Monday 3 January 2011

As I see it.

Whoever we are, whatever our religion, where ever our standing in life there is one reality that we must live with in Malaysia: Our race defines us. There has not been enough education in ourselves and in our children to make us understand and accept that people of all backgrounds should be treated equally and have the same opportunities. There has not been enough done by those with the responsibility and ability to make this happen to educate all of us of the need to accept that all those that call Malaysia home should be equal in all respect. All this talk about 1 Malaysia, racial harmony are just that – talk. You cannot make all this happen without a commitment from many years ago to fight race discrimination.

What we have instead is a government that has consistently pursued a divide and rule policy along racial lines. They have succeeded exceedingly well through various policy initiatives in ensuring that numerically the Malays are now the dominant race and they are in control politically.

Even as you read this posting, what is simmering below the surface of our society is anger within each race at what each race perceived the other race has done or is doing to isolate or demean their own race. The Chinese perceive that the Malays have always taken from them their right to be treated equally in a country they call home. A country that they have helped developed economically. The Indians always considered themself marginalized by everyone else and have always considered themselves the “have-nots” of this country. Sabah and Sarawak too have the same sentiments.

And what of the Malays? You must remember that “amok” is a Malay word meaning “mad with uncontrollable rage”. Seeing the youtube video of Karam Singh Walia asking for forgiveness for a perceived slight he had done on the Malay race while mabuk brings to all of us the reality of this. Thinking back to Karpal Singh confrontation in front of Parliament with Pemuda UMNO also confirms this. I am a Malay and I know that all it takes to trigger the rage within the Malay is a perceived slight against their religion and race. This was what triggered the May 13 riot of 1969 and this is what is now making all of us, the Malays included, uneasy and uncertain of what the future holds for us and our country – our children. It does not help that we now have politicians who are only too willing to play the race card from both, the government and the opposition camps ...and more worrying they have the numbers to ensure that their power base is strong enough for them to be heard.

All those that think that we are now matured enough to handle any racial confrontation are deluding themselves. No we are not. The “we” who are matured enough to handle any adverse racial situations will easily be swept aside once the masses are moved to act against another race – in most cases because of their sheer numbers  - the Malays against the other races.

So tell me…do you think you can stop another May 13th? Do the Malays want to stop a May13th onslaught upon the other races? No they will not want to….…not when another May 13 will once and for all confirm that Malaysia is their country and that another May 13th will certainly relegate all the other races to being “pendatangs” and second class citizens.

There is now an uneasy calm amongst the people while waiting for the 13th General Election. There is no political leader worth his salt that could stand against the interest of his own race if he is to survive politically. And there is no leader around now that will put the country’s interest above his own personal political agenda. Yes it would seem that there are Malays in DAP. Malays in PKR and of course it is all Malays in PAS. But where are the numbers?

The Malays and others will hantam me for this posting. They can and will throw all manner of argument and discourse in their blogs and emailing me their curses and invectives – but you and I know that these bloggers (me included) do not have the numbers.

UMNO has the Malay numbers. UMNO has the Malay votes in the rural areas where the numbers are. And when push comes to shove the numbers will be for UMNO. We need to face this reality. Once we accept this reality then maybe we can start to deal with it and try to find solution to it – if it is not to late.    

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I am a Malay. But I will stop another May 13th fiasco from happening again by all means.

The truth is Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country but many of us are hypocrites who cannot tolerate other races and respect their customs and religions.

The truth is the Malays will never have the economic power because of the graft and corrupt practices of the political masters.

The truth is some Malay politicians are shifting the blame to the non Malays for the economic disparity. 



  2. I am a Malay. But I will stop another May 13th fiasco from happening again by all means.

    The truth is Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country but many of us are hypocrites who cannot tolerate other races and respect their customs and religions.

    The truth is the Malays will never have the economic power because of the graft and corrupt practices of the political masters.

    The truth is some Malay politicians are shifting the blame to the non Malays for the economic disparity.

  3. Anonymous...your sentiment is so well said.

  4. Hello Uncle Hussein,

    You're back and on a roll at that. Haha, good to see you writing again. Happy belated 2011 to you and your family.

