Saturday 24 March 2012

Withour Fear or Favour!

I will not allow what others think is right to make right what I think is wrong. It is in my nature to take the road less travelled. To argue for issues I believe in even as you may argue against it. To state my case without fear and favour but at the same time being mindful of the right of others to hold firm to what is their own beliefs. Each and everyone of us are different and have our own thoughts and our own convictions but even if we agree to disagree we should still attempt to understand each other.

Debate with those that doubt your reasoning. Listen to what the other have to say and state your stand without rancour or anger. And when all is said and done do not forget that we are still of the human race. That we need to live and co exists with each other even if I am a Muslim and you are an infidel. Even if some eat pork and some will not touch it. And even if you are with Barisan Nasional and I am with Pakatan Rakyat.  We are still, in the final analysis, MALAYSIANS – East or West, North or South, young or old of any race, any beliefs and of any political persuasion.    

What disturbs me today is that our people are intolerant of others who hold different views from them. It reminds me of those days when PAS and UMNO supporters were praying in different mosques, under their own Imams, pitting brothers against brothers, father against sons, husband against wife, Muslim against Muslim because they believe the others are infidel simply because of their political beliefs!

Today again we are a nation divided – not by race or religion but by our politics.

You can call anyone that disagrees with your political convictions a traitor, a rogue or an idiot but I will not!

You can threaten to physically harm my family, myself and destroy my material possessions (of which I have little) – but I will still tell you that DSAI is not spending enough time on the ground to advance the cause of Pakatan Rakyat while Najib is working hard to advance the cause of Barisan Nasional! And I say this because it is true!

Do what you will, say what you want and publish what you feel and I will be mindful of all of it – but if by doing so you have still not convince me that I am wrong to think that UMNO is now ahead of Pakatan Rakyat in the race to form government after the 13th general elections – then I will continue to hold that though for now.

I did not say that I want Barisan Nasional to form government. I did not say that I want Najib Razak to be Prime Minister. I did not say that UMNO is not corrupt, arrogant and irresponsible in the manner they have govern this country! I have said none of those things!

What I am saying is that Pakatan Rakyat is in denial. DSAI is in denial. PKR is in denial. And many amongst you are also in denial. You are in denial that we who support Pakatan Rakyat are fighting a lean, mean and cash rich UMNO that have everything that we do not have to win a general election. Look around you, open your eyes, listen and hear and understand our predicament. We are on a losing team!

We cannot win with a losing team! Just as an accountant does budget for a deficit! It will be difficult to win a soccer match when our team are already one goal down with only injury time left to play. Even Michael Schumacher – many times World F1 Champion -  could not win a single race in 2011 because he did not have the right car to win the race. My dear friends we who support the opposition are now one goal down with only injury time left to play. We in the opposition are now Michael Schumacher, six times world F1 champion but without a wining car to drive….and before it is too late, we want those that we support to understand this and do something about  winning the 13th general elections. For win we must as our country cannot survive another five years of UMNO’s rule!

That is why I write what I write. That is why any other bloggger that believes that we must have change if our people and our country is to provide our children with a better future continue to remind our political leaders that they too, must do their part to make this change that we all desperately want and need! 

And when we do remind Pakatan Rakyat of this you tell us that we are traitors?

You tell me that I have sold my soul, myself and all that I have worked for in the past three years – sold it all for personal gain to UMNO?

You tell me this and you expect me to do what?

Tell you all that DSAI is our saviour when I know he is not?

Tell you all that Pakatan Rakyat will win the 13th general election when they have not done enough to deserve so?

Tell you UMNO is without support from the Malays when it is obvious that the Malays are waiting to be persuaded otherwise by UMNO or Pakatan Rakyat? When the majority of voters in Malaysia today are also in the same frame of mind?

If you think I or others like me will not continue to write what we now write about Pakatan Rakyat or UMNO just because of what you tell us - then you will be wrong. We now live in a world where all I need to do is power my PC in the morning and I will know what DSAI and Najib have been doing even as I was sleeping a few thousand kilometres away. If Najib comes to Australia and Rosmah spends a few hundred thousand ringgits on her shopping spree I will know of it and so will others who care to know. If DSAI debates Juilan Assange with or without Petra I will know about it – and not only will I know about it, I can follow that debate in real time – if I wish to do so! And if that Lion of Jelutong is upset with his own DAP colleagues on issues I am unclear about, I will know about him being upset-though I still do not know why!   

Saudara that is the world we now live in. The 24 hours news cycle. There is intense media scrutiny on any issue that you care to think about and you think people do not know what is happening in Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional?

Stop being in denial! Stop being blind and deaf to what is being said not only about PKR but also about anything else that needs to be said about our country and more. Listen and learn. And I say it here once again – we in the opposition have lost our momentum even as we turn the final corner towards the 13th general election. Like you I do not want us to lose. Unlike you I accept that and want to do something about it.

I am one. With you I am two. Who else shall join us to make the change necessary within Pakatan Rakyat so that victory against Barisan Nasional at the 13th general election is still within our reach? Even with DSAI we want what is best for PKR, PR and for the people of this nation. And even today we are still willing to forgive, forget and to move on against UMNO and towards change…..the quality of mercy is not strained…it droppeth like the gentle rain….. so please suadara dan saudari….think! To win against UMNO requires an extraordinary effort from all of us.
Do your part and I will do mine.



  1. Today is State election in Queensland. Labor is set to lose big. Anna Bligh is yesterday's Premier.
    Can Do Campbell shall be elected as new Premier.
    Change is what Queenslanders want. And Queenslandes shall vote for change.
    Change is what Malaysia needs. But will Malaysians vote for change?
    You and I can argue until the cows come home or jump over the moon. But Queenslanders value their votes. Unfortunately we cannot say the same for Malaysia. BN is best democracy yesterday, today and tomorrow.
    Thank goodness I am now a Queenslander!

