Saturday 17 September 2011

All the usual suspects....

What Najib did yesterday triggered a stampede of sycophants trying to out do each other in their praise for his so called abolishment of the ISA. Does it mean that the ISA that was here yesterday is now gone today? Let me tell all those gullible people out there….the election is coming…if Najib does not come up with the abolishment of the ISA he will have to invent something similar. Let me explain Najib’s thinking process.

Imagine this…there is Najib at home sitting down for dinner with the Prime Minister…opps sorry …there is Najib sitting down for dinner with Rosmah.

As usual Rosmah briefs Najib on the REAL situation -  re the possibility of her remaining as FIRST LADY. It does not look to good. Her recent attempt (over Hari Raya) at having a regular spot on national TV to “connect” with the people of Malaysia bombed because the people did not want to connect with her! So how now brown cow? What else to do?

Tell the real story about Altantuya? No can do! Spending time behind bars is not what this First Lady wants to contemplate doing even in the company of her beloved Najib!

Fast track PKFZ? No can do. That would bring the whole BN house of cards tumbling down.

Clean up PDRM, MACC and the Judiciary? ..and leave UMNO up the Tembeling River in a raft without a paddle? No can do too!..there must be something else they can do without getting themselves wet.....Rosmah does not look to good without her makeup!

And then their “Eureka” moment…abolish the ISA! Nobody who is against them can say that abolishing the ISA is not a good thing! And while Najib is at it why not abolish the Printing Presses and Publication Act, etc etc.

Now of course it never occurred to them that it is “THEM” that the people wanted to abolish…but since when has what the people want been of any concern to Rosmah? Never!

This is what I like about Rosmah She manages to offend all the right all Malaysians! She thinks that making Najib abolish the ISA will secure her another tenure as First Lady. Well Rosmah I have news for you. Najib has to be reelected as PM first at the 13th general election to allow you to remain as First Lady – NOT The other way around!

Anyway the announcement has been made and all the usual suspects are wheeled out to put in their two cents worth of support.

Take this drivel posted by that pretentious little git of a reporter from NST:

THE prime minister's instruction to abolish or reconstruct a slew of security laws, chiefly the Internal Security Act, heralds a new age of political enlightenment that seeks to eliminate British colonial remnants and antiquated edicts of the Cold War.

Being a true game-changer, Datuk Seri Najib Razak's fresh set of humane security laws are going to provide new rules of socio-political engagement, one without the threat of police detention without trial.

In fact, Najib's radical transformation of the security environment may have been designed to free police from the encumbrances of having to tail critical pro-democratic activists and focus on criminals.

From now, all threats, whether they are connotations of vile thought or subversive inclinations, will be counter-argued with stronger and superior ideas. There's no other option.

Nak muntah aku! How anyone can sit down and actually make himself write that sort of stuff is beyond me! His job might be secure at NST but where is your dignity brother? Have some pride in your work lah…you are writing about a political decision made by a desperate PM who lacks legitimacy because of the way he came into office.

Only after 29 months in office is Najib finally going to the people for a mandate to be their PM – so please don’t write about “ a new age of political enlightment”, “being a true game-changer” “humane security laws”….. ”connotations of of vile thoughts or subversive inclinations”….. you are writing rubbish you pompous idiot!

And then of course the IGP has to have his 15 seconds of fame and he comes up with this gem: 

KUALA LUMPUR: The repeal of the Internal Security Act will not affect police work, said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar.

"We have been entrusted with maintaining internal security and public order and will continue doing so even without the ISA.

"Emergency laws are no longer needed in this time and age," he told the New Straits Times.

In other words, with or without the ISA PDRM will still hantam and whack all demonstrators, will still murder suspects in Police custody, will still condone heavily armed Police murdering defenseless people...and not to forget the collection of "TOL" from the Rakyat to grease the palm of all those babi from the mata mata as usual!   

I like his “.

"Emergency laws are no longer needed in this time and age," What time and age brother? This is still 2011 and it is still September….and all that has happened is that we are all a day older. When you are no longer IGP will qualify as a new time and a new age!

And in closing do not forget what Najib also said:  

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday announced an orderly “political transformation”, seeking the repeal of the Internal Security and Banishment acts.
Read the above statement very carefully….”orderly political transformation”….which translated means “let us win the 13 general election first lah and then we see!”

Please brothers and sisters stop any celebration to celebrate the abolishment of the ISA or the PPPA. It has not happened yet. Saying that it will be abolish does not make it happen. Take it for what it is….it has nothing to do with our freedom to practice whatever political ideology we choose or to let a responsible Media print what the public should know : It has everything to do about winning the 13th  general elections.

