Tuesday 19 July 2011

cakap cakap...TAG

TAG said...

I will call you Hussien, not Pak or Tuan or Abang although I am two years younger.I was one of the angry ones and vowed that I would not read your blog anymore as I had classified it as carbage just like all the mainstream media.
To your credit I cant because it has become a habit and part of my routine. Also I like your style, I like your songs and you do make my wife and I laugh sometimes. The 'banduan' thing is a howler. Pity that young fella but it just shows how he hated your guts!
Hussein there is such a thing as 'honour amongst men'You dont have to hit Anwar below the belt.
There are lots of questions that you have not answered. Why 'ungkit'? Why now? What makes you so angry? Why the malayish personal vendetta?
I was always a reader and never a commentator. Unusual of me, I have commented twice negatively in your blog the last one week and made that vow which I could not keep. I went as anon and now just opened a google account.
I respect your views but when you went personal on Anwar with those videos, that actually was a big letdown. Let me tell you this. You made yourself a 'star' with many followers over the years and you have given these followers hope and aspirations. You cannot now just 'surprised' them with something unexpected and then tell those who dont like your writings to
Having said the above I sense a reconciliatory tone in your 'cakap cakap...chill' although I cant figure out what cakap cakap ...chill means.
It is good that you remembered some of the silly things you did. I remembered mine too and yours paled in comparison with mine. I am sure Anwar remembered his and probably ours paled in comparison with his.
Surely we cannot be given a'semerah padi'(only our generation knows what that mean)for life on account of the silly things we did.
By the way I was in London on most weekends during the time you were in London. I was a Sandhurst cadet then and we could have bumped into each other at Malaysia Hall. Bryanston Square if you happen to frequent that place too.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 12:10:00 AM GMT+09:30

steadyaku47 comment:

7.27a.m. here in Adelaide. Just powered up my PC and the first email on the screen is Tag. Just took another sip of my black here goes.

Tags tells me he is two years younger then me. Maybe in physical years! I dare to say that in some aspects I am much more older then him and in some younger...your guess is as good as mine as to which one applies. As I have said before, wisdom normally comes with age. In my case too many of you seems to disagree! And I would be the first to agree with that observation but...a big BUT here...but who are we to disagree with the many others that insists that even though I am mentally challenged, I do have good taste in music and a sense of humour - mostly at my own expense.

First thank you for reading what I write. You want to know why I went personal on Anwar. goes. I started blogging over two years ago because I had things in my head that I wanted to share with others...mostly about the way I look at things. I wondered if others shared my views. Some did. Some did not. Then my ego got the better of me and I started to comment on things happening in KL (to me KL is Malayisia lah!)...which is pretty silly when you think that I am in Adelaide isolated from all things Malaysian. But somehow it worked.

I disliked intensely what UMNO/BN has done in their many years of robbing and pillaging our country and I have written at length on this. Late last year I was of the opinion that UMNO was now into overdrive to neutralize Anwar. From December last year until July this year I "talked" to Anwar about what I would like to do to about this. Late May we agreed on what I proposed. I kept my side of the bargain. He did not keep to his. I know that Anwar is not perfect. Nobody is. But on a personal basis he f*#ked me up. So I got personal too.

Yes we all did silly things....and that is why I will never be Prime Minister. You see Tag you cannot play Rugby with a shuttlecock. You stay in the badminton courts if you want to play with a shuttlecock. I will not have a Prime Minister that I cannot trust. If for whatever reasons any of you are prepared to accept a flawed individaul as your Prime Minister then good luck to you. Anwar had had too many chances and I think one too many this time around.

Re London days....yes I have had many a lunch at Bryston Hall and of course I was so much better looking then....well at least my wife thinks so. The other day I did start to feel a bit depress when I thought about being married to a grandmother (HER!) and told her so. She reminded me that it was ok for a grandfather(ME!) to be married to a grandmother(HER!) So we hope to live happily ever after and we both expect to live to well over a far so good!   

In closing I want to say this. I am not really that interested in "talking" with like minded people because then you start thinking that your views is always bring on the doubters and let us go head to head on any issues. And please do not call me "old man"...old is still great when you think that the alternative is being dead! Salam.

Have I finish with Anwar? No I have not....


