Thursday 1 March 2012


There has been a significant airing of angst on the social media and in conversation amongst friends by many Malaysian on the ills they face living in Malaysia. The Indians decry the lack of economic progress and increasing poverty amongst their people. The Dayaks and Ibans are becoming more insistence that they will decide their own fate, not Putrajaya. The Orang Asli do not have a voice nor the means to make themselves heard - so we do not hear any of their cry even if they are in dire need of help. Today the rumblings of people who are no longer content to sit quietly and accept their untenable lot is beginning to deafen our ears.

And the most vocal are the Chinese. A significant number of these Chinese have voted with their feet – they have left to look for greener pastures elsewhere. And those that remain are organizing themselves into portent political groupings away from MCA – groupings with the potential to secure real political power in the coming 13th general elections. The Chinese can be a force for good or bad in our movement towards ABU. Good because together with the Malays and the other races, we can make ABU happen. Bad because the animosity between the Chinese and the Malays for perceived wrongs by the latter on the former over the implementation of the policies under the NEP still seethes just below the surface between the two races.
I think it is time that we discuss these matters openly and without rancour or prejudice – and ‘these matters’ I am referring to are the Chinese!

To all you Chinese who resent the manner in which you are being treated – for lack of a better word – as second-class citizens – I want to say this. 

Blame MCA, blame the BN government, blame UMNO, blame the lack of education to make our young understand the need to celebrate our differences and not accentuate it.  Blame anything or anyone you want but do not blame the Malays.

Yes the Chinese are the favourite bogeyman UMNO loves to blame for all the ills in Malaysia. There are many that will go so far as to say that the Malays too are to be blame for all that is wrong about this nation of ours. The Chinese claim that between UMNO and the Malays they are finding themselves to be the perpetual target for the ills in our nation – racial and religious tensions and the uneven and disproportionate distribution of wealth amongst the people.

And these Chinese are now asking themselves why is this so! “Why Me?” Why does UMNO and  the Malays want to target a race that has always believed in the virtues of hard work and who pride themselves in their ability to survive and succeed in life through whatever trials and tribulations thrown at them? A race that have contributed more then their fair share towards the economic success of this country. Is it not enough that they have had to compete on an uneven playing field with the Malays in business, faced overwhelming odds when competing with Malays in any tenders and projects from the Government and if that was not enough, have the education of their children and their civil liberties manipulated to favour the Malays?

I know what you Chinese have faced. Many Malays know this. Many non-Malays know this – but are we not all victims of this travesty that this UMNO led BN government dare to call a ‘Government’? A corrupt and irresponsible government that has chosen to treat the Chinese as their favourite whipping boy?  UMNO has prosecuted, abused and denied the Chinese their rights in almost every which way the Chinese choose to turn. And of course after enduring these abuses for so long the Chinese are now angry that it is so! And they intend to do something about it!

But do not be angry at the Malays. Yes many billions have been spent on the Malays and many opportunities in business and education have been denied to the Chinese in favour of the Malays. You Chinese must be sick of it!

If the Malays have become better for all these largesse from the UMNO led BN government then the Chinese might not have minded it so much because then as the Malays benefited and become a better people, so would the Chinese and the others become better people. We can all together rise to the higher level in life. But this did not happened.

Instead the Malays have stagnate and with their stagnation, the other races, especially the Chinese, stagnate with the Malays. And for this the Chinese are angry because they feel that the Malays have held them back.

I want the Chinese to know that we know that they are frustrated. I want the Chinese to know that we know that they have to work twice as hard to earn a decent living when compared to the Malays. We understand that their children have to score many A’s in their exams just so that their parents can spend their life savings to send them overseas to continue their studies while Malays who cannot even speak decent English are sent overseas on scholarships in the hundreds of thousands!          

And we know that what ever and where ever there are opportunities for work, education and business in Malays, these opportunities are not for the Chinese but are reserved for the Malays.

We know all this and yet we are telling the Chinese to not blame the Malays? Why? Because the Malays are also the victims of these ills that is in our country. We are as embarrassed as you are angry at the unfairness of this UMNO led BN government. And we Malays know that without the support of the Chinese and the other races we will never be able to rid ourselves of this unfairness not only to the Chinese and to the other races  - but also to the Malays.

That is why I ask the Chinese to not blame the Malays for the situation that they now find themselves in. If the NEP has not been managed properly to benefit the Malays must you blame the Malays for it? Blame UMNO!