So we must deal with this announcement the same way we deal with the announcement about KPI’s, about the creation of MACC, about the government promise to “leave no stone unturned” on the Lingam, Teoh Beng Hock and any other inquiry and any other announcements made by this BN government….straight into the rubbish bin!


  1. Bagui la ni! I like the manner and tone expressed! Excellente!

  2. I have no doubt that the replacement for the ISA will be something similar to the Patriot Act.

    Just replace the fire with a pot boiling oil.

  3. Precise & superb comment...Najib's promise of d ISA...just anor of d many rhetorics

  4. Dear Najib & Rosmah,

    Come 13GE, me, my family n relatives and friends will show you la how we feel about BN, your policies, Rosmah's handbags etc.

  5. The new ISA will have more bites and stings. It will be dubbed as BISA - Barisan's I.S.A.

  6. Well written and very obviously true. I have always felt the same way as your last lines. Anything from UMNO/BN is only worth throwing into the ruisbbish bin and the reason is because it will be self serving or business as usual. In terms of Islam, they are the biggest munafiks of all and have to be killed (as per surah al-azhab)in the worst way!

  7. As long as we the Rakyats let this Umno BN walked the surface,we will never be free from all the shits... promise and say what you want Najib(UMNO)but you can never fool what RPK said,asal bukan umno(ABU).

  8. Najib is the most forked tongue prime minister of umno ever ( he is not mine as I did not vote for him). Even mahathir , though a dictator , did not hide behind rhetorics and semantics. The current members of the government are pathological liars who say one thing and do another as is convenient for them. Unfortunately , there r many among us who will fall for their sandiwara and vote for them

  9. So well experssed I would like to take my hat off, for my friend Steadyaku47

  10. RULE #1: Never Trust anyone who has been proven Liar.

    RULE #2: When in doubt refer to Rule #1.

  11. Wow, Mahathir must be rolling in his grave!

  12. I would like to correct NST first. ISA 1948 was indeed a British Legacy but the present ISA was enacted post merdeka. Many pro umno people were staunch supporters of the ISA, why the sudden change of mind? Our IGP is not only pathetic but also spineless. Whatever the case, do not believe what Najib says today coz he can say something different tomorrow. As for the Fat Lady OM, she is a nobody to many of us but she would hasten the hubby's downfall.

  13. Yo Brader.
    I m sure u wud enjoy reading Pak Yeh version..."ISA out,Ati Terrorist In,Masok Angin Keluar Asap" @

  14. When Najib says abolish ISA, we must not be deterred, not a bit from our stand, that is to abolish ISA, first we must ABOLISH UMNO!

  15. I really like what you write .
    keep them coming

  16. Damn right, buddy. Your article is quite honest. Only those dumb UMNO supporters keep supporting themly blindly. The ISA will evolve into a stronger and deadlier form of detention. A lot of idiots keep comparing to the US Patriot Act. This dumb nuts dont really understand the Patriot Act and simply quote it like eating nasi lemak. But I guess, all htese armchair UMNO supporters are really schooled inthe UMNO way of life; blind support without question. I wonder when will all these idiot UMNO supporters wake up to the fact that they are supporting thieves who steal their money by UMNO staying in power. If these UMNO idiots can lodge a police report on say, cats dying in a shoplot, and make a gigantic fuss about it, why cant they do similar reports as the UMNO govt has been robbing them blind?? ISA will never go away. It is THE ONLY tool Najib and gang has to use to control their economic-political power in Malaysia.


    Those who support UMNO are brainless dogs & cats, some even RATS!

    They eat shit that have been given to them in the form of contracts and mega projects as UMNO cronies!
    KICKBACKS is the correct term - 30%-40% is nothing unusual!

    Build multi-million dollar (USD)homes, have plenty of expensive cars, dozens of girls, many wives and maids!

    They smoke expensive Cuban cigars and dine/shop in the finest outlets the world can offer!

    This is the ciri-ciri tali barut baruah UMNO sejati!

    Rich tycoons and Taikohs/Towkays are always around them buying free-bies and paying for all their expense, most of the time in far away lands, away from prying eyes!


    SO ISA - is just a game Jibby is playing to fool HIMSELF only!


  18. Dear Abg Hussein,
    I am surprise to hear this news where
    everyone is commenting about,I didn't even bother to read less I am trick for any news in Media or TV,only when I opened MT did I read this piece of shit news,don't you people remember PM being Flip Flop,it's always in the Net that I read whatever it's written,what does Flip Flop means to you?Read the newspapers,Huuh!!!! pleaseeee??