Sunday 27 September 2009

Daulat Tuanku? I think not....

KDYMM Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta'in Billah Ibni Al Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar Ri'ayatuddin Al- Mu'adzam Shah

I know of his Father, Sultan Sir Abu Bakar more then I know of him because my late Father was serving in Pahang when Tuanku Abu Bakar was Sultan. Sultan Abu Bakar was partial towards the ladies and during our time in Pahang Tuanku was fully enamoured with Maria Menado. This human failing he more then made up by his love towards the people of Pahang and they of him. There have been many stories…some would say legends…of Sultan Abu Bakar's affection of his Rakyat. I know that the Sakai can stop Tuanku’s motorcade by just waving him to a stop by the side of the road. Tuanku will then alight from his car and talk to his subjects without to much concern for protocol.

There was one ‘General’ in Bentong who rode his bicycle resplendent in his “General Uniform” complete with a flag on his handlebar. My late Father recall with much amusement how Tuanku indulgently tolerated the ‘General’ walking around with his gun (water pistol) and shooting (squirting) guests at a gathering that Tuanku attended in Bentong! 

There was also a time that I remember well when we waited for Tuanku’s return from Tioman. We were at the Kuantan Jetty in the very hot mid day sun waiting for over an hour because Tuanku’s was late. When he arrived he made it a point to talk to each and everyone that was there to greet him. Only then did he get into his car and left.

I remember that my Father had to detain one of Tuanku’s uncle during a racial disturbance in Pahang and the suspect was using his Royal status as a shield to prevent the Police from arresting him. Tuanku told my Father to just go ahead and do his job.

This Sultan Ahmad would not hold a candle to what his father was. There have been too many anak Pahang who have reluctantly and sadly chosen to disassociate themself with him and with Pahang after serving in Pahang – preferring to live outside Pahang rather then to be under his ‘rule’. That they chose to do so is a direct reflection of what this Sultan have done to not only embarrass the state but also the institution of Royalty in our country. That he now chose to enter the ring to fight UMNO’s battle for them is no gain for UMNO but a gain for us. Why we ask, are there still rats swimming towards the sinking ship of UMNO? Well money for one! 

There are Sultans and then there are Sultans. Inbreeding amongst some of these august houses have not been kind to some of the off springs that have been produced and did not contribute to the ability of some of these Royal Houses to be able to provide for their needs independent of the support system already in place since colonial days.In short most of these Sultans are not able to survive without the stipends provided by the Government from the taxes that the Rakyat pays.

In the case of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah has need not only of this stipend but also from time to time, additional financial assist which he now seems to regard as being his Royal right to ask whenever needed – either in the form of business opportunites, logging rights or plain outright cash.

As head of the Islamic Religion in the state of Pahang this Sultan does profess to be the protector and defender of the religion. It is in the practice of the tenants of the Islam that he finds some difficulty in adhering to. A case in point…no two cases in point – he gambles and he fornicates. In the latter he has one daughter that we know of, out of wedlock. In the other he has at times amass massive gambling debts that has required the state to guarantee its payment before the said Sultan was allowed to leave the premises of the Casino.The matter of having a child out of wed lock is still being resolved though I would advise the parties doing the pursuing of the Sultan that the possibility of a cash settlement would be somewhere between slim and impossible. Why? Because any money that the Sultan would be able to get him hands on would stay with him – he would have more need of it for himself then to use it for the settlement of any out of wedlock dalliances that he had had.So perish any thought about getting a cash settlement out of that ‘business’ opportunity for the daghter of his.

This same Sultan Ahmad Shah was also the same Sultan Ahmad Shah that bought a plane from the Sultan of Brunei and then conviniently and steadfastly proceeded to do all he could to not pay for the plane. Why anybody would want to buy a plane that he cannot afford to pay for, much less to even pay for tarmac and hanger costs is one of life’s great mysteries. His rationale was that the Sultan of Brunei did not need the money! Huh! The thought of having to pay for something he had purchased never did enter his consciouness. As I have said he is just not that bright a Sultan.

Pahang has been ‘gifted’ a University after much effort by Najib – whether there is need for a Univeristy in Pahang is relevant. Najib has got Pahang a University – hip hip hooray! …but I digress. The University Malaysia Pahang permanent campus is located in Pekan - as and when construction is completed. The construction contract has been awarded to the Sultan – or his nominee or a company he has lobbied for…or a JV company he has interest in …etc you get my drift? Najib had given the contract to build the University campus in Pekan to the Sultan so that the Sultan can make some money out of the project. The problem is that so much money has been siphoned out of that project by the Sultan that delays to the construction schedule has meant not only costs overruns running into the millions but also delay in the opening of the campus in Pekan – which in turn has resulted in delays in the education of student who are not able to be accomodated at the temporary campus at Gambang. Najib is angry at the delay of one of his alpha projects for Pahang but not angry enough to haul the Sultan in for creating havoc with one of Pahangs much awaited projects – instead what Najib has done is to seek additional fundings (easy enough to do when you are Prime Minsiter) - and so the merry go round continues – more money to siphon…etc etc.

