Saturday 9 October 2010

Cina Pergi Mampus!

Do you Chinese know that we Malays do not say that a Chinese has died? No we have this term we use – “Cina Mampus” ….I really cannot think of an English equivalent that would do justice to the venom and contempt that the phrase intends to conveys! But for me personally that phrase has not been used or even thought of for a long long time. It came back to me just now when I was trying to find a way to make the Chinese understand the depth of hatred that some Malays still do have for you infidels and pork eating people who dare to call Malaysia their home! And so my friend you need to take this in the context that I am trying to frame it. Racial harmony is not an easy thing. Racial harmony will not come naturally for a number of Malays. And of course for some Malays they need racial harmony like they need a hole in their head!
If you understand this then you understand the work we all have to do to make this happen. For those Malays past their teens it might be a steep learning curve for them to traverse – almost impossible for some to consider. But maybe with better education it can be done. And education of the very young is the place to start now! And if you know what Barisan Nasional have been doing in education in all the time that they have governed us then you understand even more the urgency of having another government to take their place so that our young could be taught that racial politics is verboten!
But we Malays are also mindful of the deep seated feelings that lies within the mentality of the Chinese youth and those who have grown up under the oppressive rule of the UMNO led Barisan Nasional Government. We Malays are only too aware that feelings just as intense against the Malays are also rooted in the physic of the Chinese – possible more in those Chinese in secondary and higher institution of learning. Where they have already developed the ability to think and reason for themselves what they want to think of the Malays. The same Malays that is the privileged ethnic group. The same Malays that is privy to the best education, almost all business opportunities from the government and the same Malays that asks them to speak in Bahasa, write in Bahasa and learn in Bahasa!
The tension for the Chinese and the Malays lies just below the surface. Real and not imaginary. And all this while we have a Government that plays the racial issues like one would fly a kite.
First you hold the kite tightly.
If you want the kite to fly higher and the wind is right – you release the length of string. To lower the kite simply pull in the string. If played properly the kite will do as you wish.
For the UMNO led Barisan Nasional it is imperative for them to have total control over the racial divide. To do that they need to have all the races balanced on a knife-edge with them holding the knife. And they will play us as they think fit.
And that is why my friends they allow Perkasa to flourish. That is why Najib and Muhyiddin put on a good cop and bad cop act all the time. Najib promotes  1 Malaysia and Muhyiddin champions Ketuanan Melayu! Din takes out the Keris then Din puts the Kris away! They play MCA and MIC like a true violinist. Always making them play for their supper. No effort is spared. Keep PKFZ just on the boil – always threatening to boil over but yet they know what to do with the fire to keep it under control while MCA understands that it will stay that way if they dance to UMNO’s tune. The do the same with MIC and the those politicians from Sabah and Sarawak.
Mahathir is given carte blanc to stir the racial discontent to keep just the right amount of tension that now prevails even as you read what I write. And everything in our country is kept that way because it is how UMNO wants it to be. Whether they take it up a notch or take it down a notch will depend on the circumstances UMNO finds itself in.
On a need basis they can create the circumstances when either a national emergency needs to be declared for “National Security” or the status quo prevails. 
How do we change this? Register yourself as a voter. Understand the choices that are available and then vote for the leaders that you really believe will not let you down - those that walk the talk of good governance and will be  responsible and accountable leaders. There is no other way. You need to register as a voter and vote during the 13th General Election! Go register as a voter and do it at the earliest possible opportunity!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
What do you expect from someone who spends his formative years in the exclusive college for the Malays only. Another rascist institution that has breed many of the corrupt and stupid leaders in the likes of .....

publish this mate, please SIR!
Saturday, October 9, 2010 12:38:00 PM GMT+10:30
Blogger Hussein abdul Hamid said...
First a thank to you for reading what I write...but you must try to understand what it is I am writing. In this "Cina Pergi Mampus" piece I have used that offensive phrase as "I was trying to find a way to make the Chinese understand the depth of hatred that some Malays still do have for you infidels and pork eating people who dare to call Malaysia their home!" - it is NOT a reflection of what I feel for the chinese. And then I went on to say "And so my friend you need to take this in the context that I am trying to frame it. Racial harmony is not an easy thing".

I do not normally go to this extent to explain what I write to those who read what I write because I do expect those that stop by my blog to have the ability to think with clarity and understand what it is that they read.