We Malays know what the Chinese and the other races feel about life in Malaysia. You resent the privileges accorded to the Malays. You resent the Bumiputra status. You resent ketuanan Melayu ….but look at the Malays now.

Would you want to be a Malay?

A Malay that has a Malay led government that is corrupt, arrogant and totally without compassion for its own race?

Do you want to be a Malay that is constantly bombarded by religious pronouncements that embarrasses you  - and these come not from the Koran but from government appointed religious bodies because this Malay government uses religion to divide and rule its own people?

Do you want to be a Malay whose private life is not theirs to do as they like but is under the control of the same government appointed religious bodies that think that it is their duty to raid houses of ill reputes to save Malay girls from a life of depravity while the same politician that appointed them have lives that would rival Hugh Hefner?

Every ill that now burden our country can be said to be the fault of UMNO – and is not UMNO a Malay political organization? And you have in Malaysia 9 Sultans and one King – all Malays – all the very personification of waste and an example of an institution that does no good to anybody but themselves! All of them Malays!
Do you want all this on your shoulders and maybe more, much more, if you are a Malay?

No my friends… do not want to be us. We all have our own cross to bear. Let us not start to blame each other for the ills that we now face in this beloved country of ours. And never must we start hating each other for these ills. Blame the UMNO led BN government. Hate the UMNO led BN government!

That UMNO is a Malay political organization is a cross that I will have to bear until we can rid ourselves of this curse. And we can only do so as one people – so please all you Chinese – do not blame the Malays for your ills. The blame lies with UMNO not with us Malays.


  1. Sir,

    UMNO has been subtly brainwashing the malays that they are Tuans and the Chinese are squatters.

    When I was at Bersih 2.0, what I saw was a true 1Malaysia. Every malaysian would be proud to see the malaysian-without-race there.

    If PR wins, slowly but surely, the truth will prevail after all the BTN/UTUSAN/TV3/etc brainwashing has stopped.

    The sun would rise again on Malaysia.

  2. No that's not totally right.

    Bangsar Chinese blame malays, we chinese speaking chinese do not.

    But we know all political elites are cunts no matter what the banner.

    That the truth


  3. "The Chinese must stop blaming the Malays" Yes I fully agree.
    It is UMNO/BN who has been brainwashing the people these past decades. Splitting the communities and making them hating each other. We Malaysians especially those born in the 50's & 60's are very united and treat each others as brothers and sisters. We celebrate all festivities together, eating and playing together. No discrimination. No hatred towards each other.
    These are all the doings of UMNO/BN. ABU should solve our biggest problems. Majority of the Malays, Chinese & Indians are compassionate and friendly. We should not blame anyone except UMNO/BN.

  4. Get rid of all the race-baiting politicians in Malaysia.
    Vote them out of political office.

    And put them (and their MSM mouthpieces) where they belong .... in jail, for inciting racial tension.

    Phua Kai Lit

  5. You are right to a certain extent. MCA and MIC and the rest of the BN component parties need to shoulder the blame for the situation we are in. None of them opened their mouth to object, simply because TDM made them absolutely corrupt and shut their mouth. How else you justify MCA's worth of 4 billion. At thesame time no Malay came out to speak about it until now.

  6. Rakyat Malaysia, kita semua sudah di tipu masa Tun Dr Mahathir, dula tak ada Internet, semua MSM, Main Stream Media Utusan, Berita harian, STar, NST, Nanyang, sinchew, etc semua alat media Umno BN, pasal itu, kita rakyat lah ni dari Internet tahu dan faham khabar sebenar, the real truth is out, with Hero like RPK, Steadyaku47, Aspan Alias, dan semua rakyat Malaysia yang benar benar sayang Malaysia, kita tahu sekarang rakyat mesti pakat, pakatan rakyat baru boleh bantu kita rakyat.
    kita tiap tiap hari bayar, bayar, bayar, Toll di sana sini, bayar kereta yang mahal kerana AP, bayar barang barang semua naik harga, kroni2 dan menteri2 Umno BN saje yang kayakaya, sudah cukup rakyat menderita, jom ubah, ABU, ABU, ABU.

  7. Not all non-Malays blame the Malays. We are happy that all M'sians can live together and work together. We need to grow and prosper together ; not at each other's expense.
    It is the greedy politicians who are colluding with each other to plunder the nation's wealth and enrich themselves.

