Monday 28 November 2016

Prime Minister, the First Lady, the Attorney General, Ministry of Finance and BNM in scam on poor Indians?

Dato Gnanaraja and Geethanjali’s scandal exposed

Kuala Lumpur – A few hundred Malaysian Indians have been cheated into depositing large sums of money into the bank account of an association, known as Yayasan Usaha Ventures Malaysia (Malaysia Ventures Entrepreneur Foundation)(Yayasan). The total sum involved is approximately RM2.2million.

The Yayasan is operated by one, Dato Sri Gnanaraja a/l Gnanasundram (Dato Sri G) and his wife, Dato’ Geethanjali Gausillia a/p Kathirvalu. They were both the Chairman and Treasurer of the Yayasan at the material time.

Dato Sri G tricked the investors into depositing the money into Yayasan by holding out that he, his wife and the Yayasan, had direct links with the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) and the First Lady (Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor) and Ministry of Finance and that he could assist Venus to obtain an investment bank licence for the Venusfx group of companies (Venus). The investors were parties that purportedly stood to benefit.

The 1st meeting between Dato Sri G and the representatives from Venus was at his house at No 29A, Jalan Tanjong 5/4 Petaling Jaya, 46000 Selangor at about 8p.m on either the 12thor 13th of June 2016. At this meeting Dato Sri G told represented that he was able to obtain a bank licence for Venus. In order to secure the bank licence he asked Venus to show proof of funds totalling RM50million, in a nominated account. The account of Yayasan was subsequently nominated. Dato Sri G told the representatives of Venus that Yayasan was an association linked to the Ministry of Finance.

Venus then caused RM5million to be deposited into Yayasan’saccount on 17.6.2016 directly from Venus Empire Enterprise.The balance RM2.2million was deposited into Yayasan account directly from the investors on Dato Sri G’s instructions through Venus.
In another meeting at the Chilli’s restaurant in PJ Hilton on 23.6.2013 he said that he had spoken to Najib and Rosmah who approved the scheme. In fact, I am told that there is an audio recording of part of the conversation at the meeting wherein Dato Sri G says that “that he had spoken to a senior person in the Ministry of Finance that was referred to him by Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor” in furtherance of this illegitimate scheme to secure a bank licence.

The representatives of Venus later found out that Dato Sri G had cheated them and the investors and stopped all further dealing with him. Venus then subsequently retained lawyers to recover the RM7.2million.

Dato Seri S. Vell Paari in his press release told that when the Venus lawyers initially approached Dato Sri G and Dato Geethanjali G about this cheating case, he promised to return the entire sum of RM7.2 and profits. Dato Sri G also signed an agreement to that effect. Dato Sri G and Dato Geethanjali G then caused RM5million to be returned but refused to return balance of RM2.2million.

Before the Venus’s lawyers were retained to recover the RM7.2million, various attempts to collect the money had failed because Dato Sri G and Dato Geethanjali G simply took the position that they were not going to return the money.

“I took it upon myself to do some fact finding on my own when was approached by the those who deposited their money into the Yayasan. After checking all the facts and listening to the audio recording. I found all the claims to be true,” said Vell Paari.

This matter is serious particularly because:-
1. these Indians that were tricked are poor Indians with modest income;
2. the scheme that was employed by Dato Sri G was an elaborate scheme purportedly involving our Prime Minister, the First Lady, the Attorney General and the Ministry of Finance; and BNM
3. there have been threats made against individuals who have approached Dato Sri G for return of the money.


Vell Paari went on to say that he never had an issue with Dato Sri G and his wife, but after having come to know of this cheating case and since this case involves mainly poor Indians, we will not stand by and let this problem go unaddressed.


“Finally I am told that there have been many police reports that have been lodged by the necessary parties against Dato Sri G and Dato Geethanjali G concerning this issue. We are certain that the police will act swiftly in undertaking their investigations and charge all persons necessary,” he added.


“I am also preparing a full report with all documentary evidence together with the audio recording to be handled over to PMO, BNM, PDRM and MOF.”


“One last thing I have to mention is that the Yayasan does not seem to be operating out of it’s registered business address, which seems to be occupied by another company known as OHM Mechanical and Electrical Services Sdn. Bhd. ( No. 21A, Jalan Besar, Klang 41000 Selangor ) We don’t know what business this Yayasan is doing. But I find it strange that millions of Ringgit can be deposited and withdrawn from the Yayasan without the Bank making any queries. May be the Yayasan has misrepresented to the bank.”

The investors involved in this cheating case of RM2.2million, have today retained lawyers to sue all the necessary parties to recover their money.

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