  2. Orang Tua memang susah dah berkarat.... Lebih lebih lagi orang tua tak berpendirian dan Nyanyuk lagi Melatah! Tahun lepas cakap lain, Minggu lepas cakap lain, Yang lepas cakap lain, Esok cakap lain, Tulat cakap lain... Yang saya tengok awak ni cakap UPAK APIK. Hangat hangat TAHI AYAM awak ni Hussein...

  3. Funny! No one is threatening Hussein or mooting a threat to his family but why is he writing this way? Ask Terina or Emmet or Hussein's wife, have they received any kind of threat lately? Did any of you guys post a threat in your posting? All I see in previous thread was nothing more than we all were fucking around with Hussein's fucking around mah! What's wrong with that? Is Hussein is saying like RPK said "who the fuck are you to tell me what to say?", it's just that we were telling Hussein (and his mentor RPK) who the fuck are you to say why the fuck we cannot tell you are fuck! Isn't it fair Pak? You say what you think is right, we say what we think you're wrong. Don't worry about our wrong Pak when our wrong is consistently ABU we can never go wrong. Worry about your right Pak, when your inconsistent ABU is going into the wrong direction!

  4. You say you are being objective, you are just trying to get PR to listen to the people, to be the best there is, blah, blah, blah. Don't you think they are working their butts off to improve the rakyat"s lot? I am not a politician, just an observer but I can see good things happening and it is thanks to PR. Of course there's bound to be missteps, of course theres bad apples but if you are sincere about ABU you criticise, yes but you shouldn't go on a vendetta. And 9 out of 10 commentators can see it from your articles. HH, you are not on the ground, you can imagine but you don't know what it's really like. I saw some guys try to do something to a dilapidated place. PAS was going to hold a ceramah and they didn't have chairs, let alone fans or anything. So we helped, got a few cans of paint and some boys painted, we bought some chairs and commandeered some. Others cleaned and cut the grass. There is a perfectly good Balai which was renovated for rosmah to the tune of a hundred thousand which of course is out of bounds for these PAS people. But why, against all these odds do people want something else. And for armchair critics to simply say, opposition, this is wrong, this shd have been done this way, this shd have been done that way, come and see what these people are up against

  5. PR have become arrogant. They think Putrajaya is already a done deal.

    Come GE13, PR will get a beating and will be brought down to earth. Only then those PR idiots will learn their lesson

  6. Did u see the pic. Of anwar giving a ceramah in Tawau in a dungeon like place UNDER somebody's house (full house by the way)? So he's not doing enough, is he? And what are you and I doing?

  7. Sein,come out of it mate.Do you realise that you just defeating yourself here and that you are just doing harm to the course of ABU that we here on the ground zero.So watch what you're saying bro.That sword might be mightier than the pen though....








  9. "What I am saying is that Pakatan Rakyat is in denial. DSAI is in denial. PKR is in denial. And many amongst you are also in denial. You are in denial that we who support Pakatan Rakyat are fighting a lean, mean and cash rich UMNO that have everything that we do not have to win a general election. Look around you, open your eyes, listen and hear and understand our predicament. We are on a losing team! " - Hussein

    Thats what you want isnt it En Hussein? Why do I say so?

    The Barisan-UMNO regime have the mainstream media , their many cyber troopers and their many mercenary mouthpiece like your good friend RPK. The masses of Malaysian Population including Sabah & Serawak get their info from mainstream media broadcasting. For every 1000 anti Barisan-Umno criticising the regime can easily be deflected by a torrent of mainstream media propaganda within days....

    What do the opposition have? They Only have the internet as a source to propagate awareness to the few who can be reached in the hope they can help reach others who cant or dont use the net.

    The Barisan-UMNO regime with their barrage of lapdogs which include the mainstream media, the police etc..have been criticizing, badmouthing, slandering and doing all within their mighty force to crush the Opposition especially PR.. Is it not enough En Hussein? Why are you helping them further? Cant you see its not a balanced situation?

    If you truly say that you dont want the present Opressive Barisan-UMNO to continue to rule and plunder. What are you doing about it? Walk you talk! You dont have to utter sweet nothings or lick the asses of the opposition party BUT you can definately play a role to make Malaysians understand their right, make them see how they've been shortchanged... PR have never form the government BUT the Barisan-UMNO have been shiiting on us for over 50 years!

    I know its your right to write whatever you want..BUT everything have a price. From what I see here is that you are stepping whipping on the Weak,and Strengthening the MIGHTY. Please dont be CRUEL En Hussein... Search within your heart for compassion to your fellow Malaysians.

    Thank you for giving me the space to have this discussion with you. Bless be to you....

  10. Hussein, are you naive to think that many of the PR supporters are in denial ??

    Of course we know the problems in PR especially in PKR but at present that's the best and most importantly the only alternative to UMNO-BN. We have to support; not just blindly but also in improving its machinery. We would not wash its dirty laundry in public unlike some so-called righteous bloggers who are intent to plant the seeds of doubt.

    Hussein, you think within PR, they do not know their own weaknesses ?

    They are coping and improvising as they march along the way. If they were to stop and try to resolve their problems first, they would not even reach the battle field.

    Hussein, do you expect Anwar or other PR leaders to do walk-abouts like Najib so that you feel comforted that PR has a 'fighting' chance?

    Najib has the luxuries of time, government machinery and our tax money in his Santa walkabouts. Most of all he has the MSM to propagate his walkabouts especially to the rural folks who you have forgotten, mostly rely on Utusan, BH, RTM and TV3. How much can Anwar and PR leaders gain if they do walkabouts?