  8. we never blame malays only UMNO.instatif delsa

  9. I never agreed with you in the past because you like to whack Anwar but you are on a roll here. You have been been coming up with good pieces lately like this one and the pak man telo piece Keep it up!

  10. Sir,

    No, I do not blame my Malay brothers and sister. They are victims of the country political master since Tun Razak's time.
    I blame MCA, MIC and the like.
    Good writing.

  11. Thanks for enlightening us. When the non-malays were sidelined for so many things, we forgot and start blaming the malays, because we see the malays getting all these priviledges. And like you say the nons have to work so hard to sent their children overseas for studies. But you are a fair-minded malays. I hope that there are more malays like you.

    We hope that the future govt. will not look at skin colours when implementing policies. There should not be promoting businesses for only bumi enterprenuers but for all Malaysians. And also in civil service and so on that the nons will not be further sidelined.

    Actually the nons do not mind the malays to lead the country if they are fair to all. They will be no more malay bashing if the malays will be fair to all races.

    I really hope that there will be more fair-minded malays to lead this country. Then there will be no more resentment from the other races.


  13. I agree with this article. Being a Chinese myself, I must add that the Chinese also need to start blaming the Chinese. Until today, many Chinese still vote for MCA and BN because of fear of change. We don't like change. We're worried about our own pockets and business interests. And so we vote for the devil we know.

    The Chinese race has always been brought up with a "me first" mindset embedded. Maybe because of the fear that if we don't take care of ourselves no one will take care of us.

    The truth is, we need more Chinese who can think beyond this selfish bubble. This country that seemingly does not want us, needs us. So, we have to stop packing up and leaving when the going gets tough!

    We have to stand for what is right. I would have liked to see more Chinese at Bersih 2.0. I would have liked to see more Chinese standing up to the oppressors in solidarity with our Malay and Indian brothers. I wish more Chinese could have seen that at Bersih 2.0, the Malays stood up for us, as much as they stood up for themselves.

    And I recall the story I read about TUng Shin hospital. When the FRU was closing in, a few noble Malays took it upon themselves to protect the Chinese. "Bagi Cina jalan dulu," they said, while they formed a line to slow the FRU.

    That, my friends, is 1Malaysia. As I think about that story, I thank God for the Malays. Because amongst the 3 main races in Malaysia, you guys have been screwed the worst by UMNO's 50 year rule. And yet you are for the most part the simplest, most generous, and friendliest race. Thank you for that.

  14. [quote]We know all this and yet we are telling the Chinese to not blame the Malays? Why? Because the Malays are also the victims of these ills that is in our country. We are as embarrassed as you are angry at the unfairness of this UMNO led BN government. And we Malays know that without the support of the Chinese and the other races we will never be able to rid ourselves of this unfairness not only to the Chinese and to the other races - but also to the Malays.

    it is an unfortunate fact of malaysian life that systemic apartheid and fascism has been allowed to continue for so many decades

    with all the malay-ising/islamisation going on, even in schools ...
    the kurang ajar pillaging and plundering ... initiated by greedy malays, aided by greedy others
    [b]myriad social ills[/b] ... majority? malays
    positions of responsibility, leadership, even in private and corporate areas coveted and retained exclusively for malays by malays
    systemic discrimination and side lining of non-malays from all areas of civil service
    ... it is very easy to look askance at malays

    yes, i'm aware malays are victims, as much as the rest of us are ...
    but until YOU embarrassed, victmised, righteous, silent (majority?) malays decide/muster the courage to stand up, speak up and be counted .. there is little reason to trust YOU
    it's ... hah? really ah? sure or not? hallo? boleh caya ke?

    more often than not malays have proven themselves treacherous, even among their own
    we cannot bring about change if we do not work together .. give us a reason .. even better, give us non-malays [b]reasons[/b] to trust you, ie prove yourselves .. you'll experience cooperation like you never have before

    YOU are the majority .. you gloat, rejoice, trump about your majority, but, who in the end allowed our current situation to foment? THE MAJORITY. us minorities don't and can't make much difference.
    until this self awareness and humble self repentance comes about, there is little hope or chance

    YOU also have to deal with the islamofascists who are not true muslims
    YOU have to deal with the napoleons
    YOU have to deal with the herds who unthinkingly swallow hook, line and sinker

    civil war? so be it. unless you wanna see OUR land implode
    for this war on so many fronts, YOU need every available, trustworthy hand and ... WE're IT

    the kurang ajar squatter mentality of taking over anything and everything you see/desire, of bullying, of daring and picking on others EVEN when you are (in the) wrong, of blatant flouting of laws must stop.

