Thursday 21 July 2011

DSAI...I think therefore I write.

Kemana kita pergi sekarang? Where do we go from here? The chatter from those that do read what I have written these last few weeks on DSAI is mixed….but in the majority gunning for me lock stock and barrel. Them are the breaks when you dare to put your thoughts into the public domain…but I am not moved either way.

Back up a bit and let us think….or to be more exact..let me think and as I think I will put my thoughts on paper…you read and you think!

Do I write for money? Yes! I will write for a magazine, for newspaper for anybody if the money is right and if what I am told to write is something I want to write about. …understand this….I cannot write to order. I cannot keep hantaming Najib and BN/UMNO if I have nothing to write about. You guys are not stupid – you can read and work out in your head if what I write if true or false, right or wrong, lies or truth. And I am referring to the majority of you. There will always be a few who will insists that a Biduan and Banduan are one and the same thing – and there is even one who has insisted that I have a brother by the name of Katib! But that is the world we live in…what I hope to do is to “talk” to those of you who wants to listen to what I have to say...and I will give you the courtesy of listening to you back.

As I have said earlier – I cannot write bad about Najib if I have nothing bad to write about him….and again “bad” is subjective. Anything is subjective depending on which side of the fence you are standing on. But you and I know that you cannot play Rugby with a Soccer ball. Nor can you play tennis with a badminton racket. Here in Australia the Prime Minister Julia Gillard lives in the Prime Minister residence with her partner – not a husband – but a partner. To all intents and purpose, he is her official “husband” – going on official visits and any state functions. This kind of arrangement will never be tolerated in Malaysia.

In Malaysia too if you are a Muslim you cannot be found eating in  public during Ramadan. I think you get my drift – if you profess to be a Muslim, which Anwar does – what he does in his private and public life must conform to the Islamic way of things. Just because UMNO leaders have indulged in unislamic activities does not make it okay for other Muslim leaders to do so! Just because UMNO had indulged in corruption, nepotism and serious abuse of their position in public office should not in any way allow us to even shut one eye to any failings of anyone if that someone is aspiring to be a leader in Malaysia. If we do so, for whatever reason, we run the risk of allowing that leader to second guess us as to what he can and cannot do in government.

You want to know what it is that I have to tell about Anwar that you do not know? You know that he was part and parcel of that corrupt and arrogant UMNO when he was in UMNO. But do you know how corrupt and how arrogant Anwar was then? You know that he has been accused of sodomy – not once but twice. Do any of you know for sure that he did commit sodomy? He has been accused by the 3 Datuks of having sex with a prostitute. Do any of you know for sure whether he did or did not do so? 99.999% of you simply have no clue of the real truth…but that does not prevent you from jumping to Anwar’s defence!

Of course Anwar has been unfairly reviled, harassed and accused of so many things by UMNO. So has Najib, so has Mahathir and Pak Lah. The truth is known to so few and it is only when the few tell their story that the 99.999%  will know the real story. The real story about Anwar is still to be told. 

For now this is what I want to say – the Anwar you see is all true. He is all that we see of him – and then some. He is also the man he wants to be  - a leader amongst man! What we all can see is that there is something amiss. Common sense will tell you that Azizah took too long to deny that the man in the Carcosa video is not Anwar. If she believes in the innocent of her husband why does she need to see the video at all? Saiful is a done deal and yet people are not bothered about the facts as presented in court but in the manner of how Najib handled Saiful – and Saiful’s subsequent behaviour after the fact. I can go on…but those of you that can think can work out for yourselves what is to be believed and what is not.

For myself personally – as I have said before this is personal. What I have choosen to make public for now is that this man does not keep to his words. Many of us do not keep our words – I too do that. But most of you, including me – we do not want to be a leader amongst man. In the end you have to decide what sort of man/women you would want to be on your side. This is a work in progress. The ends nears but where I will go requires more courage from me that I what I probably have. Let me think more.  


  1. No offence mate but I think you need to change the deodorizer in that thinking chamber of yours.
    And I am already regretting my donation albeit a small one to your cause when you requested for a new PC. And what makes you think you're a mercenary and a lousy one at that?


