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tulis lah apa yang anda rasa hendak tulis itu hak anda tapi satu perkara harus di ingatkan masih ada rakyat negara ini yang tidak mahir bercakap bahasa kebangsaan negara ini.setiap negara ada bahasa resminya.hendak belajar apa bahasa pun silakan tapi kalau bahasa negara sendiri pun tidak mahir apa gunanya 

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I received the above comment in bahasa re my posting of Aerie Rahman's article "Cry My Beloved Malaysia". 

Setuju saudara, memang saya setuju 100%. ...but what of people like me? 

I am a Malay that has never been educated in any other language than English. In school, at work and amongst friends English has been the language I have used and been encouraged to use. I read Malay and I can write in Malay but only with an effort...though I am comfortable speaking Malay at home with my parents (when they were still with me)  and amongst other Malays....but with me , Malay is a second language. Used only when I have too. 

Am I embarrass that I as a Malay I am not proficient in my own language? Yes I am but it has never been a issue that has hampered my life except in the times when I was in Malaysia and was required to write in Malay to the government departments. And even then it was more the government's loss than mine because it made doing business with the government more difficult - not easier. Not only for me but for many others!

Should all Malaysian be able to talk, speak and write in Bahasa well? Certainly! It would do all of us good  and make us all closer as a people. Should Bahasa be a tool for politicians to use to prevent non-Malays from getting equal opportunities as Malays? No! 

Saya setuju apa yang saudara kata "tapi kalau bahasa negara sendiri pun tidak mahir apa gunanya" tertapi kerajaan kits mesti menolong mereka secara "constructive" bukan "destructive" sebagai yang di buat oleh UMNO yang menggunakan bahasa Melayu sebagai "political weapon".