Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Anak Nazri Aziz, Perempuan, Arak, Perempuan Cium Perempuan...Semua Melayu...Semua Muslim.

With thanks to DAVID.

These pictures show the younger and very lawless Nazri with his many girlfriends, his alcohol and his friends all enjoying the fantastic life of the elites in Malaysia. Muslims are not supposed to drink alcohol, so be sure to take note of Anak Nazri with a glass of wine or a can of Heineken in his hand on several different occasions. These pictures would make for great evidence in a Syariah Court. Lets not even mention the lesbian kissing of his girlfriends for his viewing pleasure. The Nazri boy is a corrupting influence on his girls. But this Anak Nazri kid really know how to have fun, but if he is going to live like this he should reconsider his Islamic faith.

Nice bitches! And they do whatever he want them to do.

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