  2. Dey, mercenary Hussein, don't bother to thi k further. It is no use. You say that you work for money. And so if you needed money and DSAI couldn't pay, but instead umno which has limitless resources, from where you too surely know, has since paid in part at least, you add your two cents worth of fitnah on behalf of umno. Dey Hussein, you also said that in Australia , a Muslim need not worry about earring in a restaurant during Ramadan, meaning you do so in Adelaide. That is all right for you. And so is the Australian pm living with a partner , fine too for you. We too know what DSAI did while in umno and he has acknowledged that too. All umno guys stole anyway. But umno has willified him , harmed him, shamed his family, now you are insinuating Azizah is doubting DSAI? After all the torture , which I am sure you would not stand to near, DSAI stood tall and is pulling he shots to get rid of umno. We now trust him 110% that he has changed and will not revert to his umno days . He has suffered enough and his family is just great and can stand on their own feet. I have seen men fall and get as better persons and we do not see why after all that suffering DSAI went through and having retained our support, he could change for the better. But from your writings , i do not think you did change. All DSAI
    need to do is deliver Malaysia from corrupt umno so that
    Firuan mahathir will live to see FSAI as PM before the
    former goes to live with his kind in the company of Syaitan.
    That Allah has deemed. We are not here to listen to bloody bloggers like you giving piecemeal fabricated news on umno orders as and when u,no pays you. You don't trust umno would pay yup as promised , do you, Hussein? Shameful breed of mercenaries. I can't remember who is it who said that the pEn is mightier than the sword. No matter how hard you try, Hussein, umno and mercenaries like you, the 3 slimy datuk frogs of mahathir, etc th epeople and PR will stand behind DSAI till Malaysia is delivered from umno. It does not concern if DSAI past was tainted or not. Allah forgives and I do not see why dSAI's efforts to uproot evil in Malaysia, DSAI would not be forgiven. Who are we , devils like you too, to question DSAI's moral stab ding in public or suggesting doubts on Azizah's part. You have no problem committing Fitnah from Adelaide , isn't it? It is for you your word against anyone else. And if you could convince a few for whatever sum, that is a job well done. You too have joined the swine that mahathir is.

  3. Pak Hussein,
    you have your point of view but sometimes it is easier said than done.

    By dispensing Anwar, do you think the next leader is just as capable of keeping his promises? Would the new man be better ?

    By doing Anwar away, are you sure there will be another person who is able to garner support and hold the coalition of 3 very different parties together ?

    By not supporting Anwar, do you think the problem of the current corrupted government and shit ministers can be solved ?

    By demonising of Anwar, do you think UMNO loyalists and fence sitters will in turn change their opinion of Pakatan and switch allegiance ?

    By getting rid of Anwar, will Pakatan still stand as a party ?
    Will the members leave & rejoin
    UMNO ?

    Actually, the jury is still out there.

    My husband once told me : Idealism is one thing. Politics is another world altogether.

    Sometimes due to circumstances , human interference and what not, even the best leader has to "bend" a little in order to survive. Yes, it's a jungle out there.

    We all crave for a good leader but truth is no one is perfect. Anwar is not perfect & he is a man with many, many faults. But surely Pak Hussein, surely if a man was once caught for sodomy in public, do you think he is foolish enough to expose himself again, and again, and again just so he could be ridiculed and sent to prison ? Surely a man his age would tire of being imprisoned, insulted and
    ridiculed everyday of his life ?

    Surely the reward of being a leader cannot compensate for all his pain ? How long does a 60 ++
    year old man wait before he is to become the next non BN PM of Malaysia ? Probably not in the next elections....My guess is the guy just wants justice against Dr M & his perpetrators.

    The way I see it, Anwar is the lesser evil of the two, and in this crucial juncture whom can we rely on when we helplessly see the country gradually becoming a 2nd Africa ? Lim Kit Siang is too "Chinese" to garner support. Anwar's right hand man is not as popular, PAS is too "Islamic". Then who can help us ? Who ?

    Another point is that: You ask us how sure are we the man in the video is not Anwar.
    How sure are you the man in the video is Anwar ?

    The argument that Azizah wanted to view the video as well is not really strong. The most important thing is that she and her children support him anyway. The family as you see, is united. Unity is strength at this crucial juncture.

    At the end of the day, "truth" as we know it is the matter of perception. The fact remains that people rally behind Anwar not because they love him, but because they hate the government more than anything else. Anwar is the people's tool and not otherwise.