    YOUR call ....

  15. The majority of the Chinese Malaysians do not blame the ordinary Malays... we blame UMNO Baru and their running dogs like MCA, Gerakan and MIC. In my view the current government has inadvertently marginalized the ordinary Malays by making them monolingual, non-competitive, and feudal and fatalistic in outlook and in fact we feel sorry for them (not in a condescending manner. A competitive Malay race would have seen Malaysia not fall behind countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore!

  16. The blame game will never stop if everyone still refuse to join hands and live equally
    The blame game will never stop if one race still hook onto the same unfair RACIAL POLICY
    The blame game will never stop if one race still insisting on reigning supreme over others
    The blame game will never stop if one race still support the RACISTS and THIEVES
    The blame game will never stop if everyone are still accusing each others of proselytisation and robbery

    So you tell me, are Malaysians ready to move forward and ditch all those RACISM behind? I don't think so

  17. What nonsense? Just because we are angry with certain Malay politicians for their unfair critcisms and demands, these are those we condemn.
    We believe that everyone who is capable should be encourage to work hard. We are all in the same boat.If you tie our hands and shackle our feet our boat can only struggle in the rough sea. We are angry if we sink with you or worse you want to throw us overboard just because of our colour or beliefs.

  18. I need to translate this to Chinese...very good

  19. if we want the chinese to not hate the malays, then this message must get across to them. someone pls have the courtesy to translate this piece to mandarin.

  20. I really do believe that majority of Malays know about the inequality of the Malay rights and many would readily drop this so called privileges IF the chinese would also adopt a give-and-take attitude, an open mind towards other races, and support, not shun anything that isn't Chinese. In Malaysia, everything is about respect,being open minded and being sensitive. As a Malaysian chinese I want to tell my fellow chinese: Don't just help your own race, help other races, just as how the Malays(PAS) would stand up and defend the Chinese, the Chinese should also stand up to defend the Malays. Show support by going to Malay ceramahs, go out to public events and don't stay at home in the comfort of your home,rant behind the computer on the internet, or just Facebook actions. Speak Malay or English among your chinese friends when there's other races around, don't speak in your own language. It's all about respect and sensitivity to others.

  21. Me think it's the Malays who must stop blaming the Chinese, right Pak?

  22. Peace be upon you all.

    A very nice article, good job! It should be publish or being shown somewhere where citizen of Malaysia should see it and think about.

    For your information, I'm not Malay, not Chinese, not Indian. And I'm the proud native of Sarawak. Not Dayaks, but a minority Miriek people. Never heard of us, huh? Yeah, we've very low profile, of course. Rarely showing up, and we making the part of so-called Bumiputras. We, being blame for voting BN/UMNO, yeah, heard of that too much before till now, and getting used of that.
    Reason? We're not the one controlling our own resource, but those BN did that. No UMNO here, but their presence can be sense, lurking somewhere. So we must give our collection to the Pharaoh, the top of pyramid. Being kept illiterate so that our "culutre would not vanish/extinct" by the government. We have no choice. Why blaming still us?

    Brainwashing? Totally agreed with that. But living here, in the forest, where only crickets can be heard, we could not hear other than government preachers. We would do, something like in the past, but we have no choice. We just do what the government asks us to, but deep inside, we rebelled. We don't like West Malaysian! (Yeah, coming here to seek tranquil environment, but after a while, buy our lands with cheap price, sue us for not cooperating. Making us fool on our own land. Do you think we don't see that, but we are! Just the time counting)

    This island of ours, shall not being dirtied by the bad/evil political of yours, we should govern it ourselves. Or at least, please let us stayed under the White Rajah for sometime, till we can do it ourselves or maybe we being return to the Sulu Sultanate, as before, with those Pangeran. We blame not the effect created today, we, the minority who didn't agree to form Malaysia itself before, should now prevail. Maybe not now, but all of you would see it in years ahead. Leaving the corrupted country of Jabax land (Oh yeah, don't know what that's mean? Come here to know what it mean, because our internet being surveyed 24/7 by someone on the top of the pyramid, and we don't have money to pay the bail, even feed ourselves for the whole month, saw that on tv, just easily you people make our land money like that, escaping penalties and all that, and smiling, which here, we suffering to feed our children), who directly and indirectly stealing our wealth for 50 years now, mostly for themselves, but we, the producer and owner, gets little portion, and being called "orang yang masih tinggal atas pokok, mundur" by the younger generation of the Malay land. We hurt by that, but we recover fast, nothing will able to weak our spirit. We'll move forward, as long time and chances with us. "Serawak" should be the name of our land, not "Sarawak", which you all influencing our people to spell it as "A", not "E".
    Victory should be with the one who's patience! "Jillih lamien ko!"


