Saturday 11 February 2012

Mat Suhaimi and the continuing saga of corruption in PKR!

As PKR scrambles to defend itself from these allegations of corruption now being hurled at them by Petra. As the leadership within PKR tries to prepare a credible defence against what has already been put out onto the public domain. As each and every self interest party of opportunistic UMNO goons led by the Main Stream Media and all other self appointed blogger that is fighting for the truth (in as long as it serves UMNO’s purpose!). While all this is happening around you…I ask that common sense prevails.

This is not a sodomy two situation where Pakatan Rakyat leaders did nothing more then wait for the verdict to be handed down by the courts.

This is a fait accompali… have already changed hands. Cheques and bank records can and should be requisitioned to determined or dispel the notion that the money had actually changed hands. Taped telephone conversations can be verified. And ROC records are available to confirm Petra’s allegations.

It would be for PKR’s benefit, not ours, if PKR start with the premise that they will not take us for fools. PKR should not start their defence of these allegations by asking us to believe that the Azmin they talk about is Azmin Mohd Karim and not Azmin Ali.

“RPK terkeliru di antara dua personaliti yang mempunyai nama yang sama iaitu Azmin Ali dan Azmin Mohd Karim iaitu pegawai di Pusat Khidmat saya,” kata Shuhaimi dalam sidang media di ibu pejabat PKR di sini hari ini yang turut dihadiri rakan sejawatnya Amiruddin.

As Mahathir asked of KJ…”Siapa dia Khairi Jamuldiin ni?” may I ask the same of this Azmin Mohd Karim. “Siapa dia ni Azmin Karim?” that he would figure prominently in conversations between his ‘BOSS’ and someone who seems to be very generous with his money as they talk about 100 acres of land for mining sand and RM$50,000 contribution for God knows what purposes! You go through that conversation again between  Suhaimi and SC and work out for yourself howcome this Azmin "sedang collect duit untuk pilehanraya?" Come on lah.....!

As follows is the tapped telephone conversation between Mat Suhaimi (telephone number 019-6185239) and SC (telephone number 019-3958888) on 6th January 2010.

SC: …itulah…pasal yang YB mintak 50 ribu nak ape…nak pakai 50 ribu boleh takde masalah…dalam minggu depan boleh?

Mat Suhaimi: Dalam minggu depan ye…

SC: Pasal saya nak setelkan akaun sikit…

Mat Suhaimi: Okay…

SC: Lepas tu takde masalah lah…

Mat Suhaimi: okay, okay, okay, hari Isnin boleh?

SC: Hari Isnin boleh…lagi satu YB…say mintak tolong satu…saya di Batang Kali ada tanah…geran…nak keluar pasir…pasir banyak lagi tu…

Mat Suhaimi: Berapa besar tanah tu?

SC: Dia 100 lebih ekar…

Mat Suhaimi: Nanti saya bincang dengan Azmin….tapi kena bayarlah…Azmin sedang collect duit untuk pilehanraya…

SC: ah, okay, okay…nanti kita bincang.

I am not going to waste your time and mine going into the rest of the explanation offered by these two Aduns yesterday!

Even now as I write this we know that what was said in the interview given by the two PKR Adun, Suhaimi Shafei (Sri Muda) and Amiruddin Shaari (Batu Caves) yesterday, is being dissected and discussed over and over again by many Malaysians…Malaysian who will be shaking their heads with some annoyance and disbelief that PKR expect them to believe that the Azmin mentioned in the conversation is not Azmin Ali but this Azmin Mohd Karim.

Have you any idea what this does to us?

How long before this Azmin Mohd Karim’s private live is drag out into the public domain – who his parents are, his family…remember Saiful? Remember how his life was torn apart by the pack of wolves that went after him?

Now how long before this Azmin Karim cracks? Will they reveal his sexual preferences? His debts? His infidelities? His Bank Balance? God help this Azmin guy if he has anything at all to hide from the government, from PKR, from his Wife, his Family and his friend!

And it is not me who will do it…...every machinery at the government disposal – from PDRM, the taxation office, the Banks and the AG.... is already working on it now. We just wait to see what they will come up with in these next few days!