  4. Why do you even bother to write such rubbish nobody believes you Even your English is bad Umno wasting it's money paying you lah

  5. Don't just talk mate.......say something la old man

  6. What this man wrote is nonsense? He just pretend not to know. How can Anwar hair grow in one day. He should see the photograph in the sex video and the next day Anwar is in court. Didn't he sees Johari video's of not similarities between the one in the sex video. I have seen Johari's video and the man is not at all like Anwar. He said got nothing bad to write about Najib. What about the Altantuya case, the scorpene and also the handling of the bersih rally. Why the U-turn, when Najib said can use the stadium and shout as much as you like? Why arrest people wearing yellow t-shirts and the 6 PSM arrested under EO without trial. The people want democracy, not all these nonsense to justify arrest.

  7. kelakar la atok hussein.

    piliharaya umum coming soon.apa lebihnya atok dengan chandra muzafar yg pernah saya hormati sejak masa say menuntut di U dulu.

  8. It's scary the sway DSAI has over his legion of followers. It reminds me of the Damien Thorn character in Omen III. Will people kill for DSAI? Accounts of DSAI's sexual orientation I have heard long before his first arrest for sodomy. Back in the late 80s I even met, and personally know, the male partner of DSAI's 'adopted brother'. Am I wary? Yes. So thanks Steadyaku, for writing on this. Sometimes the truth does not need to be dressed in the Queen's English.

  9. Atok dah nyanyok nak......oiiii

  10. Please all be reminded that PR is not just about anwar especially to bear wife,read my lips,PR is beyond anwar...............there's more to PR than anwar,anwar,anwar and anwar.

  11. BRAVO!!!!! ini lah semangat budak kolej...always be true to our motto: 'FIAT SAPIENTA VIRTUS"..actualize your humanity through you're a HUMAN because you exercise your WISDOM...keep up the good work, mate..we need more of you here

  12. i can write about your idol tun madey or najib just like what albert smite wrote about anwar.

  13. sein,macam mana kau sangat bodoh nak perchaya dtk t 3 org penyangak tu.mula mula eskay kato dia nak cari jam dan jumpa tape,kemudian kato dia bersama anwar dalam tape tu.lepas tu eskay kato anwar main di hotel.lepas kato di apartment di ampang.kau ni bodoh bahalol sein.patut lah kau anak mata mata,samo macam abah kau!kau tak tahu tulis ttg pm sebab dia baik.kau ni memang biol.kan kau ahli umno dulu,kau misti byk kobaskan. sein.patutlah kau jaga squah court untok cari makan.dulu di englang tak pass belajarkan.

  14. @ Shuk

    Let's try to be realistic and fair here shall we ? I'm really no Anwar supporter fyi.

    Was the coalition strong before Keadilan and Anwar emerged ? DAP &
    PAS were always bickering before 2008. It was only after Anwar was
    imprisoned that everyone united to speak up on his behalf.

    Pre 2008, The Chinese were either with MCA or DAP, Religious Muslims with PAS, and most of the Malays were with UMNO. Post 2008 & beyond we see PAS & DAP working together. Malays vote for DAP & Chinese vote for PAS & PKR.

    Sure, PR is not only about Anwar.
    But at this very moment, if Anwar was to withdraw from PKR, will his 2nd man be able to hold PKR together ? PKR was first established in the interest of seeking justice for the people and also Anwar in particular. And it's because of Anwar's plight that the opposition was first united.

    Maybe in the future, it's not Anwar anymore, but you can't deny that the man is influential enough for BN to want to screw him again and again and again ......

  15. bear wife,what u said is true.without dsai there is no pakatan whether u like it or not.without dsai umno/bn is king and no one can shake it!

  16. Hunssien, Hussien, apa kamu in mabuk duit? Looks like you will even paint shit on your own wife for money. I feel sorry for you coz poverty can drive people to such extend when thrown some bones to suck by UMNOputras. Pray that you'll be forgiven for what you have written about DSAI. GOD is watching but I guess you do not believe so that is why you have taken money from scumbags to write about DSAI.

  17. Even when Semangat 46 existed, we never see this kind of unity that we see now.

  18. I think this pathetic old donkey husin is like RPK of late. He must be screwed up after a glass of whiskey or a drum of beer, that is his life in down under. Whatever he does there is his own f**king business and now turned paid writer for umogok, what a shameful ending given that this old donkey will kick a bucket in matter of days. Anyway I pray Allah to give speedy hidayah to this old man so that he will die in peace, insyaallah.

