Monday 23 September 2013

This weekend the killing fields belongs to Islam.

.......but this weekend the killing fields belong to Islam.......

·      The Sunni-Shite conflict in Iraq claimed another 73 people on Saturday when a bomb exploded near a funeral tent for a tridal sheikh in the Sadr City district of North Baghdad.

·      On Sunday a twin suicide bombing by Islamist militants killed more than 70 Christians attending a Church service in northwest Pakistan.

·      In Nairobi the Al Qaeda-inspired Shebab Islamic militants attacked the Westgate shopping mall and to date has so far killed 68 people.

·      In Nigeria the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram dressed as soldiers set up a check point at Maiduguri northeastern Nigeria and gun down travellers on a highway. The death count to date is 142 and counting.     

What is it that is in Islam that brings out the beast in men to kill innocent people and those who are not of their religious inclinations? You can tell me that religion is like an AK47 – dangerous only when used by the wrong person. Probably..... but you can disarm anyone using an AK47 irresponsibly or even kill him if he resists. What can you do with Islam? What can you do with Islam before it kills you?   

Those words are the last words of a father’s to his dead daughters who was killed by Bashar al-Assad and his supporter army with chemical weapon attack.


  1. The world needs to know that God is Love. If a religion is so violent and killing seems to be norm. What does this tell you?

    I will choose to believe in this that says Love God first and love people (your neighbour)next. Everything revolves around this.

    This does not need preaching. It is the truth.

    Jesus loves you and I ( a servant of Him who is learning to love) too. God bless

  2. Do you know that Christians had killed innocent people in the past ?
    Ayem sure you can recall this.

  3. Yes Anon I know that Christians have killed innocent people in the past...that is why I say "This week!"...this is not about last week, last month or last year...this is "this week!"