Sunday 15 March 2009

Make the World go away.

How wonderful it would be if you could sometimes make the world go away. Sometimes when everything out there is just too much for me to handle I want to curl myself up into a ball, lie down and die because that is the easiest thing to do to escape from the realities of life. Who can make the world go away? I cannot do it by myself. Only my wife can do that for me. My wife is in KL now and yet when I think of her a smile crosses my face – a smile of delight and love knowing that I have her with me for life. That knowledge is enough to tide me over what ever situation I am in. Distance is no barrier to love. Sometimes I ask myself if it really is possible to love someone after being together for over forty years? Yes it is possible. I cannot forget that line that I read somewhere describing the feelings of one who truly loves another – “ I hope that I will die before you because I will not know how I can live without you” -a selfish thought but nevertheless one that comes from within. So everyday I count my blessing because I have a love like that now. For those of you who are yet to find yours –go look again at the one you married – and maybe you might find it in your heart to love them as much as they have loved you….of course your children does not count because when you give unconditional love to someone they are exempted from these kind situations where you try to put into words your affections for your partner in life. Children are not your partners in live. They become you. Without them you cannot find yourself.  


  1. Dear HH,

    I know where you are coming from with this post. Please visit:

  2. bachin,

    you're shameless. public declarations of love at 60? never mind, you're entitled to it.

    how are you old friend? let's get together when you're back in kl. my brother'll know where to find me.


    kassim gigi (at the piano in kolet)

  3. If your wife isn't happy with you for this wonderful post, I'd be really surprised!!!

    Btw, Chuan has promised to let me die first - cos memang I couldn't live when he's gone. I told him I'd kill him if he reneges on this!

  4. Woi Kassim,

    Happy to hear from you Friend. There will no longer be a "going back to KL" for me...too old to go back and forth...lets keep in touch melalui saloran electronik yang di namakan email. Take care.


  5. KS thanks for your lead - enjoyed reading it and am able to relate to it totally. Tqs.