  19. It doesn't matter how bad DSAI is, this moment the country needed a change as those who are in power for too long is already forgotten about the rakyat. All they care is their own welfare. Even if DSAI manage to form a new government and not doing well then after the 5 years term election will be back again. Regardless the govt should be doing a good job taking care of the rakyat to make sure they will not be replace and not using violence.

    Stop the bullshit crap of yours. Even if he perform sodomy or any kind it doesn't concern me as long as he can run the country in order and we are not suffering like what we are now that is good enough.

  20. Uncle Hussin did u do a lot of thinking before u came out with this mindless crap ? Or did u just blabber whatever u watched on tv3?

  21. DSAI has been the punching bag for 3 Prime Ministers, and he is still standing tall!

    I have great respect for him.

    Be careful of telling lies, especially when you're living on "borrowed" time. Satan's lie near our deathbed will be a more deceiving than any lies that you've ever told, and you may not be able to differentiate between the truth and false anymore - God forbid!

  22. You are a good writer, I must concede. You’ve got great technique and employ the cliffhanger strategy superbly.
    Many uncomplimentary terms have been used to call you since you threw this hook and line into the water last week.
    I have been following Anwar's fate since 1998 and all the indignities he had been made to go through. Many people, friends and foes, old and new, have taken potshots at him, some apportioning blame on hearsay alone and others always remind us of how bad he had been when in UMNO. It is as if being in that four-letter association makes one a leper like in the 1950s – stigmatised and ostracised.
    Anwar’s reputation has also been pulverised with innuendos, half-truths and all manners of means, foul and unfair; each seems to be below the belt and lower. The intensity has not abated.
    Dear Bro Hussein, you have also succeeded in raising the ire of many friends of Anwar. That too is attributed to your skill as a writer.
    I must admit that being a follower of the many injustices unfairly meted against Anwar, I too was initially irritated by your ‘mischief’. Then I remember that you were quite a supporter of Anwar at one time. Why the ‘change’?
    On that score alone, I am willing to give you your right to hold an opinion. After all I do recall that at one time, you appealed for donation to acquire a PC, being broke and all. As one struggling to make ends meet through writing, I could not help, but I empathised. More than that, one thing struck me. Hussein is an oddball of sort, and perhaps too true to himself also. Who would bare his soul and indignify himself to ask for aid…there must be more to this person who has children in another part of the world. There is more to the fa├žade of a man with grey hair and curious eyes.
    All said, I must get across one small point. To ma it only adds to the mischief that you may be cooking.
    I must say your argument that Wan Azizah took a long time to refute that the man in Datuk T’s video was Anwar is way off and flawed, brother. You also tried vainly, in my mind, to reinforce your argument with an innuendo that the fact Wan Azizah needed to see the video at all should therefore imputes guilt, is not a fair shot, as innuendos normally are.
    Try to wear Wan Azizah’s shoes… she has had to deal with one public humiliation after another. Being her, would you want to even dignify another shoddy accusation especially if it comes from the likes of RTC and his two colleagues?
    So that is why I will wait for a more complete expose from you, Bro Hussein. After all we have seen enough black paint to tar all that is good to kingdom come. I await that something up your sleeve. It could surprise.
    But then what surprises us anymore these days insofar as Malaysian politics and politicians are concerned.


  23. Fitnah membawa dosa yg amat besar dan menyebarkan fitnah itu juga membawa dosa yg teramat besar. What you are trying to do now is to create doubts over pak sheikh, that is your ultimate objective. But the truth is, even you don't have any evidence to what you say.

  24. HH, looks like most of the commenters are pretty pissed because they really love Anwar if not for want of a better opposition leader. A default leader no less - as per your earlier piece.
    And you are right about the Anwar of old when he was in UMNO. He may have changed now or he could be a chameleon. But I don't recall him ever telling the people that he has repented nor recant his past misdeeds which have contributed to the country's present malaise.

  25. Pak Hussein,
    I think like you. In fact many do.
    The problem is not Anwar. But to be fair, it is not the time to focus on Anwar. It is now the time to get rid of the BN goverment before it sucks the nation dry.
    Let's forget about Anwar now and let's focus to save the nation.

  26. Honestly, i wasted my five minutes reading this piece of nonsense. Hussein, we are not interested with character assassination here. Our people are desperate for change and only if the change is ever possible, our dream of better life is next in line.