    Best regards,

  5. Yes I can handle the truth...... The non Malays has to respect the Malays. The Malays has to respect the non Malays.Period

  6. We will wallop you the same Sein if we get our hands on you.So beware....

  7. The man with the bottle always speaks the truth. He got the better of himself

  8. Sir,

    If the majority accept your views like anon, surely there will forever be peace and prosperity in Malaysia.

    Bersatu (Semua bangsa) kita teguh, Bercerai kita roboh.

    We have to think Malaysian first and put it into practice. Otherwise, all the nice slogans like 1Malaysia will not work. Apa itu Islam Hadhari?

  9. melayu, cina, india, iban, kadazan and so on... are the same race, a humanbeing. why can't those racist look and open their mind a little to see. leave religion alone. darah kita semuanya semerah. all religion do not teach us to be violent, to hate, to steal, to maki hamun and so so...
    for betterment of malaysia, we need a good government to look beyond race. bn umno have totally screwed up a beautiful malaysia we had once.

  10. The reaction of the Malays to what Karam apparently said is not to be unexpected. Anyone will be pissed off if his race is insulted. Anyway, Karam is a positive force in Malaysia and probably some frustration (we all have it ok, don't pretend) spilled out and he apologised. I have heard Malays speak lowly of Chinese and Indians, Indians speak lowly of Chinese and Malays and Chinese speak lowly of Malays and Indians. It happens every day, everywhere. Not a good reason to start a riot. Its so normal already, slighting each other in our privacy or in this case when apparently drunk. We do need a 'respect for each other' module for the kids.

    But one question. How can Karam be drunk at a mamak shop?

  11. saw the video! whatever it was, they went overboard. seems, bn umno have really screwed up many ppl minds. to show superiority of one race are just for own selfish interest. we should be color blind. race is just a "word" to be use to segregate ppl. even religion do not teach us to differentiate. salah betul have already being make by the other party, yet they wanted more. haprak!

  12. For a major part of my adult life, I have always been a Malaysian.

    The last couple of years, I am seeing myself as less and less Malaysian.

    Whether or not, the government or the Malays sees me as a Malaysian or not, I just could care anymore.

    I am no longer proud of Malaysia and I am also not proud of being a Malaysian.

    I am Chinese Malaysian, that is what I tell the whole world who cares to know.

  13. From "Hindraf’s Right, But It Was A Middle Class Tsunami" by batsman, MT, 2011-01-03: "UMNO needs incredible amounts of money to stay in power. These days military purchases are no longer enough to fund insatiable appetites so the tactics exposed by Dr. Kua’s book are already becoming outdated and mega projects such as multi-billion ringgit 100 storey towers and MRT projects are being favoured. Just compare Beijing’s new additional MRT lines 108 kilometers long and costing USD 9.2 billion with our own estimates."

    We may become another Liberia, a source of raw materials for foreigners where the populace is kept distracted by racial warfare. We are nowhere near self-reliance in even food and energy. This should give you a clue as to the masters of our masters.

  14. You are is basically the "Evil & Corrupted" manipulating racism to plunder & rape the resources of Malaysia and these people will persecute & destroy whoever no matter what's the race that opposes or stands in their evil & corrupted ways.

    Case Examples:

    01.Persecution of Dato Ramli from Police.

    02.Persecution of Rosli Dahlan..a Lawyer.

    Many other examples.
    By the some of the articles you write esp. on the inner working of UMNO.

    Hidup Malaysia !!!

  15. Don't generalize that all Malays are an uneducated lot who will wield parangs and kill for no reason. I have a strong feeling that perkasa was formed by certain quarters who want to see Malaysians kill each other. Mageran will be enforced and this slimy person will try to be the person running mageran as he had a "goood" track record. He is still power MAD.The Chinese and Indians have to show that they care 4 the nation and respect all Malaysians.