  1. You certainly have a very colourful life Hussien Hamid. By your own confession, you said you are not a good person... have done all sort of things except murder, even that you are not so sure. I wonder whether you have slept with someone else's wife? Grandma will break your bones if you make a confession in your blog. Anyway, sizing you up from your writings, sharpness and vengeance I think your biological age is not more than 50. Insya'Allah you may live pass 100. You and Anwar better CHILL out. I can't wait to tie a 100 yellow and turquoise ribbons under that big tree at the college.

  2. I was pissed off with Anwar about certain policies when he was in UMNO.And I swore I wd never be on his side. (Funny but quite a few people seem to have an axe to grind with him, altho there are bigger crooks around like Rustam, Thamby and so on). But as the years passed, corruption got worse and now human greed is surpassing all common sense. So I begun to listen to Anwar again. I follow his trail as much as I can, going to his ceramahs or watching them in youtube. I watch and observe to see if he lies or deceives and I analyse the sex tape from top to bottom. I think he can save Malaysia if anyone can and judging from the reception he gets wherever he goes, many people seem to think so too.

  3. Whether you have finished or not with ANwar is so issue. UMNO/BN must be kicked out.
    Better think of a way to do it rather than getting personal- so what brother unless you want Najib the liar with his RM 24 million diamond ring wife!
    Just make our choice come next GE 13.

  4. Pak HH,

    You can go on stampeding Anwar as long as you and me and all those "renegades" as well as the loyalists of Anwar remain solid behind Pakatan. To us Pakatan is the vehicle to our victory march and if we refute Anwar as the driver, that because we are duty bound to not to be just mere passengers, that we always want a driver who takes us to our destination not only to safety, but to take us to our destination so that we will reach safely on the objective and fight for the battle in whole not in pieces.

  5. a person who has a personal score to settle and go public is mean if not evil..Goodbye 2 this blog!

  6. Late last year I was of the opinion that UMNO was now into overdrive to neutralize Anwar. From December last year until July this year I "talked" to Anwar about what I would like to do to about this. Late May we agreed on what I proposed. I kept my side of the bargain. He did not keep to his. I know that Anwar is not perfect. Nobody is. But on a personal basis he f*#ked me up. So I got personal too.

    So Pak what was it all about that got your shuttlecock feathers all ruffled up

  7. pak husin,tuan ada lah sahabat karib anuar tapi sekarang tuan hentam anuar.apa pasal.ini misti ada yang tak kena bukan?berdosa tuan cakap2 kotor pada sahabat tuan yang karib,neraka tempat tuan pergi,tuan pun dah tua,bukan?

  8. You wrote quote:Late May we agreed on what I proposed.Unquote

    Looks like you went into a 'contract' with Anwar and he reneged on you.Assuming that what you now said of Anwar is the holy truth, so Hussien you actually and wilfully slept with the devil.

    Wait a minute. You have told all and sundry that there's nothing in the world that you have not done. So I supposed sleeping with the devil is no big deal to you.One always get something devilish in return if you know what I mean.

    Well Hussien, it is clear to me now. I will not belabour Anwar issue with you any further.

    By the way it is better the devil that I know than the devil that I dont know and Anwar got many years headstart as far as I am concerned.

    Damn, you are still a good read though. So I will pop in once a while to read your blog while enjoying the music. No worries mate.

  9. Mr Hussein, I for one was a keen reader of your blog site. But your turn around on DSAI is not just selfish, stupid, etc serving a private agenda in public space. That has poured scorn on you and your site, serving to remind us that you are what you once were in umno, no different now, almost a mercenary of umno even if you did not intend to be. Surely you know politics and surely you know the trials of DSAI under umno. DSAI has been brutalized umpteen times over , shamed, beaten , etc even to date . Surely this could have , which is what he had said to many when questioned about his past in umno, changed him for the better. That is what has happened to most people in similar situations, some of whom I know. Sure you know too. If in your own words, you could change, you did not want to give that possibility a chance for dsai? I found nothing in the videos that you put on DSAI that disqualifies him from being pm. Nothing like what we truly k ow of najib. Yet you considered giving najib a nod. Oh, what bullshit Hussein. You have used our faith in your site as a dirty tool to take personal revenge umno style, showing your roots as in umno have not changed, just your words for it. Let me tell you this. DSAI is the MAN malaysians and Malays want and will need to get this country out of the damnation it is in now. And you Hussein, if you can't help malaysians in the process, so be it. One extra umno mercenary won't hurt. Good bye to your blog

  10. So what DSAI Reneged on the deal to write good things about PR and himself and bad things about BN. In your earlier posting a month a go that you were open to writting for a fee and all bloggers have their price. So what DSAI reneged on the AUD 10,000 a month payment to you. What if he is really broke.