The list is endless. I would suggest that Sultan Ahmad thinks carefully before he again goes in to bat for Barisan Nasional as he did a few days back. Barisan Nasional is being watched so closley for any deviation from its oft promise ‘transparency in government’ that I do not see Najib or the Mentri Besar of Pahang pandering to the wished of the Sultan who is saying"Please Sir can I have some more” ala Oliver Twist.

All his PR effort to date can possibly impress some of his Rakyat in Pahang  - but these are not the people that will give him the ‘business opportunities’ that he desperately needs to keep his body and soul together. He will either have to curtail his ‘wish list’ for more hand outs from Najib or, more realistically, find another non existent Shazan Tower to sell to get the money he needs to fund his lifestyle. Meanwhile this Sultan can continue with his visits to his Rakyats who are victims of floods, lanslide or who are in need of a few hundred ringgits to help them tide out their financial difficulties. These are matters within the ability of the Sultan to do. Nothing more and nothing less should be attempted by the Sultan so as to conserve whatever funds he still has left – if he has any left at all. Daulat Tuanku!   


  1. Right on the spot.

    The fact is UMNO leaders knows all the excesses of the royalties much more than you and the rakyat knows. But they will not dare to do anything as they are either too scared or just plain hypocrites.

    They are scared to be called "derhaka" as all the Datukships and other titles comes from the sultan.

    They are scared that they will loose their positions and therefore the opportunity to be wealthy through abuse of power and corruption. So they accept and tolerate the excesses. Look what happened to the late Datuk Rahim Bakar for going against the palace.

    So, to hell with accountability, to hell with transparency, to hell with good governance, to hell with honesty, to hell with integrity, to hell with all the good values of life. Self enrichment comes first.

    As UMNO leaders also wants to live like some of the sultans, they turn a blind eye to all these excesses. Otherwise there are doomed.

    Just look at their lifestyle, their mansions, places where their children studies, their holiday destinations (cuti-cuti Malaysia?), their places of dining, entertainment, luxury cars, rolex watches, travelling first class, overseas properties and accounts etc...etc. All these possible on their official pay check and allowances? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    They don't think cheating the government is wrong. They think the government's money is not ours. They don't realise that everybody in this country pays tax. Not just income tax. We all pay, directly or indirectly, import/export tax, road tax, entertainment tax, service tax etc. So it is our money that they are cheating/stealing.

    Are we going to sit down doing nothing to stop the rot?

  2. Wow! HH, you have touched on a highly sensitive subject that no son of Pahang, or rakyat in Malaysia dares to mention in print to the full glare of the pubic viewers.

    Sensitive not because it is seditiously proned to cause racial tension or risk national security, but because the article is ruffling the feathers of the Royal Palace's esteem, pride, respect and dignity - that is, if ever there are such principles left, now that the truth is being exposed in this article.

    You appeared to be 'naive' in expecting Najib to act against the Sultan's misdemeaning ways and the excessive financial rumblings in all the business projects awarded to the royal palace's stable of companies.

    For Najib's family is connected to the Pahang royal council, he being annointed as Orang Kaya Sabelas(?)in the royal regency. Najib is forced to bite the bullets, and plead ignorance.
    But salutations must go to you for your guts and courage. And pray that they won't come knocking at your door in Adelaide.
    Incidentally, the royal family entourage is in Down Under for some medical recuperation, so the rumour says.

    I am sure MT will pick up this article just as the most recent articles of yours that are now being hosted in the MT blogsite.
    Cheerio mate!

  3. For those in Kuantan or Frasers Hill...skip the Shahzan Hotel...overpriced to the hilt to feed the Sultan's gambling....

    The people of Pahang just need to wake up. Their state is gone, kaput, bankrupt. The najib and Ahmad Shah show just about robbed everything they had leaving them with their underwear and panties on only....

    Their children may not even have the underwear...

  4. The amount of cops that are assigned to protect this guy can be used to keep the piblic safe.

  5. Steady old man, I want to read more from you. This one is long overdue. Keep healthy and stay safe.

  6. Brave and truthful article.

    I'm ashamed I don't have the courage to expose the truth like you do.

