Saturday 14 March 2009

Jack and the Beanstalk...

News item in the NSTP this morning:

"PEKAN: When Zainab Mohamath Ali, 54, accepted her neighbour's invitation to pluck and eat cikus from the latter's tree, little did she realise she would be shot. The woman had climbed up the tree at her neighbour's home in Kampung Paloh Hinai about 9.30am on Wednesday when her neighbour's husband came home. Hearing the rustling of the leaves and not knowing that his wife had invited Zainab to pluck the fruits, the 68-year-old man grabbed his shotgun and fired once.

The shot hit Zainab in the abdomen and she fell from the tree. She was rushed to the Tengku Afzan Hospital in Kuantan where her condition was listed as stable.

District police chief Superintendent Yahaya Othman said the man, a Rela member, was detained but released later after his statement was recorded. He is being investigated for illegally discharging a firearm and faces a two-year jail term if charged and convicted. His gun licence would also be revoked".

My comments on the above incident:

What is to become of our country? It is no longer even safe to climb a ciku tree !!! And this is climbing a ciku tree at the invitation of its owner. YOU CAN BE SHOT !!! Before we asses the effect this disturbing situation will have on our national psyche, it is reassuring to know that the condition of the “shotee” “was listed as stable. 

Kampong Paloh Inai is situated near Kuantan in the state of Pahang from where our PM designate hails. What can we deduce from this fact? Was Najib informed of this mishap? If he was, did he take the appropriate action to ensure that this was an isolated incident, a random act - and that it was not the start of a campaign by Rela to ensure that no illegal harvesting of Ciku are done by the people in Pahang. That this was not part of Rela’s policy to ensure that the price of Cikus will remain stable – and by extension, ensuring that income levels of people with Ciku trees in their orchards, will remain stable? It is quite possible that the people might confuse Rela’s action as being sanctioned by Najib. In view of this it is necessary for Najib to deny any knowledge of Rela’s intention and if it really was Rela’s policy to shoot people illegally harvesting ripe cikus – then Najib must distant himself from this action of Rela and brand it as being harmful to national unity – but only if Rela instructions to its members was to shot only women. Rela must ensure that its instruction is gender friendly – ie its member are allowed to shoot men and women if they are illegally harvesting ripe cikus. ….and by logical extension – Rela must instruct its members that there should not be any racial overtones in their actions. Shoot everybody, any gender, any race….any politicians…especially any politicians !!!

The Police were also involved – a District Police Chief by the name of Superintendent Yahaya Othman. As it involves a Ciku Tree – should not the Ministry of Agriculture be involved? Damage to the Ciku tree should be assessed by this Ministry. Damage to the “shotee” by the Ministry of Health. The "shooter" was not "damaged" in any way - and until Rela confirms or denies it, he might have been acting under orders from Rela. I see no reason for PDRM to be involved – unless climbing a ciku tree comes under the preview of the ISA – because in these troubled economic times, anything that affect our GNP becomes of national interest – if this is so – then by all means call in PDRM…or maybe Superintendent Yahaya Othman was from the SB? If so, then we can understand his actions. However the fact that he released the "shooter" after taking a statement from him indicates otherwise. When have you heard of a potential ISA detainee being released after giving his statement to the SB?

Let us hope that in rushing her to the Hospital no traffic rules were broken and that a locally made Ambulance was used in the process. If there was no locally made ambulance then the question arises as to why there was not one? I can see this spiraling into a debate as to whether it should be Proton, Perdua or Naza Motors that should be responsible for making a local Ambulance - not only for local use but for use within the Asean region too. With her intimate knowledge of this issue, I suggest that Rafidah be given the Charimanship of a committee to look into this possibility – after all she might have time on her hands if Sharizat wins – you kill two birds with one stone.


  1. Hahahah! I enjoyed this! Even more so because it took an unexpected turn!

  2. Pat...a lady should laugh like so..hee ..hee...heee....with your hand daintiy covering your mouth....