    Anwar is not the only answer and i'm sure you know that too. Once an ardent supporter of PR, for as long as i can remember, you used to whack BN and UMNO so fiercely but why the sudden about turn ? Only you know the reason well.

    If there's any compassion left in you , please spare it to earn a little more respect from us. Till then, so long mate !


    Pak Hussein. You might dream things that never were and ask why not. I too would like to ask you why not? and what if? But you need to supply a much better argument than what you wrote here.

    The first surah in the Al-Quran asks mankind to read. In that surah Allah has also provide guidelines on reading and thinking. Why dont you read that surah and think about it. May Allah gives you guidance.

  28. It is safe to have sex with a dog cow pig or goat because they take as second nature and do not complain but look it you , belum kena hantam cury rogol rogol.was it money sex or power that DSAI promised you or a handjob. What is it your if your brother is Khatib or mahathir all the same none of your siblings like you. I guess they know what type a person you are . What broken promise got your little pecker all work least DSAI is human and you sound like a broken record player.

    You chose to stay in Australia and stay there and comment about Australia.

    You said you have nothing bad to say of Najib or BN , nobody asked you. You leave too many clues that your are paid to do a hachedjob on DSAI

    Maybe trying to rekindle your life because nobody gave a two hooys about you. Getting your BN bank account frozen and all that shit was a cover.

  29. Azizah and Nurul told a PC that during the alledged Sodomy 2 they were with DSAI. I ask you all now, why did Jude Periera not mention that the 2 were seen in the CCVT footage? Simple la ...

  30. Hussein, this last piece from yours is totally without the class and flair of your previous writings that endeared me to your blog in the past.That familiar style of concise writing with solid English whilst displaying easy to follow chain of thoughts has deserted you my friend. The content this time is just plain shit with statements being spewed out that are totally irrational and without substance.

    Shooting yourself in the foot is too mild a statement. You have actually dug yourself a hole in the ground.

    I thought I would stick around notwithstanding what you wrote about DSAI recently. But this piece of carbage/excrement in your attempt to make a wet thread stands upright (menegakkan benang basah)beats everything else.You have gone overboard man!

    I think the only reason why many of us are still around giving justice to your blog,is to make sure you are dead and buried(literary,fortunately).

    It is evident now that you are not only old but pathetic as well.

    I think the glory days of your writing has ended. Just focus on the oldies will ya.Nobody will vomit hearing those songs. Your writings will.


  31. As a Muslim Pak Husein it is best you sit down and get the quran baca dan fahamkan makna nya.
    I like to read your blog but will not read it if you are indulging in fitnah... sorry mate I will not want to be bersubahat.
    It is very clear in the AlQuran either you belief it or not saya tak tahu only GOD knows.
    Kesihan dia... dan hanya cuba memperingati di kala umur yang sudah jauh kerana kita mesti berhati hati sebelum kita menghadap ILLAHI.
    Pak Husin tak ada faedah nya kalau cerita itu fitnah. Baca lah Al Quran apa yang kita mesti pegang sebagai seorang manusia untuk kita jelas menghadapi cabaran sebegini.

  32. Anwar is a muslim. Be it as it may, from the Syariah legal principles Anwar has no case to answer be it sodomy or his extra-marital excursion. God recognizes man-made laws for as far as they are in compliance with the Qur’an, Hadith and Sunnah. Thus, if there is a conflict between man-made laws and the Qur’an, Hadith and Sunnah, the Qur’an, Hadith and Sunnah shall always prevail. So case close, so simple kan sien?

    Sien you are a muslim, aren’t you? As a muslim it is best for you to support whatsoever is in the Qur’an, Hadith and Sunnah. Whether Anwar is good or bad or goes to heaven or hell God knoweth best. It is not for us to worry.

    Got my drift? If you don’t, you better go back to your roots in Sulawesi. There are so many bugis there who are pious muslims who are willing to teach you the holy Qur’an, Hadith and Sunnah.

  33. Sien, did you write this article or your wife? It really sounds a little Greek to me. It is not like your english. Are having fever or something? I do not expect a Queen's English but at least MCKK's standard lah.. Please take some aspirin and have a very very good rest ok..

  34. Surprised to see some of you so "kelabu asap" (blur) to take Hussein's caption on 'he cannot write bad about Najib if he has nothing bad to write about him' whereby Hussein had written so many bad things Najib and UMNO did in his previous postings, didn't you all kelabu people read them?