    If you really want to help the opposition, come back to Malaysia and do the easy part, the walkabouts. Let Anwar and PR leaders carry on the hard part; braving roadblocks, speaking from run-down kampung houses and enduring the heckles of Putera UMNO mat rempits. Sometimes up to 3-4x in a single night!!

    Hussein, I still want to believe that you have a good heart. You are unlike RPK who is deluding himself as being Malaysia's Nick Clegg. You want to be true to yourself and say out loud what is in your heart; without fear or favour. But in doing so, you are dimming the hopes of many Malaysians for a brighter future. Like in marriages, we sometimes need to endure and work in resolving problems on the quiet. Public spats will only put unnecessary pressures and end up being detrimental to the cause.

    Well Hussein, you have every right to write what you want. Maybe if PR falters this coming GE, you can claim that you were right all along. But mind you Hussein, your writings might also have contributed to PR defeat by planting those seeds of doubts in some of your readers...

    Have a good weekend.

  11. Hussein, I'm confused by your reasoning unless that is your real intention of making people confused. Since both BN and Pakatan have their flaws as you rightly inferred, let us make a list of all the bad things both parties have done. Then, we can see the baddest among these two and vote according to our preference. Forget the good things, after all both are not good.

  12. Hussein...stop following your Tuan Guru Petra! Why are you mimicking him? Stand on your own feet and stop being his poodle. Go check his blog..Oh yes, I forgot, you go their every morning for some fix! Havent you notice..among thousands of articles, how many is yours? Obviously he doesnt think much about your level of intelligence ay?

    You're nothing to him. In your blog you're so full of praise for him..You idolize him and keep on saying how close you are to him. Saya baca blog dia rasanya not one word he pernah mention your name. Let alone nak puji you or reminiscence the friendship you have together. He dont give a hoot about you..Dia pergunakan you sajalah Hussein. Mana maruah dan harga diri you? Dont be a sentimental pussycat.

    I see that you like to be in an unbalance relationship..Why Ssein? Perhaps because YOU CAN'T SEE THE WOODS FOR THE TREE !!!

  13. This is not about Anuar, Sein. I'm not taksub about Anwar but of course between Anwar and Najib-RPK, Anwar would certainly be my choice. There are no angels among humans.. Allah/God purposely send us humans into the world so as to to make it a better place for mankind. There is no perfect human and so there can never be a perfect world. If God wanted it Perfect he would've send Angels instead of us mere mortals!

    Aiya, you want to make so much noise about PR...tell me a family without problems and black sheep And I'll call you a Liar. PR is rather a newly formed coalition, they have their problems which I can see they try their best to iron it out. Give them a break man! Barisan Umno regime have been given >50 years and they've fucked us up big time.

    Arent YOU and PETRA-Puaka trying to fuck us up too...
    You're demeaning yourself!

  14. Woit tuanpunya blog! ko punya ABU dah jadi DEBU... Hampeh lah ko ni dah kena kencing ngan Botak Gila Babi (RPK)..... Ka Ka Ka.. ko meroyan giler ni siapa nak bunuk ko? Lerr biar betul otak ko ni center oit? Gi lagi kena kencing byk2 ngan si siot RPK. RPK tua kutuk tak sedar diri, pengecut lari pelir kecut....Waka .ka..ka

  15. ha..ha.ha.. Hussein, I've just left RPK's blog..
    Your good friend have put up in hid blog this piece of shit you've written.
    You were crying for the past few days and needed a shoulder to cry, you consulted him and so he helped you pen this piece of garbage?
    No wonder your article smell of RPK shit@&%..
    You macam PONDAN lah bro

  16. Waa not enough readers mei. Need link from RPK smelly rat one arr?

  17. Bro Hussein, saya boleh faham perasaan tuan apabila melihat perkembangan-perkembangan yang sangat dipublisiti dalam media perdana tempatan terhadap parti yang sedang memerintah. Ianya lebih menakutkan apabila tiada publisiti langsung atau peranan-peranan yang meyakinkan dari PR terutamanya DSAI. Saya sendiri pun merasakan demikian dan sering bertanya kepada diri sendiri, 'yakinkah PR memang dalam PRU13 nanti. Bolehkah PR mempertahankan 4 negeri yang sedang diperintahnya sekarang. Mampukah PR untuk menang lebih banyak negeri termasuk merampas kembali Perak? Lebih menakutkan apabila rakan-rakan sekerja yang 4 tahun lepas mengundi PR kini telah marah dengan PR dan mengatakan akan kembali kepada parti pemerintah sekarang!
    Apa pun, seperti kata banyak komentator di atas, kalau kita mahu berubah, tidak kira apa, sama ada Jib beri sebanyak mana pun gula, sebanyak mana cakap manis dan sebagainya, atau DSAI tidak muncul di mana-mana (kerana kita faham semua berita yang baik mengenainya telah dipadamkan dalam media perdana kecuali yang buruk-buruk sahaja) kita semua mesti teruskan cita-cita untuk berubah, tidak kira apa pun, kita mesti tekad dengan pendirian untuk berubah walaupun dengan janji-janji manis dan maha besar yang mengoda yang akan dilontarkan oleh Jib. Kalau kita semua mempunyai pendirian tersebut pastinya agenda berubah itu akan tercapai.
    Justru, Bro. Hussein, kita mesti teruskan ABU. Bakarlah semangat setiap dari kita sehingga menjadi ABU!
    Kalau api yang membakar pada kali ini tidak dapat menjadikannya ABU tiada lagi peluang untuk kita semua untuk mereliasasikan ABU 5 tahun akan datang, malah ramai dari kita ini, terutamanya yang masih berada dalam negara, kecuali Bro Hussein, akan lenyap entah ke mana......