In your case I will make an exception because you are unable to do both i.e. think with clarity and understand what you read!That does not make you a stupid idiot - but you do come close!

So as requested I have published your comment - now save yourself some aggravations and don't come back to my blog. It will make two people happy - you and me!


written by Rozlan, October 09, 2010 14:24:15

IN those days we use to hear "melayu pergi mampus",cina pergi mampus" or any racist remarks/But nowaday I prefer to shout "UMNO pergi mampus"


  1. What do you expect from someone who spends his formative years in the exclusive college for the Malays only. Another rascist institution that has breed many of the corrupt and stupid leaders in the likes of .....

    publish this mate, please SIR!

  2. First a thank to you for reading what I write...but you must try to understand what it is I am writing. In this "Cina Pergi Mampus" piece I have used that offensive phrase as "I was trying to find a way to make the Chinese understand the depth of hatred that some Malays still do have for you infidels and pork eating people who dare to call Malaysia their home!" - it is NOT a reflection of what I feel for the chinese. And then I went on to say "And so my friend you need to take this in the context that I am trying to frame it. Racial harmony is not an easy thing".

    I do not normally go to this extent to explain what I write to those who read what I write because I do expect those that stop by my blog to have the ability to think with clarity and understand what it is that they read.

    In your case I will make an exception because you are unable to do both i.e. think with clarity and understand what you read!That does not make you a stupid idiot - but you do come close!

    So as requested I have published your comment - now save yourself some aggravations and don't come back to my blog. It will make two people happy - you and me!


  3. I heard about this derogatory term from my Malay "friends" all the time when I was in primary and secondary schools.

    I thought only the Malays in Kelantan used "Cina mampus" or "Keling mampus" when referring the death of a Chinese or an Indian or a non-Muslim. I guess I was wrong.

    Your article is very enlightening.

    Thanks for writing this.

  4. Dear Hussein,
    I am Chinese, a disgusting swine eating infidel no less, and I am proud to have someone like you, who happens to be Malay, to be a true Malaysian. You, Sir, are one of the growing number of Malays who dare to speak the truth. And sadly, the truth is that we have a long way to go before we can achieve a truly united Malaysia, free from such racism which is ruining our beloved country. I understand perfectly what you are trying to convey and I think, it is a vital step towards achieving this dream of a true Malaysian identity, born out of the ashes of years of deep-rooted racial hatred and bigotry, all parties included. I see our country heading down the road towards becoming a disaster nation like Zimbabwe; our wealth plundered, our economy shattered, our people going hungry not because we are unable to feed ourselves, but because we are being hindered from doing so, let alone thrive like we should. I can imagine how much further we would have gone, even ahead of Singapore, had we not have evil men like Mahathir and those after him who are hell-bent on destroying this country for their own gain.

    We must continue to fight, and pray for this nation.


  5. Dear Sir,I grew up in Pahang where during the May 13 riots, Malays and Chinese jointly patrol the streets to keep outside troublemakers from our town.The offensive phrase you quoted can only come from UMNO/BTN indoctrinated feeble minds which frankly I don't give a damn! I have many Malay friends and partner in business(not Ali-Baba type)and I'm sad that some "Hitler-like" scheme had been instituted by some half-Malays to discriminate against the non-Malays,intentionally forcing 2.5mil. to emigrate since 1957, to be replaced by 3 mil.Indonesian Malays.The non-Malays are well aware of this ongoing population engineering exercise which will cause this country to degenerate into a failed state, which Umno does not care as long as they are in POWER.
    It is the Malays who will suffer in the end, even now who are the poorest, after the all these years of Malay RULE and NEP ? The real targets of these Machiavellian schemes by these POWER hungry elites(half-Malays) have always been to enslave the Malays. They know they cannot enslave the non-Malays who will just pack up and leave.So, MALAYS wake up before it is too late!!!

  6. Sir,

    Your title is too shocking for certain hot-tempered (or short-wired?) readers (perhaps from the 'Cina' race too?) and therefore drew such angry reactions. Please forgive them as they may not have achieved the same intellectual level as yours, yet, to understand what you really meant. I, of course, got what you mean, and will definitely send BN to hell in the next GE13 and every other GEs to come. BN Pergi Mampus!

  7. Ha ha - that phrase pretty much sums it up for some Malays, I suppose. But for others, I think it is just an expression.
    Expressions such as these exist everywhere - I guess that isn't the point here.