Let me spell out what Petra has started.The search for the truth! The search for the truth not based on hearsey, allegations or finger pointing – NO!

He provides dates, times, documentary evidence, taped conversatation ….everything on a silver platter for PKR and the powers that be to verify and then they will have to pronounce sentence. PKR will deny, deny and deny. That is the only defence they know. It worked with Saiful so why not this time again?

A word of advise to PKR. When faced with overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing and abuse of executive power do what Chuah Soi Lek did ! Owe up! Like the kid caught with his hands in the cookie jar...just owe up and say “I am sorry...I f*#ked up!”.


  1. Even 'lembu for korban' by the Selangor MB was investigated by the MACC.

    Even the alleged corruption of a few thousand ringgit lead to the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

    Assuming that RPK is correct, I am sure that MACC would have the evidence but is not taking any action because these 2 ADUNs might already have made a deal with UMNO; as RPK also suggested.

    So what can PKR do? They don't have investigative nor prosecutorial powers. They want to eliminate corruptions among their ranks and file but the police and MACC follows the political agenda of BN.

    So, who is to blame?

  2. Pak HH, you've now become a mouthpiece of RPK. It seems that you made the shortest juggle to change allegiance from PKR by displacing the R from back to front!

  3. What did you guys expect. PKR is basically ex UMNOmembers who could not make it to sit on the nest of eggs. So now they are trying to use PKR

  4. Pak Hussein,

    As an old man, please be mindful of fitnah which can destroy your "heavenly" future.

    If the evidences are there, get it out into the open and prosecute the corrupt. Do not withold anything from the MACC unless you are the UMNO's card boy.

    Please expose all corruption and do not keep it in your heart and mind. No good for an old man.

  5. They are most probably in the hand of UMNO, waiting for the opportunity to help undo Pakatan in Selangor or face jail, unless of course, Pakatan takes over Putrajaya.

    As for PKR, they would be wise to get rid of this two crooks and don't forget Azmin Ali.

    Get rid of Azmin Ali, and Pakatan will stand a better chance of taking over Putrajaya and retain Selangor than with Azmin Ali in it.

    Azmin and his ex-UMNO gang are big, big liability to Pakatan and they may well turn their back on Pakatan and deal with UMNO.

  6. Whar to expect out of senile old man like HH who will sell his..............

  7. It is AMAZING and ridiculous that the comments made by obviously PKR supporters.
    Comments like
    ....."So what can PKR do? They don't have investigative nor prosecutorial powers." Surely, PKR can interview the 2 ADUNS and get the bottom of this.

    ...."Pak HH, you've now become a mouthpiece of RPK. " ... Raja Petra has already laid out all the evidence of corruption as HH pointed out, You guys just refused to accept FACTS.

    ....."If the evidences are there, get it out into the open and prosecute the corrupt. Do not withold anything from the MACC unless you are the UMNO's card boy." .... Have you read MT in which the black & white evidences have been clearly laid out. RPK deepthroats has furnished these. Come on face facts or is your skin so thick like Mahathir's.

    Some of these comments made borders on stupidity.

  8. Pak Hussin,

    Allow me to answer your 2 questions.

    What can PKR do ? Internal party investigation, and take action like what PAS did to Hassan Ali, like what UMNO did to DSAI, like what PKR did to Zulkifli Nordin, unless Assmin is also involved.

    Who to blame ? Siapa lagi, blame UMNO lah pak cik ooi.

  9. We shouldn't condone corruption whether it involves UMNO/BN or PKR/PR. RPK has his storyline and the two Aduns have their storyline. Whilst we are suspicious with the Aduns story, we cannot simply take RPK's story at surface value too especially with his questionable credibility lately.

    SPRM must come out and let the public know the outcome of its investigation of the case. If the two Aduns are guilty, we definitely want to see PKR taking appropriate action against them. Otherwise there's no reason to continue debating the issue.

  10. POK LI said:-

    "Whilst we are suspicious with the Aduns story, we cannot simply take RPK's story at surface value too especially with his questionable credibility lately.