  18. Just read rpk's 'the hidden racist agenda' to see who rpk is sleeping with nowadays. If ever u need evidence that rpk is actually anti-ABU, for me this is it

  19. Hussein,

    It seems that the more you write the more confused you had become. In Malay, it says MERAPU tak tentu hala. Lately, what you have been writing were nothing but your 'syok-sendiri' pieces that you thought others would view them as intellectual thesis. Come on, everyone of us know what is going on in Malaysia politically. We don't need reminders or 2nd hand news. What we want are doses of stimulant and energiser to keep our stamina going in against the satanic UMNO/BN regime. We want you to supply these 2 boosters, not bragging issues of no help in achieving our aspiration to knock-out the current regime. We also do not need intellects blurt out their own opinions that could douse the anti-BN fighting spirit. We hope you would just stop providing us the nuetralisers that we do not relly need. Thank you.

    ..... jamos56

  20. En Hussein, saya berharap agar En Hussein tidak dihanyuti oleh Master Strategist yg penuh dakyah iaitu RPK. Dengan cara mengambil artikel anda dan memberi link tujuanya ialah supaya pembaca membenci En Hussein.

    Siapa agaknya target audience RPK? Tentu sekali penyokong parti pembangkang. Tujuan penulisan dia ialah untuk menanam bibit bibit kesangsian dalam minda penyokong permainan. Begitu juga apa yang telah berlaku kepada En Hussein. Anda telah terpengaruh dengan agenda RPK dan anda sendiri sekarang sedang menulis artikel artikel yang mahu kami penyokong pembangkang mulai curiga terhadap perjuangan mereka.

    Saya langsung tidak mempercayai kata katanya dimana dia berkata dia tidak memperdulikan orang sokong/suka kepadanya. Ini amat mustahil buat manusia yang memang gilakan publisiti walaupun publisiti murahan yang menjadikan dirinya infamous. Jika seseorang itu tidak mahukan perhatian, tidak mahukan sokongan, Why write a block in the first place? Buka sahaja private blog hanya sebagai jurnal sendirian dan untuk berkongsi dgn orang tertentu. Jadi, orang yg membuka blog awam mahukan perhatian orangramai..they want an audience!

    Berbalik kepada kenapa RPK post artikel Anda dgn tujuan mahu anda dibenci kami ialah supaya anda rasa tertekan and go to his arms like a "lover" agar mendapat simpati dan rasa selamat. Kemudian anda akan menjadi kuda tungangannya.

    RPK adalah manusia zalim, orang yg mengenalinya dan pernah teraniya olehnya tidak akan lupa perbuatannya. Tanyalah dia tentang insiden yg berlaku pada 15 june 1976?

  21. Hi steadyaku47,
    How do you know that my friends and I are not doing as much as we possibly can to convince and to assure the others that Pakatan Rakyat can be a Good New Federal Government if given a chance? One of my victories was to convince my husband to attend a Ceramah. You see, over the past years,it was ever so difficult to get him to attend any ceramahs or to vote. But on Thursday we attended DSAI's Ceramah in Lukut and you should've seen the loud cheers and claps coming from my husband.That night he stayed on until midnight ( way past his bedtime ) and to me, that was enough to convince me that he will be spreading his trust in Pakatan Rakyat. Furthermore there were also enough information on the Internet and it has finally woken him up. I know that Pakatan Rakyat will be on her toes because RPK, you and the other bloggers will be the watchdogs. We the powerfull Rakyat are the voters. Most of all I believe that Pakatan Rakyat will wipe out corruption and racialism and bring peace and harmony to Malaysia. Hidup Malaysia!! Hidup Pakatan Rakyat !!

  22. I think most of the comments above comes from a bunch of hypocrites who does not understand what agree to disagree meant .......hell with them sein,as of today your article and petras are still very much relevance to me....

  23. See here, true enough Husseins article smell of RPK:

    RPK latest article on EPISODE 22: After the horse has bolted:

    Opposition supporters are a pathetic lot. They suffer from a serious case of denial syndrome. They consider opposition leaders as incapable of doing wrong. Only when these people have turned and when they damage the opposition cause can we whack them good and proper. And that is why it is going to be an uphill battle to take over the federal government -- because we live in a make-believe world. - RPK

    Compare it to Husseins

    "What I am saying is that Pakatan Rakyat is in denial. DSAI is in denial. PKR is in denial. And many amongst you are also in denial. You are in denial that we who..." - Hussein

    Make your own judgement...

  24. Mr Hussein

    You must know the incredible odds facing PR to ever win the GE 13.

    And we have yet to see at the GE 13 what wholesale stealing of the election will be like.

    Yes, in some seats BN/UMNO will probably get 90% of the votes as like Mubarak had before the Egyptian peoples' incredulity began to turn into that Arab spring! Mubarak and the opposition were both in denial and so both sides did not see it coming!

    But we must believe this as you must know BN/UMNO just cannot contemplate life after losing the election. They will do anything and everything...any morality and integrity for fair elections be damned.

    So Mr Hussein, nobody in PR or the general public can never more be in the denial as you have put it.

    Yes, I believe PR will lose the GE 13. So what?!

    Perhaps people like you who half believing that PR would ever be rightful as to govern Malaysia!

    Nobody today can yet imagine whether or not there would be that springing surprise when the Malaysian public would finally find its senses that they have been cheated!

  25. Uncle Hussein, if everybody is not good. Present Government is not good, Opposition is also not good. Who do I vote for..Cows and Chickens? Not trying to be rude, but I think better I vote for opposition because this goverment has been bad, in fact very bad for far too long.

