Tuesday 24 September 2013


If, like me, you are horrified in the manner that young man is being repeatedly kicked in the face by that seemingly well dressed man, ask yourself the same question I asked myself. 

Why is this happening? 

It is happening because that well dressed man has a sense of entitlement to kick that young boy in the face. It does not matter if that young boy is a snatch thief, a rapist or even a murderer -  what maters is that a misplaced sense of entitlement means that well dressed man thinks he can get away with it because he is in the right. And no doubt, in no small way, he is influenced by the way he sees things being done by the police , by politicians and by our elected  leaders.

Did not the IGP pummelled the once Deputy Prime Minister to his hearts content?

Did not the murderers of Altantuya go free?

The police murder suspects in their custody!

Our politicians steal from the Rakyat in the billions. 

And so when it was the turn of this well dressed man to act out his fantasy of being a self appointed judge and jury to what ever the young man has done - he does so and mete out the punishment himself supremely confident that he is doing the right thing! And they will be no repercussion from any quarters.

This will not happen in Australia and in civilized societies. 

For a start that young man will be amply compensated for assault and battery when he sues the man. That man will be extensively shamed by the media and the public sympathy will be for the young man for the injuries that he received.  His guilt for anything done must be proven first before he is punished. 

But in Malaysia monkey see, monkey do. And for me that man who did the kicking is a monkey doing what he has seen done by the leaders of this government...though it must be said that he is a well dressed monkey.  


  1. Thank you for sharing this video. It disgusts me beyond words!1 I feel what the young mand must be feelings each time he is kicked.

    You have so rightly pointed out in your write up! It is a reflection of the sick state of some of our leaders.

    This well -dressed man must be very powerful, like some "country leaders" in Malaysia. That none of those present or onlookers dare to prevent the man from illtreating the young poor fellow. What a sad state Malaysia and its society has become!!

  2. Corrections - no 1... must be feeling.

  3. Poor upbringing, someone should take him on when he kicks a person who is defenseless and restrained. Bloody coward.