Friday 20 September 2013

cakap cakap....Life is Good!

7.24 a.m Friday morning. A cup of hot steaming Nescafe by my side and the whole weekend to look forward to. There is an auction this morning that I am looking forward to attending or I might just bid through the Internet…but I know that bidding live on site gives me more joy….still I have time to decide what I will do. For now I have the luxury of planning what I want to do not what I need to do.

When you are sixty six that happens quite a lot…doing what you want to do…..the world will stop for you. There is no need to go out there to earn an honest dollar. Nobody to see, meet or kowtow to. If you do want to go out and it rains you can stay indoors because going out can wait for better weather. Today my health is good, my mind is clear and all is good.

But there are still decisions to be made. Are we going to have fish. beef, chicken or lamb roast this weekend. I decide because I do the cooking but I will ask my wife and my son what we will have but we know that we all want lamb – shoulder of lamb or leg of lamb infused with lots of garlic and olive oil and veggies – covered with foil and roasted in the oven for over four hours! When done the meat crumbles at your touch! Can you think of anything better to have on the weekend? 

There was a time when I would attempt to make Nasi Dagang …and I say “attempt to make” because the end result is a Nasi Dagang of sorts. Somehow or other it just does not come out right…its like having Curry Kepala Ikan in a Five Star Hotel…it still cannot lawan the Kampong Pandan one ma! The one in the Five Star Hotel looks like Curry Kepala Ikan, the aroma is like Curry Kepala Ikan and the ambiance is perfect but sterile but it is just not Curry Kepala Ikan! Who in his right mind would ask us out to have Curry Kepala Ikan in a Five Star Hotel? Kampong Pandan or nothing man! The same with the Nasi Dagang I make….okay for someone like me who has not had the “real thing” for over five years…… but no can do lah!

Its almost 8 a.m. now and I must start to surf the net in search of that “oomph” to make me write of more serious things…like global warming, the war in Syria or even ponder the possibilities of Inter Milan being taken over by Indonesian businessman Erick Thohir....but before that I want to share with you guys what many others around the world are more concern about...this video that is going viral from least most of us have our priorities right!


  1. ntrixne 42
    Wala, wala standing exercises for whole three minutes, giving the whole body a good tone, Hussein . Next episode sitting exercises sitting nice and snug in air con bus. What more do you want, lady.?
    Ayem happy, I sit on a bike and pedal 100 kilometers every week, trying this and you will never regret it. It is free , gets you somewhere, keeps you healthy. But watch out for the nesting birds even if you wear a helmet.

  2. You are blessed pak......that mutton thing shows how content life is for you.......wishing you and the datin and the son all the best.