  23. Hussein, I am Chinese but I lectured at UiTM, formerly ITM and I do not hate the Malays. It is the corrupt and power abusing UMNO/BN that I hate, not Malays in general. Why do both RPK and you say that Chinese hate the Malays. You cannot say that for all the Malaysian Chinese nor can we say that all Malays are like those in UMNO/BN.

    Perhaps I should not refer to myself as Chinese but I do admit I am proud of the history of Chinese who have usually thrived despite difficulties. But I hope all of us work towards considering ourself as Malaysian first and our racial background second.

  24. Why can't a Chinese person refer to himself as Chinese ?

    That would mean a Malay can't the same or an Englishman or whatever.

    How stupid and how typical of PR bullshit.

    ASR ASR !

  25. Darren, please do. While majority of Chinese know it is BN and not the Malays that are behind the mismanagement of our nation, we need more to know this truth

  26. I only blame the Malays who voted for UMNO for freebies which btw are against the teaching of Islam. Doesn't it make them Hippocrates? Do they really apprehend "The last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad"?

  27. What about stop taking the "handouts" and take a stand against the inequality rather than accepting it with one hand and denying guilt with another?

    I'm sure Chinese would feel less animosity against Malays who walk the talk than just talk.

  28. Ok, ok so we don't blame the Malays. But can we blame the Malay institutions that discriminate against the other races and even the Malays themselves? The worst of them all has to be the Malay royalty and their obscene excesses in everything under the Malaysian sun.
    Your sultans think they are above all laws and God. But God is wise and He sent them TDM. So they all pray to the Chinese God Choy San today.

  29. So will our malay comrades who are disgusted with UMNO make their way to join DAP?

    Will the enlightened chinese who used to support MCA pornstar now join DAP?

    Will our indian friends who have been cheated repeatedly by MIC all these decades now open their eyes and join DAP?

    Let's do something about it. Let's ABU!

    p.s. Nice one, HH!

  30. Thank you for understanding me, and I understand you better now.

  31. I am Malaysian Chinese. I do not blame Malays.
    We all are victims of BN/UMNO.

  32. 1 reason why many Chinese will not vote PR is cause they plane to destroy all Chinese should they get power.

    No way will any real Chinese go for this.

    Fuk your ABU, only good for pariah breeds like the fat pondan RPK

    ASR ASR !

  33. correction :

    1 reason why many Chinese will not vote PR is cause they plan to destroy all Chinese schools should they get power.


  34. the malays must also stop blaming the chinese for their predicament. BLAME UMNO !

  35. Tuan,

    Spot on, Sir. Nice piece; and very objective as well. Couldn't agree with you more.

    I m perplexed by this generalization for a long time as well. Why are we talking about the Malays, Chinese, Indians etc. Why can't we talk about this guy, that guy. Why must we use the term "that Malay man", that "Chinese woman", those "Indian people".

    The racial tension is somehow treading on thin ice - waiting to explode anytime. All these are the doings of those in the corridor of power - Umno, MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc - NOT because of the Malayss, nor the Chinese or Indians.

    Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan have indeed been so successful in sowing this tension that we are left with little level of racial trust amongst us.

    Say, in a road accident involving a Malay and a Chinese. We always refer to the "Malay guy" and "Chinese guy". Why can't we say "that fat man" or "that moustachioned guy".

    Let's not fall further into the trap of those walking in the coridors of power- Umno, MIC, MCA & Gerakan.

  36. A very good sharing. There is some truth in what you say from what i read from the commentators in MK, MT and some other blogs including yours. But do note that I believe the majority of the Chinese do not blame the Malay race and know it is UMNO-MCA-MIC-BN which has destroyed the unity of our nation.

    How can one come to this assumption you may say?

    Look at what happened in GE12.

    The majority of the Chinese in most constituencies voted MCA and GERAKAN out.

    But not only that, the majority of the Chinese actually voted for the Malay-Muslim PAS while over close to 60% of the Malays still threw their support behind UMNO.