    I go with ABU... I like Uncle Haris...

  26. Se in, just because you are in the comfort in the land of plenty over there don't think we Malaysian are naive nor fools mate...

  27. AK47 - they cannot see the wood from the trees, nor are they willing. But keep up the fight and hopefully many more will come to see the light.

  28. creating doubts. rpk & hussein are now under umno's payroll.

    they are helping to kill 28 million malaysians. worse than hitler, stalin, pol pot combined.

    never in history have men became this evil.

    rpk & hussein have become turncoats. period.

    we want abu. nomatterwhat. anwar could kill my mother. he is the only one that can bring down umno. i will support him.

    if i am riding the devil to kill satan itself, so be it.

    umno must die.

    absofcukinglutely nothing else matters.


  29. Let's just cut the crap and say no party wil be as good as UMNO

  30. And let's cut the crap and say DSAI is gay, bisexual, promiscuous, a clown, a chameleon, Israeli agent, hindraf agent, Chinese agent, a nincompoop - have I missed anything?

  31. "I am one. With you I am two. Who else shall join us to make the change necessary within Pakatan Rakyat so that victory against Barisan Nasional at the 13th general election is still within our reach? " - Steadyaku47

    Mr Hussein, dont get conned by the Corny-RPK. What your're writing for the past few articles is sure hell not going to help PR gain fact you're giving victory to UMNO-BN!

    Let me tell you somthing about RPK's blog. Dont believe what you read at the comment box because he only allow comments by registered people who write positive things about his article, those who dont our comment dont see the light of day.

    I and some friends of mine are registered user at MT, we tested by writing comment not in sync with what he writes..Wah most of the time never come out but when it does he whack us!

    Some of the comment he himself and assistant wrote it..dont get con Mr Hussein. At least in you blog all comments are written by your readers who like you and share their thoughts and feelings with you.

    Have a great weekend my friend 8-)

  32. PKR PKR !

    PuKimaR PuKimaR PuKimaR !

    ASR !

  33. Remember women like Leila Ben Ali, ex first lady of Tunisia whose lust of power was so great, her influence spread like tentacles of an octopus which destroyed anything in its path. We see these things happening now and yet we dare not admit it

  34. "And let's cut the crap and say DSAI is gay, bisexual, promiscuous, a clown, a chameleon, Israeli agent, hindraf agent, Chinese agent, a nincompoop - have I missed anything?" said Mr Din

    Ya, you missed those itsy bitsy part about those billions stashed overseas, our Rakyat's money, that were now redered useless with the ban of rm1000 notes denomination.

    The part about allowing for fraud in his own party poll election ( so please ask him to shut up and stop shouting for EC to clean up - 2X5 - same same, all the same UMNO DNA, where ever you put them, the DNA just can't change..heard of any leopard changing its spots lately ?)

    And allowing for Ketuanan ( read Racism ) in his own party - the top dogs malays in PKR having their own secret meetings and gatherings before the official ones - inspite of shouting day and night about democracy, transparency, equal rights, colour-blind, genuine multiracial, accountability.....

    And....aduh, sudah penat lah to even list out the Great One's REFORMASI cakap tak serupa bikin.

    I will still ABU, but whenever i see these UMNO guys (but dressed in the PKR blue) i will not vote for them, only for PAS and DAP. But many that i know have indicated they will abstain voting for this round. Who should we blame for this ? The answer - ANWAR and his coterie. Our initial idealism for PKR is in the drain when they started to show their UMNO colour.

    It will not be so bad if these UMNO guys in PKR are in middle ranking or senior positions, but horror of horror, these are the very guys who will be the PMs and his inner circle should Putrajaya falls into their hands.

    If they are just in the senior leadership category, like Hassan Ali, we could easily handle the situation -just kick them out afer the GE, but how to kick out the new (UMNO) PM if Anwar becomes the PM? Don't think even DAP and PAS could control this new devil.

    Is it the malaysians' fate to be forever by conned and ruled by UMNO, whether from the current UMNO or the new UMNO from PKR ?

    Anyway, all this is very conviced that the current UMNO will NOT allowed itself to be defeated...these warlords would rather perform scorch earth policy than to surrender. The other big warlords in PKR better fold up their dream to be the new kings to start their own rounds of robbing and pillaging.


    Have you watched the Malaysiakini video yet on some hysterical women (and a few men) having a shouting match with the coach of a kids soccer team.
    And in the vid the hysterical women call themselves "future leaders".
    Coach's quote: "Is this what you want to teach the children?"
    Pls watch. You can see some political faces... and they are from the opposition.

  36. "Anyway, all this is very conviced that the current UMNO will NOT allowed itself to be defeated...these warlords would rather perform scorch earth policy than to surrender. The other big warlords in PKR better fold up their dream to be the new kings to start their own rounds of robbing and pillaging., - Anon 7.27

    ya da Ya da...then we wait for Angels to come before we vote? If we all who dont like UMNO-BN stay away from voting...for sure the present regime will stay in power!
    Hey! what are getting at? Trying to pull a fast one ei? RPK's agent arent you? You say you're for ABU .... you LIAR!

  37. Hu..Hu..Hu... Hussein, I see you bringging in troopers from RPK camp? You real pondan lah... Hoi RPK-botak-Pariah, Hussein your Lover?

  38. "Trying to pull a fast one ei? RPK's agent arent you? You say you're for ABU .... you LIAR!" - Anon 8:26

    So typically PKR 30% hardcore !

    When these mindless moronic myrmidons are unable to oounter intelligently, they would typically resort to the usual garbage - RPK's agent or turncoat, or sell out etc.

