want to pose as our so called leaders.

    last thing we want is to vote in another lot who will be even worse than Bumno.

    And yes that is very possible.

    Last thing - Puan Zeti or whatever the F you name is : LET THE RINGGIT APPRECIATE, INFLATION IS KILLING THE RAKYAT.

    You in your ivory tower at Bangsar may not know it but it IS a daily fact for ordinary folk whose incomes can barely keep apace.

    Let the currency rise, it's ok,it too cheap right now. As a guide, RM2.9 to the USD would still be too cheap.

    Don't just follow textbooks, open your cock eyes and have a look at real life.