Tuesday 3 September 2013

cakap cakap.....Hubris, cockiness and arrogance rules in Malaysia

Is there people living in Malaysia today who still think they can get away with murder? Are there people still in Malaysia who do as they like with impunity because they consider themselves outside the law? If your father is the Prime Minister or you are the son of a Sultan will the authorities hesitate to go after you when you have done wrong and broken the law of the land? 

The simple answer to that is an equivocal “YES!” Equivocal because the authorities will say they treat everyone equally. Equivocal because the public will insists that wealth, rank and who you are matters! And than all the arguments will descend into a babble of arguments for and against these issues that will be lost as everyone talks and nobody listens…and everyone listens but nobody hears!

Hubris, cockiness and arrogance rules in Malaysia and this was brought to my attention last night while watching Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister of Australia who was a guest on a TV program, Q and A (Questions and Answers on BBC) for and hour of unscripted and live Q & A from an animated audience.

This marvelously disrespectful culture that is Australia was much in evidence. Except for a few “Mr Prime Minister”….everyone else addresses the prime Minister by his first name “Kevin” and then proceeded to tell “Kevin” exactly what they wanted to say without fear or favor.

Yes you may say that we Malaysians are more respectful of those who are deserving of our respect. You can even argue that Asians are not the descendants of convicts as some Australians are and you will then dismiss the Australians as uncouth and uncultured. I myself would be inclined to agree to all that…but how refreshing is it to be able to stand face to face with your Prime Minister and tell him what you think of him? If not the Prime Minister than what about your Member of Parliament and address him not as “Dato”, “Yang Berhormat” or even a “Tan Sri” but just by his first name.....Najib, Din or even Kit Siang?

Our elected politicians has no conception at all of the changing times. In Australia you address the Prime Minister by his first name and nobody bats an eyelid! You can call him a bloody fool but be ready for his retort.     

And this is how the Prime Minister of Australia debates with the leader of the Opposition...standing side by side on stage before an audience on live TV and unscripted! How much different would the result of our 13th general election be if Najib and Anwar was able to debate each other on live TV!

As I have said before hubris, cockiness and arrogance are the prerogative of those with money and political power and it is not going to change for the foreseeable future....not with Najib and not with Anwar. And we, the people of Malaysia are the just that less better because it is so! 


  1. Our country Malaysia will never be as democratic as Australia even in another 300 years' time. We still have the bloody right to tell who can and can't use the word Allah and it really boils down to telling others if the gates of Heaven are open to you or not ( only if there is Heaven and Hell.) Well, believers how in the hell does Satan come into being.And then come the angels, messiahs etc. You believe that ?, then perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel for the Chinese and Indians !

  2. How to compare? Malaysia is a Third World country, Australia is First.