    I think Bear Wife has got it right to say 'people rally behind Anwar not because they love him, but because they hate the government more than anything else'. I am with you, except that you're angry with Hussein spilling on Anwar, I'm not because you simply cannot convince me and all the people who think we're not wrong to dislike Anwar when you said Anwar is the people's tool. We're not your kind of people who never love Anwar yet use Anwar as a tool. We're straightforward people telling Anwar we don't love him.

    Now we know Hussein writes for money, but is Hussein now writing for UMNO that by his writing, Hussein said the majority of us are rallying against him, isn't that Hussein making Anwar more close to all your hearts and made you wants Anwar more than ever?

    Surprised not have seen all you so very clever people bashing like hell in UMNO blogger sites on Anwar the way you all did to Hussein, when all Hussein writes bad about Anwar is all nothing new but old stories.

  35. Its not about Anwar. He is just as a shit as the rest of BN cabinet.

    The question is can we work beyond anwar?

    Hope to see a better politician coming up for our new generation

  36. Brother Hussein, if all you can come up with is the boring insinuation that Anwar is into sex (and who amongst us isn't?)... is he also a closet junkie? Let's go the whole hog then and hint that he secretly reads the Torah while chomping on pork chops. Your sudden turn has obviously upset a lot of people, including me. As far as I'm concerned, even if you were able to prove that Anwar Ibrahim was born a woman and had a sex change operation before he entered university, I'd still prefer to see him as PM than any one of those demented baboons in UMNO/BN. Of course, I wouldn't seriously object if Nizar or Wan Azizah or Guan Eng or Mat Sabu or Karpal or Teresa Kok or Nurul Izzah or Tony Pua or Husam Musa or even Hadi Awang was nominated for the nation's top job - but that's bloody unlikely, that's all. Anwar Ibrahim just happens to be the best qualified in terms of long experience in government, multicultural acceptability, and his hard-won personal insight into the ephemerality of power. I am absolutely convinced that anyone who has been through the political crucifixion Anwar has miraculously survived must be a man of extraordinary destiny and deserves at least one term as PM.

  37. duit duit..teruk dari pelacur!

  38. husin,i see u have got fmzam to your rescue.this guy is also a pain in the ass.sein.u have wrote many bad episodes on dsai'a behavior ie sexual u tell the whole country the hidden wealth which dsai made when he was in the govt then.u should know better cos u were his close buddy.when u have exposed all dsai's ill gotten wealth then i will believe all what you have said about dsai.till then u are a cock man!hell is waiting for u.

  39. fmzam,i think your ass must have been screwed by dsai and that's the very reason why u are very angry with him,correct me if am wrong?

  40. One thing I notice about Anwar. He doesnt talk against his `friends' who have abandoned him. You can see how he defended Zaid (abt drinking liqour and so on)in his ceramahs and how he took Zaid in inspite of warnings by Karpal and others. You may say its politics, but even now when they attack him left and right he doesnt even sindir Zaid, or Ezam or Chandra. Scared that they might bring up more secrets abt him? Even if he doesnt run them down, they'll still try to find things to expose. So, no harm in hitting back people who hit him. But I can see that he refrains from doing that

  41. May I add that although I'm no supporter of Anwar, I am not against him either. It was unfortunate that he had to go through so much hell just because he dared to stand up.

    I agree entirely with what Antares had written and I also believe that every man deserves a chance to prove himself. Frankly, the so called details of his "sex" life does not interest me the least.

    To fmzam, I think I should have used the word that Anwar is the people's "vehicle" instead of "tool" which would sound more appropriate.

  42. HH,
    I'm sorry mate- this post really is nauseating in its hypocrisy.
    I shall not delve into the flawed reasonings you present here- simply becos you do not think enough before you write.
    Take care.

  43. Hussein,
    It's obvious that you wanted money from Anwar, and he refused to give it to you, and hence this revengeful piece of work from you. Don't look at the Anwar of 13 or 14 years ago, look at the Anwar of today. He is a much better man, now, than what he was then. Then, he was influenced by UMNO and the most corrupt of all, Mahathir. Today, he can expound his own ideas, build on his strengths and bring the various races together, and I can tell you this, Anwar is the ONLY ONE who can do that. I can assure you that even Tengku Razaleigh can't do that. Ku Li is a talker, not a doer, whereas Anwaqr has proven that he can bring the various races together. Hussein, you have no principles, thus your loose talk, you are in the same mould as that snake Rocky, that has been RPK, that arse hole Zorro, etc. You are all a bunch of losers. Tan Sri Sanusi Junid visits RPK and he is sooooo excited. When you are a nobody, I guess when even the sparrows visit you, it's something to get excited about.
    You are all born losers Hussein.