    Who is the liar here ? ABU means Anything But Umno. So i will vote only for DAP and PAS as i wrote in the previous comment, but NOT for the UMNO guys in UMNO Party or the UMNO guys in PKR. ( Even some in PAS might have the UMNO have to be careful too ).

    You Anwar Ass-lickers are only encouraging those diehard Umno guys in PKR to merrily carry on their hppocritical act of REFORMASI.

    What reformasi ? Looks very much like Deformasi. When they first started out, before we were aware of their true colours, they could get away with their REFORMASI shouting. Now there is a very hollow ring to it.

    If ALL the PR supporters see the wolves for what they were and give warning to cut them out, instead of indulging them or keep silent or sweep all under the carpet, these UMNOs in PKR will by now replaced with better leaders and we will have a very strong opposition coalition to beat the crap out of the BN to have a winning chance.

    You mindless guys are actually contributing to this UMNO monster in PKR to replace the old monster.

    Anon 7:27

  39. "Despite the volunteers having showed their tags and documents to prove that they are from Nurul Izzah's office, the Umno members cornered them and accused them of trying to kidnap young children.- Malaysiakini

    To me all this UMNO-BN pariah high handed, mafia like gangsterism (beating up people at opposition ceramahs and ABU meetings) is way way nauseating than a few hyterical ladies..they beat up anybody?

    Common lah....Anonymous 7.40
    What you're thinking? Its not the any standards its NOT!

  40. Hussein, DSAI is struggling, if you really want to know. He is, do you notice the physical changes on his face, his head, his hair. The machinery is not oiled well. That I would admit because every small leader of Keadilan is banking in on his image. The DAP are slow except for LGE. Kit Siang has slowed down probably getting ready for the dates to be announced.
    The pakatan should not do what BN/UMNO are doing. Najib is misusung govt machinery, man and money. Can't you see that. Tell you what, you do your part and leave the events in Malaysia to the locals here. Keep writing and if you really wann see pakatan go Putrajaya, write something that is fruitful to the people of Malaysia. RPK cannot be hoped anymore. He is a gonna. We lost trust in him. But you Hussein, still possess a bit pf hope for us.

  41. "Who is the liar here ? ABU means Anything But Umno. So i will vote only for DAP and PAS as i wrote in the previous comment, but NOT for the UMNO guys in UMNO Party or the UMNO guys in PKR. ( Even some in PAS might have the UMNO have to be careful too )." - Anon 9:05

    You are the LIAR! Why? If you are truly for ABU, How on earth can voting for DAP and PAS alone without voting for PKR and other opposition parties can we Malaysians oust the UMNO-BN regime?

    I rest my case and will not engage anymore discussion with a MORON!

  42. The facts point to as if the Barisan machinery is in full swing. Yes they have the upper hand with the finance, media,the whole goverment machinery at their disposal. The newspapers and the tv carries nothing but the achievements of the present goverment. The opposition are the underdogs with only the internet at their disposal and its true its going to be an uphill battle with the election commision and the registration department on their side. But battle we must even if the stakes are against us for the sake of the nation, our future and the childrens future. Even if the opposition wins five more seats this time it will be considered a victory, for rome was not built in a day. The foundations of the corrupted regime that is destroying the country is slowly but surely being brought down. The opposition should start with the states in their hand now and work seriously day and night to make sure they can retain these states and let me tell you if you are sincere in your heart God will be on your side for one day evil will be destroyed.

  43. Please lah people. Anwar has no millions stashed overseas. If he has dont you think they would have tried by all means possible to tie him to it and charge him. These people can make up charges so why dont they charge him with something that can link him with the money. Malay people's proverb is : sampai ke lubang cacing, which literally means (to harass, hound, find,hunt) right up the earthworm's hole. That is what they would have done

  44. Anon 9:50 PM

    Just admit that your Anwar is still as UMNO as he was before. He and his blue-eyed boy AA and that whole inner circle cotorie....

    Just as Hassan Ali have proven himself to be UMNO, as that rotund katak Ibrahim Ali.......all UMNO to the core although hiding under the sarong of PAS doing their stunts. At least PAS is NOW making an effort to rid itself of these UMNO vultures...but PKR is HEADED by an UMNO kingpin, admittedly a 'king' who could lure some mindless morons who would blindly follow like the Pied Piper luring the children to their deaths.

    The music from his pipes is Reformasi, Reformasi, Reformasi.....the song he sings is democracy, equal rights, transparency, accountability. However there is a growing number not buying into this hypocrisy....just as most are NOT buying the explanation that his blue-eyed boy Azmin's voice on the tape is another Azmin re the sand corruption thingy. And not buying into other STORIES too.

    These UMNO cousins in PKR sebiji macam their UMNO relatives in BN....always thinking the Rakyat are fools and that we will swallow ANY blardy dumb stories and excuses they offered.

    Don't even talk about winning the next election....when we have the sick man (PKR) pulling down the whole opposition coalition.

    At this stage, to deny BN the two thirds majority will be miraculous, after which we have to do serious house cleaning...either PKR buck up or PR should seriously look for a new partner, ie if the country havn't gone bankrupt by then.

    These whatever guise ( from BN, PAS or PKR ) are nothing but TROUBLE MAKERS to the Rakyat. They call the shots because we have too many mindless, moronic slaves like anon 9:50.

  45. Goliath was a experienced soldier but David was an amateur. Yes it looks like we have the full finance and the govt. machinery at the back of Barisan. It looks like they are winning the war with the help of the Devil. He and his merrymen are out to destroy the nation and millions of our brothers and sisters are going to suffer. So you have to decide which side you are on. Are you going to cry and rant at the power of the devil or are you going to encourage the soldiers to fight on even when its going to be tough. David won the battle just because GOD was on his side and now he is on the side of the righteous. Are we going to let this country to be destroyed by a few or are we going to get up and arise to fight injustice. I agree it is not the time to take it easy. But its time for the opposition to put the whole force in action as we have to do our part for GOD to move. WAKE UP.