  7. Dear steadyku,
    I knew the "General" you are talking about.....his house located near the vocational school..right? friends once "invade" his HQ.
    By the way, when I was just 17 years old, my uncle who was in Kuantan told me that there was an incident in which a certain sultan/tengku slapped a guy who overtook him in a car when driving along the Jalan Telok Sesek heading to Teluk Chempedak Beach....Is there any truth about this?......

  8. Dear Steadyaku,

    I asked about the incident because the story I heard was "few" decades-old and I was just a teenager then who was curious....
    It seem you really knew something......the "general" case really happened....that's why I am sure may know about it....

  9. hi..not only do I know about the 'General' I did meet him...but i have not heard about the slapping incident. Sorry...

  10. Hi Steadyaku,

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    Just to correct my mistake....when the incident happened he was still a prince.....I heard it in the year of 1979....

  11. The "General" stayed in a wooden house 300m to 400m after the Sekolah Menengah Sulaiman on the Bentong-KL old road in Ketari...Adnan Yaakob was once a teacher there in Sulaiman.....The vocational school was newly built after the "general" passed away....

  12. najis .. p,se help him .. amanah saham tuanku .. 1 malaysia feed up

  13. Dear HH,
    It is comforting to know we have more and more people like you in Malaysia. Those of us who do not write will share this knowledge via word of mouth. Our soceity needs to wake up.cheers.

  14. yes...his house was beside the road and you can always see his car(bicycle) parked with the flags on the handle bars...small world. We were staying in Kuala Lipis at that time...

  15. I am ashamed to have come from the same state as Najib Altantuya and this sultan.

  16. Dear HH,

    your blog is highly readable.

    Enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Thank you.

  17. Very true this Sultan in his younger days do drive around in cars without yellow plate & would chase you down & give you a royal physical lesson of silat if you overtake him. I have no respect for a bully like him since my younger days & the way he screw around with the rakyat. I am thankful to stedyaku47 for exposing this sultan of sins.

  18. Ask Najib to check on Adnan Yaakob about "transparency government".

    Early this year,a 3-storey "Unused Car Park Building" besides the Bentong Bus Station in Bentong, was demolished with a cost of RM60K. The building was built with a cost amounted to RM3 millions. It was located directly opposite the Hong Leong Bank.

    It was totally a waste of public funds because nobody want to park their cars inside the building.It was a case of totally zero usage...really zero... At the end the government decided to demolish it with a RM60K cost.

    "Another Project by BN"

    Ling Liang Sik said:" A fish starts rotting away from its head first"

    from: The "General"

  19. really it is indeed a small world....I bet Steadyaku don't know about this "Unused Car Park Building" because he won't have passed thru Bentong to get back to Kuala Lipis anymore...He can use a short cut via Mempaka....

  20. possible to get some images/pictures of that car park?

  21. For me , no matter what the Constituition says, the Royalty dulunya, kini dan selamanya will 'walk with' UMNO.


    I dont know why theres still call for the Agong to do this , do that, review this , review that.

    These people still havent woken up to the fact that Royalty does what UMNO says.

    Nothing more, nothing less. Period!


  22. Nice to read > selling titles is not mentioned. Using helicopter and the cost to use is also our money.

    Do we need SULTANS at the present times when the world is changing and people are getting rid of the them and the Rajas for their unbecoming behaviors.

    Malaysiakini should highlight the story of that Filipino maid worked in Palace when Sultan of Pahang was Agong. It is believed that the maid gave birth to an illicit daughter born to this Sultan.

    Last I read was that the girl was doing her Phd in law in America Sultan wanted to settle off by paying her RM10 million but that lady-maid refused because she wanted the royal inheritance for her daughter which the Sultan refused.The matter is still not settled i suppose.

    To refresh the whole episode, it is best now to release her mothers web page for more people to read and to understand the real situation. During those years Malaysiakini was not as popular as today The news if published today will definitely be news to many.

  23. Yes....I got 2.
    Where to send?

  24. please email to me at - if you want to send it to me by post then send me your email and i will give you my house address. tqs

  25. Father and son
    The popular Chivas Regal
    They use to drink
    In the comfort of their own

    Royal parties
    Dragged on into morning
    Uniformed officers and wives
    And those hanger-ons couldn't leave
    When Sultan hadn't retired

    I heard story about the late Sultan
    No pretty women should be seen
    When he paid visits to the villages
    Then he would send his palace officials
    Requesting the parents to send daughter
    For the Sultan's pleasures.....

    Sultans should be friendly and wise
    Living up to the titles to play their roles
    On most occasions they got it wrong
    Serving their own needs and families
    Leaving the rakyat feeling remorse
    Sometimes regret why Tunku never clamped it down?