    SPRM must come out and let the public know the outcome of its investigation of the case"

    RPK has already supplied concrete evidence on this corruption case and the 2 Aduns in question have provided the most unsatisfactory explanations.

    It is not just RPK words, it is BLACK & WHITE Evidence.

    Wait for SPRM to come out with the verdict. Do you trust SPRM??

    POK LI, did you read the MT articles on these 2 Aduns? If you did not, please shut up. If you DID read, then you just do not understand the concept of concrete evidence.

  11. RPK may be a good writer who can sensationalise petty issues but he is just stupid to believe that there is corruption involving the PKR duo and you are a fool for believing him.

    For starters, the Macc Act was designed amongst others, to prevent abuse of powers by members of the administration. Members of the administration means, people who has the power to make decisions on behalf of the state government that involves public funds and properties, like Exco members.

    Just answer this simple question. Are both the pkr duo members of the administration ie Exco members. Do they have the power to grant licence or permit? If they don't how can they be said to be abusing their power. State Ass'men are not members of the administration.

    The Macc had already investigated the case in 2010. That taped telephone conversation and all the alleged payments including cheques and bank draft had been recovered by them and form the basis of their investigation. The investigation paper had been submitted to the AG who directed, ' no further action to be taken' which means there is no evidence of corruption whatsoever. The Macc has forwarded the paper to their Operations Review Panel to decide whether the AG's decision is correct or made to cover up the cased,

    What are you writing now? Petra may have his grudges against the PR gov't and is stirring up a storm in a tea cup. Grow up lahhhh.

    Go and get a corruption case against PR similar to that of the purchase of Scorpene, Sukhoi, National Feedlot, PKFZ and cases of national importance and come and talk here.

  12. FMZam said...Pak HH, you've now become a mouthpiece of RPK...Well, HH is not alone. Many more like me bringing up the rear in this instance.

    To all the Anwaristas and Azministas, go pick up the latest Economist and read it cover to cover. One little obscure write up talks about Anwar and Homosexuality. The implications spell out the Americans no longer believe or back him (other than good ol' faithful John Mallot).
    This translates to no credibility in PR due to dirty PKR.
    The winds are changing and if we want to ABU, PKR has to shed the corrupted individuals and practises damn quick.
    Foreign investment is coming our way and BN has figured out how to survive and win this game by wooing them.
    And all our Anwaristas want is AI as PM regardless.

    Myopic vision or what?!

  13. My view, there is no corruption involved. The company, Double Dignity Sdn Bhd, did not get the license to mine sand. Period. No corruptions involve. Cheating, probably

  14. MattSalleh, don't be bullsh*tting.

    If somebody accused your staff of a crime, the most you can do is to interview him. The accuser himself need to make a police report.

    Unless your staff sees the 'light' and confess his crime to you, can you remand and interrogate him; or search his house for evidence or get his bank statements etc etc? That is what investigative power is.

    That power lies with the police and MACC. Then the AG will need to use his prosecutorial power.

    However, all of them are not independent but follows the agenda of the ruling party.

    The rakyat will have wet dreams if the police, MACC and the AG suddenly become fiercely independent and haul up politicians from both BN and PR for corruption.

    As for Hassan Ali and Zulkifli Nordin, both were sacked from their party not because of any criminal allegations but because they broke party ranks.

    Criminal allegations need to be substantiated by hard evidence by the proper authorities before action can be taken.

    Comprende Mattsalleh !!

  15. MATSALLEH, remember the 180 degrees turnaround RPK made about Rosmah's presence at Altantuya murder scene? That's how much credibility RPK has. Have you ever heard about evidences being tampered? You may be obsessed with RPK and that's your right. But you definitely don't have the right to ask other people with differing views to shut up. All I was saying is investigate properly and take necessary action accordingly be it BN or PKR. Grow up and learn how to agree to disagree.

  16. Pak Hussein

    Don't get upset with some of the comments. You know those silly comments likely come from PKR troopers. They would comment and defend their paymasters.

  17. Fully agree with you. Owns up and resign or the damage is going to get much worse. If the disclosures are facts, there is no way out. Prolonging it is like a slow and painful death with everyone having to suffer and playing into the hand of the BN. So stop procrastinating and get on with it.