  16. Yes, since it's so difficult for all races to live together, it's best all malays take over malaysia,chinese indians and others live in sabah sarawak and form Borneo as new country.Then all can live safely happily and dont owe any favor.THIS IS THE BEST OPTION,bcos we are all very tired of quarrels when other countries worked together to progress as one nation.

  17. Uncle Hussien,

    I have given up on Malaysia. All these extremists can take the country for all I care. Right now, I am in the process of moving over to Singapore. My plan is to settle there and apply for citizenship. My entire family is uprooting because there is no hope nor future in this country. I have a son who is 6 years old, and I am looking forward to him serving national service in Singapore.

    I am an accountant and my wife is a lawyer. If my own country dont appreciate us, we will take our lives elsewhere. We will contribute to Singapore and its economy.

    Giving up our citizenships ... honestly we dont feel anything. No sadness at all.

  18. Anon 12:39:00 AM

    Good solution bro.

  19. Dear Sir

    Thank you for your insights. Yes, I agree with you. The UMNO and opposition politicians can only play the racial card when the people themselves want it. It is a simple matter of demand and supply. In other words, the politicians are only a reflection of the people. So, for us people (whatever race we may be), the next time we are tempted to blame UMNO or PKR or whatever for all evil that is happening in the country, let us first look at ourselves.

    I am Chinese Malaysian, and I know that the Chinese community in Malaysia is guilty of all kinds of prejudices against the Malays (just as the Malays are guilty of all kinds of prejudices against the other races).

  20. Dear Encik Hussein

    Sad, isn't it?

    If the racists and fascists keep on with their agitation, wil Malaysia become like post-Tito Yugoslavia? Will Malaysia split up into a few nation-states (some economically viable and some not)?

    Perkasa-types must remember that the international community is watching and that violence and bloodshed will be punished e.g. the demise of Slobodan Milosevich, current illegitimate Ivory Coast "President" under enormous pressure from the international community.

    Phua Kai Lit

  21. Many politicians are oblivious to the mayhem they have created in Malaysia. They focus on ridiculous issues that should not be on top of their priorities. They focus on racial and religious differences and segregate all of us to further their own political agendas. They stoop so low as to play the racial card to gain the votes and retain their positions of power. WHY? What happened to those elementary school days when Chinese wore baju kurung, Indians wore cheongsam and Malays wore punjabi outfits for Merdeka day? I am deeply saddened by this. The real issues that we should tackle are- POVERTY. HEALTHCARE. SOCIAL INJUSTICE. If we can set aside our differences and combine our intelligent minds together- we'd make a wonderful, wonderful nation.

    Everytime I walk around the hospital wards, I see innocent lives. Not Chinese, Indian or Malays but souls. People like you and I... People with children, families, struggling to have a roof over their heads. If you peel off the first layer of SKIN we have, we're all essentially the same and yet created so differently at the same time. Why can't we appreciate these differences and learn from each other?

    Everyone tells me to leave Malaysia. And I used to agree with them. But witnessing how innocent civillians suffer due to these idiotic policies really propelled me to contemplate and reconsider my options. I want to stay and contribute to the betterment of our country. I am Chinese, I have friends from all racial backgrounds and I wouldn't have it any other way. If all the good people left, this country would be stuck in quagmire. Maybe a change won't happen in my time, but I hope to see it in generations to come, with God's grace and mercy.

    Running away from Malaysia won't solve any problems. Sure, it may seem to provide a temporary solution but the underlying cause stems from how we were brought up. The intrinsic moral systems and values we grew up with. Racism exists EVERYWHERE whether we like it or not. We have to start educating ourselves. We have to learn to be open minded and more tolerant with each other. We have to do away with race-based superiority-inferiority complexes. Let's start treating each other with equal respect and dignity.

    A hopeful Malaysian.

  22. It's funny how ALL of us have friends from other races, but our politicians are racist? Aren't they supposed to be from a mixed-race coalition (both sides mind u)?

    Maybe when there are enough sane, peace-loving, un-racist and NOT POWER CRAZY people in politics, well finally have some peace. Until then, voting either way seems to be a mistake.

    I'm Chinese. I'm Malaysian. Truth be told, I'm very concerned for my country. =/