    So while the UMNO-MCA-MIC-BN alliance has left many Malaysians suspicious of each other, do give the Chinese and Indians and other races some credit for bearing with so much for 50 years. Many Malays have opened their hearts to PAKATAN but yet there is still a majority that support racist parties such as the UMNO-MCA-MIC-BN alliance.

    I see the way a few Malays in the Government service talk down to Chinese and Indians. As do I see a few Chinese talk bad about Malays and Indians. Not forgetting some Indians who can't stand the China man or the Kampung Melayu mentality. BN's divide-and-rule formula propaganda has succeeded to some degree unfortunately.

    But all these can change when we have a new Government in place. Then hopefully, this will all be in the pass and just mere rhetoric. Of course we will never be able to fully prevent racism and bigotry. But at least with a new Government in place, we can work towards a more inclusive constitution for a more united people where unity as Malaysians becomes the norm while racism becomes the abnormal and is abhorred and rejected.

  37. "You resent the privileges accorded to the Malays."
    No, you are wrong, at least with me and my other friends who happen to be Chinese. We do NOT resent the privileges nor do we blame the Malays. There is an underlying subconscious trait underlying the Chinese psyche (which even many Chinese do not realize) and that is accepting fate. That kept many Chinese from allotting blame. The Chinese also believe that water is strong because it knows how to swirl around rocks in its path. No use banging our heads against those rocks. In time to come, if it is fated, the rocks will disappear.
    What we, and anybody else for that matter, resent is the in-your-face hatred shown to us by some of the majority race. You just have to study the faces of those ruffians who tried recently to assault the Chief Minister of Penang and you will know what I mean. Contrary to your thesis of Chinese blaming the Malays, it is indeed the other way round. The Chinese are blamed for almost everything and anything. How would you feel if you are constantly verbally harangued in the crudest language and threatened physically in the most barbaric fashion. To date no Malay leader of EVERY stripe has come out to say that such actions are not proper. Silence means consent and to many, such acts are condoned right through to the highest levels of the majority hierarchy. No, we do not blame the Malays. I have many Malay friends, very close ones, and Malay relatives too but they cannot be with me protecting me all the time from these people who find my very presence intolerable. If you are I, how would you feel?

  38. Sir,

    We can't fault others for thinking that way right?

    This is from you sometime back the Malays and UMNO

    " youngest brother Dato Doctor Zainal - Cardiologist and Personal Physician to Mahathir for as along as I can remember. It is in his hands because when my Father passed away Zainal had the presence of mind to take what he could for himself. Good for him but not too good for my sister or me.

    Now my question is this. How did this youngest brother of mine beget that presence of mind to do something so underhanded and devious to his own brothers and sister? First he had to wrestle control of my Father’s banking account from my sister – who had always been trusted by my Father as a signatory to his accounts. Then he had to keep people away from my Father who was dying of cancer – including my sister! Then when my father passed away he had courage to not inform me – did what he had to do to get all monies from my father’s bank accounts and legally transferred my father’s business to himself – and then cash out. Then he sat back and enjoyed the proceeds of his efforts.! No business - just wasted all the money away in ‘investments’ and living the good life.

    But I have moved on. Now in hindsight I can only say that I did not really know my own brother. Neither did my father. This is no common criminal. He is a cardiologist – physician to the Prime Minister - A bumiputra with everything going for him – and yet he will still take that which does not belong to him...."

  39. Well-said and quite accurate; blaming the Malays for our country's current situation is like blaming gravity for spilt milk rather than the person who knocked the bottle over, yes?

    But to say that the Chinese blame the Malays may not be entirely accurate - some merely PITY the Malays, and move along with life.

    I know this because during my school days, my parents would always tell me that 'the government has crippled the Malays by spoon-feeding them.'

    So perhaps it's not all about the blame game - some may have just become 'resigned' to the gross disservice which the government has done to the Malays (in trying to improve their lot, they ended up making a little India out of it - a few elites at the top with many laypeople at the bottom).

  40. This piece makes my eyes watery everytime I scroll thru' the passage.
    The analogy of doing away Umno/BN is akin weeding out the lalang. This thrachery has badly damaged and enshrined into soceity.
    Hope this message would able to get across to the masses.
    May the masses be enlightened and awake from the deep comatose to rid herself and repair/ rebuild this country.

  41. Eloquently put. I'm one of those Chinese who along with many of my friends and family voted with our feet. Far FAR away from Malaysia. For those of us who had suffered racial abuse in the hands of the Malay government, the fear does not dissipate so easily.

