Monday 19 June 2017

Life is Brief....

Life is brief...use it well. 

I have spent the last few weeks away from blogging to weigh the options of living my life not only for myself, but more crucial, for my wife and for those that I love - my immediate family. If truth be told I have found no answers to the questions that I wanted answered - namely, what has blogging got to do with their lives. Whether I blog or not is of no consequence to them...I blog for selfish reasons....for myself...and even if my reason is because I want to try  and do my part in making change possible in Malaysia, I know that that reason is not good enough to allow me to continue to spend many hours a day on this blog. And so for these past few weeks I have simply stopped cold turkey to blog and it felt good. 

Does that mean that I close shop and consign steadyaku47 to waft forever in the realms of cyberspace? 

In a word "NO". 

There are things that you and I will want to say...if not today, then maybe tomorrow or the week after. When we do, we need somewhere to vent those things that we want to say. You will have to find our own platform to vent...I have this blog and I will use it as and when I need to.

But no more blind obedience to any cause, to any ideas and of course to any political ideals that any one may spew out of every orifice of their self. That is all they do...cakap bukan serupa bikini....whether it be one side of the political divide or the other. In short I am putting my hands up to tell any one who reads what I write that I intend to try and write things as I see it. 

As I am fond of saying...I can write good or bad on just about anyone in politics....and in the past and in the main, I have chosen to write good about the opposition and bad about Umno and BN. That will change from now on...not because I am getting dedak from Umno or BN - no lah....I am simply had enough about the "cakap bukan serupa bikin" that the opposition now seems to have adopted as their own from Umno and BN.  

But of course....first I must find out if there is anything bad to write about the opposition!

Enough for is already past midnight here in Fitzroy and it is Winter. The days are cold and the nights even more so....and I am in my sarong and T short...goodnight! 


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