    The Sultans should stay above politics
    Yet sometimes Sultans supporting the ruling elites
    Only the villagers can be swayed.........
    The city and town folks they know the truth

    What will Malaysia be?
    IMalaysia isn't working
    Only fools will think it will work
    The events of recent past
    Going contrary to the slogan

  26. Some time in the early 90's, an acquaintance did say that our country have three group of robbers, the royalty, the politicians, and the top civil services but I brushed it aside as I believe in the system. Then come our TDM to curb the power of the rulers, another acquaintance say, we now left with two group of robbers, the politicians and the top civil services, but I also brushed it aside as I still believe in the system.

    Then the "REFORMASI" came and the Internet technology flourished. The voice of the people and new world of information is the turning point of my believe that the system was corrupted.

    Now, with the Sultan of Pahang backing for BN, it just confirm the it's not only the system have been corrupted, but the people who is to safeguard the system is also corrupted.

    If the computer got corrupted, we'll blame Microsoft. But if the country and governance is corrupted, blame it on ourselves.

    So, to rectify the a failed state, VOTE for change while we still have the opportunity.

  27. Bak kata Pepatah (and some say, Hang Jebat):

    Raja Adil, Disembah.
    Raja Zalim, Disanggah.

    Derhaka kepada Raja dan Kerajaan Zalim itu bukanlah salah, malah adalah tanggungjawab sesumua umat Islam.

  28. Pak HH,

    Stay healthy!!

    Like your writing style!


  29. I still remember that "General" in Bentong. I was an undergraduate in the University of Malaya way back in 1969 doing my fieldwork based in Bentong, and the "General" in full dress would walk in and out of the District Office where I was assigned to collect data. He never bothered anyone, and nobody bothered him. He was quite a sight riding on his bicycle as he made is way from his kampung to and from town.

  30. Dear HH
    Wow, you have received so many comments in response to this article.
    I was born in Pahang and proud of it. I had the opportunity to mix with the Pahang Royal family during the Sultan Abu Bakar reign. Despite his ill temper, Sultan Abu Bakar was OK I must say. One of his son was my school mate in Primary school and I enjoyed being his friend. I attended many Kenduris when Sultan Abu Bakar visited my father's constituency, I was only 11 years old then. I also knew the 'General' very well as he was an icon to the little town of Bentong. Altough he was deemed as mentally unstable but he received respect from the public and able to mix around well.
    I am not familiar with this new Sultan Ahmad Shah as I already left the country long time ago and now living abroad. Going by your article and comments, he has a lot to answer to the common people of Pahang. It is good that you have the courage to expose some of the unscrupulos act carried out by him and I dearly hope there is something that can be done to better the situation. We need to enact democracy in the manner that it should be enjoyed by many people in a true blue 'FREE' world. Good luck pal

  31. Hi Everybody....I am so happy that i am not the only one who knows about the GENERAL in Bentong. I have had so many e mails and comments about him...aahhh it brings back so many memories of Pahang!Maybe we should do a story in the General ...all by himself ! i can write some stories about my stay in Kuala Lipis! ...its good to have so many friends that know what you are talking about...thanks made an old man happy with memories of days gone by.

  32. While the "General" was providing a measure of "comic" relief in Bentong in 1969, our work on the land records in the Bentong District Office revealed the extensive activities in acquiring smallholding land parcels by one chettiar by name ARMS Pillay (Ana Runa Muna Samy Pillay) who had amassed quite a horde of land holdings in the Bentong District (because he was charging usurious interest rates on monies he loaned to rubber small holders). This information on ARMS Pillay, and other such land record data that we Univ Malaya undergraduates collected during our fieldwork, contributed to our lecturer's PhD thesis, and he went on to become one of the better known and respected UM professors. Does anybody remember ARMS Pillay, and what became of him, and all that rubber land he amassed?

  33. He also screwed up our national football team.

  34. article very timely. YAB Abdul rahim, former MB who passed away should be buried in Pahang with full state colors but no....buried in Taman Kosas, Ampang. Can you believe the honor given to such a statesman? merely because he wouldnt give in to the life president of FAM???? heeessshhhh

  35. Yeah..HH, write something on the "General"....with some photos please!! We rather to have such a "innocent/honest" general than someone who always put a fake smiling face while keeping a dagger in his heart....

  36. Re Sultan Ahmad Shah - in the news today 30/9, the guy is to be confered with an honorary doctorate by the UMP (University Malaysia Pahang). This conferment is in recognition of the sultan’s contribution to the development of Pahang and the nation.
    Is this real? OMG