Thursday 15 October 2009

Cakap cakap...Jering Rebus.

FMZam has left a new comment on your post "Request...Nasi Dagang/Nasi Lemak!":

Donno how to say it in english, Jering rebus cecah dengan kelapa parut yang di gaul dengan gula pasir, bestnyaaaaa....very very rare you don't get it everyday because not any tom dick and harry will want to take the trouble to prepare it.

Pak, don't tell me you never tasted Jering rebus in your whole life? the Rebus part is what makes the Jering so soft to eat and taste good.

I got that comment from FMZam last night and it has been on my mind the whole day! I am going to upset him and maybe a few others…but seriously Guys how can you eat “Jering rebus cecah dengan kelapa parut yang di gaul dengan gula pasir?”

Aisehman are you pulling my leg or you are serious? Has anybody tasted this ‘very rare’ dish? Methinks FMZam is pulling my leg. Camna?  Can anybody confirm that there really is such a ‘rare treat?”


  1. HH,
    Jering rebus eaten with kelapa parut and sugar, is pretty much Lipis folks traditional fare. It is not readily available nowadays. I do not know if the Lipis folks still eat jeris rebus that way or not. The jering rebus will taste like boiled Jackfruit seeds (biji nangka rebus) after undergoing the treatment.

    I ate jering rebus with grated coconut and sugar when I was a young boy, in Kuala Lipis, way back in the late 60's.

    Perhaps when you do get to come back to Malaysia (and to Pahang), you can try asking around for such a delicacy.

  2. Yes it is.

    Its sort of makanan tradisi Melayu in rural areas when Jering is in abundance. You can get in rural Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. I dont know it in the West coast.

    Tapi, kalau kena KAPIT, melolong!

  3. Yes, during my younger days in malacca. We lived in a kampung.Folks used to put a nail during the cooking process.That was in the 70s. Cant find it these days.

  4. Ok...first thing first...FMZam maaf! I really thought you guys were pulling my leg. So I am wrong....but that does not mean that I will try that 'dish'...not until elephants fly!!

  5. Bro
    Jering rebus eaten with kelapa parut and sugar is delicacy of the highest order. You can only get this confirmed from any 52 and above year olds of Pekan origin.

    The problem is in the preparation of the jering rebus which took hours of boiling not to mention the ingredients put in which will make you puke. I kid you not. I believe all the Pekan Mak Chiks who knew how to prepare this delicacy are no longer alive.

    I believe your friend Joe has close relatives ( father's side )in Pekan. Perhaps he can help you if he has tasted one.

  6. Bro
    If you want to see elephant fly, you better try it.

  7. Bro if you know how I can get in touch with Joe (Mudzaffar) please get me his email or give him mine. Just want to catch with him. tqs.

  8. Bro
    In my next trip to Kuantan, will try to ask around about your friend Joe, though he does not really know me but I will pass your message if I see him. My pleasure!

  9. HH,

    Jering rebus eaten with kelapa parut & sugar is betul-betul sedap ! You don't know what you're missing. Be adventurous if you've a chance to try it. Is not easily available in KL & even in KB, not everyday you can get it. In KB, a single piece of jering rebus cost only 10 sen ! Dirt cheap.

    The reason why is hard to cook it perfectly coz' if is not rebus correctly, you can get "bisul" after consuming it (thats what the old folks are saying but i'm not sure how true is this)

  10. Hi, you can get this at Pasar kedai payang in Kuala Teregganu. Makang tu makang jugok, jangang kena kapit dohlah.

  11. I thought this delicacy is exclusive to the kelantanese. Didn't know its also available in t'ganu & phg.
    Anyway, it's GOOD!! After the 'treatment', it taste more like kuih rather than jering.
    Uncle HH, really, you have to try