    I thought you were writting for the greater good. You were smart building your profile as a agent for change but in fact waiting for pay day .

    I will write more later and will not let you off easy.I guess your brother the IJN head was write all along. He is not going to let you off easy after you soiled his good name. I think aftere a series of my comments and if look a the clues , you will know who I am. For know just keep guessing what I will be writting next about you

  11. Aisehman HH...

    Are you really a mercenary blogger? I thought you write on pro bono basis! And what about Tan Sri Mohamed Khatib Abdul Hamid??

  12. True colours are out. No payment from DSAI thus payback time. After all this while, leading us down the holy grail you finally cracked. Thankfully, you played your last hand, and showed us who the loser is.
    Don't even think of digging yourself out of your coffin. You are a BIG ZERO.

  13. Do you know why your late dad entrusted the adminstration of finance property etc to your brother Khatib and not yourself. I think you know very well the reason. How to trust a son , when dad struggle and send son to UK to study but instead of studying go married. It all boils down to responsibilty to family which I doubt you know what it means. Might as well go back to cleaning swimming pools and do your remember your neighbours goats when you were in your early teens handsome and pretty. Stop wasting time and bungkus your blog because pay day will not come petty soon.

  14. Guys, pl don't get personal. Dont bring up grandfather, grandmother stories. Everyone has skeletons in their cupboards and its nobody's business if he gets married at 21 or whatever. Its got nothing to do with the issue at the moment. The issue is how to bring abt change in the best way possible. My opinion is that Anwar can lead the way and one day someone else take over. Judge Anwar by the policies he and his colleagues have promised to implement and not by the `skeletons in his cupboard' either

  15. anon GMT 9.30...tolong lah brother...get your facts right..I have no brother by the name of Khatib! This is the sad part about us human beings...we travel on a path that we think is right and correct ...until somebody is kind enough to point out that you have your facts please...stop making a bloody fool of yourself!

  16. Anon 8:54,

    If you have been asking Hussein why now he spills all beans about Anwar? why now he washes Anwar's dirty linen in the open? why he made a U-Turn? And you came in with a good explanation for us all to learn its logic of all other logics that Hussein had said, that Anwar had reneged on his AUD10,000 monthly wage for Hussein, that Hussein had all these whiles duped us all from a dark secret he kept so well until you exposed him as Anwar's mercenary, and smacked hima s a blogger who writes for money. So I ask, why now you too did the same? why only now you tell us when you have known Hussein all along? and when Hussein had known you all along? and you let Hussein took us for a ride all along? Is it wrong for us to assume you too are under Anwar's paylist to punish the renegade Hussein?

    If you're not, and if you're an honest person you seem, I ask, is it right for you to stop Hussein by ransom? when you yourself had never bothered to stop Hussein when you had that kind of moral spirit you're showing now, you could have stopped Hussein at early stage from tricking our minds all these whiles, but yet you let him played around with us all along? Why now when Hussein leaning towards Anwar is waning, you made us think Anwar is indeed not just what Hussein had said but also a mafia leader who employs your kind of strong arm tactic?

  17. FMZam , it took you some time to reliaize that anybody can write anything and get the gulible readers to read and belief all this trash bloggers writting in their blogs without proof. Where is the proof what proof show me the proof. That is the morale of the post.

    Learn to read between the lines the scarasam and you will understand the bigger picture between lies and truth.

    I pity the pea brin bloggers and readers. Just throw a red herring and all thrown into chaos.

    Anon 8:54

  18. look at the Indian wanabee malay shafee says all hogwash about RPK accounts of sarbani death. Even with evidence also thamby say the caution statement is not thrue so who to belief.

  19. If you are getting paid to write bullshit / lies on your blog then too need to be paid reading your bullshit / lies.

  20. FMZam, HH.... I can feel you both. Ok bring in TRH. But is he for BN, PR or MCLM? TRH must make his stand. I think most probably he will go for RPK's MCLM. It is going to be hung parliament for this GE13.