  18. I had gone along with Hussein for "Beyond Anwar" when he did it sometime last year, because I never believe in Anwar, I believe Pakatan is never short of many able leaders in PAS and DAP. I can still go alongside him when he does "Beyond PKR" because PKR is rotten to the core with Azmin as No.2 and Nurul Izzah at the far horizon. But now it looks like Hussein is doing "Beyond Pakatan" because his attack on PKR is causing collateral damage to the coalition, not just PKR. I don't know if Hussein sees Beyond Pakatan is ABU but all I can see there's nothing else in the near distance beyond Pakatan, other than UMNO/BN!

    Knowing Hussein I respect his wisdoms but I just can't stomach it when his wisdoms are UMNO's.

  19. Sources say the elections at the very earliest will take place in June or latest Sept.
    That is enough time to clear the cobwebs and rebuild PR reputation.
    PKR, stop the dilly dallying and coughing up stupid excuses only equal to cowgate's.
    Clean up house!

  20. RPK is a bullshit man on earth.He has no way out from his current predicament.Nobody believes him anymore, he has ran out of money.Go to hell RPK...

  21. MACC would LOVE to round up every PKR representatives if they can. Just give them a reason to do so, they'll come running complete. with guns and handcuffs. HH don't discredit youself by writing what you can't support. You might as well cut and paste RPK's notes and fill your blog with all 2nd hand news without substance.
    It's nice being far away . No hands can touch you.

  22. "Owe up."

    You mean "own up"?

  23. Pak HH, nampaknya dah makin melalut lagi. Dah nak jadi macam RPK. Saya nampak RPK ada agendanya sendiri. Inilah yang sedang diusahakan RPK. Dia tak mahu DSAI dan PKR terlalu kuat. Namun RPK tak mahu pula PKR berkubur, sebab itulah dia naikkan nama Nurul Izzah. Ayam tambatan sebenar RPK sejak dulu untuk jadi PM adalah Ku Li. RPK selalu berkunjung ke rumah Ku Li. Mereka sama-sama keturunan raja. Dengan mendekati media perdana - Utusan dan TV3, RPK berharap dapat mempengaruhi sebahgian besar orang UMNO dan pengundi atas pagar menyokong 'the third force'. RPK pun memang berharap DSAI akan dipenjarakan semasa 901. Dengan ini, RPK berharap penyokong reformasi dan PR akan beralih kepada Ku Li. Ini membolehkan Ku Li berpeluang dinobatkan sebagai PM selepas PRU 13 nanti...

  24. Yeah right Pak Hussein, when the fuck is Sharizat going to own up and say "Yes, we fucked up big time!"?
    We hate hypocrites, don't we?

  25. Dear Bloogs,
    Maintain this Sun-Shine Policy on PKR. Keep them honest because we do not want the same-o same-o if and when they assume power. That should be the future culture in this country. RPK should be on his toes to expose PKR.At least he would have done something in the interest of the future of the nation.

  26. That's PKR ! You could never trust them ! RPK is right cause shit is hitting the fan for them! They aren't bright this chaps ! They thought we Selangor voters are idiots!
    Their umno roots no mater what is inborn in these bastards! Thank Allah ! We can depend on PAS and DAP !

  27. Not only we want Azmi to own up but also to resign like Chua Soi Lek. If he is as good as Chua Soi Lek, return to PKR to contest the presidency!

    Typical UMNO style is to deny everything and at the same time insult the intelligence of everyone!!!

  28. I fully agree, old man Hussein has become the mouth piece of Raja Petra. This old man seems to have lost his thinking mind, so as to allow that RPK guy to grind him.RPK has lost his credibility when he made a 'loyar buruk' kind of statement saying that he did not say that Rosmah was at the murder scene but was said by someonne else and he merely quoted that guys info. See the RPK 'putar alam' twisting and spinning and with that he also made this old man Hussein sway and loose his balance.
    If RPK wants to talk about corruption the why doesn't he talk about whats going on in the BN government. Are they so clean now that he has lost his original plot. I hope old man Hussein base your writings on a person who has a fixed stand, not the one who talks cock.