Saturday 21 September 2013

cakap cakap...pagi Sabtu!

I did go to the auction (50 tram stops away from where I stay and then a ten minutes walk away!) but nothing worth bidding for  - but the outing did me physical good. There is just the beginning of a bulge in the middle of my physical self:

I kid myself that any excecise (and walking is an excercie!) that I do will make that bulge just that less noticeable .......but by evening the roast lamb that we had for dinner just took me back to status quo. People of my age learn to live with our bodies doing things we do not want them to do. 

I always tell myself not to worry too much about the physical self. It is when the mind starts to wander to places where you do not want it to go that you should start to worry. But then people who are stupid do not know that they are stupid. Ditto for those slowly going insane or suffering the onset of dementia or any mental debilitating what is me worry? I will not know that I am going crazy! Let others worry about it!  

We do not have a car here in Melbourne. There are many reasons I can put forward for not having one but increasingly walking around for my wife is an effort because she tires easily. I tire easily too but I find it more gratifying to blame my wife for these kind of things. 

The walks we have around our suburb is great because we can do it at our leisure but it is when we want to explore Melbourne further that it becomes a problem. People in the city moves at a greater speed than what we both are capable of doing. One solution would be to become part of this:

Why own a car when you can GoGet!

GoGet gives you all the benefits of a car, without the hassle and expense of owning one!
As a member, you have access to a network of new cars parked locally, which saves you time and money and helps reduce congestion and pollution on our roads!
Quiet a novel idea but one already gaining traction here. You do not buy a car but you share in the use of one! The only thing we need to get use to is the idea of sharing a car rather than owning one. 
Enough for now. Its early Saturday morning and I want to see what else is happening in other parts of the globe. Listening to Boleros de Cuba would be a good start.....


  1. They call it beer gut. Not necessary from drinking, but it could well be due to that stupid screen staring into your face.

  2. Capitalism -> profit -> debt -> needs and wants. The largest typical sources of debt are homes, private vehicles and now studies. Even though many will reject luxury and accept some discomfort if given the option, capitalism works hard to (a) subvert choice, regulations and fair competition (b) undermine public facilities (including public housing) and (c) encourage greed and insecurity. Though people are living longer, the age of retirement is also being extended. The middle class has been successfully destroyed by stealth in a number of "developed" countries. This is capitalism destroying the golden goose.