    It will take more than a generation to get rid of the inter-racial antagonistic psyche which UMNO has cultivated over the last 60 yrs with the help of MCA (& MIC to a lesser extent). As you say, the answer lies in our education & economic policies - and it will certainly take more than just a change in Government to make that change happen.

    While your call for voter registration is very much warranted so as to bring about the change you desire, I seriously doubt that it will solve the problem.

    Umno is unlikely to take the losses at the ballot box sitting down. They will definitely do more than make noise in parliament. The emergency ordinances are waiting to be enforced at any time. They can suspend the Parliament, and remain the "legal" government of the day at any time the please.

    This more than just a fight for democracy or a change in Government - this is a "fight for independence" from UMNO.
    Only then can we ever shout Medeka with gusto.

    I wouldn't rule out the possibility that we may have to surrender our "independence" to a "certain foreign power"- just so that we can keep these UMNO pirates at bay, and claim the independence from UMNO.

  8. See, another apology to the Chinese from an idiot Malay blogger who has too much of that aussie's a free country idiot.If your are not happy from the comments, either stop writing or stop breathing mate..

  9. A very good read.

    Hope things do get better back home. It's good here in Adelaide but home will always be home. Things need to change. People need to change. People need to wake up and grow up. Racism has been deeply rooted in all races but what everyone need is a bit of tolerance and understanding. I agree with what you're saying. They need to start young and parents and families need to be the root for a tree to grow strong. Uproot the bad & plant the good.

    Do keep writing, Sir. It's good to know they're still plenty of people like you around. Cheerio.

  10. Lu, melayu pergi mampus la!

  11. My dear brother Hussein
    I have long come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible for most Malaysians NOT to be racist having grown up in such a manufactured environment as ours.

    Some months ago, my wife and I were at a coffee shop in Penang along Argyll Road. In that coffee shop were a group of Malaysians sitting together and eating. What was fascinating about them was the ease with which they switched between Hokkien, Bahasa and English. T
    "That's 1Malaysia" I thought but upon thinking about it further, I thought, "actually that's probably what we would be if we were left to our own devices to integrate and get along - no need for slogans like 1Malaysia".

    Like the tone of your article suggests, we can only begin our process of healing and integration if we surface and confront our own racist tendencies.


  12. I have many good Malay friends and they can be very warm and accommodating. I would venture to say that racial integration would have been much better had some multi-racial political party led the government.
    It was UMNO that fanned this racial hatred. It failed to uplift the Malay masses from the morass of poverty. Instead of accepting the blame it is directing its vitriol on the Chinese as though they are the cause of all Malaysia's problem.
    Malay emotions, unfortunately, can easily be whipped up by fanning racial and religious fears, that Malays will be 'slaves' in their own country when the Chinese take over the government.
    This inability to think for themselves, and be allowed to be led by the nose, is their Achilles Heel.

  13. I was brought up with that term and it still hard for me to 'self check' myself from uttering it whenever i saw the procession anywhere. I dont really meant it to be derogatory, just like calling xerox instead of copier. Once I was informed by my English lady teacher that she was often feel offended when she heard someone call her 'mat/minah salleh' and I guessed i still failed to convince her that the term wasn't derogatory too.

  14. The hard fact in Malaysia: After years of blatant racial engineering by Umno, the 'mata sepet' and 'pengemis' are steadily reducing in numbers and will continue to do so for many years to come (either via emigration or reducing the family size to cope with institutionalised disadvantages). Umno thought it can gain back the land for the Melayus. But it made the mistake of of absorbing the other outsiders e.g. Bangladeshis, Indonesians, Filipinos, Southern Thais etc which may seem to be poorer and of lesser quality. Umno and its Malay supporters may feel a sense of superiority and 'ketuanan' over these newcomers. However, these newcomers are working harder than the average Malays and in another 2-3 generations they will be more successful than the Malays through hard works and perseverance. The Chinese may have long gone from the landscape, but the Malays will still be economically inferior, despite this land being wholly islamised.

  15. I think "Cina Pergi Mampus" is a healthy saying. That will push the Chinses living in Malaysia at the edge. It encourages the Chinese to go elsewhere or milk Malaysia as much as possible with no remorse. How good can you get...bring it on....As for me I call Australia home.

  16. I understand what you wrote and I agree completely. There are many complex issues relating to racial harmony that are not easy to deal with. As you have rightfully said, there are racial bigots among both the Malays and Chinese.