  12. Salam HH,

    Jering rebus is a novel way the kampung folks prepare kind of a cheap breakfast. However jering rebus are only done on matured jering, i.e the jerings are left to sprout (jering cambah), only then it will be boiled and eaten with sweeten grated coconut. These sort of jering are quite hard to be eaten raw, hence boiling them makes it easier to consume. The common jering fruit are very much tender (jering muda), these are usually consume as ulam with sambal belacan. During jering season the fruits are aplenty, being creative are the normal traits of our kanpung folks. Yes they can be nice to eat, but BEWARE when taken to much will kind of block your part of your colon which is refered as KAPIT, meaning your anus just refuse to open and your bowel movement is halted. Can you imagine the feeling.. of wanting to but it just refuse to budge? It seems jering is high is starch,therefor sticky.
    It can make a good keropok keropok ubi,nah.. just kidding.

  13. Rainstorm was the one who started it all, he is the originator of the Jering Rebus that has caused us all to get into this frenzy of a very very rare antique but nevertheless an unforgetable delicacy of the kampung folk. See what you have done Rainstorm? You talked on one food that took us back way down our memory lane. You made us all nostalgic. You have any more of that thing that can take us into time in retrospect?

  14. Kalau nak makan jering, makan ulam dgn sambal belacan lah.
    Best part about this is the next day nobody wants to go to the toilet after you've beeen in it.
    Tapi jering rebus dgn kelapa parut pun sedap juga. I am not sure where this originated from but I guess it can be found in several parts of Malaysia.
    During our poor childhood days in Malacca our family couldn't lavish on expensive afternoon snacks so this was good enough to keep our rumbling tummies quiet.

  15. i prefer mee rebus !
    pls try 'ONE ton me' !!

  16. My grandma used to make jering rebus in kota bharu in the 60's and 70's for sale. It is tasty when eaten with grated coconut and sugar. The rebus process must be done properly if not you will be "kapit" i.e difficulty in urinating! Ask any kelantanese, they will know. They even have kuih tahi itik! You should try.

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  18. Pak, i'm 33 and i've had this delicacy whenever we "balik kampung" to Bachok. other delicacies from 'kedai Jelawat' (Jelawat market): 'sarang' (i think it's seaweed with some ingredients (?!)), 'jeruk mame' (really dunno..), and 'roti bakar' (bun-like roti with sweetened grated coconut filling) :D crazycorpse, colorado.

  19. FMZam,

    Can't think of any food that can bring you back memories lane.... I guess many people would think Kelantanese are peculiar lot ! The food they eat and the name of the food! Just like 1 anonymous said , TAHI ITIK !

    Yes, TAHI ITIK is the name of 1 of the local kueh. Don't know why is that called as it sure doesn't look like duck shit ! Anyone knows about how the name derived ? How does it taste ? Well, you've to try it yourself & see whether you like it or not. For me, i don't like it coz of the texture & taste.

    Btw, AKOK is another famous Kelantanese kueh which is superb beside CIK MEK MOLEK, BUAH TANJONG & JALA MAS ! Jala Mas is my all time favourite !

  20. I did 'makan' this jering rebus sometime in 70s and it taste good. My makcik who 'rebus' the jering already 'meninggal' 2 yrs ago. When I read about it here my memories of her just come alive...
    So Mr HH that jering rebus is 'kisah benar'. And during that time I live in Bentong.

  21. Samsaimon,

    What is Sakit 'KAPIT'? I tried google but of no avail. Which part of the body will it attack?


  22. Ehem.....I better leave the explanation of KAPIT to the expert.....I just want to stress my point that KAPIT can proof what I had said in previous thread that asshole is the most important part of our don't get crossed when someone call us ASSHOLE....Cheers guys!

  23. KJ,

    You want to know what is 'kena KAPIT', refer to comments by zamberi @ 12:19:00 and anon @2:59:00.

    Sakiiiit, nak kencing tak bolih kencing, nak pangsai tak bolih pangsai, abih cam na!

    Its because jering contains highly in starch. It blocks 'both laluan'

  24. do u know wat's 'chicken shit fruit'?
    duck-shit cake ah ?.....iyak !