  46. RPK..You're here arent you? Under the guise of Anonymous 11:17

    Peeing in your pants..Sick Old Man!

  47. What? Anon 11:17 is RPK? Bloody bastard you!!!!

  48. Anon 11:43

    YOU are the one sick style of writing is totally different from RPK's...hahaha. Talk about moronic mindlessness !!!

    Quite futile to engage in any decent debate/discussion with these morons. May be they deserve what's coming to them....

  49. looking at it and analyzing the trend of thought..the writing..the anger..the tak boleh kalah attitude..the cepat mengamuk and bloody hot temperedness.. too I sokong that Anon 11:17 is the bloody, trickster, conniving, manipulator, SETAN RPK!

  50. Let's see how many more mindless morons from the ranks of PKR supporters think i am RPK writing in annonymously here, heheheh. This is getting to be quite amusing, kakakaka.

  51. A lot of women are out of control - nothing but selfish cowards hiding behind the label of ' woman '.

    I say the law states that if someone threatens you by actions, words or gestures then by goodness you are allowed to strike back in SD.

    man, woman, teen or dog.

    And its the fault of the pukimar bangsar malaysians.

    Fuck them

    PKR PKR !

    PuKimaR PuKimaR PuKimaR

    ASR !

  52. Anon 4:11 & Anon 4:16 - How lowely can you get? You're one and the same person.

  53. "A lot of women are out of control - nothing but selfish cowards hiding behind the label of ' woman '...-Anon 4:16

    So we become frighten and we hit at a few emotional ladies while we allow the likes of not only UMNO-BN elite plunder the wealth of the nation and we allow their families to treat poor rakyat and the lower category Malaysians with contempt?

    "minister Nazri Abdul Aziz was alleged to have assaulted a security supervisor at a plush condominium at Mont Kiara on Tuesday night" - Malaysiamkini

    So we continue to allow this feudalistic BN-UMNO to run amok and go rampant after >50years in power? So we continue handing them power while we make mountain of molehill of a few emotional ladies?

  54. Shit man, Anon 411 and 416 the same boron (bodoh & moron)?

    ASR, ASR, ASR!
    Pukimar kau, Pukimar kau, Pukimar kau!

    RPK, RPK, RPK!
    maRPuKi, maRPuKi, maRPuKi!

  55. What feudal ? This some gwai loh thing.

    What you are scared of emotional woman, oh ok good luck to you.


    PKR PKR !

    PuKimaR PuKimaR PuKimaR !

    ASR !

  56. What feudal ? This some gwai loh thing. - Anon 9:40

    Please read my comment properly:
    "So we become frighten and we hit at a few emotional ladies while we allow the likes of not only UMNO-BN elite plunder the wealth of the nation and we allow their families to treat poor rakyat and the lower category Malaysians with contempt?" - Ivy

    Your remarks, your hot temperedness and your foul language is very unbecoming. At first I did not believe when other Anon says you're one and the same person and that you're RPK or agent of RPK with Anon 4:11, 4:16, 7:27 But I'm not too sure now...?

    Have a nice day my friend and dont get all worked up...A heart attack is sure hell not the way to leave your loved ones over comments made in Hussein's blog.

  57. hahahahaha!

    ASR, ASR, ASR!

    ArSelickeR, ArSelickeR, ArSelickeR!

  58. lan to your temper and stop talking like pseudo gwailoh.

    PKR PKR !

    PuKimaR PuKimaR PuKimaR !


  59. PKR PKR !
    PuKimaR PuKimaR PuKimaR !
    ASR - Anon 5.39

    Ko ni biar betul! ko ASR apakebende?
    Ko mencarut dalam kain mak ko?
    Ler wat malu je mak ko yang branakkan ko..
    Cuba ko bawak bertenang.. Ko mencarut ni, ko tak malukah ngan diri ko?
    Ko klu nak perhatian, ni bukan caranya. Jgn lah ko biadab sangat kat sini. Cuba malu sikit pada diri ko klu pun ko tak malu ngan org lain!

  60. Hi folks, I like to read most of the comments at Mr Husseins blog. Most are thought provoking, some are insightful, some humorous.. I enjoy it all.
    However, theres is someone who comes here and spoil the cleanliness of this healthy blog and always write this,

    PKR PKR !
    PuKimaR PuKimaR PuKimaR !
    ASR - Anon 5.39

    I thought that its some uneducated monkeys that we always see in blogs who cannot discuss amicably for lack of intelligence but yet they want to be heard...making unintelligent noises befitting the ZOO population.

    Normally I leave it at that...and say to myself... Hmm.. you cant expect everybody to be decent and respect others.. How could they respect others when they cant even respect themselves!

    Anon Monday 5:39, Monday 9:40, AND Anon Sunday-7:27, 9:05, 9:50, 11:17, 12:19, 4:11, 4:16 are all the same person. (Trace back the comment and sparring and you'll see that I'm correct)

    Anyway, the interesting question thats in my mind about this person who uses this language that I've quoted above is that:

    Why would some one who can write in English resort to monosyllable uintelligble moronic monkey grunts in most of his comments spread all over Husseins several articles?

    The reason I can give is:
    1) When he's angry or displeased he become Kong the big Ape and huff and grunt like a wounded beast!

    2) He's suffering from a case of multiple spilt personality disorder. Akin to "Jack The Ripper"

    3) He comes from a family with poor upbringging and parents who dont love their children enough to teach them good manners!