    On the side of the Malays, the racial overtones of Perkasa, Mahathir etc are well-known. On the side of the Chinese, their inflexibility in issues like adamantly preferring Chinese-ed schools to national schools is also an impediment to national integration.

    The way I see it, many issues are mutually exclusive. For example, you can't have Perkasa-style rights protection for the Malays and yet make the awarding of tenders and scholarships based on meritocracy.

    Therefore, there is an impasse. And if things go status quo for the next 20 years, Malaysia will end up a failed or bankrupt state, especially once our oil runs out.

    The only ones who can make any change for the better is the government of the day. And since the BN government is the one who has brought us to this present malaise, the only hope for Malaysia is a change in government (or at least a change in government policy).

    Bottom line - vote BN out in GE 13.

  17. Let get at this bloody racist Hussein.....1 nah for you

  18. In our public (public-funded) schools, we originally had a viable and successful system of multiple language streams including English at the primary level. All pupils could switch to English thereafter. Discipline was ever present, moulding us in ways as important as what was in the books. We could all see the wearing down of stereotypes and the tangible development of a united nation.

    Then, to foment disunity and ignorance, (a) the English stream was completely killed off, and Malay became the language of secondary schools, even the majority of private ones that depended on aid (b) all schools were poisoned with religious chauvinism (c) impartiality became a bad word. Today, any teacher with a conscience will weep to tell you of illiterate gangster pupils, illiterate teachers, and a profession shot through with hypocrisy and weighed down with irrelevant activities.

  19. Some Malays would prefer the Chinese to just leave. Some Malays felt they are 'overun' by the Chinese. If the Chinese go, at least the Malays can be the real tuan of the land !

    "Cina Mampus" just like how the Muslims hated the Jews!

    But mampus or not the reality is the Chinese are here to stay.

    I believe there is enough room for everyone regardless of race to live a good life in Malaysia. What we need now urgently is a good, strong and fair government !

    Cheers !

  20. I believe the Indians share the same feelings towards the chinese, well I for one do. It will be good if someone can do a proper study on why we are at where we are with regards to race. Nobody gets up in the morning and becomes a racist. What triggered these hatred towards the chinese...maybe one way of reducing these tension would be for the chinese to admit their doings first..

  21. it is more important that those believe in 1Malaysia 'without conditions' should make an attempt to work to vote. 1 malaysia is good, but with conditions it is no more 1 malaysia. all over the world has multi races to varying degree living together. the successful ones are those countries where the people are more generous. my dad told me that generosity is the foundation for harmony. therefor, generosity is important to the success of 1 malaysia. it is easily said than done. you have got to have a big heart. generaosity is the gift to mankind. but somehow, we are selfish.

    why should we vote???

    a. in the past no matter who you vote we all knew the BN will win. so why waste the time, right? now we have a 'real' choice. BN or PKR. 'real choice' means we have a united opposition.

    if one feels that BN or PKR are bad, he or she must still choose or vote for the 'good' bad one rather than allowing the 'bad' bad one to run the government.

    b. the rakyat must know that when we go to vote, we are going to vote for our children's future. many of them are below voting age. this is more the reason why we should vote. it is our chilren's future who is more important than ourself.

    c. selling your right to vote is a sin. you should not live in malaysia. if this country has to make you to do this to survive then you better run as far as possible from this kind of government.

    good luck to the next government of malaysia. it is the rakyat who vote them in or out. so dont blame the government. dont blame anyone. blame our luck.

  22. Anon 4.22 "As for me I call Australia home."
    Good for you mate...this country is better of without you. Good riddance. Same goes to .......

  23. Thank you for your very insightful article, saudara Hussein - can I call you that, or shall I call you "Abang Hussein?"

    Yes, I fully agree with you that we MUST ALL come out to vote, and not just vote, but also to vote UMNO/BN OUT! At the rate things are going - not just racial matters, this country can only go one direction, and that is DOWN! So, let everyone of us make an attempt to change for the better. Pakatan Rakyat may have their challenges, but I would think this is anytime better than BN, and especially considering that this is their first term of 'marriage' and 'service.'

    Peace and Happiness to you and your family, brother!

  24. Good article but the exodus has already started.....the rich are gone,the richer middle class chinese are making plans to migrate spore,australia etc.In 10 years time no many chinese will get bother what they are called bcos so few in numbers to complain about.30 years from now chinese are outnumbered by foriegn workers.50 years later they are history.

