Monday 2 September 2013

cakap cakap...Palanivel makes U-turn.

His turn to turn....

KUALA LUMPUR: Newly elected MIC president G Palanivel has hinted that he may stay much longer as party president after receiving overwhelming support from branch chairmen.
Before today, Palanivel who is also Natural Resource and Environmental minister had said that if he manage to secure his position in the coming polls, it will be his last term.
However, today he retracted his words and claimed that he is still undecided if to vacate the seat come 2016.
“Yes, I said that I will not retain my post in the 2016 party election. But, looking back at the support received from branch chairmen, I have to revisit my original plan,” he told reporters here at party head quarters.

Dey thambi...inga? .U turn? Right turn? Left turn? Turn, turn, turn? My turn, your turn never ending turn? What does it matter……these politicians are forever turning! Only when they come to a dead end will the turning end! So who the f**k cares if Palanivel makes a u-turn?

Like Samy the Velu in Sugai Siput we just wait when it is Palanivel turn to be turned out! Then Palanivel turning will stop. Before that happens he will take his turn at making an idiot of himself, his turn at making the Indians think that he is the best thing since MGR – at least in as far as the Indian community is concerned - and of course…he is rubbing his hands with glee because it is now his turn at making a lot of money for himself!  

And so the Indian community welcomes another clown to their first tier leadership level. As the Malays know only too well with UMNO, you get the clowns...errr I mean the leaders that you vote for! After over 30 years of that Samy clown the Indians in MIC have still not learned the difference between a clown and a politicians? Or are they all one and the same thing……….clowns, idiots and politicians I mean!

Yes I guess that is the answer! Politicians are clowns are idiots are politicians! But then we left out arrogance, liars and thieves and a few other bits that made them so obnoxious. I guess whatever we do we will never do these politicians any justice. They are just too full of themselves and we will never get it right because the keep making turns, turns and turns!  

OK lah my turn at this cakap cakap is over. Now your turn lah….!


  1. now those supporters of Subra understand the meaning of betrayal within their own party! shouldn't they have expected this? sure, serve them right for believing in what their leaders say.

  2. Hussein,
    Much that i love my indian friends but sometimes power gets into their that indian pariah motherfcuker Wathy who loves too be a Mini minister and now this viper Palanvel arse licker of umno who won his MP seat by cheating postal votes....
    last time it was toddy but today they are so easily manupulated by umno?