  44. I'm surprised you bring Wan Azizah into all these. Ofcos, as a wife who thinks her husband is innocent, she shd come out and say it. But I think she acted wisely by not rushing up to the podium screaming `my husband is innocentlike Rzak Baginda's wife.
    To be fair to all, she decided to watch the video before making a statement. Only then cd she safely say - I ve watched the video. That man in the video is not my husband.

    Let me tell you how ordinary folks like me, who is not family or obsessed in either way, reacted. I was stunned. I couldn't eat for two days. I couldn't talk to anyone for two days. This is a public figure in the very act of infidelity. Go to hell with him!

    After two days, I bravely switched on the computer and opened a ceramah video on youtube. A close-up of Anwar came on the screen and I saw for the first time that Anwar's nose is broad and flat! I never realised that because his face is generally pleasant and I didnt imagine that his nose is so big! I watched the sex video again and to my utter amazement and relief, the actor in the video has a very nice, cute and angular nose! There's no way that the actor is Anwar, no way at all. I was not convinced abt the tummy argument and so on, cos how does one know what his tummy is really like under his shirt, but that is defintely not his nose.

    Bit by bit the inconsistenceies came to light and even Sakmongkol who doesnt like him thinks its not Anwar. But for me, the truth was saved by the nose

  45. Anon asshole,

    Again I say I'm never angry with Anwar, I just don't want him as my PM but said no bad about Anwar. I did mention in my earlier posting that I see what Hussein had written bad about Anwar was all about BEYOND ANWAR and I'm glad another Anon had picked that word and he too is saying that phrase. If I'm angry with Anwar I could be worse than all you whores to show my wrath the way you did to Hussein.

    So I'm pain in your ass, well that's because I screwed you, don't you see the reason why you're so angry with me, right mr asshole?

  46. It is amazing to read the kind of venom spewing your way after your apparent swing against AI. Obviously you have been preaching to a choir who is mainly anti-BN and generally pro-AI.

    I think one of the reasons many read your writings (apart from your charm of course!) is the fact that you were AI's classmate at MCKK. Perhaps they hunger for the "inside track or perspective" from you. You have after all sometimes alluded to being in touch with AI. Alas, this is a two edged sword that has now cut the other way.

    Many of us are just fed up with the way things are run in Malaysia and the "Anything But BN" sentiment is again gaining strong momentum as we near GE13. We all have vested interest in the future of Malaysia and many have bet their farm on AI delivering the change. Your apparent shift has triggered fear that somehow your stance may presage "revelations" which could give BN another issue to play up against AI. Therefore, I think current adverse reactions to you are also a reflection of the reactors' angst.

    No. I do not believe you have been bought out by UMNO. It's not because you do not need the money but more because the latter cannot be assured you will not turn against them later. Imagine if you had proof that UMNO paid you to whack AI.

    Finally, with my own doubts about AI, I tend to agree with Antares' comment here. Give the bugger at least one term as PM lah!

  47. ...and may I add. Write away my friend. It is the kind of freedom we are fighting for; but we face our own consequences.


  48. Kemana kita pergi sekarang?

    I harap we are not going into the money trail even though I love the smell of it - especially the newly printed neatly packed notes.

    If you are travelling the same direction as RPK, then I have no problems with your direction.


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  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. U look like a sick man and your writings are sick to the core..
    Please get a proper English editor to scan thru ur writings before u post it ..
    Perhaps u could cease being a blogger??

  52. We would want to do what's right in the remaining days of our lives.

    And you say you have done what's right with the first and with this article on DSAI?

    Why has God forsaken you in you have now lost His guidance?

  53. Just because Hussein Hamid's honest opinion of Anwar Ibrahim is not to their liking, these Anwar worshippers are frothing at their mouth in fury and accusing HH of all kinds of things without the slightest bit of evidence. They are just the mirror image of those umno/BN supporters whom they so dislike. No difference at all. Come to think of it, they deserve each other a helluva lot. So come GE13, I will be giving my vote to BN. These Anwar-can-do-no-wrong inmates do not deserve a change in govt.