  25. Some of the responses to this article is unbelievable. Please read carefully before responding. When I was in school 25 years ago, comprehension was part of the English syllabus. Maybe that's why our previous Education Minister sends his kids to Garden International...sad.

  26. The fate of the country is sealed if the current government continues to be in power, constitutionally or otherwise. All the signs are that the ruling UMNO wants the status quo maintained.
    Basic prosperity of a country depends on two major factors; natural resources and/or human capital. The former will be severely depleted once our oil reserves are gone in 5 to 10 years. The human capital is gradually emigrating in the thousands every month. Scores of engineers, accountants, IT specialists and doctors have left, and many more are contemplating to leave. Just ask you middle class friends and you will be alarmed at how many young taleneted Chinese and Indians are thinking of leaving.So what is left will be a country in a ' middle income' trap with the danger that it may fall into a failed state category.It will be a tragic day, if our citizens have to migrate to far away lands to work as maids or manual labourers. Malaysia is a beautiful country but unfortunately is being destroyed by a group of selfish racial bigots.

  27. seems there are some chinese who are unable to digest the context of the article. It sums up perfectly how they were thought to think in the Malaysian schools. Poor chinas, look beyond the title. Don't disgrace your race! Ada paham ka Cina?

    I am one of the "Keling" which the "Kerbau Malays" used to address us.

  28. Being a muslim from East msia and got educated in west Msia and oversea....I think I can easily agree with your stand that intergration among the races need to start from young(sebelum rebung jadi bulu).East malaysia is very well intergrated even before the indepedence...there are lots of inter marriages btw races and religions...and I hope the politicians do not destroy it...I believe that protectionism towards race to the extreme is not gonna have a good makes them weak(macam anak manja too dependent) and I support YB Nurul's stand ie to liberate the mind instead.I hope we can bring meaningful change to this otherwise great dont forget to vote guys!

  29. Agree with you wholeheartedly that this mindset is still around in some Malays and definitely the older generation Chinese too.

    I'm Chinese and I am a product of Mahathir's education system. "Melayu pergi mampus" was not far from the surface of my thoughts in my younger days.

    In Form 3 and Form 5, I see Malay classmates who had worse results than me bundled off overseas, those with worse results than the worst bundled off to ITM. The Malays who barely passed their SPM became my classmates in Form 6.

    Do I feel bitter about this policy. Yes, I DID! My parents were not rich. Dad works in a shop earning a meagre salary. Everyone has to tighten belt to see my eldest sibling complete TAR college. She then get a job and support the next sibling through higher education and the musical chair continued to the last sibling. That's how my siblings and I managed to get educated. Life was definitely not handed over to us on a platter. I grew up feeling that life would have been different if I had different skin colour. "Melayu pergi mampus" would not be an unusual thought then.

    Do I feel bitter now? Not anymore! I am my own person now. I earn a decent living, lovely family and am living in a place where everyone has a decent shot at life regardless of race. I didn't get where I am because of race or skin colour. I am where I am because of recognition of my skills and ability. I am very comfortable having people from different countries as my colleagues and seeing myself as equals, no need any special rights for me. My children will also feel the same.

    Now, there's no need for "melayu pergi mampus" for me. We will all mampus on day and meet our maker.


  30. Dear Hussein,

    I understand the reason you wrote this piece. Let us not forget their plan B.

  31. I am a chinese from a malay kampung from Kedah. I heard the phrase "itu Cina pergi mampus" or "itu melayu pergi mampus" quite often during my young times. It is said between my parents and the malays uncle during certain conversation talking abt someone I guess if one is non-racist at heart, the phrase means just an expression...if one are racist, everything you said means something to them...

  32. Of all the creatures God created, politicians are the most poisonous.

  33. Sir Hussein,it seems some racist idiots still pouring racist comments on your article...i say to them...PEGI MAMPUS to all racist!!!!