  42. This land is our land. As a Chinese, I love this country and all the people in it. It's our diversity that has made us so special. Yes, the politicians have used race and religion when they have run of a good argument. Let's not fall prey to that. Together we can change how we progress for the good of our beautiful nation. We are at the cusp of that change. Love conquers all.

  43. New hope.... New Malaysia. ABU.

  44. Personally I do not hate Malays! From the place where I grew up, I have many of good Malay friends. Life in kampung is much simpler and we still keep in touch after 30 years. We are kampung kids and we know we gotta work harder big city. Everyone has decent job and professional in their own field now. Yes of course, they have better opportunity than I did back then but it wasn't their fault. It is the system fault and its execution. Nothing beats old friends, really. They are my dear friends who I always cherish!!!

  45. I don't blame umno , MCA or mic - they r just being what they r , corrupt , racists thieves . They don't try to hide that fact. All their thievery, racism and moronic words are there for all to c. I blame the countless Malays, Chinese , Indians and east Malaysians who continue to support them despite all this. Ignorance is no longer an issue. BN is openly stealing our money. They use our money to line a live of luxury , staying in A$ 20000/ night penthouses and buying Hermes handbags while people try to make ends meet. Yet there y many people of various races , who r not even directly benefitting from BN yet think that only BN can run this country.

  46. " They use our money to line a live of luxury , staying in A$ 20000/ night penthouses "

    PR will do the same thing.


  47. I am a Chinese Malaysian and I have yet to find a member among my own ethnic community who blames the Malays.They are very clear that UMNO is the source of all our troubles.

    - wira

  48. Thanks for writing. I hope all unfairness will be removed. Remove all malay's "benefit" and let us all play fair. We have been targeted for 50 years.

  49. I totally disagree with you on this.
    For the past 54 years, the Malays voted for UMNO, BN. Supporting them and giving them the power to rule this country. Even if the Malays knew that the ruling party was so corrupted, they still vote for them.
    Why? the answer is simple.
    Under UMNO, BN's ruling, the Malays are protected with Bumiputra status and awarded with countless privileges. Especially Bumiputra Discount for purchasing a house.
    If the Malays vote for the opposition, they feared that all these privileges will gone as well.
    Let me give you a real life scenario.
    Employee X & Employee Y with the same qualification joined & worked in the same company at the same time.
    Employee X was favoured by the boss because he was the next of kin of the boss. So he was awarded special allowances, bonuses and get promoted, even though he didn't perform well in his work.
    On the other hand, Employee Y with no personal connection to the boss, work hard and performed superbly. But, all he got is only a small amount of increment.
    So if you are Employee Y, how would you feel?
    Frustrated? Anger? Despair?
    He would definitely resign and work in another company.
    What if,the company was to sold to another company who practice the policy of fair and square to all employees regardless of their background.
    Employee X will of course worried about his allowances, bonus & increment. Because, he knew that he is unworthy for those privileges compared to Employee Y. Ultimately,employee X will lose all the privileges he once had.
    If you are Employee X, would you want this to happen?
    Of course you will strongly oppose to sell the company.
    Back to the recent demonstration of BERSIH 2.0 and Himpunan Hijau 2.0
    How many of the Malays showed up?
    In BERSIH 2.0, most of the Malays came from Kelantan & Terengganu which is a PAS stronghold. They drive all the way to KL to participate. Whereas the local Malays either stayed at home,go for shopping or don't even bothered to come out and join the rally.
    In Kuantan, Most of the participants attended the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 are Chinese. Or I should say, completely Chinese. Even in other states & overseas, I hardly see a Malay stand out and protest against Lynas.
    The Malays don't even bother about the environmental issues.
    If all the Malays from Kuantan came out to protest against Lynas,I can guarantee you that the government will banned and closed Lynas refinery immediately.
    Because UMNO feared that they will lose their power in Pahang.
    The Malays are the accomplice of UMNO & BN that led Malaysia to become one of the notorious corrupted government.
    Every year, the National audit report showed the public that the government agencies purchase materials with price far more higher than the market price.
    Its too obvious that all these involves corruption & bribery.
    But no action was taken, and it happens every year, again & again.
    What do the Malays do on these issues?
    they vote UMNO, BN every 5 years, again & again.
    The truth is, many Malays like you are aware of the corruption & the unfairness. However, only a very small percentage of Malays like you will stand up against these.