    4) Perhaps like RPK...hes always drunk..always needing some sort of stimulant to soothe his raw nerves...SO when he doesnt get his fix he become vicious..".foaming from the mouth" (Isnt that not his favourite line ..wink..wink..) and spewing moronic foul language.

    Well folks, for those of you intelligent enough to feel disgusted with monosyllable dispicable language..lets see which of the above fits THIS particular Anon...

    Thank you for reading this long comment..Cheers mate!

    often wonder while reading the comments at Mr Husseins blog, who is the person

  61. Mmmm...Amazed-88, it's quite amazing the depth of clueless-ness you mindless and moronic PKR supporters would sink into.

    Without rhyme or reason, with not an iota or a shred of supporting evidence, this a-m-a-z-i-n-g fellow linked an Anon who signed off as ASR with me....hahaha, heck he even attempted a shallow 'analysis' using Jack the Ripper, haha.

    Isn't this sufficient evident to show WHY it is so easy for a slick honeyed-tongue politician to pull wool over these wooly heads ? May god save our beloved Malaysia.

  62. Terasakah you Anon 1:49.?..

    SIAPA MAKAN CILII DIA TERASA PEDAS.....nasib tak baik CIRIT BIRIT.....BURIT MELELAS..ka.ka..ka..ka....

    Daulat Malaysia!

  63. This is what RPK, HH want us to do - be confused and start quarrelling.Zorro unmasked makes more sense. He says `stay on course'. Everybody, and I mean everybody, knows BN is rotten. Its whether we want to do something about it or not.Please dont compare the hanky pankies in PR with those of BN, its too little. So, stay on course with ABU and dont get distracted by `objective' `critical' `independent' bloggers. Read, yes whatever they have to offer but know what you want yourself and go for it

  64. Hussein does not need to write more on PKR's and or Anwar's shortfalls for we all are so immersed with them, unless Hussein has something new, untold, exclusive stories, not stories he echoed from RPK's blog we all are well read of. Even if Hussein has any new exposure (which I doubt if he has any) like RPK did, we all are so well immersed with the knowledge that UMNO/BN is still far superior devil than what Anwar had done when he did it in his time with UMNO. We are tired of endless politicking over the topic on bad Anwar and bad Pakatan whereas we should have advanced into position for the final attack on UMNO/BN. The word consistent, stay-on-course and Istiqamah should be what we ABU people must hold on at this moment. Yet the like of RPK and Hussein and Shuk called us hypocrite for not wanting to accept that Anwar is bad for us. Oh yes Anwar is bad but Najib is worse, PKR is dirty but UMNO is filthy. Take that bad Anwar out now and that will disintegrate Pakatan and a disintegrated Pakatan will lose the battle even before PRU13 is fought. We don't know about winning against BN is real or an illusion, but what we know of is we must maintain our will to fight and right now we see RPK, Hussein and their faction of ABU are sapping that will to fight. To me these kind of people are the real hypocrite of ABU!

  65. Anon 1:49, You can go on denying till the cows come home...BUT The Proof Of The Pudding Is In The Eating!

    People are not Stupid my dear friend, you can go on calling others moron etc..etc.. BUT I shall not stoop so low as to call you names. I'm most certain that intelligent people sieving through the comments will know that I'm right.

    Anyway, theres no price for winners. For me I want the opposition to win if not Ge13..Ge14 even Ge15...the fight to oust BN-UMNO is top priority.

    Have a nice day my dear friend...Cheers!

  66. Amazed-88 said..."BUT The Proof Of The Pudding Is In The Eating!"

    Hahaha....What proof ? where's the conclusive evidence ? Just quoting a cliche proverb doesn't quite cut it.

    Hopefully you don't represent the majority of the PR supporters, but sadly, judging from most of the mindless rabid spewings here in the comment section, there's not much to hope for.

    All the rakyat want the racist and corrupt leaders to be replaced but the new leaders we want to put in replacement must also convince us that they are not cut from the same cloth of those we want to kick out.

  67. Wei Anon 12:42.. Engkau tu yang tak paham bahasa apa yg si Amazed-88 tulis. Tu lah engkau ilmu cetek, pengetahuan tak cukup mendalam..KOSONG... Tak kan kau nak dia tulis satu persatu...
    Pembaca kat blog ni orang berakal tak macam kau, nak kena bagi kau paham macam budak sekolah tadika...

    Amazed-88, kau Tak payah layan sama si TIN KOSONG anak gampang ni!

    Adus! dahlah bangang, bahlul..kaki gaduh punya CILANAT!

  68. The blogger has consistently said that Anwar could have been kingmaker, fast-tracked Nurul , led the opposition to putrajaya and then become senior advisor to the new cabinet ending his days victoriously.
    But he hasn't taken that road. And to a large degree, his supporters have not allowed him that option. It's king or nothing for them. While he is in the forefront, he will be a target for umno to take shots at whether it be sex, finance or political scandals. Pity the man la. You anwar loyalists are stressing him out and making him haggard, looking 10 yrs older.
    These umno cousins in PKR can only think one way, the umno way. There is young talent in PKR but greatly overshadowed by their seniors i.e. these umno cousins.
    You notice something different about MB Khalid these days? All that whacking from RPK and brother RIK, inside and outside, has actually improved him. Sikit demi sikit lama2 jadi bukit. Even the civil servants are starting to work with him, not against him. Selangor royal house has "picked" their man. Faham tak, AA?Some people can see the big picture now.
    So how about the umno cousins in PKR? The minute kena whack over shady sand deals and missing council money, semua lompat and send it their own cybertroopers. Ini dipanggil knee-jerk reaction. Tak jauh beza Umno reaction kan?