  34. RACISM and racists. They are everywhere on this planet earth. Hardly surprising at all. But is every Malay a racist? Every Chinese a racist? Every Indian, Sabahan, Sarawakian, etc..? I doubt so. There are certainly people from among all our races who reject racism - both young and old - even TODAY. I dont think the people are as gullible or blind. But what that's not surprising is, like you said, umno being the cause and culprit, and rightly said, for its own evil political agenda. To rule a nation, yet to divide the people, instilling hatred and pitting them against each other, this certainly is not the so-called leaders you need to lead the country. They will be NO progress. 53 years old history has totally proven this, but this country has been impoverished, plundered and destroyed. Who bear the brunt of all these? The very same poor Malays suffering poverty who bought into all the lies of their ketuanan heroes (who live like tycoons and kings), lies about other races stealing from them and depriving their rights. (Mind you, we have not even talk about the things stolen from the Orang Aslis). Racism is a two-edged sword. You cannot use it without hurting yourself and own people. History has proven it. Cina mampus, Melayu mampus, India mampus, Orang putih mampus, semua akan mampus juga satu hari nanti.

  35. Why yes? Its a battle of heart and mind. But for us in the light there is still and always hope. HasbunAllah wa Ni’mal Wakil
    I got rainbow too.

  36. It is very good for the country to have such things brought out into the open and discussed.

    Being from Sabah, I was unaware of the antagonism between the races in Malaya until I went to college and university in England where I met people from Malaya. We don't seem to have the same situation here and I suspect similarly in Sarawak.

    It appears there is a chicken and egg conundrum in Malaya.

    I won't be too bothered by some inane comments if I were you. I've noticed that a lot of bolehland commenters don't understand what they read and shoot from the hip without engaging the brain.

    Still on the subject of nomenclature, you may be aware that all people beyond the borders of the former Chinese empire were referred to as “kui” (usually translated as devil but I think the more correct term is barbarian). This may sound insulting but the term “kui lau” (devil man) is actually a honorific. Only members of the once powerful British Empire are “kui lau” and being described as such means that the person is from a rich, powerful and technologically advanced empire. The rest are simply plain barbarians such as French barbarian or Dutch barbarian.

  37. dear sir,
    dont u think that yr title is bit harsh? especially now is the height of racial tension in our country?
    for me, i find "cina pergi mampus" same as saying "malay babi". i surely u would feel irritated and annoyed by this word. although yr content is sound and sensible, but once i read yr title, my mind has a perception this is a racist article although at the end it turns out to be other way round.
    if u think this title is a good way to attract ppl's attention, i would strongly disagree with u.
    i fed up with all the racism in malaysia. i would prefer to build from zero in other country if same problem persists.
    racism? why?

  38. I believe our friend is only using the so called harsh title to attract readers....which is good. (Some readers really misunderstood the content).Otherwise,people may not even wanna read or pay attention.I know all of us from both sides of the ailes are exposed to racism from the very young age.However it is not too late to reverse it if there is a political will on the part of the govt.En Hussein,this is a good start and do keep the momentum going for the sake of humanity.

  39. Get rid of the mckks the mrsms the exclusive for malays college,the chinese, indians vernacular schools. Then only, hopefully we'll be there

  40. Rude way of telling the fact! "Orang cina" you must understand the content before make any comment!

    Another SAVE PLACE for non-Malays to live safely in Malaysia is live in big group like in Pening.


  41. I think for those Chinese who hardly interact with Malays or not proficient in Malay language, it is hard for them to understand the difference between "Mati" and "Mampus."

    The Malays have two different terms for death - mati and mampus (which is derogatory). From my interaction with the Malays since primary school, the Malays will use "mampus" when referring to the death of non-Malay or non-Muslim but "mati" when referring to the death of a Malay or a Muslim.

    When I told my classmates that father is "mati," they will say my father is "mampus" because he was not a Malay/Muslim.

  42. I think direct translation of langguages tend to lose the real sense of the meaning ...."pergi mampus" english term means "go to hell".

  43. I strongly subscribe to openness. After 53 years of independence, we should be matured enough to sit down and discuss everything under the sun in civility.

  44. I am chinese, and I am rather embarrassed by the comments of some of my chinese-malaysian countrymen.

    Guys, please read carefully before you flame Abang Hussein.

    And dear Abang Hussein, thank you for an excellent piece. Enjoyed reading this article.

  45. "Pergi mampus" in Bahasa simply means "go to hell" or a crude alternative meaning of "you go and die". It is constantly used in Malay society during arguments or even when parents scolding their children...

  46. Guess what, everyone has good intentions mostly. The problem is they misuse it from time to time. In my days, Malays are derogatorily called "Belacan", and this I always hear from my non-Malay teachers. The good thing is I never hear the Malay teachers utter derogatory names on non-Malays except only the usual Cina(in those days it is spelt China) and Keling!