  50. Fully agreed with anonymous March 5, 2012 3:58:00. Yes! Chinese should not stop blaming the Malays. They should continue blaming the Malays. After all Malays still continuously voting for UMNO years after years since 1955 first election. In fact I would suggest that blaming is not enough! What good blaming game is except to sooth your own primordial battered ego. Chinese should do something more radical. Blaming game is just a mere verbal masturbation. Chinese should transform blaming game to semething more concrete. Chinese should take action! Just like what Chinese in Singapore did in 1965. Chinese should unite and demand their own country separated from the Malays! That is what Chinese really really want! That is what Chinese really really desire! The only question is do the Chinese really have balls to demand that?

  51. I can't seem to follow the logic being expressed here. That is like saying: Don't blame me because I cheated/bullied you, Blame my environment: Education, upbringing, peer group pressure etc,etc.

    The reality is: You always have the option NOT to do it but you
    went ahead anyway.

    It's like any addiction: smoking, gambling, alcoholism, family violence, etc. You cannot blame anyone else but YOURSELF.

  52. Truth is, there are good & bad Malays as there are good & bad Chinese or Indians or whatever other race that are domiciled in Malaysia and we all know the good from the bad.

    The bad loves to divide and rule, champion their race and their race only, be it UMNO, MCA or MIC. They love to fill their pockets. A lot of what they preach is good but we must not follow what they do.

  53. Since the UMNO and Perkasa do not like Chinese and Indians, they do everything to discriminate Chinese and Indians: least funding of schools, discriminate them in every aspects, etc.

    UMNO would have no problem then to use racial base quota, e.g., for university intake, etc.

    So, why not give a state for them to form their own country like Singapore? Why not give Penang (no resources) plus south Kedah or/and north Perak to them?

    In this way, there would be least and almost no racial base problem, dilemmas, issues, etc.

  54. wow..steadyaku...this is a great article..i am a chinese living and working overseas..die die also must come back to vote..problem im facing now is..back in 2008 i am definitely an opposition supporter..but the last 4 years have shown me that the opposition is really not much better, particularly the PKR gang. i have businessmen friends doing business w the S'gor govt and they basically tell me it's still corruption as usual.

    anyway i digress. steadyaku, r are truly a great malay, and i dont care what else you have done. by being able to think this way, u have proved me right - i have long ago believed that malays can be great, can be excellent, if only they applied themselves more, in terms of how they think, or in terms of being more hardworking. i have some brilliant malay friends, in oxbridge. i've seen v industrious malays running stalls. when i started work as a fresh grad in a major mnc, working in manufacturing, i mixed with and managed malays and got to truly understand these folks. i think malays and their culture has nothing wrong with it. islam is an excellent religion.

    what i think is holding malays back is the umno bn govt and it's policies. v few ppl would choose to take the hard way out if they can have it easier. i think the chinese can say what we want, but given the chance, if the table was flipped and suddenly lets say the chinese have all the rights n privileges. WILL we then maximize and exploit the situation for ourselves at the expense of our malay, indian, lain lain fellow malaysians? or really will we stand up n say no no no, lets share it all. even though im a chinese, i am sad to say that i think most of the chinese will say the exact same thing msot of the malays will say "hey i dont control the policies. since it is like that... exploit saje lah!".

    really, we chinese need to take a look at ourselves. of course, many of us r generally steady, sensible folks. yet there are too many loud noisy crass fools, many of them unfortunately who like to post on Malaysia Today, who are bigots n racists n have this hardened core of just not being able to see beyond their own small mindedness. do we really respect, make allowances for, etc to our malay fellow malaysians. sad to say, i think there is great room for improvement. we keep asking the malays to give equality, to share power etc but hey we got to earn their trust. we got to stop being racist n bigots ourselves. there is a malay guy who posted that the malays were there defending the chinese during bersih, during May13. so, lets not think all malays r bad.

    seriously, both sides need to give n take. lets start w ourselves, as chinese. change the way we treat the malays, lets be more respectful of each other, and, i know this is going to elicit lots of brickbats, stop asking for everything. if u ask for a 100% discount, u will never get it. ask for 30%, get 20%, fine, start from there. dont immediately ask for full equality and all that. we will frighten the malays away and they wont give it coz right now they dont trust us. really, it is give n take, live together.

    working overseas, what i can tell u is this. while we fight each other, everyone else is laughing at us and quickly exploiting our situation to progress and leapfrog us. the true enemy isnt fellow malaysians. it is the umno bn types, and the other countries in the region.